Why Is Uncertainty a Pathway to Peace?

Why is finalNoun a Grail, a Stairway to Heaven?

Be keenly aware...Doug's memeq above has ancient roots,
deep roots across many millennia-old cultures.

For example, Persian Sufis prophesied "This too shall pass."

They, and others, just didn't know when!
Quantum uncertainty!

However, they grasped quantum~cogently, "There is peaceq
in k~now~ing, even uncertainlyq, "this too shall pass."

See Doug's Hologralexology™ of Bara for detail on his 'Stairway to Heaven, Grail to Heaven' title update.

. . .

In Qabala, "See: uncertainty is my peace." Page 43, Suares' Song of Songs I:5.0

. . .

Do n¤t throw away this memeq!

Its quantum~excellence is good enough to keep.

Doug - 12Feb2015.

by Doug Renselle - 27-30Jan,3,5,7,9,12,23Feb2015.

Updates to this text following its initial disclosure will take some timings. Those of you who have read this text 27Jan2015, probably
have said to self,"Why didn't Doug write about and comment upon Suares' 'soliloquy of mind eternally evading certainty?'"

Also, and antinomially, 'soliloquy of mind embracing chance."

Dealing with abundant detail regarding Suares' words will consume time and require other pages to be prepared, including
separate comparative pages on Symptoms of Classical Certainty and Symptoms of Quantum Uncertainty.

Those are underway nowings...

Doug - 28-30Jan,3,5,7,9,23Feb2015.

For Doug, in Doug's quantum~realm, his query, "Why is Uncertainty a Pathway to Peace?"
is a complementq (and thus an antinomialq) of
"Why is Certainty a Pathway to War?"

Doug's genericq for both complementq and antinomialq issi biblical as quoted by
Mark Gaffney in his full text mast plate (duplicated in its entirety here) to his Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes:

"To the many victims of Christian intolerance, past and present.


If they ask you, 'What is the sign of your Father in you?' tell them 'It is movement and rest.'
The Gospel According to Thomas (Saying 50)
[Gnostic quotations of Jesus' words scroll down to saying 50 - Doug.]

'The Guru principle moves and moves not.'
Verse 62, The Guru Gita (Sri Skanda Purana)

'The mover of all things is itself unmoved.'
The Refutation of All Heresies 5.7.25
(The Naassene Sermon)"

[Doug's brackets and link.]

Key aspect, a key understandingq (standingunderq) enablerq for Doug, of all this is:

Quantum~HotMeme "Movement and rest become a revelationq of quantum~complementary~antinomiality."™ Quantum~HotMeme

Of course said revelation is a core aspect of Qabala and is profusely 'illuminated' in Autiot, and its Gematria.

This is quintessence of Quantonics, quintessence of quantonese!
(Do not take Doug's use of 'quintessence' lightly.
Hint: thinkq of quintessence as 'residueq,' 'signatureq.')

(Signatureq of antinomialq~complementarityq of movement,rest issi 'Life.')

Quantum indeed!!!

Lifeq issi essence of Qabala!

Here's Doug's bombshellq of a memeq, "All 'things' are complementary~antinomial all 'things.'"

(This is another wayq of scripting Qabala's lifeq processings.)

Doug experienced that profound epiphany several years ago in a session with Neelie.

quantons(uncertainty,certainty) (peace: quantum~complementary~antinomialism: mental health: living mind)

dichons(intolerance, certainty) (war: classical-dialectical-opposition: psychopathy: dead mind)

quantons(livings,dyings) (Essence of, signature of life itself. Message of Song of Songs I:1.)














and so infinitum...

"Duality is no more," Suares.

"Dialectic is dead," Pirsig, Bergson, Jesus, and you know who...etc....

Formal mechanics is dead, classical 'science' is dead, institutional hegemony is dead, absolute truth is dead, materialism is dead,
humanism is dead, legalism is dead, authority of few over many is dead (Brussels and EU "go to hell"), classical logic is dead,
classical maths are dead, state is dead, status quo is dead, dogma is dead, orthodoxy is dead, and so on...

Quantum~reality issi alive, our cosmos issi con(m)scious, life issi ubiquitous...

...except for those who worseshipc dead, mechanical, dialectical, material things.

Bettership life. Bettership quantum~living~realityings.

Doug - 29-30Jan,9Feb2015.

In quantonese1, using Doug's scripts we may choose to write...

