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Just the Quantonics Basics, Please!

Frank McLaughlin asked us to tell more about intuemes of Quantonics.
We decided to share our response to Frank with you.
Contents of this letter from Doug to Frank, are self-explanatory.
Contents are purely Doug's own perceptions
shown here as a way for lay visitors to:

Relate Quantonics to Pirsig's MoQ, vis-à-vis
SOM and CR.
Distinguish intuemes of absolute truth and absolute change in Quantonics.
Show differences among three philosophies:
1. absolute truth (classical paradigm/SOM)
2. relative truth (cultural relativism/CR)
3. absolute change (Quantonics/MoQ/Quantum)
Learn to begin to see change as absolute quantum flux.

Frank McLaughlin's request:

"I want to understand just the basics of your thinking. The rest I can get from the Web page."

Email Subject: Re: Pirsig; Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 10:38:27 -0500

The acronyms in the letter:

  1. CA         Classical Aristotelian
  2. CR         Cultural Relativism
  3. DQ        Dynamic Quality
  4. iso         Identical to
  5. M3K      Millennium 3000 Problem
  6. MoQ      Metaphysics of Quality
  7. MoQ I   Pirsig's MoQ
  8. MoQ II  Mechanics of Quanta
  9. SODV   Subjects, Objects, Data, and Values (A Paper by Pirsig presented 1Jun95 at the Einstein Meets Magritte conference.)
  10. SQ         Static Quality
  11. ZMM     Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Reader note: only minor edits were done to this email (minor typos & clarifications) plus addition of Quantonics site links to help you access referenced materials quickly. Frank has only read Pirsig's ZMM, and is just now prepared to begin Lila.
Also, see: MoQ Definitions
 Subject:  Re: What Quantonics is all about.
 Date:  Tue, 23 Mar 1999 12:50:30 -0500
 From:  Doug Renselle <NOFLAMEqtx{at}earthlink{dot}netNOSPAM>
 Organization:  Quantonics


It is fairly long, but if you will please read Pirsig's (he did not call it this, we did) 'The Birth of SOM' at:

I think that will clarify Pirsig's pre-MoQ position well.

Parmenides, via Plato and Socrates, conveyed the fundamental idea of substance as the basis of reality to Aristotle, et al. Plato, et al., built a straw man of then predominant sophism, and denigrated the Sophists with the newly formed philosophy based on objective truth.

In Quantonics, we see two Western cultures at war now, each with their own distinctive philosophy: Classical Aristotelian philosophy and Cultural Relativism. The former, CA/SOM, says Absolute Truth (In Quantonics, we call it, "One Global/Universal Truth.") reigns over all objective reality including the good. Extensionally Pirsig might say it this way: "SOM philosophy claims dialectic reigns over rhetoric." The latter, CR, says truth is relative, good is relative, and chaos (whatever) reigns.

To us, in Quantonics, it is clear neither of these can win the culture war. Worse, neither of these can deal with what we call M3K, the Millennium 3000 problem. That is, only a few elite understand quantum reality, yet our entire species is moving into immense changes that are wholly quantum.

Enter MoQ. Our site attempts to show the superiority of Pirsig's MoQ and its deep correlations with quantum science (that is our best benchmark to date). We tumbled to this two decades ago, but did not find affirmation until Pirsig sent us his SODV paper (its on the site) in January of 1996. Western European physicists see the dual metaphor of MoQ I (Pirsig's MoQ) and MoQ II (our mnemonic for 'Mechanics of Quanta')

MoQ, in our opinion, is hands down superior to either CA/SOM or CR.

[Revision 3May99 PDR - Interested readers may view a graphic comparing MoQ, CR, and SOM Philosophical Capabilities. You may also wish to view the same graphic portraying CR's recent cultural battle win over SOM at CR wins Cultural Battle.]

MoQ says that Quality (absolute change iso quantum flux) reigns. Truth is contextually local (quantum islands of nondistributive truth), i.e., generally relative, but specifically/locally capable of consistent truth (see: Decidable Gödel Meme). In MoQ, patterns of value (both object-like patterns and subject-like patterns) are always changing (ubiquitously at asynchronous Planck rates - see our Reality Loop graphics I & II) under the influence of Quality, and Quality always changes all patterns of value.


o MoQ's Absolute Quality - always changes and changes all, vis-à-vis
o SOM's Absolute Truth - always states the truth and states all truths,
o CR's Chaos - whatever.

Pirsig tells us MoQ includes Eastern undertones, especially the ideas of holism, and universal harmony. He tells us that neither CA/SOM nor CR are harmonious, rather they are oppositional, contradictory, full of paradice, and battle ready, "Sing, O Goddess, the anger of Achilles..."

Mtty, Frank,


Doug Renselle
In Quantonics

"At the center, generating the waves, was Quality."

By Robert M. Pirsig, in 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,'
p. 188, Bantam (paperback), 28th edition, 1982.

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