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Comparison Among
Classical, Quantum, and Quantonic
Views of Reality,
Primary Emphasis

by Doug Renselle

(These texts are only at an early evolutionary stage of development. We are in our first few months of QED and QCD studies.
We are showing them to you in this preliminary form in hopes you may find them useful, and that you may watch our progress.)

Also see our recent Quantonics Interrelationships in QCD.

Some links which may assist interpretation:
EIMA, EOOO, BAWAM, REIMAR, fuzzon, holograph, subjective negation, subjectiv, subjective, negation, relativity,
Planck quantum, Planck quanton, dichon,
Problematic Einstein, tihmings, EPR, anihmatæ, ensehmble, heter¤geneity, umcærtainty, Zeno of Elea,
Bergson's CE, Bergson's ItM, Bergson's TaFW, James' SPoP;
in Quantonics pragma means action, in particular Feynman's Fokker-action and least action and Planck least action quanton;
too, least action as a quanton is also quantum actuality's minimum comtext;

You will have to Google search online, visit a library, or otherwise acquire copies of these other sources:

Thank you for reading (and hopefully for studying ),


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