What Is Consciousness?

Update 21Oct2018 rev - Sprinkle synapse terms to evolve readers' memesets further in their individual quantum~maturationings... Doug - 21Oct2018.

Doug's quantum~omniscriptionings of com(n)sciousnessings depend heavily on EIMA-like ~synaptic~ artefacts of ~QR~.

~QR~ issi like one huge quantum~hologral~mind, really! Try plucking Hær strings. Have fun: Shæ can play any music you can imagine.

Naked coherent QCS™s tend, perhaps more than others, to manifest quantum~synapses.


Doug wants to use his New Quantum Philosophy to answer What Is Consciousness?

Answer: Consciousnessq issi th~¤ughtq ihn actionq. Also see Doug's QELR of conscious. Too, see Doug's coquecigrues of 'action.' See Doug's QELR of action.

More theoretically consciousnessq issi radically~quantum~comtext~sensitive (rqcs) selective per se comjugation of quanta. In a sense then, consciousnessq is what holograq do, a kind of hologra[[il][m][ph]]icq Jungian synaptic perpetual and ubiquitous Libido.

A most rudimentary exemplar of consciousnessq is a photon synaptically modulatingq an electron (by selective synaptic per se coobsfective choiceq, by selective per se coobsfective heresyq): QED. Notice that photon mutually chooses electron which (also) mutually chooses said photon. This is primal consciousq synaptic manifestaq of natural selection. Choosing, as used by Doug here, is a symptom of cosmic consciousnessq. Our nous, our minds, our quantum~stagings do this!

Doug's description (omniscription) of actionq ihn this case represents "quantized flux scintillationq."

Doug's QVH Table depicts quantum~action in its ubiquitous and perpetual hologra[[il][m][ph]]icq cosmic~consciousness processingsq.

Let's make our 'What is Consciousness?' answer almost colloquially simple:

Quantonics HotMeme™ "Consciousnessq issi scintillationings of quanta."™ Quantonics HotMeme

Fathom other memes and memeos of con(m)sciousness:

Make a comparison to: accelerationq issi a symptomq ('not' an identityc) of gravityq..., that is:

Quantonics HotMeme™ "Preferenceq issi a symptomq of consciousnessq."™ Quantonics HotMeme

Sanction Doug another derivative HotMeme:

A Doug HotMeme
"Preferenceq assa symptomq of consciousnessq emerscesq onset understandingq as a symptomq of rqcs preferenceq and consciousnessq."™
A Doug HotMeme

Doug is introducing, narratively via his memeoticq of HotMeme™, an emergenceq of understandingq
symptomaticq of preferenceq symptomaticq of consciousnessq symptomaticq of quantons(scin,quan).
A primordial, a proemially~nascent segueq into evolutionq and its intrinsicq absoluteq
quantized quantons(chaos,equilibrial) changingsq, chancingsq and choosingsq!

This desnouers otherwise unfathomable philosophicalq quantum~infrastructures of mindq and bodyq,
"without classical CONtradiction," (ref. Pirsig's opus, see especially Pirsig's "genetic defect in human 'reason'"
contradiction as a symptom of 'dialectic') as quantum~complementary~antinomial~quantons(mind,body).
Those infrastructuresq and their semasiologiesq are unobtainable via dialectical, classical-thought-thingking.

Below, quoting Suares and Bergson re their uses of 'understand' and 'understanding,'
Doug wants to carry this memeoq, this themeq, even further.

In this latter HotMeme™ we may fathom præfærænce assa stepping stone to sælæcti¤n and further stepping into comsci¤uhs decision~making AKA ch¤ihce AKA hæræsy .

Nature does this perpetually and ubiquitously from macroscopically down to smallest (highest energy) quanta (dust).

Begin 31Jan2015 aside:

Doug was wholly impressed by Prigogine and Stengers' (Order Out of Chaos) comparison of Fourier's heat flow (subjective) comparison to gravity, even though it was bogus at its core since heat flow is temporal and gravity issi atemporal.

Fourier wrote, quite simply, "heat flow is proportional to gradient of temperature." That simple quantum~essence blew Newton and his mechanical friends completely out of their dialectical stuckness. Indeed Prigogine and Stengers wrote how they thought Fourier was introducing a core memetic of a new 'science.' Doug agrees. This story of heat gradience is fairly~thoroughly covered at that gradient link.

Given that, Doug thinks we can make more headway in mimicking Fourier regarding this page's query, What is Consciousness?

Doug, "How can we compare heat and con(m)sciousness? What are you saying, i.e., what makes Fourier's approach more general and perhaps applicable to all quantum~memes of transmutative, adaptive, evolutionary flow?"

It is so easy when one is k~n¤w~ings quantum memeotics! What is shared by both heat flow and con(m)sciousness (as a gradient flow of thought) is heat and thought both exhibit quantons(scin,quan) phenomena (as all transmutative change in quantum~reality does). Heat propagation finds its quantum~bases in scintillation of quanta. Our quantum~stagings, our nous' flow of thought finds its quantum~bases in scintillation of quanta!!! This is profound - Doug.

As we read just above, preference issi a symptom of consciousness, perhaps as temperature is a symptom of heat. Some meme more important is emerging here though, and that is, "consciousness is about making choices, about choosing, about adapting and evolving thoughts based on choosings via selection." What do photons do when they are closing in on a target field of electrons? They select! What do photons and electrons need in order to select their tentative quanton(scin,quan) mate? They need a symptom of con(m)sciousness which Doug desnouered in one of those HotMemes™ above: preference. Preference is an aspectq of waviculate~libidoq which Doug has coined quantadulation. So, instead of using con(m)sciousness as our source of gradienceq our mimicking of Fourier appears to select, to choose, to quantadulate preference and gradience of preference:

Following a Fourier memeotic and Doug's relevancies just written we might write, "thought flow is proportional to gradiencings of preference in holographic minds." We know that gradience of EWings interrelationshipings have signatures which 'measure' (omnitor) relative EWings energy omnifferencings. Higher gradience of preference, thus increases thought flow among EWings in quantum~mind. See signatureq is never zero.

