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Coined Terms
Unique to Quantonics

This web page and its sub pages (A-Z pages) have experienced QELR using Quantonics' quantum comtextual auto~remediation editor. We have capabilities now
to use an emerging, tentatively full, Quantonics quantum~remediation dictionary to QELR any quantum comtextual web page.

QELR, at this level of effort, does not always include intentional, full reversion of Quantonics coined terms to their classical predecessors. A counter example is 'com' to 'con,' which is QELRed implicitly.
While coined terms like memeo (for classical notion) do not revert to 'notion,' occurrences of n¤ti¤n reverts to notion. Our QELR process is nontrivial and evolving.

Tærms listed bæl¤w aræ dæfihnihti¤ns (i.e., quantum ¤mniscrihpti¤ns) ¤f ¤ur n¤vel lingual f¤umdati¤n f¤r Quantonics phil¤s¤phy amd scihænce. Our ihntænt hæræ issi t¤ dæpihct m¤re exalted amd ænlightæning Quantonics pærspæctihvæs ¤f what physihcs curræntly cahlls:

  • physihcal stuff (ahctualihty; m¤re quantumly amd naturahlly: physial quantons),
  • fermi¤ns (supær~at¤mihc~ahctualihty, mæs¤~at¤mihc~ahctualihty, at¤mihc~ahctualihty, amd subqat¤mihc~ahctualihty),
  • BECs, ¤hr Bose~Einstein Comdænsatæs (fermi¤nihc b¤s¤ns, mæs¤~ahctualihty),
  • b¤s¤ns (subqat¤mihc~ahctualihty), amd what wæ cahll,
  • is¤ns (ræpræsænting vaguely is¤tr¤pihc, n¤n~apparænt Plahnck ratæ flux, VES, amd n¤n~ahctualihty, amd m¤re n¤vel mæmæ: fractal n¤n~actuality) Als¤ sææ definiti¤ns.

Wæ aræ w¤rking t¤ makæ these quantum pærcæpts~comcæpts (as ¤f 2006q, mihd yæar, wæ aræ sahying quantum~ "c¤mplæmæntar¤cæpts" - "quantons aræ quantum~c¤mplæmæntar¤cæpts" - D¤ug - 29qJul2006q) amd ¤ur ¤mnihquæ Quantonics tærminol¤gy c¤mpatible. Why? T¤ pærmiht a wihdær spæctrun ¤f less technihcahlly elihte sæntiænts c¤mmænce a ru¤mnimæntary umdærstamding ¤f quantum ræhlihty, amd pr¤mulgatæ gradual m¤væmænts away fr¤m naïve amd misguided classical conspectives of an unreal 'objective' reality.

Tærms which appæar ihn this wæb pagæ aræ n¤vel tærms f¤r l¤cal uhsæ ihn Quantonics. Ihn addqihti¤n t¤ ¤ur eff¤rts t¤ dævelop n¤vel tærms which help studænts ¤f Quantonics bættær umdærstamd amd ¤mniscrihbæ quantum ræhlihty, wæ aræ als¤ ræmædiating c¤mm¤n English languagæ tærms.

Index to Coined Quantonic Terms
Most recent additions-revisions marked with a pink cell background.
Anthrotal Emersible Isoreversible (tbd) Phasement Remerq
Antinotic Emerscitecture Isot Omnistinguish
Antintotic Emersos


Rev - 5Mar2015.

Antisociotic Empiritheory Isox Omnistribute Polloiortho (tbd)




Avataron Entropa Issi Philogenera Polythelogos
Bionon Fluxor K~now Omnitor Philohologra Pragmabsolute Scalarbation
Clameme Fluxulus Memeo Philoquanta Pragmadigm Sillygistic
Cohera Gravidate Memeology Pragmallel Simulphase
Coinside HyperBoole Memeory Pragmalog Sobject
Comcept Inotic Memeotic Omnivalence
Phlux Pragmaphysial Sociotic
Comglutinate Intersolute Mesothos Nanology (nEIMA)
Comjugate Intotic Nissin Pragmatemporal Stindyan
Complementaroception Intueme N¤t Proflection Thelogos
Complementarospection Complementarovert
Comtext Isob Obsfect
Panaware Qualogos Thibedir
Comvene Isobeing Omniad Quameme Thingk
Con- (as a prefix) Isocoherent (tbd)
see cohera and


New - 23Feb2015.

