William James Sidis
foregoes his inheritance.

Importantly, this document questions Amy Wallace's statements regarding WJS' acceptance and use of his inheritance.
See pages 167-8, 170, 181, 191-2 of Amy's 1st ed. The Prodigy. Her dollar amounts, and
Bill's implied uses of his inheritance, are placed in great doubt by this document.

Note WJS' use of part of a stamp, or piece of currency, just right of his signature.
Also note how he crossed out his unique stamp to apparently extra-validate his signature.

One of witnesses names above is Herbert [T.?] Kalmus.

If you have difficulty reading his assignment to Sarah, here it is retyped, "I hereby sell, transfer and assign to
Sarah M. Sidis, personally, all my right and share in the personal estate of Boris Sidis, late of Portsmouth, N. H
This assignment is a part of a full settlement this day between me and said Sarah M. Sidis."

We are attempting to find correct spellings for other witness' name.

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