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What is Immanence?

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See Moses - Doug - 30May2015.

Simply, when we say "immanence" we are (un)intentionally naming a wave~behavioral~quantum~facet, a quantum~symptom of reality (the Cosmos) as a flux~based and quantized~scintillationing hologram of hologramings.

Let's make a list in an tabular emerqancy:

What is Immanence?
(Who (Un)Intentionally Describes Immanence? What are Their Metaphors? What are Some Synonyms of Immanence?
What are Some Symptoms of Immanence? Who Describes Immanence' Antitheses Antinomials? What are Immanence' Antitheses Antinomials?
What Foundations Educe Immanence? What is Bridging Fact and Value? What is Cowithinitness? What is Middle~Inclusion?
How does Grail Do its Due? Why Is Immanence a Corner Stone of Quantum~Reality?
Is Immanence Crucial to Our Understanding of Chaos and Equilibria?)

Who (Un)Intentionally Describes Immanence? (Doug uses 'Un,' and 'In.' Those mark known 'tentionals.' Unmarked are inferred by Doug.)

  • Robert M. Pirsig
  • Eugen Herrigel (In)
  • Carlo Suares (In)
  • Carl Gustave Jung (In)
  • Giordano Bruno (Burned at stake in 1600 by 'Pope' Clement VIII!)
  • David Bohm (Un)
  • Karl Pribram
  • Michael Talbot
  • Henri Louis Bergson
  • Fritjof Capra
  • Mae-wan Ho
  • Danah Zohar
  • Shin Itiro Tomonaga
  • Philip R. Wallace
  • Erwin Schrödinger (his What is Life? as immanence of a quantum~real symptom of negentropy)
  • Banesh Hoffmann
  • William James
  • Clifford Geertz (Un)
  • Johann Georg Hamann
  • Aleister Crowley (Un)
  • William Blake
  • Heraclitus (In)
  • Zeno of Elea
  • Cratylus
  • Abraham Master of Autiot
  • Moses
  • Essene Gn¤stic Master of Autiot Jesus of Judæa (and Mary Magdalene and Thomas Didymos) (In)
  • Mark Gaffney
  • All quantum~gn¤stics who understand the logos.
  • All who view reality as quantum~holographic.
  • etc.

What are Their Metaphors?

  • Robert M. Pirsig

    1. Pirsig's "Body and mind contain one another without contradiction." In Qabala, in its Autiot, Pirsig's immanent revelation is named Narootsah. Doug - 11Nov2014.
    2. Quantum~hologramicity is implicit in Pirsig's surmise. As far as Doug knows only flux~based quantum~holograms can co~comtain unlimited potentia of EWings "...without contradiction."
    3. Pirsig's quantum both~and of (nonactuality~DQ as a) monism and (actuality~SQ as a) pluralism requires immanence. Refer Pirsig and Bergson on monism vav pluralism. Doug - 10Jun2012.
    4. Pirsig's genius erupts: Observe how Pirsig's "...without contradiction..." is a direct and abductive Peircean pragmatism of what Niels Bohr meant by "quantum~complementarity."
    5. Pirsigean HotMeme™ "Absence of dialectical contradiction in reality is a direct experience of quantum~complementarity."™ Pirsigean HotMeme. Too, it is a direct experience of quantum~hologra[[il][m][ph]]icity and its supra iso stochastic~qualitative~archtectonic: quantum~immanence.
    6. We have here another implicit of why Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality (MoQ) and Quantonics are strategic grundlagen for A New Philosophy, A New Wayve of Humanity for Millennium III. Doug - 11Jun2012.
    (See how Feynman's QTM recapitulation works? It works due immanence' hologra[[il][m][ph]]icity. Watch that movie Mercury Rising again. City of Angels too. Doug.)

