What are Symptoms of Quantum-Uncertainty?

by Doug Renselle - 28Jan2015.

Just to remind regular readers, Quantum-Uncertainty is spawn of quantum~evolution (evolution as absolute quantization~scintillation~change issi "changes all and always changes").
Permit Doug to desnouer a few quantum~titans of th¤ught, re con(m)sciousness, and (natural selection's quantadulative) preference with which he is familiar:

Jesus (YhShWh, n¤t 'the christ')
Zeno of Elea
Protagoras (likely a quantum titan of thought)
Sappho (perhaps)
Giordano Bruno (this one is omnifficult to make, See Dame Frances Yates' opus.)
Jakob Balmer (Balmer Formula, meme of Balmer Ladder: Stairway to Heaven analogue)
Max Planck
Niels Bohr (read some of his papers in Quantum Theory and Measurement ed. Wheeler and Zurek, Princeton, 1983)
Bohm (Quantum Theory, list of pub's is very long, too, by association, Karl Pribram, and Michael Talbot)
Dirac (Principles of Quantum Mechanics)
Bergson (Creative Evolution, Time and Free Will, Matter and Memory, An Intro to Metaphysics)
CG Jung (Synchronicity, and Red Book, Norton, 2009)
Banesh Hoffmann (The Strange Story of the Quantum; however dialectical, this is superb!)
Carlo Suares0 (Cipher of Genesis, Song of Songs, Sepher Yetsira, Second Coming of Reb YhShWh)
William James (Varieties of Religious Experience, Some Problems of Philosophy)
Sin Itiro Tomonaga (The Story of Spin)
Feynman (see Gleick's Genius)
Clifford Geertz (Available Light, "(mechanical, formal, objective) Science [Scientism] is mostly just bluff!")
Pirsig (ZMM, Lila, SODV paper)
Danah Zohar (Quantum Society, Quantum Self)
Mae-wan Ho (the Rainbow and the Worm)
Jeff Satinover (Quantum Brain)

More completely, see: dates, historical nexi, and comparative philosophical affiliations.

In all of this, and many other texts, Doug has managed to eke broad synonymity of Dialectic, Error,
and Satan...all as absolute 'state' enemies of Nature and her absolute 'change' quantum~grundlagen.

You may fathom classical-certainty vis-à-vis quantum~uncertainty in a silent running self and other animosity,
evoking a very gradual metastatic emergence of n¤væl human quantum~holographic mentalityings during Millennium III.

Best evidence so far? WWW and its metastatically~emerging holographic quasi~biological cloudq infrastructure.

Doug - 20,22-23Feb2015.

Quantum Uncertainty Symptoms Quantum Uncertainty Synonymics
1 Peaceq

Doug claims1 that quantum~peace issi a symptom of quantum~uncertainty. For Doug's fairly brief exegesis, see his, Why Peace is (A Symptom of) Uncertainty?

Doug also claims that Chapter I, Verse 1 of Song of Songs phasements Doug's claim1 directly. This provoked Doug's efforts to accomplish his efforts on peace~uncertainty.

Peace in Autiot issi Shalomoh.

2 Scaling Heterogeneityq Classical Anti Quantum Uncertainty Synonymics: Oneness, for example a claim by religious authority "there is only one god." And, "One World Order." And, "Be politically correct." See Elaine Pagels re Gnostics' rejection of 'christian' monism: "Monism is Deceit."
3 Coherenceq Classical Anti Quantum Uncertainty Synonymics: OSFA, OBFA, OGFA, etc.
4 Absolute Changeq Chaos managing — always changing, faster and slower — equilibria...everyH5Wings.
5 Groupq Selfq Managementq

All individualsq as a wide variety of quantum~groupings SOrON~hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]]ically and c¤herently~managing society'sq managersq.

See Doug's QVH of Quantum Politics, QuPo.

6 Individualq Selfq Managementq

Find one's inner.

Learn QTMs and Qabala and their accoutrement, their tools.

Understand, standunder The Account.

7 Hologral Fuzzonics

Hologral Fuzzonics

Hologral Fuzzonics

Observe how this graphic illustrates antinomialism of war as certainty and peace as uncertainty: quanton(peace,war).

It teaches and advises us that we must infuse
intolerant either-or dialectical knee-jerk ideas of 'war'
quantum~memes of combined and SOrON~adaptive
durational~evolution of many combined ideologies.

Biblically it advises, "Holographicq mixing all ihn all."
See Elaine Pagels' Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis.
Introduction Review
Chapter 1 Review

Dialectically ignoring that advice leads to today's, CeodE 20-21st Century, calls for 'One World Order: Monism as Deceit,' war as certainty.

Doug - 22-23Feb2015.

8 Tolerance of Many, and Other

Tolerance of Many, and Other

Tolerance of Many, and Other


Heterogeneous Cultures & Individuals
Classical Contexts vis-à-vis Quantum Comtexts


Learn to view 'Respect' as quantum~uncertainty, as peace, as quantum~omnitoring as prescribed in Song of Songs' Verse 1, paraphrased:

"Quantum~Waves of Quantum~Wave~Functionings Witness (Omnitorq) My Uncertaintyq, My peaceq."

