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What Arera Gametria?

Dedicated posthumously to Carlo Suares.
May he rest in peaceq.

Would that Doug might have known him ~cowithihnq~ column five.

means new, revised...

Latest update 1May2019.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gametria™ Arera as ~Strategic~ as it Gets

As ~Good~ as it Gets

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do not confuse Gametria™ and Gematria!

Doug pronounces Gam assa gum (something to chew on: a Chewy game), and Gem as (g pronounced as j) jem (like a jewel).

Thence "etria," vav "atria." "Eh vav ah."

gum~etria vav jem~atria

QME modalings vav a ~qwfal~ forensic linguistic numbering system.

Study Sepher Yetsira's Sepharim. Compare Jung's2 Redbook, Liber Primus, Liber Secundus, and Scrutinies [i.e., ~QAings~, ~Asher~: Doug].

A Quantum Lifeq Motif

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wæ arera ~moveings~ much, much closer n¤w~ingsq to [linguistically ~fathom~
and story board] ~how~to~too~do~due~ ~{modalings}~, ~useings~ "~{gumetria}~," folks!

. . .

A Legend of Gametria™ Relevant Acronyms

©Quantonics, Inc., 2019-2039


Full Expression

From H6W

Abraham's Autiot


Transistor Analog





applied heresy

emitter [neuron~out]
base [signature in]
scalar dialectical tri-valency


ineffable n¤n~actualityings~







predominately column 3
~Ben~ assa QME

oppositional bivalency
stochasticq denial,
denial of quantum flux rate gradienceings

emitter output:
Dichons(1, 0)



everywhere included~middleings associationings



QELRed Iht issi ihn uhs and wæ arera ihn Iht

emitter output:

~note~ Iht assa grail



Study Gray's Anatomy.

left and right lobes

ensemble ~synaptics~
see Mobius stairs
energy~basins (Satinover)
EWings (Doug)






oscillators built from transistors, tuneable inductors, and tuneable capacitors
~synapticq~neuronal~ oscillators assa ~thoughts~: ~Rouahh~: ~200.6.8~ [bosonic pneuma of mind], and ~antinomial~complementaryq~ ~Mahhshevah~: ~40.8.300.2.5~ [fermionic psyche of mind]
these oscillators arera building blocks and their quantum analogues used for ~QC~ m¤dalings of mind


Quantum English Language Remediation

Doug's linguistic forensics

~moveings~ self from classical to quantum

~moveings~ self from mythos to emersos


Quantum ~Realityings~


absolute ~changeings~

stochastic ~uncertaintyingsq~


flux issi crux



Ridiculeings and Cajoleings

Da duty of da ~Aleph.1q~

~R&Cings~ ~Yod~

. . .

Doug follows Saul Alinsky's Rule 5.

Doug refers it "Rule of Hay, rule of lifeq."

Compare [~scrutinize~] C. G. Jung's third Redbook Tertius segment: 'Scrutinies.'

Jung understood his duty.

Humanity's Mission.

Quintessentially ~QRings~ do this.

So too do~due Gametria™.

I sææ y¤uings.

R&S, S&R

Situation and Role

By Intelligent Design transistors are mathematically free of context. Transistors, by Intelligent Design, rule out rqcs Quantum~Realityings.

Read Pirsig on context and design.

The purpose of Quantonics is to overthrow The System Problem: Dialectic's Intelligent Design.

Doug rejects context, and subs S&R Anti Plato, anti Aristotle, anti Descartes quantum~comtextings.

Doug isn't sure whether Pirsig would agree with that. Pirsig passed in 2017. May he rest in peace.

Doug - 2-3May2019.


Classical Realty

status quo

stux sux

ana lysis

dichons(opposition, formalism)


quantum electro dynamics



Quantum Transmutative Evolutionaryq ~Realityings~

See quantons(scin,quan)


quantum chromo dynamics



Quantum Creative Evolutionaryq ~Realityings~

QCD Quantum Reality





Yahweh to QED
Ehieh to QCD


Study Doug's original Xistor Modal useings Mobius Goggles™

Doug - 7May2019.




Bose Einstein Condensate





temperature ~sensitiveq~ fermionic ~coherenceingsq~

mime: ambient Josephson junction ~tunnelings~

mime: ambient superconductivityings


Full Expression

From H6W

Abraham's Autiot


Transistor Analog

©Quantonics, Inc., 2019-2039

Doug's table above issi partially fledged...Here arera some other acronyms Doug offered recently.

Future, potential ~{quantum~metabolic~evolution}~ of this web page is unbounded...

. . .

