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A Review
Chapter X
Boris Sidis'
Philistine and Genius
by Doug Renselle

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Chapter X
Break Habits not Children: Nurture Inquiry & Change.
©Quantonics' contrived chapter title.


(Most quotes verbatim Boris Sidis, some paraphrased.)

(Relevant to Pirsig, William James Sidis, and Quantonics Thinking Modes.)
61 "The power of breaking down or dissolving habits depends on the amount and strength of the aqua fortis of the intellect. The logical and critical activities of the individual should be cultivated with special care. The critical self, as we may put it, should have control over the automatic and the subconscious. For the subconscious has been shown to form the fertile soil for the breeding of the most dangerous germs of mental disease, epidemics, plagues and pestilences in their worst forms. We should try to develop the individual's critical abilities in early childhood, not permitting the suggestible subconsciousness to predominate, and to" (Our bold emphasis.)

Boris tells us not all memes are 'good.' But how do we decide which memes are good? We do that at least two ways: 1. in a local culture, and 2. individually. Quantum reality and Pirsig's MoQ both tell us individual intellect reigns. Yet culture may choose to kill it. How do we decide? Would it help to view life as a larger quantum-cohesive whole? And then view individual islands of intellect cohesively embedded in that whole, where Boris' reserve energy is a kind-of bosonic glue, a kind of superluminal intellectual quantum gravity?

"become overrun with noxious weeds and pests.

"We should be very careful with the child's critical self, as it is weak and has little resistance. We should, therefore, avoid all dominating authority and categorical imperative commands. Autocratic authority cultivates in the child the predisposition to abnormal suggestibility, to hypnotic states, and leads towards the dominance of the subconscious with its train of pernicious tendencies and deleterious results.

"There is a period in the child's life between the ages of five and ten when he is very inquisitive, asking all kinds of questions. It is the age of discussion in the child. This inquisitiveness and discussion should by all means be encouraged and fostered. We should aid the development of the spirit of inquisitiveness"

(Our bold emphasis.)










Static culture hates this, and will fight it tooth and nail.


"and curiosity in the child. For this is the acquisition of control over the stored-up, latent energies of man's genius.

"We should not arrest the child's questioning spirit, as we are often apt to do, but should strongly encourage the apparently meddlesome and troublesome searching and prying and scrutinizing of whatever interests the child. Everything should be open to the child's searching interest; nothing should be suppressed and tabooed as too sacred for examination. The spirit of inquiry, the genius of man, is more sacred than any abstract belief, dogma and creed.

"A rabbi came to ask my advice about the education of his little boy. My advice was: 'Teach him not to be a Jew.' The man of God departed and never came again. The rabbi did not care for education, but for faith. He did not wish"

(Our bold emphasis.)

We highly concur. Taboos only elicit greater interest and wonder.


Personally, I was saddened when I read this. Look at what Russia's static culture pogroms of anti-Semitism have done to Boris. They made him deny or want to deny his own heritage. Now we see ESQ's evil in its worst form. In my opinion, Boris should be proud!

"his boy to become a man, but to be a Jew.

"The most central, the most crucial part of the education of man's genius is the knowledge, the recognition of evil in all its protean forms and innumerable disguises, intellectual, æsthetic and moral, such as fallacies, sophisms, ugliness, deformity, prejudice, superstition, vice and depravity. Do not be afraid to discuss these matters with the child. For the knowledge, the recognition of evil does not only possess the virtue of immunization of the child's mind against all evil, but furnishes the main power for habit disintegration with consequent release and control of potential reserve energy, of manifestations of human genius. When a man becomes contented and ceases to notice the evils of life, as is done by some modern religious sects, he loses his hold on the powers of man's genius, he loses touch"

(Our bold emphasis.) Do not discard your creed! Avoid its static ruts!

We agree, but intuit Boris' innate classical either/or approach as invalid. He appears to miss nature's quantum both/and as intrinsic.

"with the throbbing pulse of humanity, he loses hold on reality and falls into subhuman groups.

"The purpose of education, of a liberal education, is not to live in a fool's paradise, or to go through the world in a post-hypnotic state of negative hallucinations. The true aim of a liberal education is, as the Scriptures put it, to have the eyes opened, — to be free from all delusions, illusions, from the fata morgana [An Italian mirage. 'Fata' is 'fairy.' 'Morgana' is probably Fay le Morgan.] of life. We prize a liberal education, because it liberates us from subjection to superstitious fears, delivers us from the narrow bonds of prejudice, from the exalted or depressing delusions of moral paresis, intellectual dementia-praecox [Praecox are a genus of poisonous fungi.], and religious paranoia. A liberal education liberates us from the enslavement to the degrading influence of all idol-worship.

"In the education of man do not play on"

(Our bold emphasis. Our bracketed notes.)

But SOM classicism is our globe's most enormous delusion!

A 'Politically Correct' education is not a 'liberal' education! Political Correctness corrals its own antitheses of freedom. It belies its own constituents' self-entrapment.
66 "his subconscious sense by deluding him by means of hypnotic and posthypnotic suggestions of positive and negative hallucinations, with misty and mystic, beatific visions. Open his eyes to undisguised reality. Teach him, show him how to strip the real from its unessential wrappings and adornments and see things in their nakedness. Open the eyes of your children so that they shall see, understand and face courageously the evils of life. Then will you do your duty as parents, then will you give your children the proper education." (Our bold emphasis.)

Then open their eyes to disguised, quantum reality. Open their eyes to Pirsig's DQ! Open their eyes to 'reserve energy's' source: quantum vacuum flux.

Open their eyes that they might recognize ESQ.
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