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What is Gnosis?

Simply, when we say gnosis we usually mean wisdom and sophia. For example philosophy is "Love of Wisdom."

Gender is a big deal in gnosis. Gnosis, wisdom, and Sophia are all feminine. Our feminine side is where wisdom resides. In general, men are n¤t wise.

Let's make a list in an tabular emerqancy:

What is Gnosis?
(What is Wisdom? What is Sophia?)

Gnosis is wisdom. In Autiot Gnosis, Wisdom, Undertanding are called "Beenah."

Gnostic wisdom is meaning attended by logos which in Greek is semasiology. All semasiology is cosmic~consciously self~other~quantum~recursive awareness, which may be taken as ubiquity of both holographic~complementarospectionings (coobsfecting quantum~complementings of one's gnostic inner) and complementaroceptionings (seeing one's gnostic inner). Everywhere coobsfective holographic perspectionings. Only individuals can do this. Abram who fathered both Ishmael (yod-sheen-mem...) (founder of Islam: in Autiot, yod-seen-lammed-aleph-final-mem), and Isaac (yod-seen-aleph-aleph-chet) (founder of Israel: yod-seen-raysh...) "possessed Autiot's understanding of reality." That is what 'Abram' means semasiologically. Doug wants to compare similarities of 'Ishmael' and 'Israel' using Autiot ciphers. Doug isn't an initiate yet, so keep that in mind. Compare yod-sheen-mem-ayn-aleph-lammed () vis-à-vis yod-seen-raysh-ayn-aleph-lammed (). If we use Autiot to semasiologically hermeneut 'Ishmael,' we have some meme like this, "human diffuse flow of evolution seeing a limited reality." In Doug's Autiot hermeneutic of 'Israel,' we have "human focused energetic emergence-struggle viewing a limited reality. Ishmael's evolving semasiology of reality sees both forest and trees in a limited way. Israel's interpretation of reality narrowly sees trees. This is a kind of Autiot foreboding of what we, those of us who care, see unfolding in our world today. In Pirsigese, using Doug's Autiot hermeneutics, Ishmael issi quanton(DQ,SQ) and Israel is dichon(SQ, SQ). Israelis may someday awaken to their need to reevaluate how they apparently-currently thingk (without Autiot) vis-à-vis how, perhaps, they may-might be thinkqing. Notice that yod in Autiot may be both quanton(DQ,SQ) and dichon(SQ, SQ). Dichon version of yod is closer to what yod means as aleph's antinomial. Pure aleph issi quanton(DQ,DQ). Aleph in actuality (~impure) issi quanton(DQ,SQ). Yod without aleph is ESQ. If you want to know a good reason why Judæah seceded from Israel in 931bce, Doug's last few sentences offer one (an) exegetic.

An important memeo emerges here which Doug has to, is obliged to, exegetize: Suares and Quantonics HotMeme"Without Autiot, without quantum~thinkqing, understanding reality's bases (what ancient Egyptians meant by Ram), is unachievable via our current dialectical thingking methods."Suares and Quantonics HotMeme™. See Suares' Cipher of Genesis, p. 19, 'Ha Qabala,' for more detail on Ram and Ab~ram. Abram of course is Father of both Ishmael (Islam) and Isaac (Israel).

One interesting note here is an apparency that Arabs (and Hindus) invented negation as dialectical (and thus dichonic). See Simon Singh's Fermat's Enigma pp. 81-84.

Doug - 12Jul2010.


Gnosis is sophia. Gnosis is philo~sophy.

A most remarkable and recent meme is Laurence Gardner's omniscriptionings of how Templars encoded Sophia as Baphomet.

They did it using what is called "Atbash cipher." This cipher is well known among cryptographers and spooks who like to keep information hermetically 'sealed.' How does it work? Hebrew Autiot without finals has 22 consonants. Atbash cipher simply takes first eleven letters (Aleph through Kaf) and exchanges them in reverse order for last eleven Aut (Tav through Lammed). In order, then Aleph is swapped for Tav (At) then Bayt is swapped for Sheen (bash: Atbash) and so on. See Doug's "What is Qabala?"