Paradice Quantique Thogon (tbd)
Dankenment Isodiffract Omnifferent Parthenofluxic Quantogeny
Dichon Isoflux Omnifficult Quantology Topomental
Dologos(es) Omnifurcate
Emerq(s) Ison Omnify Quanton Trueper
Emerscence(s) Isop Omnique Quantonics Tsunadigm
Emerscenture Per intera Quantum Stage Wayve

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Some standard term definitions:

Functor -

functor (fùngk´ter) noun
1. One that performs an operation or a function.
2. Grammar. See function word.

function word noun
A word, such as a preposition, a conjunction, or an article, that has little semantic content of its own and chiefly indicates a grammatical relationship. Also called form word, functor.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition copyright © 1992 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Electronic version licensed from InfoSoft International, Inc. All rights reserved.


1. By ~fully wæ ihntændings t¤ ræmind studænts that ¤ur QELR pr¤cæss issi æv¤luti¤nary. As y¤u can sææ hæræ many ræmædiati¤ns have changæd, amd they wihll comtinue t¤ changæ ¤vær tihmæ. F¤r eample, an¤thær big changæ issi ihmmihnænt! Wæ aræ ihncræhsing ¤ur eff¤rts t¤ finish a n¤vel ihnanihmatæ Quantonics f¤nt set. Whæn that f¤nt issi ræhdy, wæ wihll sh¤w iht hæræ. Iht wihll ræplace, c¤mplætely, what y¤u sææ ab¤ve. Wæ ihntændings t¤, f¤r s¤mæ tihmæ t¤ c¤mæ, ¤ffer værsi¤ns ¤f this pagæ amd ¤thærs: umræmædiatæd (amd ihnterahctihvæly, selectihvæly umræmædiable), lægacy ræmædiatæd (what y¤u sææ n¤w ab¤ve), amd ~fully umræmædiatæd (plain 'n¤nsænse' English). That ~full ræmædiati¤n isn't ræhlly a c¤mplæte ræmædiati¤n yæt. Thæræ aræ stihll s¤mæ lægacy tærms amd s¤mæ hypærlink labæls which ræmain umræmædiatæd, mainly duæ ¤mnihffihculty ¤f umd¤ings amd ræd¤ings thæm. T¤¤, ¤ur currænt QELR eff¤rts d¤ n¤t ihncludæ ræværsi¤n ¤f c¤ihned tærms. Wæ ¤ffer lots t¤ læarn hæræ. Ænj¤y! Doug - 5-28Feb2004.

Definition - Innate: Here, we mean a classical concept as axiomatic to a philosophy. A concept is designed in, anthropocentrically hard-wired, as philosophical genetic code. (Appeals to humanism and anthropocentrism, and modern science's naïve realism.)

Definition - Intrinsic: Here, we mean a comcept~meme as natural (physial), part of an underlying reality which its philosophy attempts to describe. (Appeals to an unknown, an undifferentiated (quantum isocohesive) isoflux isocomtinuum, a n¤nactuality, a n¤napparent n¤nphysical space (e.g., Vacuum Energy Space, Quantum Vacuum Flux, Zero Point Flux~Energy, etc.), something greater than itself.

Readers and students may note that 'modern science' says that, "...if you cannot measure something, it does not exist!" Modern 'science' outright denies any unknown reality, quantum or otherwise!