Doug's approach here is very choppy. Doug issi writing (like Sam Seaborn, but with) a kind of stream of quantized comsciousnessings...

. . .

All good, so far, but Doug, "What Arera Gametria™?"

Destroyers of classical analytic, formal, objective, mechanical dialectic!

Gametria™ arera quantum~system comstitua, each of which emerqs coquecigrues quantons assa QCAI Dialectic Free Zones.

Simply, to Doug, a ~{gametrum}~ issi a coquecigruesical quantum evolution of what wæ currently familiarize assa dialectical transistor.

~{Gametra™}~ do quantum~assessmentings and emit ~signatureings~ assa preferenceings:
"...thought flow is proportional to gradienceings of preference in ~hologralq~ ~{minds}~."

Doug's prime motivation for Gametria™ is to stimulate y¤ur and Doug's ~thoughts~ regarding, "How do wæ assess QR?"
And do so at all scales of ~QR~.
How do wæ monitor QR actually as humans?
and thence
How do wæ ~omnitor~ QR with AI running on QCs?

Well, as humans with our brains and senses, wæ already do it and [unfortunately] thinkq nothing of its quantumness.
So, in a sense, wæ all already understand what quantum~assessment is:
our eyes do it, our ears do it, our noses do it, our taste buds do it,[ even educated fleas do it], etc.

But our culture teaches us dialectic and forces us into |ideasets| which turn Planck's clock off and declare absolute flux "absurd."

Doug wants to change all that, ~whileq~ keenly aware it won't happen in one lifetime.
So Doug's raison d'etre projects itself epigenomically, strategically through at least MIII...a multitude of lifeq iterationings...

. . .

How do dialecticians and their formally closed state-ic |classical minds| and their John von Neumann dialectically architectured AI assess |Classical Reality| now?

By using transistors and transistor-like formal analogies. Our entire WWW and its operational I/O user interfaces work this way.

For Doug a big exemplar of his own ostensed ~thinkq~king~ is Bell Labs exemplar development of a brass board transistor.
That simple ~fractional~ meter scale [its predecessor vacuum tube evolution] idea has, over time [nearly 100 years], exploded globally into
nanometer lithographies of countless solid-state transistors and their functional accessories. [Solid-state is a dialectical clue...]

Bell Labs transistor is a major quantum precursor of a classical analogue of quantum~assessment referred "delta~modulation."
That technology issi a classical version [implementation] of what Doug refers ~monitoring~. An ontology:

|vacuum tube|,
|transistor|, thence

A Doug Gametraic™ HotMeme "Don't oppositionally modulate, rather ~antinomiallyq~ quantadulate."™ A Doug Gametraic™ HotMeme

Obtain how |selection| reifies ~signatureings~.

Study transistor design of a classically bivalent delta~modulator, then ask self what issi a genuine quantum omnivalent ~signatureings~ analogue of that?

Ask self issi a delta-mod assessing both digital [state] and analogue [continuity] worlds? Then ask why?


Delta-mod vav classical AI
Gametria™ vav quantum AI

. . .

"Doug, are there any current developments which are leading our quantum ~wayveings~?"

Yes. There arera many. Ion based QC, for one.
Recent breakthroughs in single atom thickness graphene is another.
Graphene enables atomic scale manipulation of quantum~phenomena which we have no other means to accomplish.
To Doug graphene, putting it coarsely, is our immediate future's quantum tinker toy.
But Doug might have written similar 72 years ago re: Bell Labs then new transistor.

Some have referred graphene, "The New Silver," as in Ag.

. . .

[Bivalent] Delta-mods won't handle omnivalent quantum flux.
Quantum flux isn't analytic, formal, mechanical, objective, etc.
Issi graphene analytic, holographic? Dunno.

. . .

By direct ~experience~ our brains handle ~hologralq~ quantum flux with ease.
However, have you looked at Gray's Anatomy of a human brain.
Be staggered!

Gametria™ modaling facets, especially quantons(~synapses~,~neurons~) of a
human mind shall challenge uhs beyond our current imaginationings...

Doug had a similar sensibility re his learning quantum.
Many times Doug has ridiculed and cajoled self, "Quantum is beyond your human qua.
Why are you pursuing this?"

Why did we send humans to earth's moon? To evolveq our qua, to meliorate uhs.

Back to modaling a human mind's facets:

Base memeset here issi Gametraic™ quantons(~synapses~,~neurons~). [See IBM's phaseistic memory quote at that link.]
Doug found that transistors offered handy classical bivalent analogies of ~neurons~.
But where are ~synapses~ in transistors?
In Doug's Darwin's Chip review ~synapses~, at least to Doug, synapses manifested assa "inexplicables."
Doug claims that exposes Iht assa a ~plausible~ exegetic.
Einstein, et al., referred what Doug intends by Iht, assa "hidden variables."

