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What Arera Metabolismings?

This isn't easy. It never will be. If you want easy, go away...and run faster...

This web page may evolveq indefinitely ihn a memetic process of mime~ings last of three Sepharim:
Liber Tertius Metabolismings...
...A Book of How ~Quantum~Reality~ Works

. . .


Readers may be aware that a meme: metabolismings, tends to appear more often in ancient texts than do other Autiot signs.

Metabolismings arera column three of Suares' Autiot Table: Ghimel.3, Lammed.30, ans Sheen.300.

Doug likes to infer from that how ~QR~, in terms of ~Situationingsq~ and ~Roleings~, issi profoundly metabolic, perpetuallyq and ubiquitously.

Very much of semantic Value we may take from ~QR~ issi metabolic.

Doug might distill that Value to: self~other awarenessings and comsciousnessings at all scales of ~QR~. Some refer that, Iht.
So Iht issi systemically self~other evolutionaryq. We may infer quantum~completenessings: quantons(always~changeings~,~changeings~allings).

Juxtapose: Classicists |deny| evolution.

. . .

Doug covers, and will comtinue to cover a wide range of topics regarding metabolismings.

Here issi a list of current exegetic topics stand~under~goings evolutionaryq mutation:

Metabolic Evolution issi a Sepher Yetsiral Revelation

Metabolic Quantons

QCS™ Omniscribes Metabolic ~Processingsq~

Cavitation and Metabolismings

A Column of ~Evolutioningsq~

Song of Songs Metabolic Assessmentings and SoS Metabolic Theme

Proemial Nascence

A Quantized Inchworm

Imminent: All Copulation Issi Metabolic
[compare biological and linguistic thence cavitational scriptings: quantons leap]

. . .

Metabolic Evolution issi a Sepher Yetsiral Revelation.

Dialectical minds are self-brick-wall-blindered to that Revelation.

Dialectic prevents them any qua to fathom:

. . .

Assa Liber Tertius shows us, metabolismings ihn quantum~realityings~, arera How ~QR~ Works.
Let's look at a quote from Sepher Yetsira I Verse 1 word 36, "Book 3 omniscribes ~hologralq~q metabolicq wave~interrelationshipings~q of Atta..."

~QR~ issi made of flux ~interrelationshipings~. Go imagine! Quantonics issi a n¤væl ~scihænce~ and ~phil¤sophy~ of flux interrelationshipings!
But Quantonics omniscribes quantized fluxings: quantons(¤,~): with ¤ representing quantization of wavicleings ~, assa quantonic ~interrelationshipings~.

"Doug what arera most common quantons(¤,~) wæ ~experience~ ihn ~QR~?"

That issi fairly easy to answer. Physicists refer that quantum phenomenon QED: Quantum Electro Dynamics.
In Quantonics wæ show that as quantons(~photons~,~electrons~).
~QR~ shows uhs quantons(~photons~,~electrons~) facilitateings our senses, and our thought~behavior qua.
QED represents ~QR's~ mutative quantons(~light~,~matter~) evolutionary metabolismings.
More specifically wæ may show QED assa quantons(~photons~,~electrons~).
Doug could more generally use ~phoxons~ in place of ~photons~ there.
For example, quantons(~phonons~,~electrons~) show QED of sound.

"OK, Doug we ~fathom~ very basically what you mean by QED?"

"What has QED to do with metabolismings? Why call QED 'metabolic?'"

Doug anticipated your query with this line item:

~Omniscribe~ metabolismings: assa [meta(cata,ana)]: metabo issi quantons(catabo,anabo):

Metabolismq shows uhs quite beautifully a very simple and easy to standunder interpreta of quantum flux antinomialism.
Wæ sææ and hear by viewing and hearing gradient ~changeings~ ihn photonic and
phononic ~energyings~ which use antinomialism to help our awareness in their ~changeings~.

Permit Doug to use quantons(leap,dive) to show a ~QR~ rendition of seeingq.