Gardner refers Dr. Hugh Schonfield's research which found that Templar's Baphomet (right to left in Hebrew: Tav~Mem~Vav~Pay~Bayt) deciphers using Atbash as Sophia (right to left in Hebrew: Aleph~Yod~Pay~Vav~Sheen)! This is, at least for Doug, startling!

A smiling ogdoad?

A vertically mirrored five candle menorah which is spatially ogdoadic?
Candle light whose Aura are antinomial?
A metaphor of how cosmos self~exegetizes?

1 10 80 6 300
Sophia Aleph Yod P(h)ay Vav  S(h)een Sophia
Baphomet Tav Mem Vav  P(h)ay B(V)ayt Baphomet
400 40 6 80 2

Keep in mind that all Aut are additively prime similar Fibonacci series terms. Aleph appears to break this 'rule' with two factors 1.1000.

Considering quantum~reality is stochastic, Doug wants Aleph to be stochastic too. Doug does not understand that intuition, yet.

Note that Baphomet ends in Mem~Tav: death.

Note that Aleph~Tav~Aleph~Tav... is cosmos' perpetual living~dying (being~unbeing, apoptosing~resurrecting) Krebs cycle twixt quantum~isoflux~flux.

Doug - 5Apr2013.

Many authors, like David Wood in his Genisis claims that Baphomet is "the worst devil of all." Paraphrased. Clearly, Schonfield's research belies Wood's deep ignorance.

Essenes were good at ciphers like Atbash. Read Gardner's impressive prose on pages 97-101, 'The Baphomet Cipher,' The Magdalene Legacy, Barnes and Noble, 2005.

Why did they do this? Read Gardner.

Bottom line: we now have another term for gnostic wisdom - Baphomet!

Gardner references Schonfield's The Essene Odyssey, Element Books, Shaftesbury, 1984. See Gardner's The Magdalene Legacy, Chapter 6, notes 36-37.

Until Doug read Gardner's text, he was wholly unaware of this. Simply, this is awesome. It shows how Roman coprolytes were made fools by living Essene brilliance! Bravo!

If you are still a 'ç h r i s t i a n' after reading this, you need a brain transplant. Gardner brings that point home, less savagely, in his The Magdalene Legacy.

Doug - 18Sep2010.

3. Gnosis is individual.


Gnosis is quasi~unlimited individual potential:

Gnostically our view of potentia changes considerably from what we describe, in that link, in a quantum~sense.

It is subtle but [Elaine] Pagels compared two queries using gn¤stic topos to offer an exemplar for us:

  1. What shall we do? (Pagels infers Essene Jesus did n¤t ask this.)
  2. What shall you do? (Essene Jesus asked this.)

We is society. You is an individual.

Gnosis says that we types have little gn¤stic potential. Why? Individuals are living, quantum~coinsiding quantum~G¤d, evolving, aware, wise, enthymemes! Societies, classical ones, are n¤t. Why? Classical societies wors[e]hip dead, and decoherently dialectical 'state.'

Gn¤sis narrates how you types can have enormous, almost boundless, gn¤stic potential. Why? You types can see their inner! They understand how, as Essene Jesus proclaimed, G¤d issi ihn them and they are ihn G¤d. They bettership G¤d's abs¤lutæly animate, EIMA, recursive SOrSO Choice~Chance~Change quantum~c¤hærænt~¤nt¤l¤gy.

Added by Doug - 12Nov2009. Taken from Doug's 1Aug2008 update to Quantonics' QELR of 'Potentia.'

5. Gnosis is Essene Jesuit love. Doug claims it useful here to compare Jung's Amor Triumphat, Love Triumphant, Triumphant Love which is Libido. Doug claims that Libido corresponds quantal~scintillation in quantum~reality. This n¤væl mæans of viewingq quantum~reality issi~assa quantum~hologra[[il][m][ph]]icity. Source of Libido in Aut's Qabala is Aleph. Too, comsider holoviewicityq. Doug - 8May2014.
6. Gnosis views dialectic as Error. Essene Jesus taught that dialectic is Error.

Gnosis views any monism as deceit.

Begin Aside 8Apr2013:

Let's compare gnosis to Christianity and Islam.

