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No Cloning?

George W. Bush is against cloning?

But our US Constitution says that we are all created equal.
It says we are already clones!


Humor aside, this is a fascinating topic in Quantonics.

If GW had a brain he would know that it is simply impossible to clone anything! No two anythings in quantum reality
are identical to each other. Nor may humans manufacture any two anythings as identical clones of one another. No two
pennies are clones, no two apples are clones, no two cars are clones, no two atoms are clones, and so on...

So GW's efforts are wasted. Reality shows us that all efforts to clone are wasted: clones simply are impossible.

A new human zygote, or its contrived diploidal equivalent, however conceived, is a whole unique set of initial conditions.
Said zygote emerges thence from its own unique set of initial conditions.

"But Doug, isn't a clone's DNA identical to its parents?" Depends upon how physicians manufacture said zygote. (See emerscenture.)
But even if manufacture succeeds in duplicating source's DNA patterns of U-GCAT, it is not the same DNA. It is DNA made from
different molecules all of whose phosphorus, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms are each unique.

Cloning is a naïve classical concept. It presumes and assumes a plethora of Aristotelian and
Newtonian 'tautologies' which are unreal, including, as described by Henri Louis Bergson:

1) A classical assumption that reality is stable (has state, holds still, etc.), and
2) Assumption that objects in reality are independent of one another.

Quantum reality is always changing and changes all across all scales of reality! So we should be able to see
and accept a meme that no 'thing' is identical to even itself longer than a a very brief (Planck) moment.

No such concept of an ideal classical clone exists or may exist!

Doug - 10May2002.

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