If you want to see Doug's recent uses of "quantons(leap,dive)" re QED metabolismings search in these web pages:

Genesis_XVIII_8 word 12 Aalihm
Genesis_XXXII_21 word 7 Ba'Lilah "in the night"
Genesis_XXXIII_19: Revisiting Ionic QC

A quantum leap issi a change up which issi antinomial a quantum dive which is a leap down.

In ~QR~ metabolismq evokes mutative antinomial ~changeings~ ~among~ all comstitua in ~QR~.

You listen and see via phoxons(ana,cata) antinomial ~modulationings~ of electrons ihn inners of your ears and ihn retinas of your eyes.

Vision issi metabolic. Hearing issi metabolic. Antinomialismings of flux arera crucial to your beingq able to see and hear.
That memeset applies to all of your senses, and all change ~processingsq~ in ~realityings~.

QR issi Metabolic. Antinomial metabolismings transmute and evolveq all of actual ~realityings~.

Tells of these metabolism(anabolism,catabolism) ~antinomialityings~ abound and they arera ~Atta~ relentless...

One current way Doug modals them is via quantum~cuneiform. A much more profound implementation called Gametria™ issi imminent.

Nature's most profound implementation issi ~QR~.



. . .

Metabolic Quantons

Quantons arera supreme and sublime for listing exemplars of metabolic interrelationshipings:

and so on...

Doug, "What about all of those quantonic metabolismings?" They exhibit:

o wavicle quantizationings
o stochasticq ~uncertaintyingsq~
o middle~inclusionings
o flux antinomialismings
o flux complementarityq
o flux cancellationings
o flux superpositionings
o flux interferenceings
o flux ~entangleingsq~
o flux ~evolutioningsq~
o qwfal adiabaticityings
o qwfal ensembleings
o qwfal ~cavitationingsq~ and swfings
o temporal hystereses
o etc...

... at all scales of ~realityings~.

So when someone asks you, "What are symptoms of ~Quantum~Metabolic~Reality~," you may respond with that partial list...
That list issi shown in terms of quantons(scin,quan) too! That is another extremely Valuable way of organizeings those exhibits.

. . .

Much issi to be written here regarding H6W aspects of metabolismings. That 6 adds which to Doug's previous list of 5Ws:

Which: QA: quantum~assessment: ~Asher~, ~Esher~.

Observe how which ihn Autiot~Gematria scripts [:as a verb] omnicisionings [:~chooseings~ assa extreme heresy] assa:
~Aleph~Sheen~Raysh~: ~1.300.200~: and QCS™s assa ~1~ ~{300 200}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~.

Like this: "~Aleph.1q~ ~{cosmic~metabolismings~ supportings via ~cosmic~emerqancyingsq}~."

Immediately wæ grasp sema and semiosy of one facet of metabolismings assa Gnostic individual ~free~will~
~cowithihnq~ self's~manageingsq~ one's more local ~comtextingsq~ rqcs ~Situationingsq~ and ~Roleings~.

That ~Esher~ for ~QA~ script [:as a noun] shows uhs that wæ cann¤t do~due ~QA~ without acknowl~edgeings~ a ~signature~ need for metabolismings.

So Doug what does ~Esher~ assa ~QA~ give uhs?

Doug coined a quantum QELR for 'monitor' in 2005 through 2007: ~ømnitørings~.

Doug uses our QELR of monitor like this: "Wæ must always be ~ømnitørings~, both temporally and atemporally our metabolic S&Rings."

As sentient humans we do~due that via our quasi~real~timeings~ sensory qua.

Look at this metabolic ensemble of Satinover's energy basins which Doug calls EWings: energy wellings:

Try to imagine that 2D graphic assa omnimensional and ~metabolicallyq~ [both QCD and QED...] ~evolveingsq~ somewhat like this:

QED metabolismings of aguitar's plucked strings.
Imagine that guitar string's metal assa atomically quantized.

Everywhere you see Doug's use of <=recursion=> imagine those inter~basin~nexi omnirectional ellipses assa:

o those <===> ellipses arera ~synapticq~
o ~omnilateral~ ~ømnitørings~
o fractally self~other referent
o ~qwfally~ self~other coherent
o ~holograllyq~ self~other ensembled
o everywhere self~other recursive
o everywhere self~other ~selective~
o everywhere self~other quantadulative
o everywhere ~holograllyq~ quantized
o etc.