A potent tell of 'that which is not understood" lurkings, Iht assa quantons(~hydeings~,jekyllings)...

"Aleph.1q likes to hyde." "~Synapses~ like to hyde." Aether likes to hyde. Dark matter likes to hyde.

Wæ must modal ~hydeings~ quantumly.
Graphene's ~hydeings~ arera that which is cut away: massive quantum ~hologralq~ analogy here...
Issi graphene hologramic? What issi a pixel in graphene?
How do atoms' electrons in graphene respond to spin 1 QED stimuli?
Back to Heinrich Hertz?

. . .

Then there issi that strange Heraclitean quantons(up,down) complementaryq~antinomiality~. Study ~Sof~.

Classicism digitizes it, just as it reifies all else objectively. Just like dialectic, a deign to feign. Talk about free range CRude...

Our very ~hologralq~ and quantum~neurons~, and their ~middle~includeings~synapses~, simply aren't classical.

More ~modalings~ challengeings. Right nowings, early CeodE 2019, these challengeings appear extremely daunting and arduous.

Actually, they are, and that partially explains why Doug is writing this web page...

. . .

Doug, almost single handedly, issi attempting to story board a transistor's quantum successor ~useings~
all Doug has learned about quantum empiritheory and quantum fluxodynamic forensic languages.

...1-2May2019 Update:

"Doug can you compare quintessentially how a transistor works compared to how a Gametrum™ works?"

Transistor digital logic depends upon classically formal, mechanical, and objective
voltage trivalencies of minus, and
digital bivalencies of zero, and plus.
All of those trivalencies, eschewing real
Situation and Role, are treated Platonically assa ideally bivalent eigenvalue |abstract|.
None are sensitive to comtextings of quantum~realityings. Maths call it freedom, "freedom from
As a result maths inure and are obeisant to The Independence Axiom. To Doug, that issi, ihn ~QR~,
simply bogus!

Actually, since ~reality~ issi more ~quantum~ than |formal|, transistors do manifest some
~quantum~phenomena~, but their designs are intentionally |formal|.
As in
Darwin's Chip, when they manifest ~quantum~phenomena~,
those ~phenomena~ are |
conceived| classically as absurd.

A transistor typically has three branches: base, emitter, collector.
Uses of those branches are classically extremely flexible: both digital and analogue.
Doug tends to view collector assa output, thus quantumly an emitt¤r.

In comparison of that transistor to a Gametrum™, that transistor suddenly becomes quantum radically qwf~inflexible [qrqi; quirky].
Again, though, a transistor
understood quantumly does retain some quantum~flexibility.
Doug needs to make a comprehensive comparative Poisson Bracketings of:
quantum [Gametrum™] vav classical [Transistor] vav flexibility vav inflexibility.

. . .

Here's a simple PBings example, borrowed from Doug's 2006 review of Daniel C. Dennett's Breaking the Spell Chapter 8, of science vav religion vav better vav worse:




  • Science admits its own provisionality.
  • Science shows that evolution is real (this is scientific dyslexia, however, since science requires reality to hold still in order to measure it; an evolving reality cannot hold still).
  • Science, within its abstracted, reified, objective, materialistic, and unreal modeling environment, however limited by its local and naØve facts, principles, and laws, "does something." (We see this as inarguable: without science Earth would not be experiencing marvelous and incredible technical revolutionings we experience directly nowings. However there is a complementary fact: science could have taken unlimited pathways and we are currently experiencing only one of them whose basis of reason and thought is dialectical objectivity.)
  • Real religion recognizes that humans are individual spiritual beings and that individual spiritual belief and faith is above any reified 'scientism.'
  • Religion takes for granted reality's predominant subjectivity and only apparent objectivity.
  • Religion allows and nurtures humanities' spiritual complement and memeos of that which are ultimately beyond any manufactured scientific 'model' of an only apparent objective actuality.
  • Religion, especially Jesus' Essene Gnosticism, in Doug's view, is closer to quantum reality than classical dialectical 'science' can ever be. Read Elaine H. Pagels' opus to see why Doug expresses this elect view.


