What Is Truth in Qabala's Autiot?

by Doug Renselle - 29Apr2016...

Those of you who have been with Quantonics™ nearly 20 years recall one of Doug's original HotMemes™: "Truth issi an agent of its own change."™

Doug justified his HotMeme re truth using QELR and by showing extant bogosities of dialectical thought and logic, via Pirsig's, paraphrased, "Dialectic thought issi a genetic defect in human reason."

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Begin A Precis on Two World Views

Doug has distilled Pirsig's brilliance into a juxtapose of classical vis-à-vis quantum.

It is useful here, to prepare for what is to come, to review quintessence of those two world views:

Classical world view:

Quantum world view:

Doug views each of those tetradic lists as only tips of semantic icebergs depending upon which world view one tentatively inhabits.

Fathom how a classical world view dogmatically, canonically insists that it is the world view; there is 'no' other world view.

Classically to say, "...there is another world view, any other world view...," is heresy. You do 'not' have a choice:
you must believe in the classical world view! In contemporary terms this is Political Correctness
(of course PC issi implicitly an oxymoron, e.g., PC of race war, religious war, inquisition, institutional terror
against individuals, tyranny, institutional-social treason, etc.

See Doug's QELRs of absolute, antinomial, atemporal, canon, cancellation, cause, certainty, change, complement, concrete,
contradict, effect, event, evolve, logic, negation, object, occur, opposite, recur, state, stochastic, truth, uncertainty, etc.

Also see Aristotle, coquecigrues, enthymeme, hologra, etc.

End A Precis on Two World Views

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So...What is Truth in Qabala's Autiot?

Two very important Memes arise regarding truth in Autiot: Emet (truth) and Em (mother).

Em in Autiot shows us that vital~impetus of change as flux implies two submemes of imperative~spontaneity of all flux and fecund vicissitudinality of all flux.

So Mother issi vital~impetus affecting all biospheres (all life~emerqancyings cowithihn actualityings). Mother then issi symbolic~essence of feminine reproductive qua.

In Qabala's Autiot Mother comes in three 'flavors:' vital~impetus, biospheric~existentialism, and metabolism of all organic~flux.

So Mother summarizes a Quantum World View!

"Why, Doug?"

Canonically, classically, objectsc have 'no' vital impetus, 'no' metabolism. Objects are deadc, state-icc, concretec...
Vital impetusq and living~metabolismq both violate most if n¤t all classical world view 'laws.'

But Doug, "What issi Emet (truth) expressed in Autiot?"

Mitchell Chefitz in his The Seventh Telling shows us one idiomatic interpretation of Emet:


Em~met. In idiom it means vulgately, "Mother of death." However, even though that quote expresses a
partial truthing, that quote is just too simple to believe literally and without muchas qualification to accept aesthetically.

Chefitz agrees!

Let's look at Emet another way, as Em~et. Again, we have a powerful and complementary~antinomial of Em~met.

Em~et (Em~Et, Em~At) means "Mother of At." In Qabala metabolic reality (a reality of vital~impetus mandate for metabolic absolute change),
A~T is one half of Qabala's metabolic full cycle of A~T, thence T~A which recurs perpetually. In brevity Doug calls it, "Atta."

In so doing Doug ostenses Emet (truth) as Em~Atta.

Atta shows us that reality issi perpetual cyclic~Atta~metabolism as both At~anabolism and Ta~catabolism.

"What does this mean for our two world views," Doug?

A classical world view, emphasizing concrete~immutable~state implicitly (dialectically) denies and tries to pathologically subvert any evolutionary~metabolism.

A quantum~world~view emphasizing flux~mutable~absolute change intrinsically (quantumly) assures and abides living evolutionary~metabolism.

"Truth issi an agent of its own change:" reality issi metabolic, reality evolves, truth evolves...

Also see Doug's Hologralexology™ of Emet and Em.

Let's leave it at that for now... thence 30Apr2016...

Emet spelled out issi Aleph~Mem~Tav, truthings of two mothers Aleph and Mem. It issi a general truthings of all transmutationings of all creationings.

There are many other kinds of quantum~truthings in Qabala's Autiot.

A great one to show here issi Alt spelled out as Aleph~Lammed~Tav. Like we did with Emet, let's ponder Elet as El~Let and El~Et.

This pattern of Aut is a revelation borne of OT's book of Song of Songs.

We can look at it as At (again, and autsimilar Emet) with Lammed embedded. Too we can look at it as
El (lord) let (existential metabolismings fretted~tuned by cosmic~vital~impedanceings).

Notice that Emet and Elet omniffer only in Mem embedded vav Lammed embedded.

What other quantum~truthings might we now imagine? We want to follow that triple pattern of Aleph~???~Tav.

How about Eshet? Aleph~Sheen~Tav. To Doug, that appears as another revelation of many truthings' semantics~heuristics.

Recall that Sheen issi cosmic~metabolism where Lammed issi existential~metabolism. Too Esh issi fire.
Too Sheen~Tav are Aleph's hammer and anvil shape~shifting~transmuting~evolving all Yod qwfs!

Eshet appears on a par with first word of first verse of Genesis: compare barashyt to barashet (explicit Yod issi missing ihn barashet).

Barashet appears to be phasementing a truthing that fire issi metabolic, thence implying too that spirit issi metabolic.

Trouble is, though, creation of Aleph (expressed as Shyt: Sheen~Yod~Tav) issi of vastly greater import than creation of metabolic fire... agree?

Regardless, every one of these quantum~truthings expressed in Qabala's Autiot issi metabolic and thus evolves
there issi n¤ classically concrete, objective, formal, canonic, state-ic 'truth.'

Do you think it makes sense to say that every Autiot pattern, in a sense of truthings, expresses some kind of
qwfal~Value which has its own both l¤cal and n¤nl¤cal quantum~truthings?

If we buy into that enthymeme, quantum~truthings as qwfs aræra evolveings everywhereings~everywhenings...perpetually...sempiternally...

Doug - 29-30Apr2016 ...

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