All of those EWings and their quantonic ~interrelationshipings~ arera metabolic, else wæ could n¤t be ~ømnitørings~ them.

So when wæ say reality issi metabolic, wæ arera implying very strongly that metabolic reality issi flux, quantum~flux, quantized flux issi crux.

Classicists assume reality is state-ic, meta-state-ic stux sux.
|Notions| and |ideas| according classical reality deny flux and thus rule out metabolic evolution of all quantons in ~realityings~.

Classical computers simply will not work without basic physical and mathematical
assumptions regarding reality assa state-ic and worse: di-gital.

Thus classical computers cannot do~due ~QA~.

State fails in general.

Flux succeeds in general.

Mechanical state-ic bivalency fails in general.

Quantum metabolic flux omnivalency succeeds in general.

Mechanical process fails in general.

Metabolic process succeeds in general.

Reality issi QME: Quantum Metabolic Evolution.

. . .

Biblically we can use Yeshooaa's answer to his disciples assa re: "Lord, what is sign of Living Father ~among~ us?"
Yeshooaa's answer: "[Metabolic] Movement and rest." Doug's brackets. Doug made a graphic to show that:

up issi in downdown issi in up
up isn't classically 'opposite' down
upings arera [quantum~strategically] antinomial downings

Refer Heraclitus' Diels Kranz [B1], [B2], [B51], and [B60] quotes [core memes of metabolic antinomialism which dialecticians want to reify].

Therefore: Classical mechanical, formal, objective |ideas| of dichon(either-up,or-down) are simply ~non~flux~metabolic~ bogus dialectisms.

To Doug state cannot be metabolic in any sense of quantons(up,down); even fuzzy logic messes it up.


Antinomialism begs quantons(~up~,~down~) where ~up~ issi both up and down and down issi both down and up.
Try th~ought here using quantons(~east~,~west~)... "West issi ihn east, and east issi ihn west."

Compare that antinomialism to metabolic Atta's lifeq issi quantons(lifeq,death). Too, Atta's metabolic death issi quantons(lifeq,death).

For a dialectical mind, like Einstein's, this issi almost impossible to grasp. Einstein, et al., dispose antinomialism by calling it "absurd."

Trouble is, dialectic is absurd. Einstein did not get it.
Almost all of Einstein's opus is absurd, a genetic defect in human reason,
[See Doug's critical review of EPR: link just below.]
since he claimed reality is objective, mechanical, formal:

"If one asks what is characteristic of the realm of physical ideas independently of the quantum theory, then above all the following attracts our attention: the concepts of physics refer to a real external world, i.e., ideas are posited of things that claim a "real existence'' independent of the perceiving subject (bodies, fields, etc.). . . . Moreover, it is characteristic of these physical things that they are conceived of as being arranged in a space-time continuum. Further, it appears to be essential for this arrangement of the things introduced in physics that, at a specificc time, these things claim an existence independent of one another, insofar as these things ''lie in different parts of space.'' Without such an assumption of the mutually independent existence (the "being-thus") of spatially distant things, an assumption which originates in everyday thought, physical thought in the sense familiar to us would not he possible. Nor does one see how physical laws could be formulated and tested without such a clean separation. Field theory has carried out this principle to the extreme, in that it localizes within infinitely small (four-dimensional) space-elements the elemen-tary things existing independently of one another that it takes as basic, as well as the elementary laws it postulates for them." Albert Einstein, 'QuantenMechanik Wirklichkeit,' 1948, Dialectica 2: 320-324. Doug's bold.

Why did Jon P. Jarrett say this about Einstein's world view as naive and local realism?:

"I previously alluded to an irony. It is this: Einstein's own worldview, whatever is to be included in a properly detailed characterization of it, surely falls within the bounds of local realism; and yet, the class of experiments which provide the context for Bell's theorem consists of modified versions of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Gedankenexperiment; and these experiments, whose results not only violate Bell-type inequalities, but do so in excellent accord with the predictions of quantum mechanics, provide the evidence which tells against local realism." (Using 'local' Jarrett implies 'naïve.' Our brackets. Our link to our critical review of EPR.)