  • Science reifies reality making it actual and then declares 'actuality' is 'reality' and is all there is to reality. Science wears its own self-imposed blinders.
  • Science claims to know what is true by 'verifying' only apparent absence of change as 'proof' of what is 'true.' Science views 'identity' and ideal 'state' as unchanging metric repetition. Latter are two bases of dialectical formal mechanism and its spawn: objective logic and mathematics. Simply, using CTMs, 'science' 'verifies' apparitions.
  • Science adheres unitemporal context, motional state, cause-effect, 1-1 correspondence, two-valuedness, invariant geometrical interval, and determinism thus 'scientific predictability' as its predominate logical tools of reason and validation, among others. (All are, in general, bogus! Doug.)
  • Science uses a disciplinary matrix to make sure that all scientists adhere a scientific monism based upon state-ic accretive knowledge
  • Science as a society, as a scientific community, insists on scientific catholicism and seeks a Grand Unifying Theory (GUT), a Theory of Everything (ToE): one size fits all, OSFA. Notice similarity of that to current classical, dialectical notions of One Global Society (OGS). Earth societies still believe in a belief of catholic monism: OSFA. Maltuition 'tis. Doug.
  • Science leaves most humans feeling cold and empty, emotionally stultified, spiritually bankrupt.
  • Religion declares its own dogmatic absoluteness. Religion proselytizes and evangelizes self as absolute, nonprovisional. (This, on its face, is simply a lie! No religion is or can be absolute, period! No human has individual intellectual and spiritual qua to assess absoluteness. No society, group, union, organized science or religion has qua to assess absoluteness. Any claim of infallibility by any individual or group is simply an epistemic, anthropocentric lie, period! Anyone, scientist or religionist who claims absolute knowledge is lying. We can demonstrate this via our Bases of Judgment, our extreme bandwidth sensory limitations, and other ways: those are what Quantonics does. Not only is human knowledge limited, but it is changing and it will always be changing, as long as humanity 'exists.')
  • Religion demands that belief and faith are not, may not be provisional.
  • Social religion insists on religious catholicism: our religion is the religion.
  • Religion naØvely and uni-context-locally views reality as a one time, one state unilateral creation event AKA "design" (i.e., explicitly not an animate process) whose product is state-ic, immutable 'existence,' whose alpha-omega terminal, bistable dialectical 'opposites' are "heaven" and "hell."
  • Religion practiced and studied for a long time, leaves most humans feeling hopeless, useless, incapable of doing, since as Dennett writes, orthodox religion turns its followers into indecisive, "God will make all your decisions for you," "helpless innocents." That bullet item is why Doug claims society is evil. We are all individuals. Attempts to socialize individuals lead to cloning of thought. Cloned thought is catholic thought which disallows individual freedom of thought and free will, and that is about as evil as one can be. Catholicism turns individual freedom of thought into mental slavery. Be aware that Gnostic Jesus [rather Yeshooaa: YhShWh] abhorred mental slavery! We call it "intellectual rape and abuse." Doug - 4Jun2006.

Try subbing 'global warming,' also 'political correctness' for religion...

. . .

So a transistor's emitter issi usually a ground [|zero| |relative|] dialectical-formal reference.
It's base issi an trivalent input which varies and is
intelligently by design intent constrained monochronically transistor-amplified,
possibly modulated, by an emitter-collector [potentially trivalent, usually DC flatland] bias.

Notice how only coobsfection we find in a transistor issi input vav flatland-biased output:
both I and O potentially trivalent according maths' trivalent voltage real number line from |minus| through |zero| to |plus|.
Real quantum~coobsfection issi ideally, Platonically ruled out, by intelligent design.

A transistor tends to: monotonicity, monochronicity, mono-whatever...

A transistor's logic architects tend to be ideal dialecticians. Our culture teaches them: that is socially-positive |Reality|.

. . .

But Doug's emerscitectural version of ~realityings~ issi quantum:

To Doug, ~QR~ issi n¤n dialectically Presburgian Positive!

Review Presburger. Use your Mobius~Goggles™ to sweep away his own dialectic. Keep his quantum residue...

Doug's quantum~logic, which he refers quantum~coquecigrues: thus coquecigrues issi Gametraic™.

When Higgs boson creates spin 1 and spin 1/2 comstitua of QR, it quantum~squares ~{~{isoflux}~}~,
thus rendering actual quantum flux metabolically all positive [~Kol~: all,
and Hhyoovi: positive]. Some call it "absolute."
An quantum~
absoluteness implication: negative square roots in QR arera rendered meaningless.
negative modular induction is an example of classical negation rendered meaningless.
See Doug's Comments Comcision, A Treatise of Human Nature, Book I,
Part IV, Section I, Of Scepticism with Regard to Reason, bold violet highlight.

