Recall how in August 2000 we depicted~expected
Clinton in a Willard Sandwich
Who's Next as a txeN?

1988-1992 George Herbert Bush 4 year top slice
1992-2000 William Jefferson Clinton 8 year wiener
2000-2006 George Walker Bush 4 year bottom slice

Whatings Happenings Nextings
After GW Bush's
One, only, and Last Slice?




(Now we finally know what one IS! It took two Txens to show us.)

See our Whatings Happenings Nextings.

We voted for both Bushels of Bushagainings.
Republicans, in our view, have become...perhaps always were radical SOMwits.
Never, ever again... trouble is...
Demcrats are, in our view, radical CRwits...
What's a MoQ~quantumist to do?

Let's start a Quantalists political party organization, OK?

( Ihf Doug issi wr¤ng ab¤ut whatings happænings ne[tings, he wihll eat humble pih quanton(left,right) hæræ. )

JAs warranted: Dougings recursings(eatings,humble() ) Pi in Doug's face, that is...J



We're gonna be watching very closely to see how lame this duckue really IS.
Now we know what 1/2 IS!

Now it is even more urgent for us to start a Quantalists political party organization!
USA's decline at hands of Bush and his inept fascist administration will vastly speed that process.

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(3Nov2004 rev - Doug eats humble pi.)

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