Jon P. Jarrett
in his paper entitled,
'Bell's Theorem: A Guide to the Implications,'
quoted from pp. 61-2 of
Philosophical Consequences of Quantum Theory
NDU Press

. . .

In EPR Einstein claims there are only two values for probability: true or false.

Blatantly that remark about probability is Einstein's naive and local dialectic fubarring big time.

Just one more quote from EPR: more major fubarring:

"A comprehensive definition of reality is, however, unnecessary for our purpose. We shall be satisfied with the following criterion, which we regard as reasonable. If, without in any way disturbing a system, we can predict with certainty (i.e., with probability equal to unity) the value of a physical quantity, then there exists an element of physical reality corresponding to this physical quantity. It seems to us that this criterion, ~whileq~ far from exhausting all possible ways of recognizing a physical reality, at least provides us with one such way, whenever the conditions set down in it occur. Regarded not as a necessary, but merely as a sufficient, condition of reality, this criterion is in agreement with classical as well as quantum-mechanical ideas of reality."

Einstein is using naive scalarbation to reify reality and impose meta-state-ic formal mechanics on reality.

Einstein denies real metabolismq.

Einstein: a major dumbass.

Quantum~Reality Disturbs Itself - Doug

Doug - 9Feb2019.

Einstein was a Jew. But it is obvious to Doug he did n¤t fathom ~Aleph.1q~. He did n¤t obtain ~{Atta}~ assa metabolic.

Einstein labeled ~quanta~ objective: |quanta| assa concrete Newtonian 'particles.'

Einstein lived in a Full Blown Dialectic Zone.

. . .

QCS™ Omniscribes Metabolic ~Processingsq~

Doug uses QCS™s to ~qwfally~ ~omniscribe~ flux metabolic ~processingsq~.


Until about 15 years ago, Doug had been searching for a way to represent language assa ordinal wave~functions.

He sensed that some kind of stochasticq quantum~maths approach was necessary, but try as he might, he couldn't ~fathom~ an approach.

Then Beth told Doug about something which turned out to be relevant Carlo Suares.

At first, Doug was wary.

But Suares kept writing about quantons(signs,numbers). He didn't show them like that. Doug showed them like that.

It dawned on Doug that each Aut's number could be an Value~adding subjunctive quantum~relative~ ordinal qwf.
[Some physicists have referred this meme something like "companion wave theory,"
and "passenger wave theory." See Dr. John G. Cramer's artwork.]

One ordinal one looks like this:


...but it is always ~evolveingsq~ into a subjunctive qwf:

Then Doug decided to try his hand at translation of ancient Autiot texts.

Doug started with [the most challenging text of all...] Sepher Yetsira. Talk about esoterica, talk about enigma...
[Note: Doug was a comparatively ignorant novice when he did that.
Doug would love to keep that old version, ~whileq~ preparing a more recent one.
For example, Doug missed occurrences of ~Qabala~ way back then.]

Regardless, a silver lining: But something happened which was simply remarkable for Doug.

Autiot expressions shown Gematraically appeared to have resonant cavities.
Doug recalled several quantum theorists, Schrodinger ~among~ them, writing about energy packets represented assa oscillators.
A great source of exemplars of oscillators issi The Quantum Universe. See esp. Appendices.

Doug found, further, in his translation of Song of Songs that Suares was omniscribeingsq fermions assa oscillators, assa resonant cavities.

Doug then realized that he need not invent a quantum language and its quantum~wave~functional analogues. Autiot~Gematria already does that!!!

Please commiserate Doug's great relief.

Indeed Atta issi a hermaphroditic resonantq creatrix ~qwfal~ ~{cavity}~ of metabolic antinomial quantum~realityings~.