Wæ have just lost classical dialectical trivalency! It's gone, forever gone!
[Fathom what that means for

All ihn ~QR~ issi positive flux and Doug derives flux issi crux!

Those classical trivalencies are abstract concretions of a scalar stux sux classical reality.

QR issi metabolic! It flux is crux evolves relentlessly, ubiquitously.

We have to find means to monitor [omnitor] real evolutionary changeings in an all positive flux ~QR~.

Doug claims, following comtemporary quantum~empiritheory, that any packet of evolveing flux may be
compared to any other packet of evolveing flux and we shall find, due
evolution's absolute changeings, a residue, a signature of that comparison.
That residue issi evolveings. It has evolveings m¤dæl QLO flux bandwidth, rate, and gradienceings.

Doug is making a huge assumption: all flux issi quantum~complementary~antinomial all flux.

Due real quantum~evolution assa absolute change, even
flux of
flux of self,
from Planck moment to Planck moment.

How would Doug's Mobius Goggles™ work in that self~assessment situation?

Pretend each eye socket in each of Mobius Goggles™ issi like a transistor's base.

View self now [in one socket] and self later [in other socket].

Keep that modalityings runnings perpetually. Omnitor signatureings emitt¤rings from that Gametrum™.

To do that you have to view self quantumly as an ephemeral AEFings ensemble of quantum~complementary~antinomialismings.

Our Mobius Goggles™ hologrally omnitor all [~Kol~] of those Metabolic
Quantonics ~Hhyoovi~ Hologral Fluxings Interrelationshipings perpetually.

Wæ may observe
selected (
quantadulated) ~memeset~, and
sub ensemble ~memesets'~, and
self's systemic ensemble ~memesets~, their
signatureings' ~quantum~complementary~antinomial~interrelationshipings~.

Our Mobius Goggles™ arera mimickings a Quantum~Hamiltonian phase~spaceings interrelationshipings.

However, our Goggles' observables arera n¤t eigenvalues, rather enthymemetic QME ephemeral ensembles AEFings.

Sub ~omnitor~ for observe.

Doug's assumption of absolute quantum~complementary~antinomialism becomes, ad occulos, Gametraic™.

QME: Quantum~Metabolic~Evolutionary.
AEFings: Antinomial Energyings Flowings.

This issi a first cut Doug story board. Details arera horrendous.

Timeings to beings Polanyi~esque, "Plungingly reorientings selfings."

Who's on first? Who's gonna run home?

But what issi y~¤ur ball game?

Arera you gonna play classical-, possibly, quantum~ball?

~Leefney~ ~Ha'Sheray~ ~Havayah~ ~Yeleed~: proemial nascence: "Before the Song Being Sung."

:1-3May2019 Update.

. . .

Doug loves this word: Gematria™. It issi Autiot's qwfal "running mate."
Doug loves Qabala and Gnoses.

Doug accidentally typed Gematria assa Gametria and deja vu reminded Doug how a similar typo garnered quanton between 1990 and 1992.

Those happenings in Doug's lifeq have almost always been signposts of turning points in Doug's lifeq.

For two score years quanton has changed Doug's life: evidence is here for all to share.

Qabala self refers, "Game of Lifeq." ~Gametria~ resonates with that ~memeset~ very widely in qwfal spectrum and semasiologyings.

So withihn last month or so, early CeodE 2019, ~Gametria~ emerged on Doug's Quantum~Stageings.

Just like quanton, it is no longer a carrot, it is the carrot.

Doug wants to struggle in an evolutionaryq manner with his own innovations of ~Gametria~ and share them, and that struggle, via novel web pages.

Doug does not have any plan. Doug issi permitting ~Gametria~ to gradually evolveq ~cowithihnq~ him.

This web page represents Gametria™'s genesis.

Enjoy! However, it's gonna be messy...

. . .

Only facet of Doug he would ask you to mime issi Michael Polanyi's "plunging reorientationings."
Let's jump right ihn! But do your own learning, your own innovations, your gnostic ~wayveings~.

You arera quantons(plungeings~reorientationings,you).

. . .

Gametria™ depicted assa qwfal resonantq cavities arera ~synapticq~ coquecigrues [~quantum~logic~] quantons(~antinomeq~cav~,~antinomeq~rev~).
Sometimes bosonic spin 1. Sometimes fermionic spin 1/2. Autsimilar memesets neutrino and ammonia's nitrogen superpositionings.

Compare heart's autonome of sinus rhythm. Compare lungs' autonome of ~breatheings~.
Compare mind's uncertain comscious ~chanceings~, ~chooseings~, changeings thinkingsq.

