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What Are Classical Deceits?

Deceits are 'false' beliefs which are invalid as descriptions of reality when 'used' in quantum~comtextings of reality.

Let's make a list in an tabular emerqancy:


What Are Classical Deceits?
1. Monism
2. Negation is objective
3. Reality is objective
4. Objects hold still, objects can 'have' state, objects can have 'zero momentum'
5. State 'exists'
6. Opposites 'exist'
7. Absolute truth 'exists'
8. Time is 'space rate'
9. Identity 'exists'
10. Reality is definite
11. Reality is state and monotemporally predicable
12. "There is 'no' evolution"
13. "Change is monotemporal, linear, continuous, and predicable"
14. Reality is only physical (only fermions 'exist')
15. Formal descriptions can be complete
16. Subjectives may be treated as objective (e.g., bosons may be treated 'logically' as fermions for 'classical convenience')
17. Quality-Value may be assessed quantitatively
18. Uncertainty is an illusion, indeterminate change is an illusion
19. Aristotle's sillygisms (Identity, Contradiction, and Excluded-Middle)
20. Newton's 'laws'
21. Einstein's General and Special Relativities (Basic issue here is Einstein based both of his 'theories' on "invariant geometric interval" as his last bastion of 'objectivity.' Almost everything Einstein thought and believed is wr¤ng in quantum~reality! Doug - 18May2013.)

Maxwell's 'Laws' of Thermodynamics:

  • Universal energy/mass is constant and energy/mass conserve.
  • Disorder always increases (posentropy); thus a unilogical/classical arrow of homogeneous time is imposed on reality.
  • Thermalized, dissipative energy may not achieve a zeroentropy state, let alone a negentropy state.
23. Formal, mechanical 'mathematics' are 'valid'
 24.  Reality 'conserves' ('zero' sums may be mathematically 'established')
 25.  'Proof' may be established, in general
 26.  Induction is 'valid'
 27.  Deduction is 'valid'
 28. Principle rules 'not' itself (essence of invalidity of 'rule of law' and quintessence of classical 'one size (one whatever) fits all,' e.g., globalism, socialism, etc.)
29. Etc.


Doug - 18May2013.


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