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A Sepher Yetsiral Quantum Hologralexology
Autiot E Words and Phrases


Doug Renselle

Commencing June, 2014


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Hologralex™ E Words Index
Ehevokha - My darling Eikhah - Your [a] place

Elohim~Hhaim - Elohim nissin Hhaim expressed as Qabala's dual flow of Keter's:

Life is ihn 'God' and 'God' is ihn Life. Two lives?


Em - Mother Emet - Truth
Erets - Earth Esch - Fire Esch Memaim - Fire of Waters Esher - To confirm, to witness, to praise

Eshkol - Wisdom, maturity, measurement of wisdom, assessment of wisdom, signaturing of wisdom, omnitoring, quantum~measurement of wisdom

New! - 24Sep2015.

Ets -  Tree Which Bears Fruits

Hologralex™ E Words' Content




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

My darling



Ehevokha (Aleph~Hay~Vayt~Waw~finalKhaf:

(Our) Livingq loveq comminglingq our fecundityq ihn a grailq reaching beyond n¤næxistænce.

Last word in Song of Songs' verse 3.

Compare Ahavah as "love."

Your [a] place

Your [a] place

Your [a] place

Your [a] place

Your [a] place

Your [a] place



Eikhah (Aleph~Yod~Khaf~Hay:

Aleph - Archetype of reality'sq godlikeq perpetual and ubiquitous livingsq and dyingsq cyclingsq (evolutionq).

Yod - Aleph's antinomialq actual projectionq of all that visually (via bosonic transmutationq AKA QED) 'exists' fermionically.

Khaf - Second archetype, Vayt's, antinomial~existential~leaky, i.e., middle~including, actual grail projection.

Hay - Archetype of lifeq existenceq in all realityq.

Doug intuits Eikhah has been badly translated. He just doesn't understand how, yet.

If we assume that Eikhah says, "Yod's place [Eikhah] is with God [Aleph] in a living [Hay] leaky~grail [Khaf]," Doug can grasp that, but still with uncertaintyq.

See Doug's B[V]ayt~K[h]af~Raysh columnar triple quantum omniscriptioningsq.

In that triple we omniscover that Kaf~Khaf in its grail like manifesta beg place as quantum in any sense of locality and nonlocality together as antinomialq complementsq of one another: quanton(n¤nl¤cal,l¤cal). Grail permits navigation of that quantum~comma~nospace as an acomtextual egress~ingress. Sometimes 'place' is radically ambiguous, which we have come to expect ihn quantum~reality. 'When' are we 'in' and 'out' of comtext in a radically~evolving~quantized and scintillating h¤l¤gr[[al][ail]] realityq? Even a 'locale' ihn that realityq?

We may also assume: Aleph~[Yod's cup of existence]~Hay, i.e., Yod's cup of existence lies twixt G¤d and Lifeq. Again, this carries a ponderous meme of our sacredq selfq's beingq ihn its placingsq.

Compare Isra~El and Jihad as our struggle with G¤d as a redemptive and revelatory quantum~processings of G¤d's method of adaptive change: evolution. Compare 'Yaros[h]~El~Hhaim.' (Jerusalem: Yeroshalaim) See p. 44, Song of Songs, Suares. Does Jerusalem have place? Recall Clifford Geertz' anthropological and prescient comments re nation, perimiter, culture, state, and their inevitable [quantized, quantizing] disassembly, etc.?

Sh~el is prefix to Sh~el~ohomah: peace borne of quantum~uncertainty.

Compare war and dialectical hatred as classical-certainty.

Do you grasp why Doug has great omnifficulty with ideasc and memesq of 'place?'

What about (?) Hesse's Magister Ludi where his protagonist Joseph Knecht writes a poem re Stages comtaining, "Serenely let us move to distant places and let no sentiments of home detain us." I love it! Doug's italics.

Tir'ah is a 'word' tetrad [in Autiot] from a tricodonic and palindromic phrase (Eikhah~Tir'ah~Eikhah: very coarsely, place~work~place) from Chapter 1, Verse 7 of Song of Songs.

Compare Ehieh~Esher~Ehieh, which means according Mosheh, "Qabala witnesses and con[m]firms Qabala." This is an impeccable instance of Mosheh's quantum~fractal~self~reference of Qabala re itself. Doug's brackets.

When we compare Eikhah~Tir'ah~Eikhah in this quantum manner, for Doug it has a deeper semasiology and similarly an esoteric sensibility.

Its colloquial interpretation, even though Suares uses Qabala to narrate it, disturbs Doug's own quantum sensibilities. Why? Said interpretation is purely classical via staticity of "place.' That is a clue to Doug that something is very wrong in this particular interpretation, even though it is Qabalic.

