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What is Grail?

Simply, when we say and write "grail" Doug, grail implies its own exegeses as (its autoexegesis as): gnosis, the logos, the account, Qabala, and Autiot usually meaning essence of reality. For example the logos AKA the account is "A Grail Exegesis of Cosmic Energy's Reality." So too then, Qabala and Autiot are "Grail Exegeses of Cosmic Energy's Reality." Understanding "What is Grail?" is an enthymeme of finding one's inner.

Doug, here, is offering a kind of "Celebration of Beth Renselle." Please accept Doug's offering in those Quantum~Lightings.

"Why, Doug?" Beth entered actuality through a quantum~grail on 5Jan1948. On 26Jul2010 she returned to n¤nactuality by passing through a quantum~grail, in a quantum~process of 'dying' complementing her entry 'living' passage.

We can illustrate that quantum~grail as a reality loop, and that is how Doug is asking you to think about quantum~reality's living~dying quantum~grail quantized and open cyclicity. Here's a graphic:

That graphic represents quantum~grail as a reality loop.

"So Mr. Doug, What is Grail?"

I can answer, initially, what it is n¤t. It is n¤t what current Earth's dialectical social monistic religions claim it is: a 'cup.'

If you want to reify it, which is what all 'good' dialecticians do, it is more like an hour glass. Allow Doug to offer some symbols which he has used elsewhere in Quantonics:

This one, rotated 90 degrees CW, is from Doug's review of Elaine Pagels' Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis, Introduction:

When we look at that symbol (and that's all it is), using our default font we can show it like this: >--<.
Clearly that is autsimilar our simplified 'white' graphic above.
Number of dashes is arbitrary, and in a subtle way desnouers quantum~n¤nlocality, for example, as spin~correlation.
However, those dashes carry enormous quantum~gn¤stic, et al., symbolic Valuings as we shall soon see.
That simplification makes it easier for Doug to write, narrate, describe, and illustrate what he intends by "Quantum~Grail."

Distilled, Grail becomes a gateway twixt quantum~n¤nactuality and quantum~actuality.
It is our comma~nospace in our script quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality).

Grail, like quantum~gravity, scales all of reality's spectra and phenomena.
Sentients are born and die through grail: quanton(born,die).
Human cells are born and die through grail: quanton(born,die).
Memes are born and die through grail: quanton(born,die).

All quantons are born and die through grail.

"Doug, are there other semantics for grail?"



A great exemplar is one of our easiest to say and easiest to understand since philosophy has taken it seriously, and has studied it well.

Quantonics Grail HotMeme™ "Grail Is a Bridge Over Fact and Value." Quantonics Grail HotMeme™.

Over next several days, Doug will explain this "exegetic and aid to understanding" role of Grail.

To brush up on what "bridge over [i.e., quantum~coquecigruecal tunnel through] fact and Value" means see Doug on Hume's critique of it.

Notice how Doug offers his readers another epiphany here: 'bridge over' is state-ic classical dialectic objective language,
while tunnel through is energetic~fluxic quantum~Autiot.

Quantonics Grail HotMeme™ "Grail Is a Tunnel Through Fact and Value." Quantonics Grail HotMeme™.

That epiphany is a large parcel, an 'understanding parcel,' an exegesis of why quantum~flux is simple and dialectic-state is complex.
Doug can write, then, "flux tunnels ubiquitously while dialectic erects SOM's Walls everywhere. See Doug's How SOMites View Reality.

Then all of Doug's Quantonics script as quantons may be narrated as grail. Every quanton is a grail, e.g., quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality).
Doug could show that as quanton(grail) and quanton(>-----<) and quanton(>|<) (in cuneiform) and
quanton(>,<) (using quantonics' comma~nospace). All are autsimilar one another.

Take a moment to fathom how all those grails Aut~like energy~packetize, and quantize quantum~reality!
They do so enthymemetically and semasiologically (i.e., symbol~recursive fractal hermeneutics) as hologramings!

We see ("I can see...") quanton(spirituality,science) as quanton(Value,fact). View 'comma~nospace'
as a quantum~tunnel, a grail Gn¤stic membrane of holographic quantum~lightings™.

Scott Peck and Gary Zukav should be jumping up and down now shouting with absolute glee! Doug.

Exemplar update by Doug - 24Jan2011.

. . .

Doug also loves Chaldæan Gnosis in its abilities to evoke grail semantics.

Allow Doug to go "symbol primitive" for a few sentences.

Let's parse >----< in a Chaldæan gnostic manner.

That grail's gates, i.e., > and < are both cuneiform vaginal ([><] as Feminine, inhalation, Tav through Aleph, etc.).

That grail's dashed line is cuneiform penile ([|] as Masculine, exhalation, Aleph through Tav, etc.).

That grail's '>' exhalation is an attempt at creation of actuality. We say, in Latin, "Creatio ex nihilo aperio."

That grail's '<' inhalation is an attempt at discreation of actuality into n¤nactuality. We might say in Latin, "Creatio nihilo ex vivo."

Permit Doug to show you Autiot's grail somewhat as depicted by da Vinci in his painting The Last Supper.
Recall that this grail was described by Teabing (anagram of Baigent) in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code
for Langdon and Sophi during their visit to Teabing's estate as a V twixt Jesus and Mary (on Jesus' right side):

Doug seldom has epiphanies as great as this, so celebrate in your own way...Looks sorta like a stealth fighter...a Darth Vader helmet...
...a emblem...Star of David shape arrow head...a quantum boomerang...a plow head from days passed-past...

But who would have thought "QCD?"

See Doug's Fuzzons to Fermionic Onta web page.

