Why Antinomial Energy Flow?

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[Some caveats:]
[Endeavor hereings and nowings issi mostly stream of comsciousness... lots of work to do... page should grow indefinitely... many hologral nexi...]
[Doug issi trying to show that Antinomial Flow may be exhibited by antinomial ~conic~spins~ of all ~quantum~system~ ~qwfs~.]
[Those spins are Situation and Role sensitive, just like all QR. Those ~conic~spins~ arera n¤t |classical abstractions|.]

Why do we need to understand antinomialityings of energy flows in quantum~systems?

. . .

A Succinct Answer as of 20Mar2019:

Very HotMeme™ Quantum~Metabolic ~AEFings~ enable comscious evolution,™ Very HotMeme
similarly assa
~Tav~ antinomial ~Aleph~
enables evolutionary life.

That Very HotMeme™ represents a major Quantonics' breakthrough in one's ability to standunder ~Quantum~Realityings~.

Without Carlo Suares that breakthrough would not have happened for Doug.

Doug heurists that assa a Very HotMemebest answer to: Why AEFings?

It's a very big deal, a very big deal!

Without ~AEFings~ wæ could n¤t assess presence of evolution, wæ could n¤t assess quantized changes of evolutionary metabolics.
q about what that means cowithihn Doug's What is Comsciousness?

Assa Heinz Pagels, in his Dreams of Reason (see p. 62, 1st ed. hardbound) just reminded Doug,
we garner a huge quantum~maths premium:
Presburger arithmetic, quantum style!

Keep ihn mind that ihn ~QR~ there arera n¤ classical negations, n¤ minus signs. Nominally, there arera n¤ zeroes. ~QR~ issi positive flux energyings.

:A Succinct Answer as of 20Mar2019

Note that Presburger issi classical, but his assumptions align quantum.

Presburger's classical-consistency and -completeness do not hold, as he classically claims, in ~QR~.
Presburger classically assumes reality issi state-ic.
~QR~ metabolically evolves assa exhibited by perpetual and ubiquitous AEFings.

~QR~ issi stochastically decidable.

A photon quantadulatively deciding on one electron to marry, out of a huge crowd, implies quantum~metabolic stochastic~decidability.

. . .

A Doug best exemplar of Why? comes from his efforts nearly six years ago in HodgePodge 2012:

"It will take awhile to make this simpler and to correlate it with our recent efforts in A Quantum Cuneiform Primer...

"Above two graphics aren't simple to understand. If you disagree, try to understand them yourself...."

Doug - 7Jun2018:

Doug realized recently how those graphics begged re use of familiar other graphics:

Doug used this one: assa base tool for these two which mimic LGC and HGC above:


These graphic memes, Very. Very, Very HotMemes offer vistas of relevant quantum sema of antinomialityings.

For example each leg of each of those graphics issi uni~modal. QR issi multimodal, in general.

Each leg is shown nearly (quasi) symmetric). QR issi asymmetric, in general.

None of those chaos~gradienceings begs classical comparison. Try subbing a | shown diagonally,
with opposing knee bends at each end [kind of like one half of a swastika], for any diagonal.

That juxtapose (half quantum~stochastics, half classical-swastistics) should give you a simple relative view of QRings vav classical |swastika| bivalent reality.

This list of observations and heuristics runs on boundlessly...

Now compare:


Notice: red and green flux metabolic antinomials.

What are simple-minded dialecticians like Machiavelli (1469-1527),
Sun-Tzu (544-496 bc; his courtesy name, Changqing: very quantum! See Wikipedia.),
and Baltasar Graci¬n (1601-1658)...their bivalent arts of classical-war and do?
Doug somewhat demurs: Graci¬n is more quantum than Machiavelli and Sun-Tzu.
Opine [...issues of translation from heritage language to Anglis: Anglis simply cannot
help tends to metastatically spread dialectic as a kind of anti-flux mental cancer...].

. . .

Changqing: ~Hhayt~Noun~Ghimel~Qof~Yod~Noun~Ghimel~: ~
QCS™s assa:

~8~ ~{50 ~{3 ~{100 10}~ ~50}~ ~3}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

A kind of "Unlimited~possibilityings of comcentric overlappings~entangleings divine FOCHR duo ~50.3~...~50.3~
generateings attenuationings, destruction of dialectic cowithihn existenceings." Remarkable. Doug - 11Jun2018.