Compare Schrodinger's qwfal resonantq ~{cavity}~ [Tao~Mobius ~modal~] of a hermaphroditic metabolic antinomial hydrogen atom:

Erwin Schrödinger's
Double Mbius Tao Helix
Hydrogen Atom Sketch
From his
Notebook N1

See Walter Moore's Schrödinger, p. 193.
CUP USA digital reprint, paperback, 2001.

Turn it horizontal. Do you see two eyes stareings back at you? err...umm... Takeings ~you~ ihn...?

Do you like my metabolic nodes?
"I see you."

It is made of flux. Therefore it issi metabolic. Bosons arera metabolic. Fermions arera metabolic.
[quarks and gluons arera metabolic...Planck quanta arera metabolic...Aleph.1q has metabolismings built~ihn to it]

All ~quantum~Yod~ issi metabolic!!!™
All ~quantum~Tao~faces~ arera metabolic!™

Every quanton which has ~Aleph.1q~ ~cowithihnq~ it issi metabolic.
"How, Doug?"

Bereshyt: Create ~Aleph~ assa ~Sheen~Yod~Tav~. ~Sheen~ issi ~cosmic~ metabolismings.
~Sheen~ ~metabolicallyq~ ridicules ~Yod~. ~Tav~ ~metabolicallyq~ cajoles ~Yod~.
~Aleph~ ridicules and cajoles [R&Cs], ~metabolicallyq~, all ~QR~:

Is apparency of Yod's hysteresis obvious to you?
Why? Yod issi temporal.
All temporal ~processes~ exhibit ~self~other~organizeings~networkings~ quantons(assess,temporal~hysteresis) ~QCAI~ hystereses.

All fermionic quantum~flux issi metabolic. All ~QR~ existenceings arera metabolic. ~Yod~ issi metabolic!

See Suares' SoS Commentary 1, page 34, hardbound, Shambala, 1972.
My metabolic hysterical ~{cavitationingsq}~ ~antinomiallyq~ laid bare: Quaqua Opinio Aperio.

~Existentialq~ ~realityings~ arera metabolic. There is |no| |classical| |state|, period.

Isoflux issi iso~metabolic until a Higgs boson 'squares' it.  Thence QCD's Valueings ~TBCS~ expectationings ~{UD}~.

Flux: Metabolismq reigns.

Do you see AEFings hints of Mobius antinomial Gametria™?

. . .

Quantized metabolismings enable ~evolutioningsq~ which wæ refer metabolic absolute flux ~changeings~.
Wæ also call it ~livingsq~, metabolic ~livingsq~.

All elemental atoms arera nascent ~livingsq~. Their nuclei and electrons arera nascently alive.
Our brains use those nascent ~livingsq~ to thinkq.
Our muscles use those nascent ~livingsq~ to move.

Wæ may refer that "metabolic lifeq, metabolic ~livingsq~, metabolic
quantons(mind,body), quantons(~livingsq~,~dyingsq~)...

Memesets of Gametria™ emerge quite naturally, from memesets of quantonic~metabolismings.

QC must be metabolic.
AI must be metabolic.

. . .

[Note: ~Omnitor~able ~Signatureings~ arera metabolismings of ensemble precomditionings ~evolveingsq~ ihnto ensemble affectationingsq.]

. . .

Cavitation and Metabolismings

Caveat: None of this works if one does not inhere and inure ~memesets~ of:

Aleph ~cowithihnq~ self, and
acceptance of ~presence~ of Iht.

Doug's bleeding edge ~Le'Taqom~ ~emergeings~ hereings...

Energy ~patternings~ [e.g., photon] tend to cavitate ~selvesq~ when ~situationingsq~ [e.g., electron] offer means
for a self~volitional and vicissitudinal role of resonance: guitar string, tubular bell, cesium clock, etc.
Ponder hearing and seeingq assa sympathetic resonantq vibrationings.
Ponder Doug's heuristic hermeneutic of ~Vital~Impetus assa both Imperative Spontaneity and ~Fecund~Vicissitudinality.
Compare Awr and Doug's intuition of Le'Ssaqom. Study, comparatively, Sepher Yetsira's Chapter I verse 8 word 13: Le'Taqom.