Doug doesn't understand~standunder at this juncture. So...let's try to tease a more quantum~entendre from this tricodon.

If Doug had to make an immediate, but uncertain, guess, what would he compare?

A thought which occurs now, to Doug, is Heraclitus' use of common in his exegesis of the account. Remediation of common to c¤mm¤n partially repaired Heraclitus' narration. Perhaps a similar remediation will work here too, but might change classical vis-à-vis quantum semantic of Eikhah rather phenomenally. Our old classical-reality nemesis is at odds, again it appears, with its evolutionary successor: quantum~reality.

Another valuable comparison we can use here is Suares' Aut patterns of Love, Qabala, and YhWh, which we can ostense with other patterns from verse seven. Doug adds Eikhah and Tir'ah (which quite apparently doesn't 'fit' patterns established by first four) below:

Sema Letters Aut1 Aut2 Aut3 Aut4 H5W? Gematria
Love Ahavah: Aleph Hay Vayt Hay  Why?
Qabala  Ehieh: Aleph Hay Yod Hay  What?
Demiurge YhWh: Yod Hay Waw Hay  Who?
Place Eikhah: Aleph Yod Khaf Hay Where?
Work? Tir'ah: Tav Raysh Ayn Hay n/a 400.200.70.5

For Doug, missing are How? and When? When I encounter them, I will add them to this nice little table.

Observe that love spelledq out is all (three omniffering; Hay reused) archetypes.

Qabala needs Yod as Aleph's antinomial projection in existence. Without Yod there are n¤ Games of Livings.

Demiurge starts with Yod and remaining three Aut are archetypal, though without Aleph. In a way demiurge has no vital impetus getgo. LOL.

To Doug eikhah is so much like Mosheh's ehieh (Qabala), Doug can't ignore nexi involved therein.

Elohim nissin Hhaim expressed as Qabala's dual flow of Keter's:

Life is ihn 'God' and 'God' is ihn Life. Two lives?









Elohim nissin Hhaim expressed as Qabala's dual flow of Keter's:

Life is ihn 'God' and 'God' is ihn Life. Two lives?




Elohim (Aleph~Yod~Yod~finalMem: Aleph~Lammed~Yod~Hay~Mem:

Hhaim (Hhayt~Aleph~Yod~Mem:

12Jul2014 - Correct Gematria for elohim so that rouahh elohim adds up to 300 for sheen.

Elohim's 'im' suffix is masculine plural. Recall that Yassod is masculine singular, usually shown as Autiot~Yassod, quanton(female,male). Notice twoq quantum~complementary~antinomial lives quantum~coherent as oneq.

Also see Doug's What is Autiot in Qabala?

See Suares' Sepher Yetsira SY I,1 omniscriptionings of this phrase.

In SY I,1 there is a sequence of eleven names that Suares claims are important.

This sequence of 11 names immediately follows six names following SY I,1's 'Evolution 1' title ending in Hhaqaq.

Suares lists those eleven names in their I,1 order:

  1. Yah (Yod and Aleph alive; to find (and understand) one's inner, Yah is proemially nascent belief and thought),
  2. YhWh (actuality's demiurge) ,
  3. Tsebaot (coherentq evolutionq of lifeq; Tsadde's feminine energy coaxing Aleph out of its con(m)tainer (Bayt, Vayt); proemial nascence, "before the song (wordsq, qwfs) being sung (borne, quantized)."),
  4. Elohi (god),
  5. Israel (vulgate: struggle with god),
  6. Elohim (god, masculine plural),
  7. Hhaim (life),
  8. Wamelekh (affirmation of existence of organic life; relevant 10th Sephera: Malkout),
  9. Oulam (whole: coherent ensemble of quanta),
  10. El (Aleph~Lammed as god), and
  11. Schaddai (an exegesis of Qabala as recursiveq, self~other~referentq, fractalq, a hologra[[il][lex][m][[ph][view]]icq perpetualq~ubiquityq).

According Suares, Qabalists refer these eleven names and their Autiot detail, "crowning sacred name."

Again, we see Qabala: Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay. Thence YhWh: Yod~Hay~Waw~Hay. Thence Rouahh Elohim: Aleph~Tav, Tav~Aleph, Aleph~Tav, Tav~Aleph,... Breathing out, breathing in, breathing out, breathing in,... Movement and rest, movement and rest, movement and rest,... Male exhalation, female inhalation, male exhalation, female inhalation,...two lives of Autiot... Perpetual and ubiquitous quantum~antinomial~complementary quantum~fluxings of the "crowning sacred name." Quantons(in,out), quantons(female,male),... Hermaphrodicity of Chaldaæm Godhead, Abraham's Godhead.




