A Review
of Boris Sidis'
Philistine and Genius
The Fathers and Mothers
The United States
Boris Sidis, M.A., Ph.D., M.D.
by Doug Renselle
My perspective of Boris Sidis', Philistine and Genius,
______________________________________________-1911, 105 pages,
______________________________________________-no introduction, no appendix and no index. -
______________________________________________- Boris Sidis' thelogos: Averages two 'the's' per sentence. 8.5% of his words are 'the.' Compare Dyson/Miller.
Doug Renselle

This book is by Boris Sidis, a brilliant turn of 20th century USA immigrant from Russia. It is about his American experiences, trials and tribulations raising his child prodigy William James Sidis. In many ways this is not a happy story. Mostly, this book uncloaks Boris' rage against anti-intellectual American institutions of all sorts. So we warn you now, beware! If you are involved in any way with organized education, organized media, et al., you will take many hits in Boris' potent words.

See our Preview Comments for a little background and some interrelationships to Pirsig, James, et al.

Here is our review, with hyperlinks to individual parts of Sidis' Philistine and Genius:

Chapter I The Problem with Education: It is very unGreek. Pages 1-6

Our ©Quantonics' chapter titles!

Our page breaks do not align perfectly with Boris Sidis' text. In some cases we move hyphenated words forward or backward at page boundaries to keep his thought and our review of it contiguous in a page window. We leveled quote marks.

We retain Boris' gender bias. We hesitantly retain Boris' thelogos.

We added bracketed comments to aid readers who may not be familiar with many characters whom Sidis mentions. We consider these copyrighted material and they should be treated as such.

Unless we say so, assume italics and other emphasis is Boris' own.

Chapter II Back to Fundamentals & Classical Greek Philosophy. Pages 7-11
Chapter III Back to Fundamentals Minus The Savage Beast. Pages 12-21
Chapter IV BtF Minus Collegial & Corporate Barbarities. Pages 22-28
Chapter V Recognize Evils & Evoke Natural Evolute Selection. Pages 29-34
Chapter VI Unblinder The Evils of Ignorant & Shallow Optimism. Pages 35-38
Chapter VII Pseudagogue Pedants Promulgating Prosaic Plug-ins. Pages 39-44
Chapter VIII Business & Educational Bureaucracies Choke Education. Pages 45-55
Chapter IX  Help Children Tap Their Reserve Energy: Flux is Crux! Pages 56-60
Chapter X  Break Habits not Children: Nurture Inquiry & Change. Pages 61-66
Chapter XI Whens to Commence Nurturing Flux is Crux? Pages 67-69
Chapter XII  Academia Perpetuates Kids' Absent Love of Knowledge. Pages 70-73
Chapter XIII In Lieu of Vested Academia, Grow Your Own Intellect! Pages 74-78
Chapter XIV Say No! to Academic Game Sports & Social Correctness. Pages 79-83
Chapter XV  Drive Out Academic Social-Barbarism's Fear of Thought! Pages 84-90
Chapter XVI Nurture Mutable Memes; Vaccinate Microbes of Myopia. Pages 91-96
Chapter XVII Cases of Stases Yuckness of Stuckness. Pages 97-103
Chapter XVIII Mothers & Fathers It's Up to You Be Change Agents! Pages 104-105
Index n/a

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Sophism: Self-referent, recursive, absolute change agency evolving, ontologically
unlimited, both autonomous and cohesive, temporarily-privileged patterns of value. Phi is a fractal
derived 'constant' based upon limit ratios of terms in a recursively~generated Fibonacci series.
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