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See prior generations of this graphic:

A Map of a New Reality

A Map of Millennium III Reality

Also, to understand our shasb remarks see our:

Quantum Sensory Bandwidth Perspicacities and Perspicuities page.

To see legacy usage of our two Vs (above shown as reclining and ~asymmetrical), red and blue see our:

Quantum Wavelength vis-à-vis Classical Wavelength page.

There is an immense and extensive library of k-now-ngs to inure here. We intend to do that gradually. For example:

How big is that blue V part, called "actuality" compared to that red V part, called "nonactuality?" Here's a graphic which illustrates an answer:

Red V represents >>1022 times what we can 'see,' in Blue V!

Doug - 30Jan2008.

First we offer our usual caveats: this is a 2D graphic. It is static. Quantonics' quantum meta reality is omnimensional and absolutely animate.

If we showed quantum you, using our graphic above, and all your quantum animate EIMA processings
(an example, also see our Quantum Ensemble Interrelationships) using this graphic, we would have a huge number of these graphs.

A guess? A quantum uncertain swag is 10100! I.e., as a rough very iffy wag, a googol.
Remember, in Quantonics' version of quantum reality, you are in It and It is in you!
Almost unlimited, however quantumly very similar, interrelationshipings which we refer using a memeo of quantum Value simplicity.

What's very interesting is that each of your interrelationshipings' processing, we can be m¤daling similar to our graphic above.
Their kinds exhibit extreme similarity. One example is that all of them are quantum sorso fractal recursive on reality.

First let's share some (perhaps not so) obvious:

Our usage of shasb above emerged first in our Quantum Sensory Bandwidth Perspicacities and Perspicuities page.
If you are more classical or perhaps even ideally Boolean in your CTMs, shasb will appear narrower and possibly more to left.
If you are more quantum and Quantonic ("in Quantonics") and tapping reserve energy regularly, your shasb will appear wider and possibly more to right.

Our OEDC circle at center should be familiar from our MoQ II Reality Loop.
When that loop emerges and changes n¤vel matter ¤r energy (isounbecoming to becoming) from vacuum energy,
its ontology looks like our recent (2004) fermionta.
Notice here that our shasb classically can 'not' directly, classically, 'see' all of that ontology from objective 'physical' measurements.
In fact classicists deny and call "absurd" what we show above.
Quantonics teaches us that we can infer, e.g., quantum meta sææ, that ontology.
In a similar way, we infer quantum~reality of VES AKA QVF AKA isoflux.
In a manner that intuition as a Bergsonian metamemeo is above intellect,
inferrability is a quantum metamemeo above a classical notion of seeing.
(Our QTMs here are similar Kurt Gödel's when he used provability as a metanotion of proof:
an intuitive~intellectual breakthrough preceding many of his accomplishments.)

DMD, one of our most prodigious students, asked a potent question about our Quantonics~MoQ version of quantum reality,
"Wherings issings ESQ in quantum reality?"

We ask you to QTM~think about that question and CTM-thingk about it and see if you can answer DMD's query.

More, much more, to come here...

Doug - 20Oct2004.

To contact Quantonics write to or call:

Doug Renselle
Quantonics, Inc.
1950 East Greyhound Pass, Suite 18, #368
Carmel, INdiana 46033-7730

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