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Doug Renselle's 2010-20XX FEP [Vv]alue Feuilleton Chautauqua

Chapter One

"Complementing Hyperinflation and Hypoinflation: a move from CTMs to QTMs."

Chapter One Index to Doug's 11Sep2010 Feuilleton Chautauqua on Economic [Vv]alue
 Seg 1 - An approach to Economic [Vv]alue  Seg 9 - Change is simple, state is complex  Seg 17 - An approach to Quantumizing Economics - Essence
 Seg 2 - Why this Chautauqua? 8Nov2010 Update  Seg 10 - Energy Wellings?  Seg 18 - A look at what Bohm actually wrote
 Seg 3 - What is Value? Can we know?  Seg 11 - Quantum~Learning & Thinkqing  Seg 19 - A Brief Interlude
 Seg 4 - A novel [Vv]alue assessment m¤dal  Seg 12 - Change as perpetual transmutation
 Seg 5 - Individual vis-à-vis society  Seg 13 - Quantum quantization
 Seg 6 - Value is quantum  Seg 14 - Quantum~reality as conscious~awareness
 Seg 7 - Major flaws of classicism  Seg 15 - Classical absence of quantization
 Seg 8 - Change is reality's essence  Seg 16 - Evolving, as an Individual, from CTMs to QTMs rev 1Dec2011 Doug.

Chapter Two

"Innovating Talking Points Assessing Quantum FEP hyper Classical FEP: a move from CTMs to QTMs."

Chapter Two Index to Doug's Commencing 11Sep2010 Feuilleton Chautauqua on Economic [Vv]alue
Seg 1 - Everything about Economics is quantum~complementary Seg 7 - H5W is Opportunity hyper Result?
Seg 2 - A Grundlagen for Quantum Studies of Vagaries of Planning for Stability Seg 8 - H5W is Competition hyper Planning?
Seg 3 - So...What Needs to be Stable? Seg 9 - Classical Reduction vis-à-vis Quantum Production
Seg 4 - Is "Stable Survivability" an Oxymoron? 'Splain Why. Seg 10 - A Plateau's Talking Points: Financial-Economic-Political Poisson~Bracketings
Seg 5 - Is Planning for Stability Viable? Seg 11 - Talking Points' Omniscriptions~Assessments (In progress - Doug)
Seg 6 - Applying Quantum~Complementarity to Hayek Seg 12 - What is simple? What is complex? Why? 'Splain!

Chapter Three

"PBings of Innovated Talking Points Assessing FEP: a move from CTMs to QTMs."

Chapter Three Index to Doug's Commencing 11Sep2010 Feuilleton Chautauqua on Economic [Vv]alue
Seg 1 - PBing One: Quantum Pluralisms of Monisms vis-à-vis Classical Monism Seg 10 - PBing Ten: Quantum~Complementation vis-à-vis Classical Formal Opposition
Seg 2 - PBing Two: Planck's Clock vis-à-vis Immutability Seg 11 - PBing Eleven: Coherent Islandicity of Individual Choice vis-à-vis Social Dogma
Seg 3 - PBing Three: Absolute Change vis-à-vis Absolute State Seg 12 - PBing Twelve: Equal Individual Opportunity vis-à-vis Equal Socially Planned Results
Seg 4 - PBing Four: Quantum~Consciousness vis-à-vis Mechanical Mind Seg 13 - PBing Thirteen: Quantum~Evolutionary Projection of Potentia vis-à-vis Classical Social Status Quo as Intentional Repetition of History
Seg 5 - PBing Five: Quantum~Uncertainty AKA "Indetermination" vis-à-vis Determination Seg 14 - PBing Fourteen: Quantum~Evolutionary Individual Competition vis-à-vis Classical Planning for Social Status Quo
Seg 6 - PBing Six: Quantum~Awareness vis-à-vis Classical Mechanical Thought Seg 15 - PBing Fifteen: Quantum~Competitive GDP as real Value vis-à-vis Classical Socially-Planned GDP as Reductive 'fiat value'
Seg 7 - PBing Seven: A Priori vis-à-vis A Posteriori Seg 16 - PBing Sixteen: Value hyper value vis-à-vis value hyper Value
Seg 8 - PBing Eight: Peircean Abduction vis-à-vis Deduction-Induction Seg 17 - PBing Seventeen: Real Money Value Preservation vis-à-vis Fiat Money 'value' Debasement
Seg 9 - PBing Nine: Quantum~Affectation vis-à-vis Classical-Effect[u]ation Seg 18 - Chapter Three Epilogue - Value as A New Way of Thinkqing's Hierarchy of Quantum~Thought

Chapter Four is in progress here.

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