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Quantum vav Classical Time


 By Doug Renselle — ©Quantonics, Inc., 2013-2022

Doug prepared this email as a tutorial for Dale.

Dale is worried about Doug's now more than two year struggles with quantum~chaos and quantum~equilibria.

Time plays a large role in those troubles as a symptomatic~flux~proxy1 for quantum~absolute~change.

To help both Dale and me, I decided to show some words about classical~time and another list of words about quantum~time. In Doug's opinion these are crucial and very instructive.

Too, they make it easier to juxtapose classical reality and quantum reality in terms of a word (time) all of us have at least basal familiarity with.


That quote of Gödel "Time does not exist,"2 is an interesting notion (classical) and a Value~able memeo (quantum).

I cover most of this in more detail under my QELR of 'atemporal.'

I want to show a brief summary here so that you can more easily wrap your noodle around it...better.

Words which attend classical notions of time:

  • time is monistic (One Time Fits All, OTFA3)
  • time is space rate (moronicity of classical science based in dialectic)
  • time is a space identity (moronicity of Einstein4)
  • time doesn't exist (classical atemporality)
  • time as a space rate proxy is stoppable (Bergsonian 'immobility'5)
  • evolution in a stopped or stoppable actuality isn't possible, or at best has to be stoppable too
  • if time doesn't exist, momentum doesn't exist...think about it6
  • zero latency action at a distance is impossible (moronicity of Einstein; he claimed axiomatic: "all action takes time")
  • time is objectively, mechanically, formally, dialectically relative

Words which attend quantum memeos of time:

  • time is pluralistic (Many Timings Fit All, MTFA)
  • time is many fluxings (conceivably one time for each quantum, and ensembles of those, refer Suppes, Dirac, Tomonaga, Mae-wan Ho, Bergson, etc.)
  • time is a change metaphor: (quantum~timings are absolute changings, absolute evolutionings metaphorings)
  • since change is absolute we view quantum~time itself as "temporal changings exist absolutely"
  • atemporality means:
    • some quantum~transmutations happen holographically without delay (zero latency, adiabatic superluminal process; see a networked wave~function reservoir of holographic EWings)
    • time is immeasurable in n¤n actuality (in quantum~vacuum flux AKA isoflux)
    • actual processes which happen atemporally, i.e., without using time, also do not use any energy and thus are 100% efficient
    • actual processes of photons which 'tunnel' use zero time while tunneling...offering a physical result of traveling faster than light
      (ask yourself, "How many biophotons in our brains tunnel as part of their actual thought processings?" When you flex an arm?)
    • action at a distance (quantum~correlation) exists
  • all of quantum~reality is in absolute motion, therefore any 'notion' of zero momentum, any 'notion' of stoppability is bogus
  • time is flux~energy (rate; omnitoring of change~gradience) relative

As you can see classical notions of time are inutile and thus very low 'value.' Quantum~memeos of time are almost unlimited in Value and potential.


In Doug's eventual fathoming of essences of quanton(chaos,equilibria) these issues of quantum~time will have to be exegetized, however partially.

See QELRs of change, event, measurement a QQA, measure, moment, occur, stoppability, time, etc.

Note 1: Doug's use of "symptomatic~flux~proxy" as a quantum~description of quantized time also applies to other quantized omnitorables like: mass, space, gravity, heat, etc.

Note 2: See this segment of text from Doug's Hodgepodge™ 2010 on Kurt Gödel's statement "Time does not exist." from movie IQ.

Note 3: Quantum~gnostically monism is deceit: unitemporality is deceit; quantumly one size fits anything is deceit, universality (e.g., ubiquity, perpetuity, etc.,) of any 'state' is deceit; quantum~reality "changes all and always changes, however rapidly, however slowly...both chaos and equilibria in quantum~complementation without contradiction...

Note 4: In an absolute change...evolving reality classical 'static, stable' notions of 'identity' are bogus; invariance (which depends upon classical notions of status quo and 'stability') is a bogus classical notion in quantum~reality...

Note 5: Bergsonian 'immobility' as an 'intellectual' artefact of dialectical analysis of objective reality and objective time: both reified via 'convenient' classical inurement of dialectic; notice classical 'stoppability' may be perceived as 'tentative atemporality...

Note 6: Classical notions of 'zero momentum' are bogus; classical notions of 'perfect stability' (pure 'state') in terms of perfect absence of inertia and evolution's spontaneity of ch3ings, in quantum~reality are bogus; see Doug's A Quantum Pendulum Blue...

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By Doug Renselle — ©Quantonics, Inc., 2013-2022


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