Doug's use of 'pipes' in that Genesis on Big Bangs link may be viewed assa ~synapses~ ~adhereingsq~ lifeq~principleingsq~ of coquecigrues.
Omnifferentiate corpus callosum's inter lobe synapses vav intra lobe neuronal ~synapses~.
And what about Cerebrum's ~neurons~ and ~synapses~?

Challenges abound.

Then thinkq about Michael Jordan...Spud Web...Claudia Eberlein...Mae~wan Ho...Dana Zohar...Martin Luther King...Hypatia...Yeshooaa...

. . .

Bring C. G. Jung into this venue.

Here is a quote from Doug's review of Jung's Red Book Plate 127:

"antinomialismq (plausesq ~evolveing~q fluxq),"3 now ponder Gametraically™:

Fathom one's brain assa haveings qua for operational, tactical, and ~strategic~ ~memesets~: applied antinomyingsq, Gametria™ spades.

~Fathom~ one's mind, one's quantum~stageings assa memeory~palaces of fluxodynamic ~hologralq~ antinomial interrelationshipings: quantons.

A brain's ~evolveingsq~, assa corpus~callosal hemispheric~cerebral antinomial thinkings wave~functionings,
offer uhs ~evolutionaryq~metabolic~ ~memesets~ ~signatureings~ of comscious~thinkings, and
offers uhs a good exemplar of use of Doug's innovative Gametria™.

Doug uses one graphical modalings (you may invent your own modal if you like) of what Gametria™ does:

"Accepting temporal ~presence~ of atemporal Iht at QREONings quantons(~mind~,~body~)."







Imagine, center of that graphic antinomial~quantum~assessmentings of those two blue AFM~STM~like qwfal~feelers. Be puttings Iht thereings!

Pince nez anyone?

~QA~ fabulously pinches our goggles' nose, metrically that is: antinomes quantons(blue~up,blue~down).

Complementaroceive Doug's STM~like comma~nospace assa what Doug means by "~signatureings~."


Via and "to eyes of..." Refer Genesis XXIII:18 word 3:

( ~30.40.100~ ~{50 5}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~


...for Gametraic™ acquisition...

...of QME~signatureings~...

Do you, can you, shall you see, hear, smell, feel, taste? Antinomies anyone?

What about your autonomes and their antinomies? These represent your most intrinsic senses.

What about synaesthesia? Flaw? Facet!

Must we view ~mind~, then, assa conscious, subconscious, unconscious? Can AI do~due that?

Issi mind autonomic? How much of what you do, happens without any conscious effort?

Issi your mind's clock adiabatic? How so? Compare quantons(asynchrony,synchrony).

Does a fixed rate clock beg Einstein's IGI? Do you want that kind of dialectical BS in your system?

Doug originally blazoned that double Mobius goggle graphic over 15 years ago [17Mar2003] in his Quantum Stairways page.

He first interpreted~hermeneuted it as you see it above, representing what Doug k~n¤w~ingsq [late 2018, early 2019] intends by Gametria™, ihn
[first introduced assa shown 19-22January, 2019 cowithihn:] Genesis XXXV:1 word 13 Comcision, entitled Alephic ~Synapses~ of Iht.

Doug wishes to ~omniscribe~ what that graphic and its labels mean Gametraically™ to him.

o quantons(fermions,wobbleings~gradienceings)

Di(Omni)scuss phase ~changeings~ in fermions wobbleings angleings gradienceings:

Compare fermions assa BECs. Compare fermions ~cowithihnq~ antigravity applications.

Compare fermions ~cowithihnq~ quasi zero~latency teleportation applications.

. . .

Phase one: no wobbleings |: fluxoid0 and fluxoid1 perfectly ~superposeings~ which you may superpose to garner no wobbleings.

Phase two: one to 89 degree wobbleings angle: and compare Euler's Disc decreaseings wobbleings angleings: ever ~increaseings~ wobbleings frequencyings.

Phase three: no wobbleings figure eight: 8: lowest wobble frequency.

Gametria™ must have qua to signature those fermionic phase ~evolutioningsq~, plus many other phaseistic quantum~complementaryq~antinomialityings~.

. . .

o quantons(mind,body)

Left goggle represents fermionic Mobius AEF modalings of a mind. Wolf issi shown assa antinomials wolf~up and wolf~down stairs.
That is really how QR's AEFings coquecigrues ~metabolicallyq~, ~evolutionarily~ works. Mind has its own wide ~variegationingsq~ of ups and downs.

"But Doug, there arera two sets of stairs, one labeled wolf, other labeled phaedrus."