To contact Quantonics write to or call:

Doug Renselle
Quantonics, Inc.
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(6Jan2000 Rev. Added SOM cuts remark under 'dichon.')
(7Jan2000 Rev. Added SOM platypus remark under 'dichon.')
{9Jan2000 Rev. Added novel definition: emersible.}
(16Jan2000 Rev. Added novel definition: isodiffract.)
(18Jan2000 Rev. Correct return links. Add isop and isot definitions.)
(27Jan2000 Rev. Change ison, isot, and isop definitions to match novel quantonic font symbols.)
(2Feb2000 Rev. Added novel definition: obsfect.)
(5Feb2000 Rev. Extend novel definition: obsfect. Add 'potentiality' to potentially.)
(13Feb2000 Rev. Added novel (1996 1st use) definitions: coinside, intueme, quantum stage.)
(16Feb2000 Rev. Alphabetize some out of order terms.)
(23Feb2000 Rev. Capture our breakthrough on Feynman's 'least action' enigma under isoflux.)
(29Feb2000 Rev. Add 'isotropic flux' link to Doug's original conjecture about n¤nactuality as isotropic flux.)
(1Mar2000 Rev. Add William James' 'compenetrate' to definition of coinside.)
(2Mar2000 Rev. Change CTModes to CTMethods. Actually, Classical Thinking uses Methods, n¤t Modes.)
(30Apr2000 Rev. Add novel term, 'Intersolute.' Remove old date marks.)
(8May2000 rev. Revise 'Intrinsic' definition to a more quantum definition.)
(10May2000 rev - Add 'isobeing.')
(12May2000 rev - Add 'isocoherent' and 'isoreversible' to 'quantum stage' definition.)
(16May2000 rev - Add 'comtext.' Extend 'fluxor' definition to add link to our spin correlation graphic. See red, bold text.)
(23May2000 rev - Extend potential 'uses' of 'comtext.')
(24Jun2000 rev - Add 'comjugate' w/o definition. Quantum c¤mplementary conjugate: comjugate (n¤nbivalent).)
(24Jun2000 rev - Add 'clameme' and 'quameme' w/o definition.
I.e., Classical (analytical, etc.) vis-à-vis quanum/quantonic (stochastic, etc.) memes.)
(1Jul2000 rev - Add variations on 'Thelogos.')
(20Jul2000 rev - Add 'panaware.' Thanks to Gavin (Superb Aussy philosophy student. Watch out, Ant!) for eliciting this novel term.)
(25Jul2000 rev - Add and define 'dankenment.' Add definition for 'panaware.' Add definitions for 'clameme,' and 'quameme.')
(30Jul2000 rev - Add last sentence to Intueme definition.)
(3Aug2000 rev - Add 'antisociotic' and 'sociotic.')
(8Aug2000 rev - Rev 'sociotic.' Add 'inotic,' 'intotic,' 'antinotic,' and 'antintotic.')
(9Aug2000 rev - Add 'isoconic' anchor to subparagraph of 'isoflux' definition.)
(11Aug2000 rev - Extend definition of 'comtext.' Add 'comvene' definition.)
(14Aug2000 rev - Add link to 'Quanton Spin Interrelationships Emergence,' under 'fluxor' definition.)
(18Aug2000 rev - Add 'tsunadigm.' Add 'comcept.')
(23Aug2000 rev - Change 'obsfect' definition: change 'thorough' to 'through.')
(29Aug2000 rev - Add generalized replacement of 'con-' with 'com-' definition.)
(3Sep2000 rev - Add links to ison, isop, and isot symbols.)
(7Sep2000 rev - Add links to ison, isop, and isot isoflux attractor ontologies.)
(8Sep2000 rev - Add 'issi.')
(11Sep2000 rev - Add 'isob.')