  • Eugen Herrigel (In)

    1. Herrigel's "We are in it and it is in us." Ref. Herrigel's Zen in the Art of Archery, commended to Doug by Pirsig.
    2. Again, we see pure implication of hologramicity. Immanence's ostensed metastindyanic proemial~nascence emersced of cosmic reality's quantum~fluxings. Doug uses metastindyanic here as a tell of immanence's perpetual~ubiquitous quantum~antinomialism of movement and rest. We may choose to view quanton(movement,rest) as a quantum~complementary Heraclitean antinomial quantadulative uni(omni)fication of movement issi ihn rest and rest issi ihn movement. See Movement and Rest. Doug - 8,30Apr2014.

  • Carlo Suares (In)

    1. Suares' "Adam: Aleph in blood." See Suares' Trilogy and his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh.
    2. Cosmic reality's Qabalic hermaphrodicity: man in woman and woman in man: Immanence required. Male chromosomal X,Y 'normal' haploidal hermaphrodicity confirms immanence directly. Further, chimeral 'true' XX,XY ('abnormal') hermaphrodicity confirms immanence directly. Aneuploidal transmutation (AKA trisomy, N-somy, etc.) , i.e., evolution (toward what Doug calls "imminent neosapiens"), of chromosomes in humans confirms immanence directly.
    3. Aleph through Tav (male) is in Tav through Aleph (female), and Tav through Aleph is in Aleph through Tav. Movement and rest immanently~antinomially quantum~complementing one another. Just like (autsimilar) quantum~chaos (movement) and ~equilibria (rest)!
    There are at least two kinds of rest:

    o   very tentative rest at up and down peaks of waves,
    o   durational rest of quantum~wave~functions which are mutative~mutable via scintillation, but otherwise persist, for example: fermions and bosons.

    4. Even better, we quote Suares from his Cipher of Genesis (pp. 208-209, in his Trilogy) with Suares using 'immanence' his way, "It may well be that the greatest error of the Christian dogma is the assertion that the Holy Ghost engendered an infant only once, and at a certain date. It is irrational to think that the timeless, unthinkable, infinite immanence is not in all times and in all places in intimate copulation (symbolically speaking) with the world since it constantly bears fresh and unexpected fruits." Suares' parenthetical. Now ponder that Suaresian world view as Jesus implied, paraphrased by Doug, "I (YhShWh) and God (Aleph) are partially born again in each of you as you are borne quantum~gnostic individuallyq into actualityq." Implications of this, philosophically and otherwise, are simply enormous!!! Doug - 2May2014.
    5. In Suares' Trilogy, Sepher Yetsira, he compares actual~existential projections (Yod (10) through Tsadde (90)) of archetypes (Aleph (1) through Tayt (9)) to n¤nactual~n¤nexistential exaltedq projectionsq (Qof (100) through finalTsadde (900)) of archetypes (Aleph (1) through Tayt (9)). It is easy for Doug to make a nexus of n¤nexistence as mediatorq of cosmic immanence. Doug - 2Jun2014.

  • Carl Gustave Jung (In)

    1. Jung's "...tremendous animation of the unconscious." Red Book, Sonu Shamdasani translator, 'The Intoxication of Mythology,' p. 198, para. 1, 2nd column, The Red Book, Norton, 2009.
    2. Jung's "The spirit of the depths took my understanding and all of my knowledge and placed them at the service of the inexplicable and the paradoxical." Red Book, Carl G. Jung, Liber Primus, 'The Way of What is to Come,' p. 229, 2nd column, penultimate para., Norton, 2009.
    3. Jung's "The other Gods died of their temporality, yet the supreme meaning never dies, it turns into meaning and then into absurdity, and out of the fire and blood of their collision the supreme meaning rises up rejuvenated anew." Ibid., p. 230, 1st column, 3rd para.
    4. Jung's "I found you where I least expected you. You climbed out of a dark shaft." Ibid., 'Refinding the Soul,' p. 233, 1st column, para. 2.
    5. Jung's "Scholarliness belongs to the spirit of this time, but this spirit in no way grasps the dream, since the soul is everywhere that scholarly knowledge is not." Ibid., 'Refinding the Soul,' p. 233, 2nd column, para. 3.
    6. Jung's "If you marry the ordered to the chaos you produce the divine child." Ibid., 'On the Service of the Soul,' p. 235, column 1, pen-penultimate paragraph. This has immense semasiological Value in Quantonics since Doug's entire Value empiritheory rests on a quantum~memeotic ontology like this: quantascintillationchaosequilibriaevolution. None of that quantonics ontology, nor of what Jung describes as 'Spirit of the depths' (unconsciousness) can animately 'exist' without immanence! Doug - 3Feb2013. Note how Jung's 'Spirit of the depths' corresponds Pirsig's DQ and Autiot's Aleph, while his 'Spirit of this time (of temporality)' corresponds Pirsig's ESQ and Autiot's Yod without Aleph. Jung is showing us that scholars worseship 'Spirit of this time.' They worseship dialectic! Doug agrees. Doug's parentheses.