Ensembles tend to cavitate. [A Pilot Approach:] ~Relateq~ cavitation to primitive [vestigial archetypal] metabolismings.

This approach issi an innovation of Doug. It will need lots of success and failure to move it closer to general applicationings:

temporal coherent ~signatureings~ arera ~{C ~ensembles~quanta~ C}~: ~Situation~; ~{C ~stochasticq~any~cohera~can~happen~ C}~: ~Role~

temporal decoherent ~signatureings~ arera ~{D ~ensembles~quanta~ D}~: ~Situation~; ~{D ~stochasticq~any~decohera~can~happen~ D}~: ~Role~

temporal mixed ~signatureings~ arera ~{D ~ensembles~quanta~ C}~: ~Situation~; ~{D ~stochasticq~any~mixcohera~can~happen~ C}~: ~Role~

An exemplar of temporal mixcohera might be quanton(photonboson,electronfermion) modulation in a quantum~leap.
Leap: metabolic anabolicityings. Ponder its mixcohera dive antinomial.

Left to ponder: at least: atemporal, and iso~temporal,...

. . .

A Column of ~Evolutioningsq~

~Omniscribe~ column three, "column of metabolismings," of Suares' Autiot Table:





~{30 ~{40 ~{30}~ ~{40}~ ~4}~ ~300}~ ~10.700~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~


~{30 .. ~{30}~ ... ~300}~:
"~divineq~ metabolismings acknowl~edgeings~ their further ~evolutioningsq~ via ~cosmic~metabolismings"


~{40 .. ~{40}~ . ~4}~:
"~divineq~ ~biosphereings~ ~evokeingsq~ destruction of dialectic"



Doug intentionally eliminated Lammed redundancy twixt Mem and Mem.

Doug assumes you re cognize both divinities assa FOCHR and potentially synaptic ~cavitationingsq~.

FOCHR: Fractal, ~Omnilateral~, Coherent, ~Hologral~, ~Recursioningsq~.

. . .

Song of Songs Metabolic Assessmentings and SoS Metabolic Theme

~Relateq~ Song of Songs Metabolic Theme and Metabolic Quantum~Assessmentings of Verse 1 of Chapter I

Greatest of all Qabalists, Aquiva, held SoS in highest possible esteem!

Suares has taught Doug two of those. Doug eked a third.

Suares: A song assa metabolic.
Suares: Theme of SoS issi ~Alt~.

Doug: Verse One introduces us to memesets of Quantum~Assessmentings via ~Esher~.

Verse 1: "Shyar Ha'Shyarim Esher Le'Shalomoh."

It means: "Song of Songs witnesses my peaceq."

Doug, after much pondering, realized Esher assa witnessing issi omnitorings, issi quantum~metabolic~assessmentings.
~Song~ quantum~assesses other ~songings~! A ~hologralq~ omniscription of quantum~relativity which itself is metabolic.

Any quantonic qwfal pair can play S&Rings of monitorings and quantum~assessmentings: quanton(song,other~song).

Try quantons(1,1).

Song and Songs arera qwfs. Peaceq issi a tell of quantum~uncertaintyingsq~.

Count Sheens in Shyar Ha'Shyarim Esher Le'Shalomoh. Doug desnouers...

The Big Five of Lifeq

Sepher Yetsira gives uhs a theme of evolutionaryq fermionic emerqancyingsq (n¤t particulate |formation|).

Song of Songs gives uhs a theme of ~cosmic~metabolismq. And ~Alt~ assa ~existentialq~ metabolism: i.e., Lammed ~superposeings~ ~{At~.

Genesis gives uhs a theme of ~sempiternalq~ ~{Atta}~ creation. Aleph issi rejuvinated each tick of Planck's clock. YahWeh protects Aleph's Shem.

Revelation gives uhs a theme of destruction of dialectic assa a Human ~Strategic~ Mission.

Magdalene gives uhs a theme of Qabalic Gnosis.

. . .