(17Sep2000 rev - Add link to 'Both Planck and Quality Events,' under 'Coinside.')
(18Sep2000 rev - Extend and debold 'Isoflux' def.)
(5Oct2000 rev - Repair typos.)
(12Oct2000 rev - Add 'intueme' link to Bergson's An Intro to Metaphysics.)
(14Oct2000 rev - Add 'emerscenture,' and 'emersos.')
(19Oct2000 rev - Typos.)
(27Oct2000 rev - Change Classical Thinking Mode to Classical Thinking Method. QTMs are modal, CTMs are less so.)
(12Nov2000 rev - Revise our Giordano Bruno comments under 'quantum stage.')
(15Nov2000 rev - Add 'Thibedir.')
(25Nov2000 rev - Add Doug quote to 'Trueper.')
(14Dec2000 rev - Replace 'new' with 'novel' in def of 'Emerscence.' For
Gödel Meme compatibility.)
(30Dec2000 rev - Add one line, more concise, defs. to 'antinotic, antintotic, antisociotic' terms.)
(20Jan2001 rev - Add 'n¤t' to def.)
(24Jan2001 rev - Add 'stindyan' to definitions. Add links to Creative Evolution topics 40-41 under 'thibedir.')
(24Jan2001 rev - Add 'n¤' to 'n¤t' def.)
(27Jan2001 rev - Add 'comjugate' def.)
(5Feb2001 rev - Extend and clarify by example our 'comjugate' def.)
(11Feb2001 rev - Extend and clarify our 'comjugate' def.)
(27Feb2001 rev - Add 'Emerq' def.)
(7Mar2001 rev - Add Bergson I-cubed link to 'intueme' def. Add 'emerqant' to 'emerq' def.)
(7Mar2001 rev - Extend 'comjugate' def to clarify use of conjugate in both classical contexts and quantum comtexts.)
(9Mar2001 rev - Extend our 'emerscence' def.)
(17Mar2001 rev - Change 'forms' to 'emerqs' in our emerscenture def.)
(22Mar2001 rev - Add 'Remerq' def.)
(22Mar2001 rev - Repair our remaining, known, legacy misuses of 'con.' Partial progress against SOM's great 'Con' job.)
(23Mar2001 rev - Add synonyms to 'coinside.' Extend 'emerq' def. and commentary with some very neat links!)
(23Mar2001 rev - Sprinkle 'isothogon...' as apropos.)
(23Mar2001 rev - We intend eventual use of quantum 'thogonality' to help explain trancing phenomena, Zen Master feats, coherence, et al.)
(27Mar2001 rev - Extend n¤t definition. Add 'per intera.')
(28Mar2001 rev - Replace 'new' with 'novel' in all quantum comtexts. Leave 'new' as-is in classical contexts.)
(29Mar2001 rev - Update page bottom def's of 'innate' and 'intrinsic' for heuristic and Quantonic lingual currency.)
(31Mar2001 rev - Etxend 'n¤t' word list.)
(1Apr2001 rev - Change all quantum comtextual 'no' prefixes to 'n¤' prefixes! Happy 103rd birthday William James Sidis!!! Doug.)
(12Apr2001 rev - Add Creative Evolution Review link under 'thelogos.')
(13Apr2001 rev - Revise 'non' comments under 'Not.')
(21Apr2001 rev - Reformat page top. Add link to English language remediation. Update 'comjugate' with graphic.)
(1Jun2001 rev - Add "Quantum Essence" link to 'stindyan' def. Add anchor to Bruno comments.)
(28Jun2001 rev - Extend comments under 'pragmadigm' re: our review of Kuhn's SoSR book.)
(8Jul2001 rev - Add 'polythelogos,' and 'qualogos.')
(16Jul2001 rev - Add 'reserve energy' memes to 'quantum stage.')
(19Jul2001 rev - Extend 'emerscenture.')
(30Jul2001 rev - Add 'isochiralty' to 'isoflux' discussion.)
(13Aug2001 rev - Add Kuhnian extensions to 'Pragmadigm.')