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

Mother Index

Em (Aleph~Mem: 1.40)

Observe that Aleph and Mem represent two of three 'mothers,' third being Sheen.

We may choose to interpret Mother as God in organic movement.

Ponder similarity to a Greek~Latin hybrid: fecund, to make unda, to make undula, to make waves, to make organic movement, to make quantum~wave~functions, to make life (living things); Mother.




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)






Index Emet (Aleph~Mem~Tav: 1.40.400)

Quantumly this one is exceptionally interesting.

One may choose, as an act of heresy against classical polemics and their orthodox dogma, to view 'truth' as a quantum~resonant~cavity tentatively sustaining a current instance of life.

So, quantum~truthings are evolutionings of qwfs of life.

When we break out Emet as exemplified by Mitchell Chefitz in his best selling Seventh Telling we can interpret:

Em~mt parsed as Mother~death.

Too, and this is a tad more quantum:

Aleph~Mem~Tav as Mem in Aleph~Tav's resonant cavity.

So Mem, as Sphere of Evolving Life, is sustained tentatively in resonance.

We already standunder Aleph~Tav as breathing~out (life 1, masculine) life~cycle, and resonant Tav~Aleph as breathing~in (life 2, feminine) death~cycle.

Tentatively in any living thing, life~death's perpetual resonant cycling proceeds, evolves: livings~dyings~livings~dyings...

In our bodies this manifests as direct experience of metabolic anabolisis~catabolisis of cellular~resurrection~cellular~apoptosis, cellular~resurrection~cellular~apoptosis, over and over...

...(until somatic death [Bayt] of system itself, a higher level seculum~durational perpetual life-death [Vayt, then Bayt...] metabolism)... million times per second, day after day after day.

So one of Chefitz' protagonists bottom lines this as reality's perpetual life~death cyclings are truth!

Here we commence perceiving a n¤væl viewq of truthq as being an enthymeme of peace, a peace of uncertaintyq, borne of absoluteq change's perpetual evolutionq. Attending that perpetual evolutionq we fathom an intrinsic, a tacit, an implicit, an innateness of uncertaintyq. Once we changeq our selvesq, our nousq, our quantum~stagings to accept this aspect of quantum~reality as omniscribed by Autiot and Qabala (and modern Bohmian quantum~theory), we begin to understandq, to standunderq peace as a symptomq of uncertaintyq.

Too, as we mature, as we move selves from Mem to finalMem, we may begin to fathom truth (Emet), per se, as a symptom of uncertainty.

Indeed all phenomenaq, including understanding and standingunder, are symptoms of quantons(scin,quan) uncertaintyings.

This provides blatantly apparent evocation of Suares' and Gnoses' and Qabala's "Embrace indetermination." When we d¤~due that, we embrace all of those quantum~phenomena as always~evolving symptoms of uncertainty itself.

This is why, directly accepted now by all of us who "have ears to listen," "get this:" Song of Songs I:1 is such a crucial revelation. In remediated English, "Residues of Residueings witness Hær Peace." ["Shyar Ha Shyareem Esher LeShalomoh."]

View Residue and Residuals as signatures (quantum~measurement, quantum~omnitorings) of absolute quantons(phase,phase) evolutionary change and its naturally inbred uncertainty, and our now revealed qua to understand and standunder that quantum~real phenomenal epiphany.

Permit Doug to play Qabala's game of lifeq with both understand and standunder as said game relates a n¤væl revelationq of phenomenalq truthq as a symptom of uncertaintyq.


  • under - cosmic wavesq of movement, and
  • stand - cosmic restq of quiescence.

Fabulously, we see Jesus' Thomas Gospel saying 50, in answer to 10 of his disciples' query, "What is the sign of Living Father in us?"

Jesus responds, according Thomas Gospel 50, "Movement and rest," and "Under~standing uncertaintyq as quantal flux' crux."

When we commence viewing realityq as quantum~absolute and evolutionary change and its symptomaticq uncertaintyq as radically stochastic, we commence real under~standingq.

A great example is any birth of any newborn, especially a mother's (Em's) labor as fecundity itself, making waves: waves of rest, and waves of movement. Labor's flux issi crux [crucial exegesis].

We see rest nissin movement and we see movement nissin rest. [a la Heraclitus' bow and lyre, his up and down...]

In summary, truthq issi one of many [unlimited] [residual, undulating] symptoms of uncertaintyq.




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)


Index Erets (Yod~Raysh~Tsadde: 10.200.90)

Index Esch fire

Fire of Waters
Index esch memaim Esch Memaim (1.300




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)


Confirm, Witness, Praise

Confirm, Witness, Praise

Confirm, Witness, Praise

Witness of Her peace


Esher (Aleph~Sheen~Raysh: 1.300.200)

Doug especially enjoys this emphasisq: E~Shæ~r. Very quantum. Very Chaldæan.