  • Christianity is a monism. Their God (El, Eli, Elle, etc.) is the God. All others are "infidels." Monism! Emphasis on "One 'christian' Society Fits All."
  • Islam is a monism. Their Allah is the Allah. All others are "infidels." An other monism. Emphasis on "One 'islamic' Society Fits All."

Gnosis isn't a monistic OSFA 'religion.' It is a faith system, based upon cosmic consciousness, which claims all of us are individuals. Those who attempt to 'organize' us into monistic, common-social-dead-classical sense religions represent evil itself, d'evil. Gnosis is quantum, Qabalic. Ha Qabala means in Autiot, "Aleph~Hay, Yod~Hay." That is, Aleph is life, life is in Yod. Hay means "life existence." By comparison, classical religions (monisms) worseship dead things: material reality. Gnosis is about life and living quantum~holographic~energy. Classical religion is about materialism and belief in hylic-dead-stoppable-analytic objects: 'golden idols.' Gnostics reject all idol worseship. They have faith in a perpetual~ubiquitous quantum~fluxing living Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay reality. Classical monistic religions believe in idols: Yod without Hay!

In Gnosis, terms respectful~other and ~others are implicit. Gnostics recognize that all individuals may have omniffering views of reality including whether 'god' exists 'or' (and) n¤t, whether individuals have rights to their individual beliefs, and deny monistic classical societies any rights to constrain or attempt orthodox-dogmatic-canonic control of what individuals believe, think, write, say and do. To any gnostic others have rights too as long as they do not infringe individual rights. Doug calls this "quantum~ego."

Those socialc control-fanatics (e.g., Keynesian 'elites') are source and attempted purchase of "One World Order," "Our Way OR the Highway," "Theory of Everything," and "Grand Universal (catholic) Theory."

Other is a perpetual and evolving heterogeneity of all sentients, not a classical-monism.

Gnosis is ubiquitous evolving ensemble perpetuity of radically omniffering individuals learning to get along together. No one can define it. We can make attempts to describe it. It isn't socialç monismc!

Doug - 8Apr2013.

End Aside 8Apr2013.

8. Gnosis is evolution. All redemption is a process of evolution toward self~gnosis.
9. Gnosis views self as sovereign self and no individual, in general, is sovereign any group of gnostic individuals.

Gnosis on God and Individual:

  • God is in Individual and Individual is in God. See The Last Supper's Farewell Discourse, especially John~Mary, Chapter 14 Verses 10, 11, 17, and 20.
  • God is n¤t separate from Individual.
  • God is n¤t identical Individual.
  • God is n¤t identical any group of Individuals.
  • Essene Jesus asked, "What will you do?" Jesus did n¤t ask "What will we do?"

Gnosis on Law:

  • "Principle rules something not itself."
  • Social rule of law is deceit.

Gnosis on Society:

  • Society depends upon 'laws' so that it can "run on automatic."
  • Society values rule-based action without individual thought.
  • Society wants individuals to inhere and inure social dogma.
  • Society values war as means to enforce social principles upon individuals and other societies.
  • Society whose bases of thought rest in dialectic are sociopathic. This is gnostic essence of 'decline and fall of Roman Empire, ' fall of Third Reich, etc. Say "goodbye" to classical dialectical politics, folks.

Gnosis on Christ:

  • A 'christ' is a social manager.
  • Social management of individuals is an abomination against God and God's creation.
  • Essene Jesus referred those who called him "the christ," Satan. Peter is our best exemplar.

How many kinds of gnosis are there?

  • Many, including Chaldæan, Peratæan, Mandæan, Manichæan, Valentinian, Essene, Naassene, Ophitic, Cathar, Merovingian, Judaic, Mithraic, etc.
  • Doug is in a process of building a quantum~version based upon better aspects of all those.

How many pretenders of gnosis are there, and how may we recognize them?