Yes, and what Doug wrote about wolf ~antinomiallyq~ applies to phaedrus, both of those antinomials: antinomial self and also antinomial its Mobius complement: quantons(wolf,phaedrus).

Repeat for right goggle assa body with jekyll and hyde Mobius antinomials: quantons(jekyll,hyde).

And each of jekyll and hyde have their own self and self~antinomial complements.

Now take our graphic modal and realize that mind itself has double goggles for quantons(left,right) lobes.
Viz. coinside our left goggle just above, another double Mobius goggle graphic modalings quantons(left,right) lobes.
Too, realize how those double goggles scaleings' cascade assa deeply [Clifford Geertz' "deeply playings"] as your modaling endeavors require.

What Doug issi omniscribeingq issi flux~animate Gametraic™ omnivalent coquecigrues, n¤t y~¤ur father's dialectical bivalent naiveties.

In our brain lobes imagine quantons(~neuron~here~,~neuron~there~), which provokes a keen query:

"Do ~neurons~ exhibit self~other ~hologralq~ Mobius AEFings?"

Doug uncertainly guesses, "Yæs!"
Fermions exhibit self~other Mobius AEFings.
~Neurons~ arera made of fermions!

So Doug's ground issi quantum~relatively firm.

Where Doug is less firm issi issues surroundings ~synapses~. Those issues arera crucial to our hologra~viewings of Gametria™.

Doug, perhaps naively himself has been assumeings ~synapses~ arera brain ~memesets~ where brain issi quantons(mind,body).

However, it isn't that simple. There appear to be at least two kinds of intra~brain synapses: symmetric and asymmetric.
Symmetric ~synapses~ appear to be those of corpus callosum acting assa neuronal 1 to 1 nexi twixt brain's left and right lobes.
Doug is unsure about that. Lots of research ahead. That classical view Doug finds rather disturbing... but perhaps
ends of those callosal ~neurons~ use bosons to synaptically cohere all of a lobe and its sub~lobes.

Karl Pribram describes ~synapses~ assa kind of everywhere coherent ~hologralq~ [neuron~less, wireless] junction plenum.
Doug makes a very uncertain guess that this kind of synapse issi in agency of Mae~wan Ho's quantons(brain,muscle~cell) coherent communications.
Doug has likened that to Judah Folkman's angiogenesis relevant cancer factor. Latter issi clearly asymmetric. At least to Doug.

Thus, a big query for Gametria™ issi, "Do wæ modal ~synapse~ bosonically, regardless issues of ~synapticq~ symmetry?"

Doug's Gray's Anatomy, 1977 edition, Crown Publishers, seems to describe corpus callosum's ~synapses~ assa neuronal and thus decoherent, fermionic.

Doug assumes intra lobe left and right ~synapses~ are asymmetric and likely, plausibly coherent, bosonic.

What Doug just wrote in terms of seeingsq, also applies to hearings, and other sensory inputs.
That observation issi crucial to Gametraic™ modaling implementations for a wider variety of sensory ~ephemeraq~.

All flux inputs undergo Gametraic™ ~QAings~. Ensembles of QA signatures plausibly undergo recursive superpositional Gametraic™ ~QAings~,
until a systemic decision, perhaps systemic ensemble omnicisionings arrive. Those omnicisionings may be directed to system response and behavior modals.

Doug has only scratched surface with summary over~viewings...

. . .

Gametria™ ~metabolicallyq~ scale both analancheings and avalancheings of systemic ~ephemeraq~ and responses.
~Note~ how quantons(chaos,equilibria) arera involved too. Indeed quantons(scin,quan) Mobius AEFings arera chaoequil.

Can you see that fermionic qwfal~join of left and right Mobius eyes assa Doug's comma~nospace?
Doug offered precedence of viewing comma~nospace, too, assa ~grailingsq~. That quantum~allegory works beautifully.
Start reading there just after Doug's MIII lazy hour~glass graphic, "Distilled, Grail becomes a gateway twixt..."

That qwfal~EIMA~join modals vicinity (nexial coherent ~synapticq~ arena) of ~signatureings~ and their ~hologralq~ quantum~assessmentings.

One ~wayveings~ to ponder that nexus may be like this exemplar of an ~evolutionaryq~metabolic~ ~qwfal~ ~memeset~:

In Doug's ~wayveings~ of viewings, that green~dotted ~QLO~ energy~basin (Jeffrey Satinover's term) assa an
EWings represents an ~evolveingsq~ ~signatureings~ ~memeset~ which we wish to ~QA~.

