Sarah M. Sidis
Lists an Accounting of
William James Sidis'
portion of his inheritance.

Importantly, this casts doubt on Amy Wallace's statements regarding WJS' acceptance and use of his inheritance.
See pages 167-8, 170, 181, 191-2 of Amy's 1st ed. The Prodigy. Amy tells us Bill's inheritance amounted to $4000.00.
There may be confusion regarding a cash amount of $4969.22 shown above, bottom item.
We are unsure and curious why Sarah signed with "Guardian of Helen Sidis." Her daughter was born
February 12, 1910 and would have been 15 years and two months old in April of 1925. Why would
Sarah distinguish herself and this document in such a way? Also her daughter's name is, officially, Helena not Helen!

Bill received 25%, Helena received 25%, and Sarah received 50%. Total reported for tax purposes above
is four times $12,739.09 or $50,956.36. Those 1925 dollars inflated today would exceed $1million.
We infer actual inheritance amounts, plus other valuables, exceeded what we see here.

Sarah's maiden surname is Mandelbaum. We assume her middle initial above is for Mandelbaum.

Recently, we have been in contact with Sarah's brother's grandson. He shares some
comments which attend this page:

"1) Firstly, William was known as "Bill" and never would have allowed himself
(nor would Boris have allowed him) to be referred to as "Billie"
2) William denounced his inheritance. He signed over his portion of Boris's
estate to his mother, Sarah, with his mother, Sarah, as the
administrator (I have the original of this document).
3) In addition to Dr. Elliot Sagal (of blessed memory), Sarah attempted to
influence the early education of several children of the Mandelbaum family.
Her efforts were met with mixed reactions.

"I speak with some authority, as my grandfather, Joseph Mandlebaum (note
difference in spelling, which occurred when my grandfather settled in NM,
after he and his brother left the family in Chelsea, MA) was the younger
brother of Sarah Mandelbaum Sidis. I have done a rather extensive family
history of both the Mandelbaum family and the Kripov (Americanized to Rich)
family, which were mother and father to Sarah.

"The total sum of Boris' estate (that portion that was acknowledged for taxes)
was $50,000.00, of which Sarah received one half and each of the children
received one fourth. Even $12,739.09 was a goodly sum of money in 1925. You
will hear that Sarah lost all of her money (including Helena's portion, of which
Sarah had control) in the market crash of 1929.
Do not believe it. She parlayed
her (and Helena's) holdings into several pieces of Miami real estate.
The question
is what happened to Sarah/Helena's fortune upon Sarah's death?
Helena died as a
pauper on Long Island just a few years ago.

"For what they may ever be worth, I have the legal history of title of the
Sidis Institute and current pictures of what it looks like today.

Another mystery: I have often been told that both Boris and Sara were buried
on the grounds of the old Sidis Institute. The grounds have been broken up
into a multitude of homesites (although the original house remains). I have
wandered many of the homesites, but find nothing that would resemble a
gravesite. I also do not know where Bill was interred."

Sarah M. Sidis' Grandnephew, 11&12Oct1999

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