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Is Yod
Quantized Waveform Semiotic

This web page has unlimited potentia much as Yod itself...

What you see here now is grundlagen. Little is written re hysteresis. That will take muchas effortings...

Expect "Muchas Buenoisimo!"

Hint: hysteresisq as a subtle tell~preferenceq of quantized~timings!
For example, adiabaticq (very high rate fluxq)
processesq exhibit minimal~n¤ hystereses:
100% thermodynamicq efficiency garners minimal~n¤, indeed
atemporalq hysteresis.
N¤n~adiabatic processesq exhibit
gradient~hystereses whose tellsq are temporalq.

Quintessentially temporal processings, since they take time, exhibit hystereses.

Atemporal processings, since they take n¤~time, very~little time, exhibit minimal~hystereses, n¤~hystereses.

Quantum~reality permits mixings of both adiabatic and n¤n~adiabatic, both atemporal and temporal processings in any existential quanton.

A great exemplar is mindq (quasi~adiabaticq with some adiabaticq (up to Planck rate) wholly mentalq subprocessingsq),
and bodyq (apparently, but n¤t totally, n¤n~adiabatic physicalq processingsq).

Pure heuristicsq by Doug at this juncture...much work to do here...

Doug - 7-8,23-24-25Mar2015.

What is Yod? Graphically it is a quantum~semiotic, one of 27 Aut in Qabala. A semiotic is a symbol which begs further, actually abundant, study. Yod's Qabalic Gematrum is 10.

Yod looks like this: which is an actual character font increased in size.

Doug rendered it much larger, to make it easier to view it in comparison to a quantized version of it, which looks like this:

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(9,23-24Mar2015 rev - Yod as both fermions and bosons "without contradiction." Add isoYod graphic. Add 'Narootsah' link to superpose of isoYod~Yod graphic.)