(24Sep2001 rev - Add 'HyperBoole,' and 'Sillygistic.' Extend 'Stindyan' def.)
(9Oct2001 rev - Add 'Pragmabsolute.')
(10Oct2001 rev - Extend 'Pragmabsolute.')
(31Oct2001 rev - Correct typo of 's[i]llogism.')
(11Nov2001 rev - Add two Isoflux Epiphanies to 'isoflux.' Remove legacy 'red' text.)
(21Nov2001 rev - Emerq description ref's to Bergson's TaFW completion date. Add 'pragmalog.')
(27Nov2001 rev - Under 'pragmadigm,' add Li-la link to lila semantics. Add top of page frame-breaker.)
(1Dec2001 rev - Minor alterations and local links in 'isob.')
(6Dec2001 rev - Add plurals to list under 'Obsfect.')
(16Dec2001 rev - Add link to
QELR under 'Con.')
(21Dec2001 rev - Add
SON remarks under 'Quantum Stage.')
(30Dec2001 rev - Extend 'Comjugate.')
(2-4Jan2002 rev - Revise 'Comjugate' graphic and text.)
(13Jan2002 rev - Remediate classical 'complement' to quantum 'c¤mplement' under 'pragmalog.' Add QELR link.)
(15Jan2002 rev - Add Niels Bohr comment to 'Quantum Stage.')
(23Jan2002 rev - Upgrade and remediate 'Isoflux.' Add Map of MIII Reality link to our comjugate graphic.)
(7Feb2002 rev - Relink our comjugate graphic to our n¤vel Riemann Quanton.)
(9Feb2002 rev - Extend 'Isoflux' with 'isospin.')
(10Feb2002 rev - Add 'conjugally' unify and 'comjugally' unifies to our 'quantum stage' description.)
(10Feb2002 rev - Extend our 'quantum stage' description (see near end) for recent quantum-associative SON epiphanies.)
(15Feb2002 rev - Extend and quantum comtextually remediate 'Obsfect.')
(16Feb2002 rev - Add more varieties of 'Obsfect' in left-most column.)
(20Feb2002 rev - Add more word-emerqant usages to 'Obsfect.')
(2Apr2002 rev - Add 'K-n¤w.' Other minor typos/edits.)
(9Apr2002 rev - Extend 'emerscenture' comments.)
(18Apr2002 rev - Add 'omnifferent.')
(24Apr2002 rev - General remediation of 'complement' to 'c¤mplement.' Alter 'sobject' accordingly. Alter 'comjugate' slightly.)
(22May2002 rev - Add June, 1999 QQA link under 'thelogos.')
(27May2002 rev - Repair a typo.)
(28May2002 rev - Add 'emerscitecture.')
(29May2002 rev - Under 'Qualogos' "many uncertainties" add link to our n¤vel Bergson TaFW Quantum Ense
hmble Uncertainty.)
(2Jun2002 rev - Enter Zeno links to Bergson's TaFW topics 23 and 34.)
(7Jun2002 rev - Extend 'omnifference.')
(12Jul2002 rev - Extend 'emerq.')
(16Jul2002 rev - Add 'Fluxors' anchor to 'Fluxor.')
(23Jul2002 rev - Change QELR links to A-Z pages.)
(24Jul2002 rev - Extend 'Omnifferent' comments. Add 'Thingk.')
(4Aug2002 rev - Update 'stindyan.')
(19Aug2002 rev - Under 'omnifference' added link to QEQI.)
(22Aug2002 rev - Extend 'qualogos.')
(28Aug2002 rev - Add 'bionon.')
(31Aug2002 rev - Add 'emersce,' and 'emerscent' anchors.)
(5Sep2002 rev - Remediate quantum comtextual occurrences of 'change' and 'uncertain[].')
(7Sep2002 rev - Add 'omnifficult.')
(26Sep2002 rev - Upgrade 'omnifferent' with EEMD and EIMA acronyms.)
(26Sep2002 rev - Remediate all quantum comtextual occurrences of 'ensemble.')
(4Oct2002 rev - Extend 'comjugate.')
(1Nov2002 rev - Extend 'comjugate.')
(16Nov2002 rev - Extend 'comjugate.')
