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Quantonic Thinking Modes

— Applied —

Making Thoughts
using both
Perceptual and Conceptual Quantons

(A Graphical Exercise in Quantum Thinking)

(February 15, 2002 we remediated some quantum comtextual occurrences of classical 'o' words to
quantized '¤' words. We feel we must retain James' use of more classical 'concept,' however, we ask
that students of Quantonics transpose quantum comtextual occurrences of 'concept' to quantum
c¤mplementary comcept and its quantum plural and present-participle usages as appropriate.)


In William James' superb text, Some Problems of Philosophy (see pp. 52-3 chapter iv), he describes his memes 'percept,' and 'concept,' thus: "Percepts and concepts interpenetrate and melt together, impregnate and fertilize each other. Neither, taken alone, knows reality in its completeness. We need them both, as we need both our legs to walk with."

James' words certainly offer a spirit of real quantum coinsidence which Quantonics promotes. It approaches obviation, especially in his use of 'interpenetrate,' and several pages earlier his use of a word we have seen naught prior, 'compenetrate.'

Aside (17Dec2000):

On 26Nov2000 we finished our review of Bergson's second book titled Creative Evolution. In that work Bergson (1859-1941) develops synergistic duals of James' (1842-1910) memes:

Bergson's I-Cubed Memes James' Dual Memes MoQ Analogues Gnostic Analogues Quantonics' Analogues Quantum Analogues
Instinct Quantum Flux DQ pneuma n¤nactuality isoflux, vacuum flux
Intuition Percept bridge(Quality,quantity) soul included~middle scintillation, superluminality, et al.1
Intellect Concept SQ hylic-psychic actuality posentropic decoherence

1 N¤n classical quantum~phenomena...

See our popular Tops Table.

As you may see in our Bergson's I-Cubed memes as depicted using our Quantonics semiotics, Bergson's Intuition compenetrates Intellect as James' Percepts compenetrate Concepts. So you may choose to imagine James' duals rendered in our Quantonics semiotics.

(Caveat: James saw Percepts and Concepts as classically separate. See Table 1, below. That view is problematic for classical thing-king. When we allow them to compenetrate, new think-king vistas emerge. If you read our review of his Some Problems of Philosophy, you see us toggling back and forth twixt seeing James as first a classicist, and second evolving toward his own brand of pluralistic, quantum paralogical, evolute empiricism. This feeling of James' mental 'dyslexia' we view as a quantum tell of his emerging transition from monism to pluralism for which he credits Renouvier. This 'dyslexia' arises in those of us who fight or struggle with our own epiphanies associated with our personal transitions from classical either/or monism to quantum both/and pluralism. These personal transitions are what Pirsig meant by "...Chautauquas which take us out of the mythos." (paraphrased))

End aside.

Let's imagine James' two memes individually, each as a single unifying quanton, and then together, as two coobsfecting quantons and graphically illustrate their interrelationships. We shall call these interrelationships "thought" — a quanton of thought.

First let's represent both percept and concept as quantons like this:
(DQ is Pirsig's Dynamic Quality; SQ is his Static Quality.)



















Figure 1 - Percept & Concept as Quantonic Notation Quantons

Figure 1 shows our full Quantonic notation, but sometimes it is a bit too cumbersome to use, so an abbreviated form can look like this:





Figure 2 - Percept & Concept as Notation-Free Quantons

Figure 2 shows our percept and concept quantons without specific 'quanton' annotation. If we remove labels 'percept' and 'concept,' we have a general quanton which can represent any quantum reality quanton. Note that DQ is always blue and dotted, with 'isotropic' arrows. Note that SQ is always a c¤mplementary admixture of both dotted blue and — solid, latched, unidirectional, i.e., "chiral" arrows. We may choose to imagine a half-frequency, one octave lower, larger isotropic flux circumscribing and quantum SON everywhere-associating both DQ and SQ. Consider how DQ may be in any angular position on and tangent SQ's circumference. We will use that capability to show, in Figure 3, a graphic of both percept and concept quantons in ensehmble quantum interrelationships to make and unmake thought flux/waves.

Adept readers and students of Quantonics should recognize what Quantonics
emerscitectural metaphor has arisen here: a 'cell chip.' What we call an evaluon.

Also note that IBM, Sony, and Toshiba's 'cell chip' has eight DSPs and at least one core processor.

There is much more to say here. Perhaps most important of all is to show how
any 'cell chip' emerscenture of this quantum model is a formal mechanical beast.