Obtain how QLO 1 has two ~hologralq~ antinomials: itself and QLO 7.
Doug was drawing graphics of ~evolutionaryq~metabolic~ ~memeset~ antinomials in 2003 and 2006 without even realizeings what lay ahead.

. . .

To understand Doug's innovative Gametria™ one must ~fathom~ and own psychically~pneumatically these ~memesets~:

Gametraic™ Memesets

o why Doug uses ~ for his ~memeset~ of ~wavicleings~,
o why Doug claims any ~qwf~ issi antinomial self and any other antinomial,
o Heraclitus' The Account,
o Heraclitus' "up issi ihn down and down issi ihn up,"
o what ~antinomy~ means, [it does n¤t mean |opposite|]
o all ~qwfs~ have self~other antinomy1
o why ~antinomy~ issi ~strategic~ for humanity during MIII,
o why Mobius shows ~antinomy~ eidetically
o why fermions arera ~Mobius~ fluxodynamics
o and this list just goes on and on...

Why? Qabala, The Game of Lifeq, uses quantons(antinomeq0,antinomeq1) to coquecigruesically assess and understand ~QR~.

Pure ~QR~ Game Theoretical, Qabala 'tis. Qabala tacitly assumes metabolic evolution via Bereshyt [See Aleph.] and that 'L' in Qabala.

In this web page Doug will ~omniscribe~ that ensemble of Gametraic™ memesets.

Before that...

. . .

o quantons(Aleph,Yod)


"Aleph issi ihn your blood, and your blood issi ihn Aleph."

Doug, "What evidenceings do we have for that phasementing?"
Our body's cells metabolic quantons(resurrection,apoptosis).

Aleph issi quantons(Sheen,quantons(Yod,Tav)).

Compare quantons(Aleph,Bayt) and quantons(Aleph,Yod).

. . .

o quantons(Sheen,Yod)

Metabolic Hammer: Sheen metabolizes Yod.

Strings in instruments need Sheen's pluckings to resonate at their tuned frequencies.

Our lives trajectories need Sheen's pluckings to retain secular 3-5 generational duration.

. . .

o quantons(Tav,Yod)

Metabolic Anvil: Tav variegationally resists Yod's metabolic evolution.

Strings in instruments need Tav's detention so they can resonate at tuned frequencies.

Our lives need Tav's detentionings so they can endure their quantons(wants,needs).

. . .

o quantons(mind,mind)

Gametraically™ mind issi ~metabolicallyq~ antinomial itself.

What does that mean for omnicisionings makeings?

. . .

o quantons(body,body)

Gametraically™ body issi ~metabolicallyq~ antinomial itself.

What does that mean for behavioral assessmentings?

. . .

o quantons(lifeq,lifeq)

. . .

o quantons(death,death)

. . .

o quantons(lifeq,death)

Gametraics™ of ~{Atta}~.
Antinomies of Schrodinger's cat.

. . .

o quantons(resurrection,apoptosis)
o quantons(RA,AR) [neutrinoesque temporal~atemporal antinomies of Aleph]

. . .

o quantons(nucleics,aminos)

. . .

o quantons(genome,phenome)

. . .

o quantons(adiabatic~clockings,clockings)
[key memeset here issi one of a metabolic clock:
desiderate Alephic
q~enthymemetic clocking;
study Rolf Landauer's free~energy ~tunnelings~ opus]

. . .


. . .

As you may ~fathom~, there issi much ~ado~ to~too do~due here.

Doug - ~commenceings~ 18-23Feb2019 and to be evolvedq indefinitely...


Doug - 18-28Feb2019.

Gametria™ Notes:

~Note~ 1: Ponder why Feynman and Wheeler worried: "Is there just one boson? Are there many bosons?"
Doug thinks that ~hologralq~ ~realityings~ offer uhs a decent answer: ~fathom~ smallest pixel ihn a hologram assa phoxon.
Then relent quantons(many,both). That is, quantons(hologram,many~pixels), and that very closely ~modals~ mind~body.

~Note~ 2: Redbook, Liber Primus, Liber Secundus, Scrutinies [How to be: remakeings self.],
Carl G. Jung, hardbound, Norton Publishers, 2009 first edition. Doug's brackets.
~Fathom~ Jung's Scrutinies in ~QR~: ~QAings~, ~R&Cings~, ~Aleph's~ ~qwfal~ ~QMEings~ of ~Yod~.

~Note~ 3: Compare "Hysteresis" (plausesq ~evolveing~q fluxq),...

Octavally fret your notes...:)

This page needs abundant re readings and deep~playings remakeings of self.

Doug will be do~dueings that for self.


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