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Mere Quantonics

Frank Schierenberg asked us to tell more about concepts of Quantonics.

We decided to share our response to Frank with you.
Contents of this letter from Doug to Frank, are self-explanatory.
Contents are purely Doug's own perceptions
shown here as a way for lay visitors to:

Relate Quantonics to Pirsig's MoQ and the Quantum Realm.
Distinguish intuemes of relative and absolute in Quantonics.
Learn to begin to see truth as an agent of its own change.

Frank's question:

"I sure would like a short synopsis of Quantonics to see whether it covers the same area of inquiry I am interested in. Can you send me something, Doug?"

Email Subject: Re: The appearance of change in time; Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 23:40:49 +0800

The acronyms in the letter:

  1. DQ        Dynamic Quality
  2. MoQ      Metaphysics of Quality
  3. SQ         Static Quality

 Subject:  Re: What Quantonics is all about.
 Date:  Sat, 09 Jan 1999 08:03:57 -0500

Doug Renselle
Quantonics, Inc.
Suite 18 #368 1950 East Greyhound Pass
Carmel, INdiana 46033-7730
 Organization:  Quantonics
 To:  Frank Schierenberg <>


We appreciate your interest. See below a brief answer to your question.

Pirsigean mnemonics used in the text:

DQ - Dynamic Quality
MoQ - Metaphysics of Quality
SQ - Static Quality

Quantonics is about a new way of thinking for Millennium III.

Quantonics sees our current Western culture trapped in a paradigm [ontology] which we might characterize thus:

(for more on the last few items, see our review of Irving Stein's, 'The Concept of Object as the Foundation of Physics.')

Quantonics wants to (begin the) move to a new paradigm like this:

The new way of thinking for Millennium III distinguishes itself via its practitioners understanding and teaching the differences you see in the two lists above.

The above is vastly oversimplified, but it can be simpler even:

Classical paradigm: Truth reigns. :( "Status quo is the way to go." )
Quantonic paradigm: Change reigns. ( i.e., "Flux is crux!" :)

The starting assumptions, about 2500 years ago, by the Greek philosophers depended upon that single, simple, classical edict [i.e., "Truth reigns."]. Those starting assumptions all derive from that edict. They gave us the classical reality-model we in Western culture presume today. (See Pirsig's, 'The Birth of SOM,' on our site.)

The Quantonic axiom [ i.e., "Flux is crux!"] fits what we know about quantum reality today. Pirsig's MoQ philosophy fits it too. That is our benchmark for the goodness of the Quantonic paradigm for Millennium III.

If we may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Many truths to you,


"Truth is always a DQ-changeable Static Pattern of Value."
DQ: Dynamic Quality
Doug Renselle, July 20, 1998.

Doug Renselle
Quantonics, Inc.
Suite 18 #368 1950 East Greyhound Pass
Carmel, INdiana 46033-7730

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