  • semiotically Yod is all actuality, all existence
  • Yod is all quantum~wave~functions
  • simply Yod is fermions (matter~waves, mass)
  • simply Yod is bosons (light, sound, etc., waves, massless but can scintillate mass to transmute it)
  • Yod is quantum~flux (both fermions and bosons: existing together with quantum~antinomialityings, but "without classical oppositive-contradiction")
  • actual (existential) quantum~flux is spin 1/2 (fermions) and spin 1 (bosons)
  • Yod is UD quarks part of TBCSUD quark declining energy cascade in QCD which makes UD (Yod) quarks in actuality
  • UD quarks make DUD neutrons and UDU protons in atomic existential actuality
  • TBCSUD: Top~Bottom~Charmed~Strange~Up~Down which in Latin is creatio ex nihilo aperio (not a big bang, rather a tiny bang)
  • DUSCBT: Down~Up~Strange~Charmed~Bottom~Top which in Latin is nihilo ex creatio aperio (not a black hole, a black quantum dot)
  • Yod is Aleph's existential antinomial which we can show in Quantonics script as quanton(Aleph,Yod), and in gematria quanton(1,10)
  • so Yod as existential Aleph represents all existential quantum~flux in all actuality, philosophically then "all that can be, all that can be said, thought, done..."
  • Qabalically then Aleph created Yod, Aleph creates Yod, Aleph issi creating Yod perpetually and ubiquitously
  • Quantumly Aleph issi creating qwfs in actual existence (Higgs boson anyone?) perpetually and ubiquitously
  • cosmic Bangs and Holes mediate actualityings' comtent, bangs and holes cosmic~metabolically mediate how much Yod 'exists'
  • cosmic~metabolism has two quantum flows: both isoflux~to~flux (anabolism as Bangings), and flux~to~isoflux (catabolism as Holeings)
  • onset (birth) of a Hole appears related to too much local energy density (energy in a locale needs mitigation)
  • onset (birth) of a Bang appears related to local vacuity of energy density (novelty needs to emerge fresh energyings in some vacuous locale)
  • in all of this several, among many, quantum~memes are crux: perpetual all positive life~energy, flux as actual crux, complementary antinomialism of all flux interrelationshipings
  • one may view Doug's graphics as two lives:
    • 'either' Aleph 'or' Yod (dichons: static-stux objective, dialectical, mechanical, ideal Aristotelian middle-exclusion)
    • both Aleph and Yod (quantons: stindyanic~fluxings' hologral~Gestalt Venning~partial middle~inclusion)
  • one may view them as superposedq, both Aleph and Yod, quantons(Aleph,Yod)
  • some deny Aleph which carries an implication only Yod exists: i.e., actuality is Platonically ideal existentialc Aristotelian syllogistic substance, however, bosons are insubstantial (spin 1 coherentq fluxq) giving one pause re Aristotle and all classical mechanics which treat bosons as (decoherentc) 'particles'
    • This denial, by some, of quantons(Aleph,Yod) given their naïvec predilections for dichons(Yod, Yod) receives many hints in OT. Doug's first recognition of this happened via his studies of Aut~Iot. Recently it has reappeared in his review of Suares' CoG, Chapter 8, where Suares is omniscribing Gen I:26. Suares omniscribes genesis of YHWH whose Gematria add up serially [10+5+6+5] to 26 jibing number of this verse. Now we commence grasping why YHWH is often referred demiurge. YHWH has no Aleph, except for Adam in YHWH's blood (given by Eve (Esha) channeling Aleph as Adam into YHWH (Esh) through serpent [Nahhash, search for 'grail' there] acting as a grail)! YhWh doesn't even have any apparent metabolism! Compare YhShWh, a Joshua, whose Sheen is exalted cosmic adaptiveq metabolism! Sheen is also part of Aleph, metabolically adaptiveq on Yod as a qwf, as Shyt (latter from Gen I:1, "Barashyt Bara Elohim...").
    • Suares writes on page 97, CoG, Weiser, 2005, "From the living process of Aleph [from Elohim] in its cosmic body-container springs forth a factual life upsetting the mechanical repetitions of nature." There is a tendency here to view nature as mechanicalc. Doug views that as either a translation issue, then possibly Suares' view of nature as mechanical (latter doesn't agree with all else he writes, e.g., he describes faith as cosmic con(m)sciousness [see proposition 4] and mechanical substance has no consciousness by dialectical dogma, orthodoxy, canon, province, parochia, edict, etc.; as a fact classical 'science' cannot explain con(m)sciousness...). Doug's sense is that YHWH at its Genesis' moment of creation is very immature as a almost retarded proto 'man.' YHWH has a choice: YHWH abiding Yod (a hylic simpletonc), then possibly YHWH abiding Aleph (a pneumatic beingq). Demiurge emerges linguistically-semantically, from hylicity, in Doug's opinion. Dialectic hylicity happened as an unintended consequence of nearly pristine dialectic in both Israel (Isaac) and Islam (Ishmael), in spite of both boys being taught Qabalic Autiot by their father Abraham. Very sad! Parmenides, Aristotle, Plato, Aquinas and countless others followed suit. Our modern world suffers from it yet now, CeodE 2015. This dialectic hylicity Doug omniscribes as The System Problem! Zeno saw it. Heraclitus saw it. Jung saw it. Bergson saw it. James saw it. Suares saw it. Pirsig saw it. To some extent both Mae wan Ho and Dana Zohar saw it. Most of earth's population still, "Just do not get it."
    • Do you fathom how large a role Yod plays ihn realityq? In retrospect it is immense, staggering! If you were Yod, would you deny Aleph? Doug - 24-25Mar2015.
  • Qabala teaches that Yod per se has two lives, a point made eidetic via Autiot as quantons(Aut,Iot) where Aut is like Aleph and Iot is like Yod, and Yod offers all existence a free will choice: hologral, spiritual~living quantons(Aleph,Yod) 'or' dialectical, mechanical-dead dichons(Yod, Yod)
  • Qabala itself, according Moses' Ex 3:14 revelation has two lives expressed in Autiot as Ehieh issi both quantons(Aleph,Hay) and quantons(Yod,Hay), i.e., Aleph has life and is perpetually living and Yod has life and is perpetually living; notice comma~nospace in both quantons role~playing both Waws in Aut~Iot! Explicitly Aut issi quanton(Aleph,Tav) issi quanton(Aleph,Hay). Iot issi quanton(Yod,Tav) issi quanton(Yod,Hay). We see two lives again in Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay [Fecund Life of Qabala] and Aleph~Tav~Yod~Tav [Fecund Life of Autiot]. Notice 'fecund' issi a hybrid of Greek fec (make) and Latin und (waves)!!!
  • be aware, ihn Qabala living issi two lives, and so also livingq issi metabolicallyq quantons(living,dying); i.e., life itself issi life~death cyclings of At~ta as complementary~antinomialsq; in our common world today cellular apoptosis and resurrection taken together offer a fathomable exemplar which happens in humans about one million times per second; these two lives express themselves cosmic~metabolically in Qabala via Aleph~Tav (life 1), Tav~Aleph (life 2), Aleph~Tav, Tav~Aleph,... see At (Atta); Doug's use of cosmic~metabolism here illustrates multiversal scope and spectra of metabolismq's two~lives antinomialismq: anabolisisq (generation) and catabolisisq (degeneration), from Planck quanton to cosmos...