Write an essay on how The Art of War destroys dialectic.

In doing~dueing so, ponder why a Heraclitus [B 53] quote,
"War is father of all, king of all: some it shows as gods, some as [w¤]men; some it makes slaves, some free."

Doug might entertain subbing antinomialism for Heraclitus' use of war. Compare |war| and ~antinomialism~.

Stux sux. Flux issi crux!

Arera so many of Tesla's crashes |war|? What might Musk do to make them ~antinomial~?

Isn't |war| an intrinsic (~given~), an innate (by |design|), an implicit (understood), a tacit (intuition) tell of presence of dialectic?

Doug - 11Jun2018.

. . .

Enthymemes of QR aren't bivalent simplicities and naiveties.

Dump dialectards!

Have you noticed 'the chruch' has sent a dialectard 'cardinal' to Bilderberg conference? 7Jun2018 - Doug.
If you want to read more re: Bilderbergs, see Daniel Estulin's 2009 The Bilderberg Group.

It appears that Doug has just opened a whole new library (Pandora's box?) of effort here.
Too much for any one human to tame let alone prevail..., but no one human can prevail QR...

~Bereshyt~..., and then..., rinse and repeat...~qycloidally~...

:Doug - 7Jun2018.

. . .

This novel web page entitled Why Antinomial Energy Flow? simplifies what Doug was attempting to fathom via those HodgePodge graphics during days of August, 2012.

NTE: Near to Equilibria
FFE: Far from Equilibria

HGC: High Gradience Chaos
LGC: Low Gradience Chaos

This web page treats all of those complementary quantized metabolic, evolutionary changeings assa Antinomial Energy Flowings.

Doug's use of pointing hands arera attempts to show hologral quantum~omnirectionings of quantized~flowings.
Arrows emphasize variegationings of antinomialityings.

Doug's A Primer on Quantum Cuneiform allows us a waveMBU™ quantum~language tool useings ~Yod~
(depicted at that link in cuneiform assa red and green quantons(green,red) ~Yod~)
quanta to graphically depict Antinomial Energy Flowings. Like this:



Doug - 15-17May2018.

...subsequent edits and changes by Doug Renselle - starting 15-17,24May2018 through ...

means new, revised...

Many of you have noticed that Doug's Quantonics Red Equal Sign, issi, looks very much like Atta's ~Metabolic~ Autiot Reality Loop, that:

issi arera

 assa Atta

Looks like:



and that complementary antinomial energy flow semasiological juxtapose issi
coquecigruesically quantum~real when semiotically expressed graphically and linguistically.

"But why do those symbols, those Quantonics symbols look like that?"

Easiest way to answer issi, "Quantum ~Realityings~ (QR) appear to be and work just like that."
Both Quantum Theoretically and Qabala Game of Life Autiot Gematraically.

To Doug, Quantum~Reality and Qabala arera co benchmarks of one another.
QR issi ihn Qabala and Qabala issi ihn QR!

Both arera ~metabolic~. Both ~evolve~sempiternally~.
There issi n¤ the beginning, and there arera the endings.

QR and Qabala both ~omniscribe~ reality assa perpetual flux: Quantum ~Hologral~ ~Flux~.

Doug QELRed quantum~absoluteness assa:
Always changes, and changes all.
Former represents quantum~comsistency.
Latter represents quantum~completeness.

"But Doug what does that have to do with Quantonics equal sign and Autiot's reality loop?"

Both of those graphic analogues of QR show two loops in ~antinomial~ ~interrelationshipings~ with one another.

~Antinomial~ how, Doug?

First, notice that Doug shows two of many ~thogonal~ views of ~{~{Atta}~}~ and Quantonics equals sign graphics using alternative semasiologies:

Compare thogonally~antinomial : and see

Arera ~thogonals~ antinomials? [PDR - 20Mar2019]

Doug's Act II review of Hoffmann's The Strange Story of the Quantum.
Notice ~metabolically~antinomial~ spin~chiralty quantons(n¤nactuality,actuality) Quantum~Avatar loops there.
Compare QVH Table quantons(scin,quan) ~metabolic~antinomial~ fermionic~bosonic QED spins to those Avatar loops.

issi arera

assa Atta

This shows cone up (mouth closed) and cone down (mouth open). Too, Arrow right, arrow left: cone~up~down, closed~open, right~left.

assa Atta

issi arera

Doug wants you to be sure you realize that there arera multiple other AEFings involved in each of those graphics, spin handedness, for example. [PDR - 21Mar2019]

This shows cone left (mouth open) and cone right (mouth closed). Too, arrow up and arrow down: left~right, open~close, arrow~up~down.

