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A Review
Boris Sidis'
M.A., Ph.D., M.D.
Medical Director,
The Sidis Psychotherapeutic Institute,
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Nervous Ills
Their Cause and Their Cure


"The thing in the world I am most afraid of is fear." Montaigne.

by Doug Renselle
20Aug2003 - ???

We are offering this review on an incremental basis.
Doug needed research materials from Ch's. XXX and XXXI.
Those are offered first, and others shall follow incrementally.
Doug's prereview will appear last.

Caveat: Boris' version of reserve energy appears, to us, classical.
Quantonics' version is quantum.

Previously, on most reviews, we finished an entire review prior to publishing in Quantonics.
Our intent is to review apparently comtemporaneous material first and proceed from there.
Examples of comtemporaneous are California's Gray Davis recall (Ch XXX) and Boris' reserve energy (Ch XXXI).
Doug - 28Aug2003.

In this review, we are doing thelogos calculations chapter-by-chapter.
If you have a MAC and your MAC has OS X, it is trivial to do your own thelogos calculations.
If you want one example of how to do this, go to bottom of this page.
This will also work with Linux boxes. And Posix boxes. And most ???ix boxes.

Introduction, pp. 7-14 Ch XIX Hypnoidal Treatment, pp. 164-182
Ch I Self Preservation and Fear, pp. 19-26 Ch XX Fear Confessions, pp. 183-210
Ch II Stages of Fear, pp. 27-31 Ch XXI Trance Apparitions, pp. 211-215
Ch III The Primacy of Fear, pp. 32-37 Ch XXII Recurrent Fear States—Psycholepsy, pp. 216-233
Ch IV Fear and Superstition, pp. 38-44 Ch XXIII Aphonia, Stammering, and Catalepsy, pp. 234-249
Ch V The Power of Fear, pp. 45-55 Ch XXIV Suggested Hallucinations, pp. 250-257
Ch VI Fear and Disease, pp. 56-60 Ch XXV Trance Servility, pp. 258-263
Ch VII Forms of Neurosis, pp. 61-65 Ch XXVI The Hypnoidal State and Superstitions, pp. 264-270
Ch VIII Fear and The Hypnoidal State, pp. 66-72 Ch XXVII Neurosis and Heredity, pp. 271-275
Ch IX Health and Morbidity, pp. 73-76 Ch XXVIII Neurosis and Eugenics, pp. 276-286
Ch X The Subconscious, pp. 77-80 Ch XXIX Primitive Fears, pp. 287-302
Ch XI The Conditions and Laws of Suggestion, pp. 81-85 Ch XXX The Herd and The Subconscious, pp. 303-311
Ch XII Is The Subconscious a Personality?, pp. 86-90 Ch XXXI Mysticism, Prayer, Conversion, and Metaphysics, pp. 312-323
Ch XIII The Character of The Hypnoidal State, pp. 91-100 Ch XXXII Fear Suggestions, pp. 324-331
Ch XIV Hypnoidal Psychotherapy, pp. 101-114 Ch XXXIII Life Energy and The Neurotic, pp. 332-338
Ch XV Egotism and Fear, pp. 115-130 Ch XXXIV Dynamic Energy, pp. 339-346
Ch XVI Neurotic Parasitism, pp. 131-136 Ch XXXV Fear Varieties, pp. 347-357
Ch XVII Fundamental Principles, pp. 137-148 Ch XXXVI Control of The Neurotic, pp. 358-368
Ch XVIII Illustrations, Neurotic Histories, pp. 149-163 Ch XXXVII Regained Energy and Mental Health, pp. 369-375

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