Our Quantonics Suggestion
for a novel
USA Non Hegemonous Approach
Political Leadership Balance

What has happened to our USA election process? We think recent 2006 results reflect a popular vote for a more realistic quantum balance in our nation's political system and election process.

We propose a quantum change to our USA's Executive Branch.

We propose this new quantum form of US Presidency:

President is both quanton(female,male) and quanton(Democrat,Republican).

That's it!

We change our presidential election process to do this:

  • Democrats nominate two candidates. One female, one male.
  • Republicans nominate two candidates. One female, one male.
  • Nation votes for one male (either party).
  • Nation votes for one female (either party).

Candidate with highest popular vote in either party becomes our national choice for male or female quanton.

Example: Assume our national choice is a female Republican.

That automatically selects a nominated male Democrat as her presidential quanton partner. If a candidate from either party's highest popular vote is a female Democrat, that selects her mate as a male Republican. Converse holds for case when highest popular vote is for a male of either party.

Result for our example:

USA president is quanton(female_Republican,male_Democrat)

for next four years.

USA's voters appear to be telling us they are both uncertain about Republicans and they are uncertain about Democrats. We anticipate their next uncertainty will be male vis-à-vis female. Our Quantonic quantum~suggestion gives them that balance mitigated by a natural quantum uncertainty which we all appear now to both sense and desire. We offer our suggestion light-heartedly, but we think it has merit worthy of serious consideration.

Our quantum~suggestion will promote balance in government. Both parties will have to learn to be bipartisan in leadership and sexuality. They must concur on all executive decisions they make! We envision their interrelationships similar to those of a married couple making decisions for their family, or a management team concurring on executive decisions. Even better, both parties in both houses of Congress will have quantum~representation!

And we, USA's people, will have balanced and bipartisan Executive Branch quantum~representation!

This is GOOD change, readers!

If Republican'ts can't agree with us, let's start a new party: A Quantum Party of USA, whose members are quantons! We will pull for a new quantum approach to government!

Best regards and wishes for a better US approach to politics and governance,

Doug 20Nov2000 and 16Nov2006.

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