Doug had just modified his What is Gnosis? page. He had already shown Autiot for "living~active Father." He realized gnosis needs to describe a "Living~G¤d." Add "Living G¤d" link 20Feb2016 - Doug.

Got out my Webster's Hebrew Dictionary and re checked phrases for 'living.'

Having read Suares more of late, I realized that Aleph~Lammed~Hay Sheen~Bayt~Hhayt~Yod~Yod~Memfinal did a better job of what Doug intended.
(phonemically, "Eleh She~Bah~Kayeem;" Yod~Yod implies 'divinity;' "K" as Hhayt is hologramic woven spirit as bread; "She" issi diffuse very high energy spirit as breath;)

Fathom Eleh as El, then Eli, then Elle, then Alla, then Allah.

View Top V as male having coitus with Bottom V. Potential conception as quantum~complementarityings of quanton(female,male) and quanton(Esheh,Eleh).
Man and Wo[man] two as quantumly~one without 'classical contradiction.'

Top V is "Eleh." Bottom V is "Esheh."

Eleh issi Aleph~Lammed~Hay.

Esheh issi Aleph~Sheen~Hay.

Coital 'post' issi Lammed~Sheen.

Doug superposed Autiot's Ram Head of quanton(Eleh,Esheh) with Doug's quantum~chromo~dynamic up quark tricodon.
Purpose? Show you how similar quantum and Autiot memes are to one another.

Impressively Ram's Head is a triangular Tao, a triangular Möbius, like this:

Doug drew Möbius "Horns of Ram in Tao Shape Shift" many years ago. Didn't ever think it could be used like this!

This Möbius can be imagined more easily as a art deco Picasso~esque ram's head.

More later...

Doug - 20Sep2012.

. . .

Notice how 'ex' and 'in' may be perceived classic-dialectically (EOOO) and quantum~complementarily (BAWAM).

When we conceive 'ex' classically it is only masculine.
When we conceive 'in' classically it is only feminine.
We fathom an ideal Platonic either-or.

But quantumly, > is a mirror of < and vice versa. We suddenly are epiphanized with
pure hermaphrodicity of cuneiform's half stones and their quantum~complementarity.

<> and ><

'<>' issi ihn '><' and '><' issi ihn '<>'

Male issi ihn female and female issi ihn male!

Exhalation issi ihn inhalation and inhalation issi ihn exhalation!

Quantum hermaphrodicity! A quantum tell.
Quantum fractal self~other recursion! A quantum tell.
Quantization. Scintillation. Quantum tells.

Inhalation can be exhalation. Exhalation can be inhalation.
Those quantum observa are quantum tells.

Actuality inhales is¤flux and exhales flux.

N¤nactuality inhales flux and exhales is¤flux.

Quantum both~and EIMA grail tells.

[In actuality,] Every grail has a stone near its gate...indeed that is how one re cognizes said grail.

When we learn to view said stone using quantum~BAWAM, we realize
that '<' may be '>' and '>' may be '<,' depending upon how we complementaroceive them.

Compare Autiot's Sheen and its Raysh (Sheer) mirror: AKA grail's pipe~tunnel (Doug's comma~nospace) in Autiot's Aleph~Tav (ex, >) and Tav~Aleph (in, <).

Have we seen this before? Is this a tell of quantum~reality?

Recall visual 'flipping' of our Stairways of Evidence? Check it out.

Which is Möbius 'in?' Which is Möbius 'out?' Up? Down? Do we have ideal classical chiralty?

Doug - 19Sep2011.

. . .

That grail's '----' is our comma~nospace, and Chaldæans refer it, "light, the membrane, Jesus, etc."

So we can substitute linguistic semantics for each gate and our comma~nospace's pathway, tunnel, etc.

Discreative cosmic energy, for example cellular apoptosis, flows from actuality into 'right' gate and out of 'left' gate into n¤nactuality. Scale up to adult decline and death.

Creative cosmic energy, for example cellular resurrection, flows from n¤nactuality into 'left' gate out of 'right' gate into actuality. Scale up to child conception and birth.

One way we may illustrate and narrate this in Quantonicsese:






and using our grail symbols:



We now see quantons as grail holographic interrelationshipings at a cosmic energy level.

Using first three Aut from Autiot:



and using Gematria of Autiot:



and putting grail's middle~including membrane, tunnel, etc. back:



now let's show actuality's dialectic as '4',' an either-or of actuality:



and next let's show dialectic explicitly in a quantum way:



and last let's show dialectic explicitly according Jesus' own quantum~gnosis:



Take a look at Doug's opus in his review of Pagels' Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis, Chapter 1.

Carlo Suares claims that "second coming" isn't a return of another (second) dialectical
"social manager 'christ'," rather is when humanity evolves to quantum~holographic qua of
leaving "dead father's dialectical darkness," and entering "living Father's quantum~lightings."

Allow Doug to rest here...enabling you to absorb what this narration and illustration shows so far...

Please observe that 22 (i.e., of January, is number of 'non final' Auts in Autiot. See Doug's What is Qabala?

A Grail obituary on 22Jan2011: Heads up! 26Jan2011 is six month anniversary of Beth Renselle's passage back
through Grail into quantum~n¤nactuality AKA Chaldæan Gnosis' Mother land: H~ær G¤dhead's 'heaven.'

A Doug HotMeme"Quantum~beings partially self~other~create and self~other~evolve holograilically by individually
[Vv]alue~selecting and choosing their quantized and scintillating grail nexi." A Doug HotMeme

Quantum~beings are radically~comtext~sensitive, which enhances their personal qua to assess their views of better.

Doug - 23Jan2012.

Thank you for reading,

Doug - 22Jan2011.

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