    If you understand how a laser works, e.g., a ruby rod laser, you may fathom our vertical bars labeled Aleph and Tav as metaphors of silvered and semisilvered ends of said ruby rod.

    We see cosmic metabolism as perpetual life~death antinomial cyclings, a kind of perpetual cavitation of ubiquitous life bounded by Aleph's vital impetus and Tav's vital impedance, without both of those there would, as Suares' puts it, "be no life."

    Notice that a ruby rod laser's vital impetus must be supplied externally.

    Aleph's vital impetus is co~here~nt, isoco~here~nt reality!

    Pregnancy's gestation offers a grand exemplar as biological ND (omnimensionalq) molecular printing of a zygote, fetus thence newborne.

    Doug - 25Mar2015.


  • Moses, according Ex 3:14 enunciated "Ehieh Esher Ehieh:" "Qabala sanctions Qabala," which obviates classical self delusion of any denial of Aleph's existence
  • in quantum~reality we see those same two lives using omniffering sema:
    • quantons(Aleph,Hay), quantons(Yod,Hay) analogous
    • quantons(isoflux,living), quantons(flux,living)
  • Suares teaches that "Faith as cosmic~con(m)sciousness" affirms those very quantum sema, con(m)sciousness of realityq at all levels, all spectra of realityq comfirm a livingq quantum~reality
  • understanding (standingunder) all of this issi Qabalic~Gnostic wisdom: Sophia, Magdalene, Venus, Light, etc.
  • memes of "two lives" abound in Autiot and its Qabala; "two lives" exhibit quintessenceq of complementary~antinomialismq of Aleph's vital impetus, and Tav's vital impedance as complementary~antinomialsq of one another affecting all creation, all evolution as mutable~formation (emerqation), all choosings, chancings, and changings in a absolutelyq fluxingq, livingq realityq
  • this ubiquitous and perpetual quintessence of natureq allows Hær and us to assess selves...

    ...(Observe, ponder, obtain this selfq assessment portrayed here deeply~playingq Song of Songs verse I:1, "Shyar HaShyareem Esher LeShalomoh." Quantumly, "Signaturings of my living~selfq's music witnesses~con(m)firms my
    peaceq [borne of acceptance of uncertaintyq].")...

    ...We see, happening n¤w~ings, a radicalq departureq from ersatz classical-dialectical translations of OT, especially Genesis and Song of Songs.
  • and so on...

To Doug, Yod's large graphic looks similar to a quantum~cuneiformic rendition of quantized waves in actuality.

Further we may witness an illeatic implicit quantum~hysteresis.

What happens in quantum~reality, naturally, in partial exegesis of any implicit hysteresis?
Can we make a list to assist our understanding of Yod's apparent implicit hysteresis?
More graphics?

Whatever we choose to do here, we must show and de(omni)scribe...

Quantum complementary~antinomial SOrON quantized fractal recursion of wave functions!

Does Yod look like that?

To Doug, yæs!

Allow Doug to use his own brand of quantum~cuneiform in dark green, dark red, and scrumptious gold to show you what he saw recently in artwork of one of Al Uap's students:

We can stretch it vertically to make it more like our solid black Yod.

However semiotic Value is what we reconnoitre ("to know again," to recapitulate (to "re~head~ulate")), isn't it?

That's what Doug wants: Illefacere!

Metaphysical and philosophical quantum~Value here is a horn of plenty, a sophismq of beau coup.

Doug Illustrated vertical and horizontal analogues of of his quantum~cuneiformic Yod for future artistic endeavors of his own (guided by memes from Al Uap's students):


Compare Doug's Four QLOs on their way to a fermion:

(We see...) Another wayveq to illustrate Yod and its beau coup quantum semiotics and entendres.

Don't forget:

Doug - 29Jun2019.


Doug - 7-9Mar2015.


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