What I Dislike Most About Life

or Hofstadterean foolishness...

Classical version: Fools calling me a "fool."

Quantum version: Foolings calling us "fools."

See Kuhn/Pirsig on Incommensurability and name-calling.

"...the first divine was the first rogue who met the first fool..."
(François Marie Arouet)

Some back links:

Classicism is a fool calling quantum reality a fool!

To classicists quantum thinkers are fools!

Doug - 27Jan2003

"Footnote 11. AV 2:
Tertullian complains that "we are called by them simple" and "are considered foolish because we are simple:"
he answers that the Valentinians are the fools.
Similarly Irenaeus (AH 3.15.2) and Hippolytus (Ref Praefatio)."
From Chapter I of Elaine Pagels' The Gnostic Paul.

"AV ­ Adversus Valentinus. Tertullian, Opera quae supersunt omnia,
Patrologia Latina II (Paris: Migne, 1844)."

"AH ­ Adversus Haereses. Irenaeus. ed. W. W. Harvey (Cambridge. 1857);
text divisions follow those of R. Massuet, in Migne.
Patrologia Graeca 7 (1857). These are also noted in Harvey's margins."

Pagels' reference mnemonics from page xi of her TGP.

Fathom how pneumatic ("the elect") gn¤stics were sophists and full of wisdom.
Romans feared quantum~sophist~gn¤sticism more than any other belief system and tried vainly to destroy it.

Quantum philosophy, metaphysics, and coquecigrues are sophism, are gn¤sticism!

Romans like Irenaeus and Constantine (a dialectical 'gnostic') were actually ones, psychics
("the called"), who should be referred as "Fools," using their own dialectical criteria.

Doug - 21May2006

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