What Does Autiot Mean in Qabala?

by Doug Renselle - 28Apr2014, 24May2014, 1Oct2014, 30Jan2015, 23Feb2015, 9Oct2015 ...

Doug is now a novice, and a diligent student of Qabala's Sepher Yetsira which using Autiot as its language
offers any student a cosmic energy -- thus a quantum~benchmark -- omniscription of Qabala's Tree of Life referred Sefirot.

A standard (whatever that means) view of Autiot is that Autiot is a plural omniscriptor of 22 Aut and their five finals: a total of 27 Aut.

Con-temporary re formed Hebrew (be wary) is an Anglican alphabetic interpretation of Autiot.
Basically 'Hebrew' isn't Sepher Yetsiral Autiot which was learned by Abraham nearly four millennia ago.
(Sepher Yetsiral Autiot and its Qabala (in Oral Tradition) precede Hebrew by several (at least) millennia. Ref. Suares' opus.)
(It is valuable to know that Sepher Yetsira as Written Tradition, is fairly new in Qabala.)

But Aut aren't and cannot be used like English (naïve) which 'uses' dead-objective-independent-deceitful linguistic symbols.


Aut are fractal~recursive SOrONic Letter~Numbers which 'analogize' animate~living~con(m)scious EWings of cosmic~energyings.

To exemplify Autiot's EWings nature, allow Doug to follow Carlo Suares' lead in Suares'
Sepher Yetsira, and use Autiot to self~other~refer fractally and recursively its own 'spelling.'

Autiot spelled out (ciphered) one~to~one is: Aleph(A)~Waw(u)~Tav(t)~Yod(i)~Waw(o)~Tav(t).
(Notice semantic~letter and ~pronunciation overloading of Waw. Many Aut do this, a kind of radical comtext sensitivity.)
Notice recurrence of Waw (male fecundity, seed~bearing 6 as penile~testicular) and Tav (ultimate cosmic resistance to cosmic~evolution).

All four of those Aut: Aleph, Waw, Yod, and Tav may be ciphered autsimilarly as Autiot itself.

Notice that Autiot exegetizes self as two quantum~antinomial triples: Aleph~Waw~Tav (pneumatic life) and Yod~Waw~Tav (psychic~hyliccdead amd~¤r qliving life).
Doug's subscripts attempt to illustrate~narrate what Heraclitus meant by "Those who do not understand the logos, the account, cannot find their inners."

Aleph is nonactually~atemporally archetypical of nature's vital impetus. (Vital Impetus: Imperative spontaneity, fecund vicissitudinality.)
Yod is Aleph's actual projection (all of sensible~evolving creation) in actual reality AKA actuality AKA existence.

Simply Aleph as archetype is Yod's antinomial and Yod is Aleph's antinomial: quanton(Aleph,Yod).
Aleph and Yod quantum~complement one another.
Aleph is ihn Yod and Yod is ihn Aleph.
Here, see that quantum~complementary~antinomiality vivified shown as Aleph created ihn Genesis I:1 as "Bara Shyt" (Shyt: Sheen~Yod~Tav):

As made obvious in that graphic, "Aleph is ihn Yod and Yod is ihn Aleph."

You may view Yod as one of many qwf cuneiform quanta of flux energy.

View Sheen as cosmic metabolism: both Tav~Aleph catabolism and Aleph~Tav anabolism.
Both cosmic~cycles quantum~metabolically assessing, transmuting, adapting Yod at n¤wings' edgings!

View Tav as cosmos' vital~impedance mirroring, cavitating, echoing, reverberating Aleph's vital~impetus.

Doug - 24apr2015.

Aleph is n¤nactual and Yod is (an) actual (existing antinomial~complementary projection of its archetype Aleph).

Suares refers these two antinomial triples, "These two lives." (esoterically:) "life of n¤nactuality," and (exoterically:) "life of actuality."
We quantum~view quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality).

Both of these lives are antinomial~complementary Tav: quanton(Aleph,Tav) and quanton(Yod,Tav).


Tav, as one of seven doubles, sanctions its self~antinomialism.
We recognize Tav's own antinomials as quanton(Thav,Tav). Autiot's perpetual living cycle is Aleph~Tav, Tav~Aleph, Aleph~Tav, etc.
This cyclicity represents our cosmos' ubiquitous and perpetual cycles of its Sefirot, its tree of life.
We grasp how some species evolve and thus 'survive,' however, only partiallyq, and always only tentativelyq.
Some species become extinct. They were~are incapable of playing Qabala, life's game, life's Quantum~Motif™.
So we may, as an act of heresy against dogma and orthodoxy, realize that
Thav allows any species' evolution to con(m)tinue. Antinomially Tav can end any species' evolutionary process when any said specie lacks qua to evolve.

