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by Doug Renselle

(These texts are only at an early evolutionary stage of development. We are in our first few months of QCD studies.
We are showing them to you in this preliminary form in hopes you may find them useful, and that you may watch our progress.
Most of these notes so far are from Greene's The Elegant Universe.)

Also see our recent QED and QCD Compared to Legacy Science and Then to Quantonics

(This graphic is inadequate as it is shown.)
Borrowed from Frank Wilczek's
2000 Physics Today article
QCD Made Simple.

Left: QCD Red-Green quark-gluon vertex.
A green-anti-red gluon transmutes a red quark into a green quark.

Right: QCD Red-Green-Green charged gluon vertex. A vertex of three gluons: green-anti-green, green-anti-red, and red-anti-green.

In QCD Red, Blue, and Green (arbitrarily) represent three 'kinds of charge.'

Those two vertices show QCD inheritance of one generation older Feynman's much more classical QED notions.

To roughly compare QCD to Quantonics, quarks are matter (material, fermionic), while gluons are more akin quantonic included-middle interrelationships.

Students of Quantonics should note that transmutation of a red quark fermion into a green quark fermion as a result of a green-anti-red gluon vertex interrelationship.


Doug - 18-30Jun2004.



QED photon

Black represents
one kind of charge.

In Quantonics we view our above diagram classically as a "Feynman diagram."

Straight line up arrow is classically a 'particle.'

Up squiggle is some classically 'virtual particle,' in QED it is usually a photon.

Straight line down arrow is classically an 'anti particle.'

Junction of three is referred as 'vertex.'

In Quantonics said 'vertex' is a quantum real EIMA. It is a tap into and a pathway through QVF.

We added Frank Wilczek's QCD (quark motion-charge interrelationships) and QED (photon motion-charge 'interactions') gifs from his now famous Physics Today QCD Made Simple.
Quarks are solid lines. Gluons are wiggly lines. We are now working on ways to show QCD elegantly using Quantonics' 3D fuzzons.
His paper is simply superb, and well worth your time. If you have a SN subscription (we highly suggest it), you can see Weiss' relevant Matter's Missing Piece Shows Up, article.
Brian Green's Elegant Universe attending those two papers will give you a fine lay level grundlagen in both QED and QCD. Doug - 18-25Jun2004.

Wilczek's whole article and graphics are available online. Google Search "QCD Made Simple"+Wilczek.

Some links which may assist interpretation:
isoflux, ison, isot, quanton

You will have to Google search online, visit a library, or otherwise acquire copies of these other sources:

Thank you for reading (and hopefully for studying ),


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