  • Many.
  • They refer 'Jesus' as 'Christ.'
  • They adhere dialectic.
  • They adhere social 'order.'
  • They adhere notions of 'Rule of Law.' (True gnostic individuals have no 'sovereign,' except Essene Jesus.)
  • Freemasons are a good example here. They call Jesus 'Christ.' They practice dialectic routinely. They socialize on a huge scale routinely. Read their Secret Instruction of the Ninth Degree. There is some really good stuff in there, e.g., Tobias Churton's reference to 'Fable of Samson' re: Aleister Crowley. Crowley too called Jesus 'Christ' and used dialectic enough to make us question his depth of gnosis. Another interesting observation here is that freemasons worked with stone and stone is hermaphroditic. From any gnostic perspective, stone is hermaphroditic~feminine (see descr. below) and represents G¤d as Mother, n¤t living~Father and unambigously n¤t 'dead-father.' Either-or of male-female is dialectical and thus gnostically bogus.

    descr. - Classes of hermaphroditism: looks female, looks male, looks neutral, looks some stochastic combination of neuter~female, looks some stochastic combination of neuter~male, etc. Much of this is referred "aneuploidy," and dialectically viewed as 'abnormal,' from any classical dialectical conspective.

What are gnosis' bases of reason?

  • A key (core) base of gnostic reasoning is understanding what we mean by, "Gnosis is Wisdom, is Sophia, is Feminine:"
    • Hebraic Gematria is gnostic, and (Read and reread fifth paragraph down recapitulatively. "Cosmic wife" ciphers marriage of Jesus and Magdalene. "Casting out all resistances to indetermination" vavs Doug's "embrace (quantum~)uncertainty." Etc.)
    • HG describes how gnosis shows us we can only move to top of gnosis' topos, by
    • Casting out all resistances to (quantum~)uncertainty.
    • Gnosis' core basis of reason then becomes, embrace uncertainty! Many women have this gift of gnostic reason (through Sophia and Magdalene). Most men do not, thus suffer 'the thorn' [Paul-Saul's thorn] of dialectic's ills, its Error, its Satanity.
    • Gnosis embraces quantum~uncertainty as Essene~tial Wisdom.
  • If you read that Hebraic Gematria link fifth paragraph down, you will read that Magdalene can be symbolically represented as 'a prostitute.' Why? Magdalene, Sophia, Femininity represent what Gnosis intends by Wisdom.

    From p. 213 of 231 total pages of Carlo Suares' Cipher of Genesis second and third full paragraphs:

    "One of the most important Gnostic archetypes is Mary Magdalene. Of its many names we will mention Myriam M'Gadola. The root Mareh (Mem~Raysh~Aleph~Hay) in Hebrew means image, appearance, vision, mirror (whence derives the English word: mirror). Iam is always a reference, to the sea or to a still water acting as a mirror. G'Dola means big.

    "The Mary Magdalene out of whom Jesus had cast seven devils (Mark xvi, 9) is the female element transfigured by this 'casting out' of no. 7. This archetype is visionary in a real sense; it is, in its symbolical form, the woman exorcized by her cosmic spouse and sanctified by the expulsion of the seven resistances to the sacred no. 7 of indetermination. She is the necessary witness, the only possible witness to the resurrection of Aleph. She is the eternal prostitute, eternally redeemed and regenerated: the human psyche. Mary Magdalene is symbolically — and alas only symbolically— the final act of a drama that the mind dreams for fear of losing itself in its completion."

    How can her cosmic spouse "cast out no. 7" and then refer "the sacred no. 7?" This is one of most prescient queries one may ask about that text, in Doug's opine. Why? It clearly exhibits Gnosis' quantum~complementarity as quanton(sacred7,devil7). Quanton(indetermination_of_change_as_living,certainty_of_state_as_death).

    What does Autiot's cipher of Genesis teach us about this? Allow Doug, again, to answer in Quantonics' script: quanton(Aleph,Yod). Recall that Yod is Aleph's antinomial. But quantumly, 'antinomial' has its own complements: quanton(antinomialq,antinomialc). Autsimilarly "devil no. 7c" is "sacred no. 7'sq" antinomial. Quanton(Jekyll,Hyde). That should help you a lot, noodling Suares' esoterica.

    When we script quanton(Aleph,Yod), as we may see below, Yod may be classical and Yod may be quantum. Classical Yod is Yod without Aleph. (SQc without DQ issi ESQ) Quantum Yod is Aleph with Yod. (SQq is SQ with DQ) It may be apparent to you now that Gnosis, Autiot, Qabala are quantum memeos of cosmic energy~flux (f~lux).