  • uncertaintyq~peaceq (antinomialq~complementarityq) living interrelationshipingsq, and
  • certaintyc-warc (oppositionalc-negationalc) dead interactionsc like this:

"life comfirms life"2 as living~interrelationshipings issi quanton(Peace,Uncertainty)?
dead dialectical objectivism, by comparison is dichon(War, Certainty)?

Mind bending? Perhaps. Straightforward? Perhaps.

For Doug, it becomes straightforward when one begins to fathom Qabala combined with Moses' very quantum~living~revelation in Exodus 3:14.

Quantum theorists who view reality as wave~functional tend to agree with a pneumatic (fluxing), living quanton(Peace,Uncertainty).

Classical theorists who view reality as dead, mechanical, objective, formal, etc., tend to agree with dichon(War, Certainty).

As Robert M. Pirsig (via his opus) has taught Doug, "Which is better?"

At this early stage of Doug's abbreviated peace~path~adventure, you may choose to grasp Doug's view by
observing how he asked this obviously presumptive question, "Why is Uncertainty a Pathway to Peace?"

When Doug first experienced this meme, it was very subtle. Doug oversimplified it, "Peace is uncertainty." But that was a massive faux pas.

Doug writing "Peace is uncertainty," is a major mistake similar Einstein writing "Gravity is acceleration."

In today's world we clearly do not want to be like Einstein, a naïve realist, a naïve localist.
See Jon P. Jarrett's comments re Einstein's naïveté. Einstein, classically and like so many others,
was a victim of classical science's mechanical disciplinary-matrix pseudo-authority.

We can use that Einstein exemplar to make two fairly clear comments:
  1. Peace is a symptom of uncertainty, and
  2. War is a symptom of certainty.

Yes, Doug agrees, those are n¤t obvious if your mind works dialectically like Einstein's mind.

If you thingk dichon(War, Peace) with War and Peace as mechanical 'opposites,' you have, by canonc lawc, to choosec either war or peace.

If you thinkq quanton(War,Peace) with War and Peace as complementaryq~antinomialsq you may be able to fathomq, "War issi ihn Peace and Peace issi ihn War."

Compare, "Chaos issi ihn Equilibria, and Equilibria are ihn Chaos."
(Grammar adjusts whether you interpret: chaos as singular, chaos as plural.)

However classicists using strict determinism and one-to-one strict cause-effect 'logicc,' viewc chaosc as
Newtonian analyticc (linearc) motional change, and they view equilibrium as state (idealc stoppability).

This leads us to a core belief of classical mechanics: state-event logic.
State: apple on tree, thence apple on ground.
Event: apple fall from tree to ground.

Note a correlation that apple on tree and on ground is 'peace.' (Classically 'scientists' view this as potential energy: state.)

Similarly a correlation that apple's fall[ing] is 'war.' (Classical 'scientists' cann¤t explain 'apple's falling,' except as a 'change of state.')

Please refer Henri Louis Bergson's "Spontaneity is simple, inertia is complex."3

Another blatant exemplar is Keynesian stability as peace, and Keynesian instability as war.
(See Hyman P. Minsky's text, Stabilizing an Unstable Economy.)

. . .

Doug is reading Nelson DeMille's Up Country, Warner Books, 2002.

Therein Doug finds an example of classical narrative which almost desnouers antinomial~complementarity
of both war and peace, but its classical jargon puts it back in SOM's Box:

"War is simple. Peace is complex." Ibid., p. 457.

Those statements are so direct, so normative, so putative... It's like Einstein saying "Time is space. Gravity is acceleration. Etc."
SOM's Blinders dulling thought into Platonic-Aristotelian stuckness, concrete immutabilityc.

Just to give DeMille enjoyment credit as a somewhat qualitative writer, Doug reads DeMille's putatives quantumly:

  • "War nissin Peace,"
  • "Simplicity nissin Complexity,"
  • "Certainty nissin Uncertainty,"
  • "Equilibria nissin Chaos."

We see Gestalt, we see Venn, we see middle~inclusion.

All four of those pairs, like all pairs in quantum~reality are complementary~antinomial.

Doug - 27Mar2015.

. . .

Another blatant exemplar is Keynesian stability as peace, and Keynesian instability as war.
(See Hyman P. Minsky's text, Stabilizing an Unstable Economy.)

Keynesians make a dialectical-oppositional choicec to eliminate instability as a serious threat to long term viability of the revered classical 'state:' it is their raison d'etre.

Keynesians are like Einstein: pure, unadulterated mechanical thing-king dialecticians.

They simply cannot fathom quanton(instability,stability). To them it is classically obvious dichon(instability, stability).

