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MoQuantum™ is a Quantonics trademark.

Graphic art and animation by Doug Renselle.
 ©Quantonics, Inc., 1998-2011

We have waited 11 years to show you this larger version of our animation of dynamic EIMA Quantum behaviorings.

This version was prepared by Doug 7Feb1998. Back in those days this file was too big to down- and up-load. Now, with 10s of megahertz fiber optic communication links, we can do this easily and much faster for you.

In retrospect, what Doug likes about this animation is how it show quantum middle~inclusion so well. This, on our quantum~stagings, shows us what Doug's coined "coinsidence" means in quantum~reality.

Too, it shows that even when you cannot 'see' energy, it is still there.
One implication of this is Henri Louis Bergson's "Negation is subjective."
We can no longer use classical notions of ideal mechanical-mathematical-formal negation.
We have to learn to start thinkqing in terms of quantum~cancelation and quantum~phase~encoding with
meta~issues of quantum~entanglement, quantum~scintillation, quantum~interference, and quantum~superposition, etc.

Doug - 9Jun2009.


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