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The Thunder: Perfect Mind
Godhead: Sacred Feminine


Dialectical mind is flawed! Dialectical mind is Error! Quantum mind issi 'perfect,' "Perfect Thunder."

Doug does a lot of cajoling and needling here. Beware, catholics!

Per our Error update, also see Gospel of Truth. Doug - 16Feb2007.

Original Nag Hammadi Library English Quantoncs' Quantum Sophist Commentary & Doug's Hermeneutic Opinions
I was sent forth from | [the] power,
and I have come to those who | reflect upon me,
and I have been found 5 among those who seek after me. |
Look upon me, you (plural) who reflect upon me, |
and you hearers, hear me. |

Here, we view Venus' AKA Sophia's reflection as quantum~c¤mplementarity.

Too, view reflection as quantum~pr¤cess.

And she emphasizes heterogeneity of animate reflectionings.

You who are waiting for me, take me | to yourselves.
And do not banish me 10 from your sight. |
And do not make your voice hate | me, nor your hearing. |
Do not be ignorant of me anywhere | or any time. Be on your guard! 15
Do not be ignorant of me. |

We want to use two conventional categorical appellations here:

  • the called AKA the psychic AKA the dialecticians AKA the literalists, and
  • the elect AKA the pneumatic AKA the quantum hermeneuticists AKA the sophists.

"Do not take me to 'society,' rather take me to yourselves."

Society is "called," "psychic," "dialectical," and "literal."

"Those of you who, yourselves, are waiting for me are 'elect,' and 'pneumatic.' "

Individuals (yourselves) are "elect," "pneumatic," "quantum," and "sophist."

We see "yourselves" as a plurality of individuals, most psychic, few pneumatic.

A bottom line here:
On Earth at commencement of Millennium III we have a few 'psychics' ruling all.
Objects above Subjects!

Reformation required!

Doug - 27May2006.

For I am the first and the last.
I | am the honored one and the scorned one. |
I am the
whore and the holy one. |
I am the wife and the
20 virgin.
I am <the mother> | and the daughter.
I am the members | of my mother.

"I am the isoflux and the flux!"

"Flux is in isoflux and isoflux is in flux."

"I am ihn y¤u amd y¤u aræ ihn mæ!"

In Hebrew: "zivvug parzuf[al]im."

See Gershom Scholem's Kabbalah, 'Tikkun.'
Animate, heterogeneous Kabbalist quantum~included~middlings.

Parzuf is processings of catharsis! Cathar means pure: Perfect Mind.

Catholics took 40+ years to kill all Cathars, men, women, children.
Are you still a catholic? Do you still have an imperfect mind,
an universal, OSFA socially indoctrinated mind?

I am the barren one, |
and many are her sons.

A quantum both~and, a BAWAM.


I | am she whose wedding is great,
and 25 I have not taken a husband.
I am the midwife | and she who does not bear.
I | am the solace of my labor pains.

Notice Venus' insistence upon quantum~c¤mjugation as 'wedding.'

Her 'wedding' isn't literal, naïve, dialectical, SOMitic 'marriage.'

I | am the bride and the bridegroom, |
and it is my husband who 30 begot me.
I am the mother of | my father
and the Sister of my | husband,
and he is my offspring. |
I am the slave of him who | prepared me.
I am the ruler 14 of my offspring.

First sentence is a direct, in our opinion, reference to a hermaphroditic Godhead.

She uses quantum~recursive, recapitulative, fractal qualogos to exegetize.

Gn¤stic Jesus is here too in her "S-he who would lead must be slave of all."

If there is any society it must be slave to its c¤mstituency, n¤t sovereign!

But he is the one who [begot me] | before the time on a birthday. |
And he is my offspring [in] | (due) time,
and my power 5 is from him.
I am the staff | of his power in his youth,
[and] | he is the rod of my | old age.
And whatever he wills | happens to me.
Quantum fractal, sorso, recursion.
I am the silence 10 that is incomprehensible

"I am DQ."

"I am Isoflux."

"I am Negentropy."

"I am Boundless Potentia."

and the idea | whose remembrance is frequent. |
I am the voice whose sound is | manifold
and the word whose appearance | is multiple.

Here we replace Platonic 'idea' with quantum meme.

'Idea' is ideal singular immutable 'state.' Meme is heterogeneous and frequent.

I am the utterance of 15 my name...

Iamai. Imma.

Adonai. Abba.

Thank you for reading!

Doug - 27May2006.

Text taken from Nag Hammadi Library.
What you see is about first sixth of entire The Thunder: Perfect Mind's text.
We will add a link, here, to full www text as soon as we find it. See title link above!
We found this reference in Elaine Pagels' The Gnostic Gospels.
She shows only bold green lines above in her Introduction to TGG.
Contiguous quotes are from pp. 297-8 of NHL.

Translator - editor conventions:

unbold numbers are line numbers

bold numbers are page numbers

[] Manuscript lacuna
<> Correction of (apparent) scribal omission
| Original text line divisions
() Material added by translator or editor

Those annotations are from translators of Nag Hammadi Library.

If you cannot grasp what is written above, see Pagels' The Gnostic Paul.
She omnistinguishes " 'the called,' psychics," and " 'the elect,' pneumatics."
She shows us psychics are literal and pneumatics are quantum (not her word).

In quantonicsese 'psychics' are dialecticians, SOMites. Psychics thingk static-literally.
In quantonicsese pneumatics are quantum~hermeneuticists, MoQites. Pneumatics think dynamic~Sophially,
(Think of Sophia as Venus' Thunder: thunderous pneumatic messages drown out literal psychic gosh-pel.)

Bethahava is just now reading Pagels' TGG.
She read Pagels' quote above to me at breakfast today.

Awesome! And even better:

Doug - 27May2006

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