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Arches for our Quantonics Web Site Starting 1Jan2001
Prototype 01
By Doug Renselle

Not bad for a 241kb *.GIF, eh? Our *.BMP is almost four megabytes!
And our Povray source code is only 2.1kb! Easy to code, but huge bitmap.

Yes, our current Quantonics Arches will only be on our top page for one year!
Year 2000, that is!
(Those of you familiar with 1's and 2's complement arithmetic understand
zero's base two duplicitous, +,- nonuniqueness. Too, we recognize
some disagreement among 'pundits' whether 2000 or 2001 is
Millennium III's first year.)

This is a stretched toroid. Its inner cylinder is opaque gold.
Its outer cylinder and half-torus end pieces are transparent glass.
Use Povray to make your own model like this, in less than an hour.
Povray is free, and very powerful.
Povray's transparency and ray refraction/reflection algorithms are simply superb!

Future prototype derivatives of this will cut pie sections out of this torus.
Vertical ribbons will then be half-twisted for a Mobius conversion of our torus,
and it will appear as a circular arrangement of Mobius arches,
all sharing a common Quality-unified surface.

As you can see we have quite a challenge ahead.
We are giving ourselves a one-year head start.

Little did Doug realize, ten years ago, that he was drawing a quantum~wormhole version of Gn¤sis' Grail!

Our gauntlet is down to Riedel: make this toroidal grail!

Now wouldn't that be something?


Doug - 9Sep2009.

(Several of you are noticing 999 today. Invert it horizontally then reflect it vertically: 666.)

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