Doug - 22Feb2015.

9 Quantum Ego Social respect of others' individual rights. Quantumly, an individual only has rights as long as said individual doesn't violate other individuals' rights. Essentially this is Gnosis.
10 Omnivalent Judgmentings

Omnivalent Judgmentings

Omnivalent Judgmentings

Omnivalent Judgmentings

De(omni)cision, assessment, measurement, choice as freedom, etc.

Philip R. Wallace wrote in his Paradox Lost, slightly paraphrased by Doug, "Interpretation involves (freely) according primacy of subjectivity (quantum~hologra) over objectivity (classical dialectic)." Parentheses are Doug's.

We see some crucial hypers:

  • many hyper one,
  • middle~inclusion hyper middle-exclusion,
  • quality hyper quantity,
  • flux hyper stux,
  • change hyper state,
  • spontaneity hyper inertia (Bergson, Doug on What is Simple? What is Complex? Why? Explain.),
  • quantonics hyper mechanics,
  • quantum hyper classical,
  • hologralic hyper dialectic,
  • uncertainty hyper certainty,
  • openness hyper closedness,
  • coherent~autonomy hyper social-assimilation,
  • MSFA hyper OSFA,
  • and so on...

Classical science and philosophy (and cultures based on them) have failed, in Doug's opine, for one simple reason: adherence to a flawed dialectical idea referred as apodictic which means, "Absolute truth exists and classical 'science' can find it." In order for worseship of apodictic to be real, reality would have to stand still, to hold still, to achieve (somehowc) zero-momentum while 'science' 'measures' it scalarbatively.

Apodictic begs ideal classical certainty, essence of war's genesis. In Greek it means to "show off." One's mind might conjure "arrogance and hubris," like Obamas Cheneys and Bushes, and their war mongering politicalc-ponzi ilk.

But reality evolves, perpetually and ubiquitously...flux issi crux.

Bell's Theorem is one of classical science's and maths' most famous denouements.

Kurt Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems eloquently sounded death knells of classical science and maths.

Uncertainty as macroscopic, and as full~realityq~spectrum affectation, has killed all ideasc of classical single-root-cause single-effect 'strict determinism.'

Classical ideas of "war as certainty" are dead, mawt~hamawt.

BAD: Binary Alternative Denial as a basisc of decisionc making is dead. See Simon Blackburn, The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy.

During millennium III Good, like a phoenix, is re Pirsig wrote in his Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (ZMM) wrote, "You can sort of tell these things." Pirsig's last seven words in original ZMM text. Notice his, to Doug, rhythmic use of 7/6 biambic~heptameter.

Doug - 23Feb2015.

11 Love, Ahavah Social love and respect of all individuals for their variegations, their omniversityings.
12 Coquecigrues See Doug's comparison of classical logic and coquecigrues (quantum~l¤gicings)
13 Wave Holograilics All qwfs, in many ways, well their energyings. Their EWings become strange attractors ihn hologra[[il][m][ph]]ic omnimentional networks. Quantum~wells of energy in those networks interrelate omnigrailically one another. See A Reservoir of Wave Functions. That graphic shows holograilics as dashed nexi labeled recursion. Those dashes represent quantons(welli_qwfk,wellj_qwfl) holograilicq nexi. Doug - 20Feb2015.
14 Absolute Evolutionq Change is absolute. Uncertainty borne of absolute evolutionary change is stochastic.
15 Con(m)sistency of Evolutionq "Always changes." Perhaps better, "Always evolvings."
16 Completeness of Evolutionq "Changes all truthings." Perhaps better, "Evolves all truthings."
17 Truthings Evolveq

Fact, social consensus, verity, etc.

See quantum~truthings in Qabala as Emet.

18 Stochastic Freedomq

Mode of a Gaussian omnistributioning of peace for any individual illustrates that an individual's peace decreases with increasing comtext and changings in comtextings.

Similar for freedom.

Invert said Gaussian omnistributioning to see extent of an individual's peace and freedom are local. Width of that locality (modality) probably depends upon local quantum~culturings.

A meme for this is that all individuals tend to have omniffering assessments of what their individual peace and freedoms are. On top of that they evolve, especially with maturity. Doug sees maturation as moving one's Mem closer and closer to finalMem.

Doug - 3Feb2015.

19 C¤msensusq Understandingq Many Accountsq.
20 Dæathq Quantum Societies' fathoming quantons(life,death), life issi ihn death and death issi ihn life. Quantons(livings,dyings). Endings are ihn beginnings and beginnings are ihn endings.

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Another blessing for another New Year.

3,20,22-23Feb2015 - Doug.


Note 0 - Suares' quantum living memes vis-à-vis classical dead ideas are crucial in their con(m)temporary comparative exegeses as:

Note 1 - Doug's use of "claims" intends to reflect his suppositions (both implicit and explicit), heuristics, and comjectures based on nearly three decades of thought and research.

Note 2 -

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