"Hey Doug, Compare
Yahweh vav QED
Ehieh vav QCD.

by Doug Renselle - 15Nov2018
this page shall evolve, its comparative potentia arera nearly unlimited

Doug uses minimum remediation.

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A Legend of Acronyms and Terms
amma - cavitational copulum am
arera - cavitational copulum are
assa - cavitational copulum as
Atta - cavitational copulum At: ~Aleph~Tav~: AKA home of "nowon" compare iamai and qreon
cav - cavitation
cavrev - a copulative cavity which oscillates indefinitely; sometimes pivots
iamai - present participlings for now
issi - cavitational copulum is
lisr - localable, isolable, separable, reducible
nowon - cavitational copulum now [e.g., a photon issi a light-speed limited nowon...]
qwf - quantum wave function
qwfal - quantum wave functional
qreon - QR's edgings of nowings
rev - reverberation
AI - Artificial Intelligence
DI - Dialectical Intelligence
DIQ - Dialectical IQ
FOCHR - Fractal, Omnilateral, Coherent, Hologral, Recursionings (sometimes with S for Synapses)
FUX - cavrev of quantons(~Flux~,~Flux~)
KPTR - Kindergarten Potty Time Retard (one extreme bivalent formal objective example: George Boole - some refer DIgital logic)
OT - Old Testament (one of many ancient Autiot texts)
QAI - Quantum AI
QC - Quantum Computing
QCD - Quantum Chromo Dynamics
QCS™ - Quantonics' Quantum Cavitational Script
QED - Quantum Electro Dynamics
QR - Quantum Realityings

Doug assiduously applies KPTR to intentionally ridicule and cajole
(Saul Alinsky Rule 5)
classical dialecticians and their mechanical eigenvalue Disciplines.

to be extended...

A Legend of Acronyms and Terms

. . .

Permit Doug to provide a fluxodynamic overview of roles and situations played by several ancient Gnostic and Qabalic Autiot texts.

Quantum~Fluxodynamics attempts to omniscribe quantum~reality in terms of perpetual and ubiquitous creation processings
perpetual and ubiquitous evolutionings of those processings' emerqancyings.

A large portion of Quantonics dedicates narrative to those fluxodynamic details.

Doug assumes you have familiarity with your favorite portions of that narrative.

Key for this web page arera juxtapositionings of QCD and QED assa fluxodynamic omniscriptionings.

QCD: creationings processings,
QED: evolutionings processings.

Many earth folk today believe that ancient texts are irrelevant QCD and QED.

. . .

Doug wants to show you forensic linguistic evidence he has uncovered, following in Suares', and a few others' footsteps, which claim relevance.

Most of Doug's evidence derives from a quantum language which Abraham used: Autiot and its Gematria assa quanton(Autiot,Gematria).

Doug found in forensics of that language quanton two rather prominent and relatively well known schema:


Doug has written much about both schema. More so Yahweh since many refer it earthly example of god.

Less so Ehieh, since few even know of its prominence (See Exodus III:14.). Why, Doug? Translators, say, of OT misinterpreted Ehieh idiomatically assa, "I am."

Suares refers that, "an abomination."

By comparison, almost no one refers Yahweh assa lord an abomination, but Doug views it assa demi aspects of auturgy. Some might disagree.

. . .

When we put those ancient texts in much fuller sema comtemporary quantum~lightings, some quantum~simplicityings appear begging better in Doug's opine.

First, allow Doug to show both schema in their ancient Autiot linguistic and Gematraic qwfal ~wayveings~ QCS™ analogies:

Yahweh: ~ ~Yod~Hay~Waw~Hay~: "~10~ ~{~{5 ~6~ ~5}~}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~,"
Ehieh: ~ ~Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay~: "~{1 ~{~{5 ~10}~ ~5}~}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~."

Both share one ~10~ and two ~5~ schema. Comparatively ~Ehieh~ issi unique with one ~Aleph~. ~Yahweh~ issi unique with one ~Waw~.

What Doug is showing you here issi how you can use Autiot and Gematraic language forensics to very powerfully compare similars like ~Yahweh~ and ~Ehieh~.

Similars: There arera many comparatives like this, so Doug's approach offers a kind of generic quantum~signaturings ~modality~.