    In Doug's view we may observe Yodc as our 'devil' here on Earth. Yod (without Aleph) is what "...the mind dreams for fear of losing itself in its (Yodishc) completion (without Aleph)." Nearly all earth humanity take sides with Yodc and deny Aleph. That's a huge affector of fear: fear of literal extinction: mortality's eschaton. Why? Few side with Aleph!

    Recall Pirsig's "...we must always keep DQ with our SQ." Pirsigean autiot would read, "...we must always keep Aleph with our Yod." A terrific hook for your memeory palace.

    Doug has come to adhere a m¤dal of th~¤ught which follows a Suares~Genesis topos:

    1 - Aleph
    2 - Aleph with Yod
    3 - Yod without Aleph

    "Doug, why do you call it a topos?"

    It corresponds an ancient Greek topos:

    1 - pneuma
    2 - psyche
    3 - hyle

    Grasping those correlations assists us in ciphering Suares' esoterica above regarding Magdalene. Now we have another hologra[[il][m][ph]]ic (set of) viewpoint(s) of his use of psyche.

    Fathom Suares use of 'completion.' It begs finality, end, stoppability. Those terms are all from dead minds of Yod without Aleph. Those of us who side with Yod, thus, you may noodle, claim our own mortality — our own "completion." When we believe socially in YahWeh (dead father) our minds are Mawt-Hamawt (Yod's eschaton dead). When we individually believe in YhShWh (Aleph''s perpetual life) our minds are alive! In his farewell discourse Jesus was saying, "Each of you Aleph~individually, n¤t Yod-socially, side with Aleph and do n¤t be afraid." Notice that Peter sided with Yod! Note that all dialecticians (implicitly) side with Yod!

    Recall Pagels' correspondences to topos:

    1 - elect
    2 - called
    3 - lost, extinct, always afraid (a deadly paraphrase, by Doug)

    Those who side with Aleph and have faith in Aleph's perpetuity of unending change never reach their "completion."

    Suares and Doug offer an exegesis of Autiot's cosmic energy description of Magdalene's role and semasiology. Doug - 14-15Feb2013.