Thus we may also script quanton(Aleph,Thav) and quanton(Yod,Thav). That script is much like Qabala's script:
Aleph~Hay Yod~Hay which assumes Qabala's cycle perpetuates via Thav's lifeq extending (ostensingq) quantum~retroreflection.

"But Doug, Aleph isn't a double! Is it antinomial self?"

Yæs! However, n¤t in a sense of seven doubles' (Letter script specific) antinomialism. Aleph is a 'Mother,' one of three (including Mem and Sheen).

Aleph is quanton(Value,value) complementary~antinomialq.
We show this using Gematria as Aleph: 1000 (G¤d as ineffable n¤nactuality), and aleph: 1 (effable emerqant actuality).
So gematriacly 1000 is antinomial 1: antinomialism of Number gematria, n¤t Letter script.
Compare waveq numberq of quantum~energyings.
Any slightest quantal~change of any wave (qwf) educes complementaryq wave~self~antinomialism!
(Ponder self as perpetually~unending antinomialismq personified from con(m)ceptionq through Thav~esque 'deathq.')

This living~evolving self~antinomialism is a crucial phenomenon to obtain, observe and standunder:

  •  It permits any Aut (qwf and its EWings' gematria) to animately (at edgings of nowings) compare self prior to self later, and
  • Said comparison issi an antinomial~complement assessmentq of selfq, e.g., quanton(self_now,self_prior),
  • Which offers a residue, a signature of extent of self's living~evolutionary change,
  • Which satisfies Qabala's revelation of "Ehieh Esher Ehieh," translated from Autiot to English, "Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay witnesses~confirms self."

We may choose to fathom signature as quantum~measurement.

Most amazing, it has been known, at least philosophically, since Moses!

If we date it to its Qabalic OT explicit as residue as song (qwf), we may time stamp it to Verse I:1 of Song of Songs.
"Shyar Ha Shyareem Esher LeShalomoh."

Quantum~interpreted by Doug, "Signature of Signaturings witnesses [measures] Uncertainty as Peace."

Bad guys, 'scholarly translators,' interpreted quantum~measurement as "I am that I am."

But, folks, that ("I am that I am") isn't Ehieh Esher Ehieh, rather it is "Ani Esher Ani."

Was that bad translation intentional? Ignorance? Institutional hegemony?


Doug blames it on dialectic. Stuff of retarded, bivalent nous.

For a real world, contemporary and practical use of what Doug is writing about here, see MickeyMan at Worldcomplex.

In essence it is Poisson~Bracketing interpreted using classical dynamics on historic data.

By the way, Thanks MickeyMan. Your work is extraordinary!


When we adhere Qabala we are k~now~ings (standingunderings) aleph is ihn us and we are ihn Aleph. (ref. Farewell Discourse, Gospel of Magdalene)
Doug always writes 'Aleph' and depends on comtextq to 'normally' interpret it as 1, n¤t 1000.

Doug, indirectly already wrote just above regarding Yod's self (based on choice of self, by self) antinomialism like this:
Yod (psychic~hyliccdead amd~¤r qliving life).
Note how Yod's gematrum stays at 10 regardless. But when Yod realizes (upon finding its inner) aleph is ihn it, Yod's gematria becomes 11 as Yod~aleph.
We fathom Doug's mantra (similar Pirsig and Suares), "Yod without aleph is extinct. Yod with aleph is alive. Always keep aleph with your Yod."
Usually Doug would capitalize those 'alephs.'

Suares uses a more classical Latin expression in place of Doug's antinomial~complementarity, "coniunctio oppositorum."
It means 'conjoint opposition.'
Latter is SOMitic, vulgate to an extreme, and desperately needs Doug's antinomial~complementarity quantum~remediation.

To bring l¤cal Jeshuit (YhShWh) era realismq into Doug's omniscriptionq, recall Jesus' Last Supper farewell discourse,
"I (Aleph~Yod) am ihn you (Yod) and you are (Yod is) ihn me (Aleph~Yod). G¤d (Aleph) is ihn me and I am ihn G¤d (Aleph). Therefore G¤d (Aleph) is ihn you (Yod)."

Amaze self now with Autiot for Qabala: Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay!
It means Aleph~Living~Yod~Living. Qabala de(omni)scribes a living, evolving, absolutely cosmic~fluxing quantum~reality.

We see Suares' imperative, "Always keep Aleph with your Yod." And, "Always faithful in Aleph."
(Compare Pirsig's. "Always keep DQ with your SQ.")

This is just a start. As Neelie would say, "Let it evolve."

So Iht shall be...

Doug's efforts on Yassod and its relevance to Autiot as described by Suares follows imminently...

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