    Consider Jung's usages of 'marry,' 'ordered,' and 'chaos.' Marriage is a metaphor of quantum~scintillation. Ordered is analogous equilibrium. Chaos emerges from quantum~relative hyper~gradient atemporal (unpredictable, non predicable) marriage~scintillationings of quantal interrelationshipings. Doug - 4Feb2013.

    7. Jung's "The spirit of the depths opened my eyes and I caught a glimpse of the inner things, the world of my soul, the many-formed and changing." Ibid., 'Experiences in the Desert,' p.237, column 2, para. 4.

    Doug - 3Feb2013.

  • Giordano Bruno (Burned at stake in 1600 by 'Pope' Clement VIII!)

    1. Bruno, paraphrased by Doug, "I am a gnostic sophist. I worship Sophia: gnostic feminine wisdom." This leads to Doug's inferences of Bruno's own Immanence.
    See Frances Yates' Giordano Bruno, especially "Bruno Inquisition." Doug is closer to Bruno than to any dialectical religion. Religions are monist, unionist-communist. Gnosis says, "Monism is deceit."
    2. Manifestation of immanence in humans evokes expressions like, "holy blood," "holy grail," and "Sang Raal." In latter "sang" blatantly begs Suares' "Aleph in blood," immanence and Doug's "proemial nascence." Refer Chapter 15 'Conclusion,' Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln's 1980 Holy Blood, Holy Grail.
    3. When we view an individual's self declaration of gnosis and love of Sophia (philosophy), we infer said individual is aware of self's Aleph in blood which is a tell of Finding One's Inner, finding one's own immanence, finding one's own grail.

  • David Bohm (Un)

    1. Bohm's implicate order enfolds his explicate order (Quantum Theory, 1951) which implies a middle inclusion possible only through some aether artefacted similarly as Immanence.
    2. Bohm insisted that quantum~reality is non mechanical emerscenture realised via quantum~holograms.

  • Karl Pribram

    1. Pribram's Languages of the Brain require Immanence in order to express themselves holographically as implied by Pirsig above.
    2. General agreement with Bohm.

  • Michael Talbot

    1. Ditto Pribram and Bohm. See Talbot's Holographic Universe.
    2. Holographic 'miracles' described by Talbot require immanence. Doug - 10Jun2012.

  • Henri Louis Bergson

    1. Bergson's "interfusion."
    2. Bergson's "elan vitale." Essence here is Immanence.
    3. Bergson's intrinsic gnosis.
    4. Bergson's quantum both~and of (nonactuality as a) pluralism and (actuality as a) monism requires immanence. Doug - 10Jun2012.
    5. See Bergson's Time and Free Will, Creative Evolution, Matter and Memory (Doug has yet to review this one.), and An Introduction to Metaphysics.

  • Fritjof Capra

    1. Capra's "Interpenetration, et al."
    2. See Capra's The Tao of Physics.
    3. View Capra's video, Mindwalk.

  • Mae-wan Ho

    1. Mae-wan's thermodynamic views of quantum~biology as entropa and cohera which demand Immanence. She pays special homage to Schrödinger's What is Life? negentropy: Immanence itself. Thus we must add Erwin Schrödinger's name to our list. TBD. Doug - 10Jun2012.
    2. See her the Rainbow and the Worm.