That's how Doug assesses them as dialecticians: dichon(either, or).

Doug's personal raison d'etre is to evolve from classical-thing-king to quantum~thinkqing.

So Doug self~assesses as a quantum~being: quanton(both,and).

Now compare...

i.e., uncertaintyq,

and ask self, "Self, is that what is happening to USA, now, today?" this happening in USA now, today...

dichon(lifec, deathc), i.e., certaintyc.

Isn't this exactly what Keynesians are doing, killing USA's spirit? All in namec of idealc stabilityc?

What do you want? What will you do?

Doug - 28Jan2015.

Which brings us right back to quanton(peace,war).

. . .

"Doug, how did you first tumble to this meme of 'peace as a symptom of uncertainty?'"

Well, ..., both Gnosis' and Qabala's insistence that practitioners "embrace indetermination."

I loved that since it correlates Doug's "uncertainty is stochastic and not just subatomic."

Suares has written repeatedly "embrace indetermination," and similar words throughout his opus.

Big kicker for Doug happened just recently when he was re reading Suares' Song of Songs.

Suares writes, "The Song teaches us that the two are in us, their dialogue a soliloquy of the mind eternally evading certainty."

Suares' reference, 'the two are in us,' has many semiosy, especially in Qabala, also, though, in Gnosis.

Over simply, 'the two of us' is quanton(female,male), which we can also shorthand (in Gematria) show as both quanton(2,1) and quanton(1,2).

In Autiot we may script quanton(Autiot,Yassod) which corresponds quanton(female,male).

In Tao we can symbolically script quanton(9,6): . In that Tao symbol, 6 (white, male) and 9 (dark, female) are mirror-reversed.

So, again, we see Genesis I's first revelation given remarkably clearly in Tao. Quanton(female,male).

Back to Autiot.

Yassod is singular masculine: 1.

Autiot as Aut and Iot is plural feminine: 2.

In genetics it reverses, almost unbelievably: male issi quanton(X,Y), a haploidal hermaphroditic 2 ihn 1!

Similarly, in genetics, and again almost unbelievably, female is quanton(X,X) a haploidal 1 ihn 2!

Generically, then, Qabala, Tao, and human genetics all agree: Both 1 issi ihn 2 and 2 issi ihn 1!

Phenomically, both male issi ihn female and female issi ihn male!!!

Gentle reader, those both~ands aren't either-or classical dichons. They are quantons!

Now, we must quantum~leap y~our mindsets!

Leap from...

(Hubristic intolerance of) Dialectical-certainty garners-provokes war as dichons(femalec, malec). Compare dichons(peacec, warc). Compare dichons(2c, 1c).

(Humble compassion of) Quantum~uncertainty evolves peace as quantons(femaleq,maleq). Compare quantons(peaceq,warq). Compare quantons(2q,1q).


OK, Doug, "What does Suares mean by 'Soliloquy of Mind Evading Certainty?'"

Soliloquy of Mind Evading Certainty

One of Doug's favorite personages has said recently, "Doug, Suares uses ordinary language to communicate directly to ordinary people his message, and what he thinks we need to understand about Qabala, its Autiot, its Gematria and their metaphysics of reality. That is what I like most about Suares. I am a teacher of tertiary memes, and I grasp and see how Suares teaches via good, simple, direct writing. Furthermore, in his teaching, he shows us that a single pass at any subject is never enough to fathom its depths. We, as does reality, must fractally recurse all memes tautologously, to evolve our learning. I think, Doug, you showed your readers how that is what Feynman recommended to his sister regarding how to study other authors' works about physi[c]al reality in order to attain a Doctor's Degree in Physics."

Doug agrees with Al's assessment of Suares. She qualifies that each re reading of Suares takes us deeper into his memeory palace, his labyrinth of recorded, energy~welled thought.

Over a decade ago, Bethahava bought a book for Doug. She did it unsolicited. It was one of her recommendations, a book she thought Doug should read, similar as how unsolicited, she bought Holy Blood, Holy Grail for Doug. Bethahava's unsolicited books have always, eventually, turned out to be important to Doug, more than he could have imagined.

So Bethahava's purchase of Jorge Luis Borges' Collected Fictions (certainty~evading essays) has recently turned out to be of great importance for Doug.

Borges' Collected Fictional Essays (translated by Andrew Hurley, 1998) are, in Doug's opine, Borges' "Soliloquy of Mind Evading Certainty."

Perhaps of sublime interest here is my favorite personage, I call her Al, recently asked me, "Doug do you have Borges' Essays, The Aleph, and his The Zahir?"