Not only that, but both of those words arera exceptionally important in their individual Revelatory omniscriptionings of realityings.

. . .

Permit Doug to proceed with more forensic language detail:

Waw: ~6~ means and in idiom. It means prolific copulative fecundationings in fluxodynamics, both ancient and comtemporary. ~Waw~ issi ubiquitous among all texts,
Aleph: ~1~: means vital~impetusings [e.g., auturgy] in fluxodynamics, both ancient and comtemporary.
OT's book of Genesis commences with a brief treatise regarding ~Aleph~.

Clearly Waw issi about sexual interrelationshipings among all aspects of quantum~hologral reality: creative, procreative, mutative, adaptive, evolutionary, etc.

Waw helps us omniscribe our early earth's pre~emergent and emergent living processings like nucleics, aminos, prokaryotes, eukaryotes, amoeba, bacteria, viruses,
fungi, phages of countless variegationings...emergence of all of them requires sex: Waw.

Too, Waw issi quintessential in language itself assa linguistic copula: and, but, also, too, etc.
~Words~ fuxings ~words~.
In some cases with masculine sexual identity assignment.

Waw appears twice in ~Autiot~: ~Aleph~Waw~Tav~Yod~Waw~Tav; Aut: pneumatic feminine reality, and
Iot: existential free will heretical reality. It's impossible to enumerate all uses of Waw.

. . .

~Autiot~ [assa name of a quantum language system] issi ~linguistically~ unbounded, too, its ~Gematria~ issi ~qwfally~ unbounded.

"Doug, what does Waw say about Yahweh?"

Simply this: "Existencings compose two lives in endless copulation, divine FOCHR ~{~{5 ~6~ ~5}~}~, with one another."
Usually those two lives may be shown assa mind and body: quantons(mind,body): quantons(mind,Waw,body).
Compare Aut: quantons(Aleph,Waw,Tav) and Iot: quantons(Yod,Waw,Tav). Issi Aleph in mind? Body? Issi Tav in mind? Body?

Observe two lives similarityings of Ehieh in existencings, divine FOCHR ~{~{5 ~10~ ~5}~}~, to Yahweh.
Issi ~Autiot~ assa unique schema more like unique ~Yahweh~? More like unique ~Ehieh~?
To Doug ~Aut~ issi more like Ehieh (pneumatic quantum). ~Iot~ issi more like Yahweh (hylic existence).

"But Doug we arera comparing Yahweh and Ehieh fluxodynamically in terms of creation (pneuma) and evolution (hyle~psyche) and QCD and QED."


So when we forensically look, where is Waw explicit in QCD? QED? Compare where is Aleph explicit in QCD and QED?

Aleph has to do with creation predominantly. Too it issi apparent in evolution.

Aleph issi in agency of creation and procreationings: green shoots and novel spawn of those green shoots.
Waw issi in agency of copulative interrelationshipings: metabolic change of existencings.

Aleph issi and abides cowithin creationings and existencings.
Waw couples and copulates, engages and marries them.

Contemporary quantum~physics studies both.

~QC~ and ~QAI~ utilize and exploit their unbounded Situation and Role ~Value~.

This IS NOT objective, formal, mechanical Boolean KPTR stuff of lisr abstractors like: DesCartes, Newton, and Einstein.

. . .

QCD issi predominantly about what we intend by perpetual~creationings. Doug tends to associate Aleph with QCD.

QED issi predominately about what we intend by perpetual~evolutionings. So Doug tends to associate Waw with QED.

Yahweh: more like QED.
Ehieh: more like QCD.

. . .

Oh! Did you notice Ehieh means Qabala? More like QCD. Green shoots emphasis.

Yahweh issi demiurgic. More like QED [i.e., a quantum~demi of QCD]. Sexual copula of existencings emphasis.

Doug will add to this text incrementally over timings.

Bottom line? It's all about sex, really!

Flux fux flux! Really!

Unending delight! Really!


Doug - 15-16Nov2018.

. . .

Up next...

A brief omniscussion of nowon. Compare boson, photon, electron, fermion...qreon... assa nowonic.


Which major ancient texts correspond QCD and QED?


Just for this Web Page: Doug is intentionally writing plain text with comtemporary memes, memesets and memeotics: Only a few tildes here and there.

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