  • Danah Zohar

    1. Zohar's "Classical physics cannot explain consciousness." Paraphrased by Doug. This one is a contrarian exegesis of classical physics' patriarchal, dogmatic, canonic absence of Immanence.
    2. Zohar's "To any extent a system of thought cannot describe nature, that system shall fail." Paraphrased by Doug. Similar first exemplar.
    3. See Zohar's Quantum Society. Also see her Quantum Self. Danah shares co authorship with hubby Ian.

  • Shin Itiro Tomonaga

    1. Tomonaga's (Doug infers) "Without spin there is no immanence."
    2. Tomonaga's middle~inclusionings of both Fermi and Bose stochastics.
    3. See Tomonaga's The Story of Spin. Observe that QCD and QED both merge (of necessity) Fermi and Bose stochastics. See Doug's graphic ontology illustrating said middle~including merger of Bose, then Fermi stochastics to emersce Up and Down quarks.

  • Philip R. Wallace

    1. Wallace's description of a photon as macroscopic. We see an implication of quantum~uncertainty here as a symptom of Immanence' Bose stochastic "everywherings," and "everywhenings." Similar macroscopicity holds for electrons too. Macroscopicity of quanta is essence of Immanence' key enabling of transmutation: essential to systemic change in chaos and equilibria. See also Doug's Change as Perpetual Transmutation of Bose~Fermi stochastic EWings. See Doug's tiny graphical exegetic efforts on quantum~quantization.
    2. See Wallace's Paradox Lost.

  • Erwin Schrödinger

    1. See this link on cellular apoptosis as a partial exegesis of Schrödinger's What is Life? Here we see immanence as a perpetual life cycle quanton(resurrection,apoptosis) AKA quanton(life,death), i.e., life is in death and death is in life.
    2. See Stein on Schrödinger's quantum object.
    3. Schrödinger's negentropy meme places immanence in a realm of ineffability very similar Pirsig's DQ. Both quantum~memeos proffer metamemeos of superadiabaticity which is one of immanence's profoundest symptoms. Doug - 18Jul2012.

  • Banesh Hoffmann

    1. Hoffmann's vivid exegesis of non commutativity of Heisenberg's "laundry lists" as SEP of Immanence' ubiquitous and perpetual presence in cosmic reality.
    2. Laundry list issues omniscussed there are further tells and SEP of Immanence' ubiquitous and perpetual presence in cosmic reality.
    3. See Hoffmann's The Strange Story of the Quantum. See Doug's Chapter IX review of that text.
    4. See Doug's opus on commutation at his What is Wrong with EPR Table.

  • William James

    1. James' "Compenetration."
    2. See James' Some Problems of Philosophy.

  • Clifford Geertz (Un)
  • Johann Georg Hamann
  • Aleister Crowley (Un)
  • William Blake
  • Heraclitus (In)
  • Zeno of Elea
  • Cratylus
  • Abraham Master of Autiot
  • Moses' revelation in Exodus III:14, "Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay Aleph~Sheen~Raysh Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay," i.e., "Ehieh Asher Ehieh," thus "Qabala witnesses Qabala!"

    1. Aleph~living, Yod~living as a quanton(living,quanton(Aleph,Yod)) happens only cowithihn an immanent quantum~reality.
    2. Witnessing, quantum~
    signaturing, quantum~assessmentings of both existential~ and cosmic~metabolic~evolutionq of Qabala happens only cowithihn an immanentq quantum~reality. In Autiot, metabolismq symbolically appears in column three as Ghimel.3 (archetype), Lammed.30 (existential~metabolismq), and Sheen.300 (cosmic~metabolismq). Doug - 30May2015.

