Pi In Your Face
A Little Quantum Humor

Pi aræ n¤t 'constant'
Pi aræ n¤t 'square'
Pi aræ n¤t 'round'
Pi aræ n¤t 'circle'
Pi aræ flux, semper flux

Actually, we should use Pih in place of 'Pi,' i.e., a quantum English language remediation of 'Pi.'

See our quantum pi.
See our quantum remediation of circle.
See our Bergson's Circle as Nonduration.

"Many Pih's are MoQ's quantum knives,
circle over diameter no cut derives,
unlike SOM's whose scission's crux,
Quality Æventings latch and unlatch flux."

22Feb2000, Doug Renselle
(Slightly modified from original to embrace QELR.)

Quantum Hesse HotMeme™ ••• Laughter... ei ...of the Gods ••• HotMeme™

Doug - 6-15Jan2004

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