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Revelation I The Revelation: YhShWh, assa ~Aleph.1~, "I am before Abraham," i.e., YhShWh nissin us. This issi a Qabalic~Essene~Gnostic ontologyq, not a catholic ontologyc.
Revelation II The Teacher, Atemporal to temporal rebirth of tentative ~Aleph.1~, Selfq assa selfq cowithihnq cosmos, Qabala, Revelation of Qabala,
Revelation III Self assa fluxodynamicq beingq of Qabala (also read words 4-7 there, then read verse 3 summary), ,
Revelation IV Hologral quantum view of reality,
Revelation V Seven and Nine, Seven Doubles, Who's a predator re slaying a savior?,
Revelation VI A Quantum Benchmark,
Revelation VII Two Revelations,
Revelation VIII
Revelation IX Shyt,
Revelation X ~Bara~ assa metabolicq creationq, Not Your Father's Creation, Per Mark Gaffney, Beauty of Verse 9,
Revelation XI Themes of this chapter are: Mother, Qabala, Game of Life...
Revelation XII Most important Chapter and Verse of Revelation, Devil, Satan, dragon, and serpent,
Revelation XIII Dialectical deception of state-ic life, Dialectic must be killed, Immature man,
Revelation XIV Quantum Harps, Neosapiens Introduced, We are Gnostic Individuals,
Revelation XV Quantum Society, Reality assa Quantonic, How to Defeat Dialectic,
Revelation XVI Seven Angels, Holy One Destroys Dialectic,
Revelation XVII Misogynous Abomination, Benchmark Qua of Revelation, Qabala Appears Twice,
Revelation XVIII Rabbinic Abomination, More, Her Ultimate Gift, Day 3 Destruction of Dialectic,
Revelation XIX Cannibalism Anyone?, Dispatch of Dialectic During MIII,
Revelation XX Satan of Dialectic,
Revelation XXI Quantum~Theory of Revelation need an anchor for this link, Defeat Dialectic & Achieve Qabala, A Transistor Fable?, Staggering Revelation re Esoteric Qabala, Dialectical Lies not Permitted,
Revelation XXII Practice Dialectic, Do Without,
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