Doug cann¤t thinkq of any push~back which might diminish quality of this preferential~gradience proportionality to flow of thoughts in any quantum~stagings. We could use gradience of Latin libido. We could use gradience of quantadulation. We could use gradience of Greek eros. We have some, perhaps many, choices.

At very least, approach appears viable. It appears possible that Fourier mimics might be applicable to all quanton(scin,quan) transmutative, adaptive, evolutionary interrelationshipings. That's better, if it is apropos.


End 31Jan2015 aside.


There is much more to write here, but con(m)ciseness appears as greater Value for now,

10-11Sep2013 - Doug.

Under Doug's quotes and partial remediations of Suares and Bergson, Doug and those two titans of quantum~thinkqings use
both understand and understanding in some blatantly ambiguous ways by n¤t citing contextingsc vis-à-vis comtextingsq.
Which subscript, c...q, should they and Doug be using? Why? Is it necessary?

Recent readings of Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series have urged Doug to ponder deeply a philosophical Bergsonian derivative,

"Can understanding understand?"

[In Doug's opine) That is one of quantum~philosophy's most potent queries re quantons(mind,body).

Doug wants to dedicate a new page under that clausial appellationq to soirèe more deeply into
philosophical issues borne of said queryq and its formidable, unlimited potential hypothesesq.

Read text just below, and fathom intended~unintended semasiologies and utilizations of understand and understanding:


Doug offers some relevant quotes regarding others' perceptions of consciousness:

"If we fail to understand that consciousness is everywhere and in everything, and that everything is related, we will soon belong to past history.
Yet scientific research, all over the world, is already far-advanced in the study of consciousness as energy and energy as consciousness."
Page 500, Carlo Suares, Trilogy, Sepher Yetsira, Shambhala, 1968, paperback (translated from a French original).

Allow, permit Doug to quantum~remediate Suares' words half a century later...

"If we fail to understand that comsciousness is quanton(scin,quan)~everywhereings and ihn every quanton, and that ensemble of all quantons is QCD-QED
quantum~holographically interrelated, we will soon become naturally extinct (Nature will 'off' us. She's doing that now...selecting out retards...just like Cro Magnon and Neandertals...).
Yet scientific research, all over Earth, is already far-advanced ihn many semasiologies of comsciousness as quantum~flux~energy and quantum~flux~energy as comsciousness."

Ihn quantum~reality primitive quanta (Qabalic "dust") are primitively self~other aware and make
quantum~comscious selection via quanton(scin,quan) quantum~interrelationshipings.

"Matter or mind, reality has appeared to us as a perpetual becoming. It makes itself or it unmakes itself, but it is never something made. Such is the intuition that we have of mind when we draw aside the veil which is interposed between our consciousness and ourselves. This, also, is what our intellect and senses themselves would show us of matter, if they could obtain a direct and disinterested idea of it. But, preoccupied before everything with the necessities of action, the intellect, like the senses, is limited to taking, at intervals, views that are instantaneous and by that very fact immobile of the becoming of matter." Henri Louis Bergson's Creative Evolution Topic 39, p. 272.

"But life and consciousness are this very ascension. When once we have grasped them in their essence by adopting their movement, we understand how the rest of reality is derived from them. Evolution appears and, within this evolution, the progressive determination of materiality and intellectuality by the gradual consolidation of the one and of the other. But, then, it is within the evolutionary movement that we place ourselves, in order to follow it to its present results, instead of recomposing these results artificially with fragments of themselves. Such seems to us to be the true function of philosophy." Henri Louis Bergson's Creative Evolution Topic 47, p. 369.

Readers please obtain Bergson's " is within the evolutionary movement that we place ourselves..." is part of what we intend semantically by "finding one's inner," by "understanding the logos."

In Quantonics Doug calls "finding one's inner," "quantum~omnitoring self." Today's Millennium III quantum~medicine refers it "self~management" (Stanford University).

Heraclitus' nous placed (managedq) itself within 'the fire' of quantum~flux in order to describe that which others simply cann¤t grasp, cann¤t fathom, cann¤t understand.

Can Understanding Understand?

Page formationq, creationq, and evolutionq of that new web page underwayveings...

Anthony Gottlieb in his The Dream of Reason says it like this, "What all this added up to for Heraclitus is that each pair of opposites is really not two things but one, just as night and day are one. To us this seems like a confused over generalization with little serious point." Page 48, The Dream of Reason, Norton, 2002 paperback.

Gottlieb is a dialectician. He lacks qua to fathom Heraclitus' logos, account, gnosis, Autiot and Qabala. Like all dialecticians he is already extinct.

His objective and analytically formal uses of 'added up,' 'things,' 'opposites' illustrate his predilective dialectical bent.

Reality is quantum! Reality perpetually~ubiquitously evolves due its intrinsic Bergsonian duration and mobility.
Reality is unstoppable antinomially~scintillatingq energy~wellings of quantum~flux.
One may n¤t stop it, analyze it, n¤r reify it...period.

Classical 'science,' and classical philosophy, like Gottlieb and all dialecticians, are already extinct.

See Doug's entendres of Heraclitus' account.

11Sep2013 - Doug.

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