  • Essene Gn¤stic Master of Autiot Jesus of Judæa (and Mary Magdalene and Thomas Didymos) (In)

    1. Jesus' (the Jew's words to his disciples) "I am in you and you are in me. I am in God and God is in me. Therefore God is in you." Paraphrased by Doug from Farewell Discourse in fourth and only gnostic gospel (Mary, not John) of NT. Observe Jesus' ellipsis... and "You are in God."
    2. Biblically this is known as "The Grail Secret." It is referred, again biblically, Immanence. Observe how crucial this is (Immanence as quantum~flux is crux, flux is crucial) to Essence of Quantum Reality!
    3. Doug sees here Scott Peck's and Gary Zukav's (and Danah Zohar's, and Carlo Suares') heuristics of 'science and religion Immanently becoming one, quantumly.' Immanence makes this 'oneness' and all of its quantum~islandic autonomies possible. We see Mae-wan Ho's quantons(coherence,autonomy) as the immanent quantum society.

  • Mark Gaffney

    1. Please refer Gaffney's Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes.

  • All quantum~gn¤stics who understand the logos.
  • All who view reality as quantum~holographic.
  • etc.

Doug will complete remainder of above list as work proceeds on this web page.

Doug - 7-8Jun2012.


What are Some Synonyms of Immanence?

  • Grail (It appears that grail and immanence quantum~complement one another.)
  • Quantum~associativity
  • Quantum~coherence
  • Quantum~holographicity
  • Quantum~middle~inclusion
  • Quantum~superposition
  • Biblical "mixing all things in all."
  • Biblical "grail."
  • Gnostic "Aleph in blood."
  • etc.

Doug - 15Jun2012.


What are Some Symptoms of Immanence?

  • Affinity (It appears that affinity and immanence quantum~complement one another.)
  • Attraction
  • Chance (See uncertainty below)
  • Change (AKA "absolute flux")
  • Choice (See selection below)
  • Chaos (AKA "movement")
  • Cohera
  • Coobsfection
  • Comtextuality (radical sensitivity)
  • Correlation
  • Dissipation
  • Entanglement
  • Enthymemeticity
  • Entropa
  • Equilibria (AKA "rest")
  • Evolution (perpetual, always tentative quantum~empiricism; see quantization~scintillation)
  • Flux1
  • Fractal~recursion
  • Gradience
  • Gravity
  • Isoflux
  • Locality
  • N¤nlocality
  • Partiality (AKA "islandicity")
  • Perpetuity
  • Preference (vav 'nonpreference;' thence quantum~partiality of quanton(n¤npræfærænce,præfærænce))
  • Production
  • Quantization
  • Scintillation
  • Selection
  • Stochasticity (AKA "guessability")
  • Superadiabaticity
  • Superluminality
  • Transmutation (prerequisites of intrinsic Immanence thence quantization and scintillation)
  • Tunneling
  • Ubiquity
  • Uncertainty
  • etc.

All of above memes are presumed quantum~comtextual as-used by Doug here.

Doug - 15Jun2012, 18Jun2012.


Immanence Symptoms Note 1 - Classicism's 'state'ic denial of quantum~absolute~flux via abject faux wors(e)ship of dialectical canon-dogma belies classical denial of pneuma's Immanence. Classicism's greatest error of thought and 'rational reason' is to socially wors(e)ship state and stability and to plan for stability based upon faux presumptions of their utopian 'ideal state:' Platonic and Aristotelean logics do this, classical maths do this, classical physics do this, classical economics do this, all classical disciplines do this, etc. Doug - 18Jun2012.

Some info links:

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8. What is Bridging Fact and Value?
9. What is Cowithinitness?
10. What is Middle~Inclusion?
11. How does Grail Do its Due?
12. Why Is Immanence a Corner Stone of Quantum~Reality?
13. Is Immanence Crucial to Our Understanding of Chaos and Equilibria?

Thank you for reading,

Expect this list to grow, indefinitely.


Doug - 6-8,10-11,15Jun2012.


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