Proemial Nascence

~Relateq~ Metabolic ~Evolutioningsq~ of Doug's very fine Proemial~Nascence:

~Leefney Ha Sheray Havayah Yeleed~



QCS™s assa:

~{30 ~{10 ~{50 ~{10}~ ~{5}~ ~{~{300}~ 200}~ ~{10}~ ~{5}~ ~{6 6}~ ~{10}~ ~5}~ ~{10}~ ~30}~ ~10}~ ~4~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

 In other words, "~Divineq~ FOCHR ~{cavitational~metabolismings~ ~laseings~ ~divineq~ FOCHR ~{cavitational~exihstenceingsq~ ~laseings~ ~{cavitational~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ ~{cav~...~exihstenceingsq~...~rev}~ ~divineq~ FOCHR ~{cav~...~livingsq~...~rev}~ ~laseings~ ~{~{cav~...~cosmic~metabolismings~...~rev}~ ~straddleings~ supported via ~reverberationalq~cosmic~emerqancyingsq}~ ~{cav~...~exihstenceingsq~...~rev}~ ~{cav~...~livingsq~...~rev}~ ~divineq~ FOCHRS ~{cavitational~fecundationingsq~ ~laseings~ ~synaptics~ ~mirrorings~ ~reverberationalq~fecundationingsq}~ ~{cav~...~exihstenceingsq~...~rev}~ ~mirrorings~ ~reverberationalq~livingsq}~ ~{cav~...~exihstenceingsq~...~rev}~ ~mirrorings~ ~reverberationalq~metabolismings}~ ~mirrorings~ ~reverberationalq~exihstenceingsq}~ ~gate~wayveings~ Atbashq antinomial destruction of dialectic ~{~{iso1000}~}~."

Try doing that by hand from scratch.

Notice it commences with metabolismings. They cavitate ~{300}~, ~200}~, and another metabolismings.

Yod issi multiplicately ~divineq~, Vav issi ~divineq~, Hay issi multiplicately ~divineq~, Lammed issi ~divineq~.

A single lonely ~swf~: ~gate~wayveings~ stands Gnostically per se, however, and importantly: destroying dialectic.

Doug likes to thinkq of proemial nascence assa what issi happenings just prior Higgs boson...

...and you might ~fathom~ it, "It ain't over until the Fat Lady sings."

"A new ~beginnings~ won't commence until ~She~ sings..."

You arera accurate, "But Doug metabolismings arera everywhere..."
Doug isn't sure but he thinks about 1% of Doug's hermeneuted gematraic text comtent issi Lammed and Sheen.
It issi likely much higher percentage in Autiot per se. Doug plans to do this work soon.

In Genesis XXXVII:I verse 1: 1 Sheen per 29 total signs, or 3.4%.
Verse 2: metabolic total 5: 1 Sheen and 4 Lammeds per 101 total signs, or 5% rounded.
Verse 3: metabolic total 6: 2 Sheens [~Israel~ and ~Aassah~] and 4 Lammeds per 50 total signs, or 12%.

Averageing about 7% on that small scale. Metabolismq issi a big deal in Autiot.

So you can see Doug's 1% is way too low. Doug will do this on a broader scale and provide a better estimate.

Watch The Secrets. Clarinetist OCD counts Mems! Great flick. Doug's gonna have to count Mems too...

You might compare predominance of 'e' in Anglis texts.
Ponder how that 'e' may have etymologically originated assa "Aleph.1q."
Suares asks uhs to ~fathom~ that meme...

See p. 147 (mid-page) Suares' Cipher of Genesis, Chapter 'Noah and his Sons,' Weiser paperback.

. . .

A Quantized Inchworm

Viz. metabolic~walking...

Make me walk:
behind your six in front your twelve

Whatings Happenings Nextings?

~You~. be omnicideings?

~Metabolicallyq~, those arera ~strategic~ questionings.

Be navigateings Qabala via metabolic Gametria™.

. . .

Doug - ~commenceings~ 8,12,14-17Feb2019 and to be evolvedq indefinitely...


Doug - 8-17Feb2019.

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