Aleph - Vital impetus in existence...

Sheen - ...cosmic metabolism straddling existence and cosmic n¤nexistence...

Raysh - ...cosmic comtainment of existence (actuality, flux) straddling n¤nexistence (n¤nactuality, isoflux).

First verse of Song of Songs' semiosy in Autiot:

Aleph~Sheen~Raysh (esher)

"Sheer (Shiar, Shyar, Shear, etc.) Ha~Sheereem Esher Leshalomoh."

"Residue of residues witnesses Her peace."

Suares does n¤t [intra text explication] capitalize 'her.'

Doug anticipated Hæ~r peace ihn his Qabala of proemial nascence, "Leefney HaShyareem Havayah Yeleed." Doug complementaroceptualizes and imagines Hæ~r peace as a rest partialityq of general cosmic movement which carries an implicit tenor of equilibriaq. Potentiallyq chaoticq Ben~Adam (pneumatically, "evolution of aleph ihn blood") punctuates Hæ~r rest partialityq.

Literally, following Suares' Qabalic metabolism thermodynamics, Esher issi "Cosmic metabolism omnitoring vital impetus of cosmic comtainer."

"Sheen omnitoring Aleph of Raysh."

Observe that Aleph issi vital impetus cowithin existence (See Gen I:1, "Bara~Shyt."). Aleph has no classical state. Aleph is unstoppable! Too, Aleph may not be metabolized since Aleph.1 is what does metabolisis ihn actuality. That has linguisticq comsequences. Al issi Aleph~Lammed: vital impetus~existential metabolism. However Lammed~Aleph, Lo, and La: existential metabolism~vital impetus means "no." Lammed cann¤t metabolize Aleph! This meme issi radically quantum ihn its comtext sensitivity (PBings of Aleph and Lammed), and via its subjunctive, subjective, ordinal, infinitive~mood Quality~Value aspects of a quantum~cosmos.

This Autiot word (sign, name, etc.) is from verse 1 of Song of Songs. See page 34 of Suares' Song of Songs, 1st translated edition, Shambala, 1972. Translated from Suares' 1969 original French.

Suares makes much of of Sheer (Shyar) as a reverse semiosy of Raysh. It is a big deal!

Sheer with Raysh in Gematria: 300., a palindrome.

Doug will just quote Suares' page 35 hermeneutics, "...shows one breath (300) in existence (10) acting upon the Cosmic Container (200) and from this 200, an existence (10) giving birth to a second breath (300). This second Breath is none other than the first, just as 300 is none other than 300." Please observe, This is cosmic reality's fermionicq vital impetus of Movement and Rest narrated as, "Hæ (breathing out) and Shæ breathing ihn (two in one: obtain a tellq of spin 1/2)." Very, very, very quantum~fermionic!

An anecdote. Doug has seen in some texts Aut Raysh symbolically (graphically) reversed. On recall, Doug thinks he saw this while he was researching Frances Yates' (relatively vast) opus on Gnosis. To say it linguistically, "Raysh's short pan handle faces occidental west. Shyar's short panhandle faces occidental east."

Raysh~Shyar (left to right)
Shyar~Raysh (right to left)

Doug is working on a contemporary QCD omniscriptioning of quantum~ramifications of Song of Songs.




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

Wisdom, maturity, measurement of wisdom, assessment of wisdom, signaturing of wisdom, omnitoring, quantum~measurement of wisdom Index

Eshkol (Aleph~Sheen~Kaf~Lammed: 1.300.20.30)

Aleph - I am measuring my vital~impetus' columnar cavitationings of

Sheen - cosmical metabolism reverberating its

Kaf - existential grailing of its declension of

Lammed - its existential metabolism echoing its cosmic metabolism.

Note that when individual words are parsed like Doug did just above, translation changes slightly from what is shown in SoS I:14 word 1.

Doug - 24Sep2015.

Doug has found many kinds of cavitationings in Qabala's Autiot.

Eshkol exhibits a simple columnar cavitationing from Sheen to Lammed, from 300 to 30 of Kaf.20.

So Hær vital~impetus (Aleph.1) issi imposing its fecund~vicissitudinality and its imperative~spontaneity on Hær existential grailing as a perpetual and ubiquitous processingsq cowithihn quantum~realityings.

Doug - 24Sep2015.

From Song of Songs I:14, word 1, Eshkol, "I am measuring my spiritual wisdom."

Doug - 24Sep2015.

 Tree Which Bears Fruits
Index Ets (Yod~Tsadde: 10.90) Part of Yetser.

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