Subject: Quantonics' continuing review of my book.
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 21:05:42 -0700
From: Irving Stein <>
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(Reader, this letter is intact except for a very minor typo 'correction,' (removal of a space prior to question mark) and one spelling change (replaced 'cancelling with canceling).)

Dear Doug,

Thank you for your continuing reviews of my book. I could make many comments on your incisive review, which would lead to an extensive discussion between us. However, at present I wish to make only only two comment and ask one question. The question: have you read the paper I sent you awhile back, THE FOUNDATION OF SPECIAL RELATIVITY AND ITS CRITIQUE? This paper perhaps might answer some of your questions.

The first comment: I use the words reality and imaginary not in their philosophical sense, but in their mathematical sense, as having real (number) values or imaginary (number) values.

The second comment: I never say that interactions do not exist, only that I cannot find any meaning to that concept in classical physics and that therefore I must go to quantum mechanics, to nonspace to find meaning. And there I do begin to find meaning, but it is certainly not anything like what it has normally been presumed to be, which to me is simply some kind of influence of one entity on another. I can begin (but only begin) to discover meaning to the concept by seeing that it might logically arise (be inferred) from the basic concepts themselves. I glimpse that the concept of gravitation (an interaction) might arise from the nonspaces of two objects canceling by the nonspaces just being present, thus, in space, moving the objects towards each other. This should then be extended to the more correct basis of the single nonspace of two objects existing only by an internal self canceling This is then universal attraction arising not as a force (a classical concept) but rather as a consequence of nonspace; the equivalence of inertial and gravitational mass. I think that all interactions arise out of the "symmetry breaking" of non-preferences, including those of electromagnetism.

I should say that this work is only the beginning. The whole concept of immense generalization of the kinematical concepts arising from the concept of the Hilbert Space nobody is yet touched upon-- in fact is not even aware of. Not only that, but the very concept of the Hilbert Space itself implies a super kinematics, one in which space, energy, etc. which are only specific kinematic variables out of a continuous infinity is a class of which the specific kinematic variables are only values of. But enough for now.

Thanks again,
Irv Stein