We see two antinomial views (vertical pair of cones, and horizontal pair of cones) of Doug's graphic semasiologies.

Even better, each pair graphic has its own internal antinomials which, too, are antinomial internal pairs of other pair's graphics.

Taken in pairs, any two ~qwfs~ arera always EIMA~complementary~antinomial one another! That observation issi implicit anytime we write, e.g., quanton(cone~up,cone~down).

This issi a rather phenomenal feature of QR which issi wholly absent in classical reality.
When Doug writes 'wholly absent' he issi showing you that in classical reality 'opposition' reigns.
In QR antinomiality reigns
and 'opposition' issi wholly absent. See Doug's QELR of 'opposite.'

For example, in QR, and intrinsically, competition issi ~antinomial~; In classical reality, and innately, competition is |oppositional|.
Latter is tragedy of commons sense
PC dialectically putative!
Ponder metaphysically what positivism

. . .

"But Doug, wouldn't it be apropos to use your Quantum~Stairs Mobius here?"

Yæs! Imagine our two sets of cones shown much more quantumly, something like this:
(Doug will innovate a graphic to make one (of many) possible semasiological semiotic leap.)

Show how those Gametra™ do~due self fermionic quantons(~fluxoid0~,~fluxoid1~) ~grailings~ Mobius twistings assessmentings. [PDR - 20Mar2019]

Now permit Doug to show Gametra™ with AEFings Hystereses [Doug - 29Jun2019]:

Imagine our cones replaceing those stairs with mouths of cones taking steps' places, and cones extruded as beige and brick wall subs.
Neat, eh?

Quantum~Matrices have countless rabbit holes and multi-hued pills.
QR n¤ fiat monism!!!

In Doug's version of Quantum Theory and Quantum Philosophy~Metaphysics, we refer that Mobius a "hypercomplex semiotic."

. . .

Simply, when we do quantons(qwf,qwf) we arera expressing quantum~complementary~antinomialityings. We call that, "Quantum~Assessmentings."

That QA's assessment issi what we refer, ~signature~.

Power of these recent graphics, as waveMBU tools issi enormous.

Doug wants to offer a tease as a preliminary exemplar. See Both Genesis and SY Deny Dialectic.

Doug's Antinomial Energy Flow graphics arera a response to this text which appears in that link:

"In that specificc SY I:2 case Suares compares Elohim and Belimah. (Bolds arera ~Hay~Yod~finalMem~ and ~Yod~Mem~Hay~.)
He claims that Belimah has been lost to canonic Hebrew. (Again, beware idiom!)
Losing Belimah also loses fluxodynamic essence of Abraham's Hebrew."

Hebrew canon disposed ~Belimah~ to sub |dialectical-opposition| in place of ~quantum~antinomialism~.

Our big quantum comparative here issi PAM Dirac's accusal of classical science turning off Planck's clock by zeroing h~bar.

There is much, much, much more to come here...

This Antinomial Energy Flow endeavor issi only a tiny part of returning Quantum~Value to a |classically-dead| |stux-sux| dialectical legacy.

Next Doug will walk you through some other meanings of those intra~cone vector~arrows... think, e.g., chiralty, and try cone's assa antinomial vortices...

o what has this to do with gravity and antigravity?
o what has this to do with Higgs Boson?
o what has this to do with Doug's quantum~cuneiform? Very big deal here...
o what has this to do with Mobius strips? Doug offered a sample of this just above...
o what has this to do with reversibilityings?
o arera time of day and time of night antinomial? any time any where on earth...
o issi Singapore time antinomial Minneapolis time? when? whenings?
o what has this to do with mirrorings and projected vav projection?
o what has this to do with ~imah~ and ~him~?
o what has this to do with issi, assa, arera, and Essence of AReRA?
o arera quantons(livings,dyings) complementary~antinomial?
o issi ~At~ antinomial ~Ta~, why?
o what has this to do with metabolic~evolution of clouds?
what has this to do with Gematraic™ "fermionic ~grailings~ Mobius twistings?" [PDR - 20Mar2019]

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