    In gnostic topos: pneuma, psyche, and hyle, psyche is 'intellect' AKA Beth Wisdom. But wisdom can be mistaken, and gnostic reason explains how. To make it simple, let's have our quantum~stage hologramings hermeneut Wisdom phasementally three ways:
    • Hegemonic state-ic monism's psyche as Error AKA dialectic. Doug refers this "intellectual rape."
    • Voluntary monism-dualism's psyche as Error AKA dialectic. Doug refers this "voluntary intellectual prostitution," selling one's mind to dialectical "thought cops," usually culture and society. Often religion and science both of which are major CeodE proponents of dialectic as a way to prostitute one's psyche-intellect.
    • Gnostic dynamic pluralism's emergent self~redemptive quantum~pneuma as Wisdom. Gnosis and its quantum~metaphors are about individualism first thence individual freedom earned via due diligent individual-by-individual hermeneuted practice of gnosis and its respect for Wisdom, Free~Will, and all Individuals and their rights. See Doug's quantum~ego. See Doug's CeodE 2013 Tools of Wisdom. Doug - 14Feb2013.
  • Stupid (See Doug's CeodE 2013 Tools of Stupidity) catholics including progenitors Irenaeus, Hippolytus, and Constantine (editors of current New Testament's antecedent) couldn't understand Hebraic Gematria of Magdalene. Why? They were all psychic-hylics, dialectical bottom feeder-dwellers. They turned Magdalene, Jesus' Gnostic (cosmic) wife, into a prostitute and applied full metal denigration. They even tried and failed to hunt her down and kill her! Any memes that didn't fit Roman monism they called "heresy." Of course heresy means choice. Roman monism doesn't allow any choice, only strict Borg like assimilation and adherence to their monism. Roman catholicism: Hylic, anti-gnostic, intellectual-dialectical garbage. Roman catholics worship, even today, what Essene Jesus implied as "dead father." Of course "dead father" in Quantonicsese is ESQ borne of dialectic thing-king. To Essene Jesus, 'the Christ' represented in Hebrew aba met (Aleph-Bayt-Aleph (father) Mem-Tav (dead)) said "dead father." That is why Jesus called Peter "Satan" when Peter told Jesus, "you are the Christ." Jesus sets things straight, gnostically, in many texts and gospels, by intentionally referring his and our gnostic Father as, Hebrew aba payl (Aleph-Bayt-Aleph (father) Pay-Ayn-Yod-Lammed (living 'as active')), "the Living Father." Former omniscription of 'Living Father' appears to be one for 'living (active) earthly Father.' Autiot offers us another phrase for "The Living G¤d," as in Jesus' "I am in G¤d and G¤d is in me," Omniffers "Living Father." In that case we say phonemically, "Eleh She Ba Kayeem." Spelled out left to right it is Aleph~Lammed~Hay (G¤d) Sheen~Bayt~Hhayt~Qof~Yod~Yod~Memfinal (Living). Re cognize "Eleh" as "El," "Eli," and "Elle." Update by Doug - 20Sep2012. See John~Mary's Farewell Discourse. To put all of this in a larger con(m)text, Doug likes Chaldæan Gnosis' depiction of our Hermaphroditic Godhead as: Mother(son,mother)Living_Father. Doug oversimplifies Iht as 1(2,3)4, AKA G¤d ihn all and all ihn G¤d which is a Quantonics quantum~reality's Life Motif™. All numerics are quantum!
  • Much more advanced than Gematria, is Qabala's autiot. Doug is amazed that, somehow, Quantonics is an almost perfect quantum~anal¤g of gematriac~hermeneutics of autiot! It evolved that way, and on Doug's part it was clearly unintentional, but it happened and Doug is happy about that. Autiot's immediate and profound simile with quantonics is Ghimel(Aleph,Bayt) which jibes quantonics' quanton(DQ,SQ) and 1(2,3), which when mapped linearly appears as Aleph(Bayt,Ghimel) which in autiot should be Ghimel(Aleph,Bayt). It may appear obvious, after some individual due diligence, that Hebrew autiot is gn¤sis' genuine basis for reason (judgment). What is beautiful here is that quantonics script offers an alternative way to express autiot in a quantum~empiritheoretical m¤daling environment.
  • In a con(m)textings of quantonics, easiest way to answer this is:
    • Reality is evolutionary, thus enthymemetic, process interrelationshipings of dynamic stuff whose middles include one another (waves).
    • Holographic Light uses individual gnostic wells of energy to h¤listically fathom nature and G¤d.
    • Holographic flux of all spectra interrelate to make and unmake gn¤stic reality.
  • Gnosis is subjective, feminine; it admits Quality is above quantity.
  • Gnosis views objective masculine thought as bogus, faulty, pseudo, ersatz, facile, etc.
  • Gnosis is complementary.
  • Gnosis is inclusionary, open, both~and, etc. (You will read how Catholics murdered countless Cathars and part of Church's flock too as a result of gnosis' inclusion of good~neighboring catholics.)
  • Gnosis is, Quantonically, quantum~intellect. (Doug - 13Oct2009.)

Gnosis on Grail:

  • Grail as hermaphroditic Godhead and Jesus and Mary's Merovingian bloodline.
  • There is a whole book to write here...See Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln's Holy Blood, Holy Grail. See Dan Brown's fabulously popular Angels and Demons, and Da Vinci Code.
  • I cannot over emphasize importance of all students of Quantonics thorough reading of Lawrence Gardner's 2005 The Magdalene Legacy, Barnes & Noble Books. Doug - 11Jan2011.

Thank you for reading,

Expect this list to grow, indefinitely.

A third branch of USA politics will emerge from our list of answers to "What is Gnosis."

If you want to see why Doug says this, why Doug believes this please read Doug's extensive February, 2008 treatise on Applied Quantum~Gnosis.

Republican'ts and Democrap'ts BOAKYSAG.

Odds are those of you who read this will omnisagree with Doug's assessment.
If you do, you should see Conclusion of a five part treatise Global Power and Global Government by Global Research on what is happening to our world nowings.
Scroll down to Conclusion, and start reading there. Then, read all of that fifth part...

...Gnosis is y~our "silent weapon," folks! Learn it, believe it, and use it...! Doug 22Aug2009.

Doug - 1Feb2009.


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