I reacted to her query with shallow familiarity. I reiterated Bethahava's unsolicited book purchases, and how I always took too long to dig into them. Now, I mean too long...Beth has's been nearly five years.

I did read Borges' The Gospel According to Mark, near time of Bethahava's passing. Since then I also read one of Borges' essays (The Library of Babel, similar Asimov's Foundation Series) about a labyrinthian archive of knowledge, a kind of Bibliographique Labyrinth of Palatial Standing Under (i.e., peaceful, war free, psychological humility...).

Until just recently (early CeodE 2015) I hadn't been reading all.

So, at Al's suggestion, Doug sat quietly and read The Aleph.

Next day, again, he sat quietly and read The Zahir.

Both of those essays, indirectly, are about Qabala, Autiot, Gematria. They are about Al's and my recent forays into those quantum~holographic~multicursal~labyrinthian evasions of certainty.

Doug asked self, "What is Al trying to show you, to teach you?"

Was she mixing all in all, in a sense by encouraging my certainty~evading Chautauqua into Aleph, Zahir, and Labyrinths? Why labyrinths?

I went back to Hurley's list of Borges' essays. I looked for words which begged a soliloquy of self's labyrinthian nous. Aha! Voila! I found it: The Garden of Forking Paths! A goosebump moment!

Borges' The Garden of Forking Paths essay is exemplary of what Doug fathoms as quantum~labyrinthian nous evading certainty which, anecdotally, Doug refers "Quantum~Stagings."

Is it clear to you, gentle reader, that this is Doug's soliloquy, Doug's 'dialogue (omnilogue)' with self regarding quantum~labyrinthian nous? Sonu Shamdasani refers it, in his translation of Jung's Red Book, "divine madness." Shamdasani also refers it, paraphrased, "Muse infusion of peace." Beth and Al as Doug's Muses, infusing him with certainty-evading peace and all its quantum~nostrums. Gnosis and Qabala call it "Wisdom, Sophia." See footnote 80, p. 238, 'Liber Primus,' Jung's Redbook, Norton 2009 hardbound first edition.

Doug calls it, "Quantum~Reality." Quantum~wave~functions hologrally, biblically, complementarily~antinomially, "...mixing all in all." Recapitulating (re~head~ulating, rethinkqing, Esher~ing) quantum~peace!

I ask you to do a little imagining here.

Imagine Aleph as a point of light. Imagine Zahir as a point of light. Imagine Borges' Forking Paths as omniscribing what happens "co~ihnside a point of light."

Some theoreticians refer our points of light, "wormholes." Some Gnostics and Qabalists refer our points of light, "Grails."

Can we co~ihnside points of light? Is that what we really mean by seeing, by Ayn, and Ayn's Zayn?

Are we classically, deterministically certain what we will find co~ihnside our points of light? Is it wise to want to? What do Gnosis and Qabala (as omniscribed by Suares, for example) mean by "embrace indetermination," and "embrace uncertainty," and "evade certainty?"

What does Doug mean when he writes, "Why is Peace a Symptom of Uncertainty?"

Does a wise mind, a wise nous, embrace dialectical-certainty?

Doug - 5,9Feb2015,8Jul2015.

Soliloquy of Mind Evading Certainty



OK, Doug, "What might Suares mean by 'Soliloquy of Mind Embracing Chance?'"

Soliloquy of Mind Embracing Indetermination, Embracing Chance

Doug loves Grey's Anatomy. Every time he watches it he omniscovers novelty, things unfathomed prior.

Above, mid page, someone asked this question, "Doug, how did you first tumble to this meme of 'peace as a symptom of uncertainty?'"

Doug referred readers to Suares and relevant exemplars.

Doug just realized that he may have been subliminally influenced by Grey's Anatomy, Season Six, Episode 7, 'Give Peace a Chance.'

Why subliminal?

Doug has watched this series multiple times. It is crammed with qualitative Value across a spectrum of human endeavor.

In last quarter of this episode Dr. Derek Shepherd broaches quanton(peace,chance) at least twice. To linguistic affectation, "Give peace a chance." Amen.

It is key here, since chance is a way of entering omniscussions about uncertainty. Prior in this page, Doug hasn't mentioned chance.

Quantum~reality is quantized: Planck's clock is turned on. Chance is implicit, even intrinsic, in any quantized reality.

So when Suares suggests we all "embrace indetermination (quantum~uncertainty)" he is also suggesting we embrace chance borne of quanta and their scintillationings.