But like our www internet it can 'exhibit' emerscent and emergent 'behaviors.'

However, now we are k~now~ings that our own innovative
and breakthrough memeotics are just superb!

When cell chips are eventually implemented as physial quantum
computers we can call them a genuine quantology.

We are debuting some Quantonics hermeneutics of any 'cell chip's'
classical technology in our March, 2005 TQS News.
Watch for it!11Feb2005 - Doug.

Didn't happen!

For proprietary reasons we are unable to show any more 'data' on our 'evaluon' quantology. Doug - 7Jun2005.

Figure 3 - Making Thoughts Using Percept and Concept Quantons

Again, looking at Figure 3, allow your mind to follow William James' memes about his 'percepts' and his 'concepts.' Let's make a table comparing these so you may juxtapose his memes to our artwork in Figure 3. Table 1's meme descriptive terms are from James' Some Problems of Philosophy, chapter iv:

Concepts Percepts
Closed Open
Discrete (from each other) Continuous
Separate (an idealistic self delusion) Inter-, Com-penetrating
Object[ive Signification] Perceptual Flux
Exclusive Aggregation Transient, Ubiquitous Sensation
Abstraction (ever growing) Change (absolute duration)
Self-sufficient Static Knowledge Empirically Evolving Thought Value

Table 1 - William James' Memes - Concepts Juxtaposed Percepts

Table 1 compares James' concept and percept memes. Table 2 illustrates parallels twixt Pirsig's and James' partitions of reality.

In Figure 3, our blue dashed circle encloses 'Latching Concepts.' Everything outside our circle depicts open 'Unlatching Percepts.' Radiating our blue dashed circle are amplitude-ramped (Riemannian fermionic reversing animate-) flux (See Dr. Mathew R. Watkin's extraordinary — Wolfram/Weisstein have nothing like this — Riemannian Critical Strip Explorer; single step evolving fermionic reversal patterns and you will see similarities to our waves above) symbols whose decreasing amplitudes point toward increasingly latched concepts inside. Thus we may think of concepts which become exclusively state-ic (i.e., Pirsig's ESQ, or Exclusive SQ) as [classically] having zero flux amplitude and [quantumly, n¤n Bergsonian durationally] as having zær¤ flux ratæ. ESQ concepts are what Pirsig calls, "Stuck."

At blue dashed circle's circumference we depict multiple percept and concept quantons. We can imagine our percept quantons un-latching 'open,' and our concept quantons latching 'closed.' Thus we show solid attractors of percept quantons outside our blue dashed circle, and we portray solid attractors of our concept quantons inside our blue dashed circle. Both percept and concept quantons partially quantum cohere, associatively, both locally and n¤nlocally via their blue dashed isoflux attractors. Visualize our attractors and their QVF isocones as a quantum complementary, animate, included-middle, self-organizing associative network, i.e., a quantum memory. For assistance in learning how to do this see Jeffrey Satinover's superb new textbook, The Quantum Brain. Also see our Quantum Stage Minds as Neural Nets with Reserve Energy. Latter semantically extends our graphic above to show, using y-our imaginations, ontological quantum zeroentropy/negentropy transitions twixt Jamesian (quantum coherent) "percepts" and iso- "flux."


Table 2 - Reality Partitions - Pirsig Juxtaposed James

Pirsig's Reality Partitions James' Reality Partitions
Dynamic Quality (DQ) flux
Quality Events (QEs) Percepts
Static Quality (SQ) Concepts

Why is our big blue circle dashed? Classical philosophy would have it solid and stuck, like SOM's objective reality loop and its church of reason box. Quantum philosophy insists that both percepts and concepts commingle and coinside as quanton(percepts,concepts). N¤nclassically, they are:

both localable while-and n¤nlocalable,
both isolable while-and n¤nisolable,
both separable while-and n¤nseparable,
both reducible while-and n¤nreducible.

See our recent acronym addition: BAWAM. Also see: amd.

William James was an intuitive quantum mechanic! We see emanating intuition in his eminently repeatable prescient words, "Percepts and concepts interpenetrate and melt together, impregnate and fertilize each other. Neither, taken alone, knows reality in its completeness. We need them both, as we need both our legs to walk with." We infer he speaks of n¤n-Aristotelian, included-middle quantum c¤mplementarity!

We need quantum reality's quantons, its Quantonic both/while/ands, its Quantonic Thinking Modes, " we need both our legs to walk with..." as we need our minds' quantum stages for Making Thoughts.

Thanks for reading,


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