We have a antinomialq viewq of "evading dialectical~certainty:" embracing quantum~chancings!

Somehow this slipped through apparent cracks in Doug's efforts above.

Now you have it!


Soliloquy of Mind Embracing Indetermination, Embracing Chance


  • Classical-dialectic
  • Certainty (Absolutec BAD, bivalent, dialogical 'truth;' "'states' all 'truths,' always 'states' the 'truth'")
  • Intolerance
  • Arrogance (Cheney, Bush, Bibi Netanyahu, demiurge, etc.)
  • Hubris
  • Hatred (Seenah, Leesno(to hate))
  • DIQ Head
  • Psychopathy
  • EOOO
  • Determinism
  • Orthodoxy, Dogma (One monist, universal belief fits all; dialectical-essencec of why some catholics hate some muslims and some muslims hate some catholics...)
  • Stux Sux (Absolutec 'State;' 'zero momentum,' analytic stoppability, dichons(event, state))
  • Evilution (Devilution)
  • Worseship (Dying, dead, Mawt~Hamawt, worseshiping dead 'things,' means (BAD, embracing-certainty way) of self extinction, using dialectical logic to turn life off (see Henri Louis Bergson's Radical Finalism); fathom eschaton)
  • . . .
  • Quantum~holographic
  • Uncertainty (Stochasticq guessing)
  • Tolerance
  • Compunction (Suares, Bergson, William James Sidis, YhShWh, etc. )
  • Humility
  • Love (Ahavah)
  • QIC Head
  • Mental Health
  • Chance
  • Free Will (Stochastic, evolving, individual quantons(n¤nlocal,l¤cal))
  • Flux is Crux (Absoluteq Flux, Absolute Change, quantons(scin,quan), etc.)
  • Evolution (Loveution)
  • Bettership (Living, life, bettershiping life and living, comscious, cosmic reality; understanding perpetual and ubiquitous life~death cycles of all ... see Bine and Einb)
  • . . .

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However, keep recapitulating, reheadulating, rethinkqing quantons(Peace,War)! Evade dichons(War, Peace)!


Another blessing for another New Year.

27-29Jan,5,7,8-9Feb2015 - Doug.


Note 0 -
 Fathom a: This is a clear melioration of mistranslation repaired by Suares. See detail at Suares' Song of Songs, page 43, Verse I:5.
Fathom b:  Shæ has freed Hærself from Solomon's kingly detentionc of Hær: Shæ choseq to 'embrace indeterminationq.' She chose uncertainty as Hær peace.

Fathom c:  Learn to omnistinguishq LeShalomoh (Hær peace) from Sholomoh (Solomon)...

( readers see how crucial Autiot possessive, prefixes, and vowels are to better translation...
...without even mentioning Autiot's Gematria...
...Gematria, roughly put, are quantum~wave~numbers...
...they omniscribe qualitative (subjunctive mood, read quantum) Value of each Aut...
...subjunctive mood is largely why you see~read~fathom Doug's self~referring illeism...
...a subjunctive third person self~referring writing style..... an antidote to Anglican predominately indicative (objective, classical mood)...)

Even as a child Doug naturally spoke with an emphasis on subjunctive mood.
(Divine Madness? You omnicide.)

Doug suggests you study illeism (and ille~atic arts), and
subjunctive and other linguistic 'moods' at wikipedia.
Subjunctive moods are essential to speaking and writing quantum~memes.
Fluxq based changeq (evolutionq) issi abs¤lute: sææ quantons(scin,quan).
Uncertaintyq issi stochastic (peaceful guessabilityq).

...Doug - 23Feb2015.

Note 1 - Thanks to Al Uap for recommending use of [Qq]uantonese regarding its relevance to Qabalic grammar. Doug has used quantonicsese prior, but Al Uap felt quantonese is kin of, for example, Cantonese. Doug agrees.

Note 2 - Qabala: Moses' Exodus 3:14 revelation: "Ehieh Esher Ehieh: Iht's living cowithin~coinsiding our livings witnesses~comfirms Iht's living with our livings." (So called 'scholars' translated that as "I am that I am." B. S. "I am" isn't Ehieh, rather it issi Ani.), so Doug [un]corrects scholars' bad translation to "Ani Esher Ani." Take that bricks and mortar academec...yourc selfc-extinctionc is nigh.

Note 3 - This is an exceptionally quantum meme. Don't blow it off... To make it even more remarkable, Bergson wrote this over 100 years ago.

Doug Renselle
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