(21Dec2002 rev - Extend 'con.')
(1Jan2003 rev - Add link to Satinover's The Quantum Brain.)
(9Jan2003 rev - Add Zenos_Paradice link under 'emerq.')
(21Jan2003 rev - Add 'pragmaphysial.')
(31Jan2003 rev - Extend 'comtext' in red text.)
(3Feb2003 rev - Extend 'omnifference' with a link to remediated 'minus.')
(4Feb2003 rev - Add 'emerqant' anchor under 'emerq.')
(6Feb2003 rev - Minorly extend/repair 'obsfect.')
(15Feb2003 rev - Typos.)
(10Apr2003 rev - Add 'entropa,' and 'memeory.' Reset most red text. Correct some achronal commentary. Extend 'quantum stage.')
(15Apr2003 rev - Offer alternate, more Dawkinsian pronunciation of 'memeory.')
(4May2003 rev - Clarify con(m)jugation table items 1-4.)
(8May2003 rev - Typos.)
(16May2003 rev - Update 'omnifferent' for subjective negation, and correct some fonts to GIFs for compatibility.)
(16May2003 rev - Update 'dankenment' comparing classical dialectic to quantum sophism.)
(12Jun2003 rev - Extend 'dichon.')
(13Jun2003 rev - Extend our Milton text under 'dichon.')
(1Jul2003 rev - Add 'cohera.')
(7Jul2003 rev - Correct some typos and spelling mistakes.)
(10Aug2003 rev - Update links to our review of A Beautiful Mind.)
(11Sep2003 rev - Add general 'definitions' anchor to page bottom def's.)
(11Sep2003 rev - Add 'quantum stage' Wallacean parenthetical in red text.)
(5Oct2003 rev - Add 'isoV,' 'isox,' and 'omnistinguish.')
(11Oct2003 rev - Alter 'isob' description for additions of 'isoV.' Alter 'ison' description similarly.)
(11Oct2003 rev - Reset legacy colored text.)
(21Nov2003 rev - Add 'memeology.')
(30Nov2003 rev - Extend labels in red text on 'emerscenture.')
(29Dec2003 rev - Add link to QELR of 'think' under 'thingk.')
(4Jan2004 rev - Add 'phase' link to 'emerscenture.')
(11Jan2004 rev - Slightly extend 'thibedir' with a link to 'think.')
(20Jan2004 rev - Typo, 'om[in]ad' to 'omniad.')
(20-31Jan2004 rev - Mark specific quantum comtexts and classically imaginary contexts under 'comjugate.')
(20-31Jan&1-5Feb2004 rev - Many text alterations and upgrades. Not marked in red!)
(8-11Feb2004 rev - Add 'memeo.' Extend 'sociotic.' Continue QELR effort on this page. Latest textual non QELR changes in red text.)
(14Feb2004 rev - Alter memeo.)
(14-21Feb2004 rev - Add extended 'conjugate-c¤njugate-comjugate' hermeneutics under 'comjugate.')
(22-28Feb2004 rev - Minor text edits.)
(29Feb2004 rev - Minor edits to 'dichon,' and 'quanton.')
(14Mar2004 rev - Extend 'ison.')
(22Mar2004 rev - Extend 'comtext.')
(27Mar2004 rev - Extend 'emerscenture.')
(1Jun2004 rev - Add 'memeotic.' Add HtTIRE link under 'coinside.')
(27Jun2004 rev - Fuzzon extend 'isobnptV' terms.)
(28Jun2004 rev - Add 'quantology.')
(13Jul2004 rev - Add Stairs Satinover link under 'obsfect.')
(20Jul2004 rev - Add 'avataron,' and 'proflection.')
(4Aug2004 rev - Add red text ref. to Heraclitus under 'qualogos.')
(8-10Aug2004 rev - Repair unintended QELR of classical text under 'obsfect.' Repair a QELRed 'link.')
(6Jan2005 rev - Add 'gravidate.')
(19Feb2005 rev - Minor update to 'isoflux.')
(11,12Mar2005 rev - Add 'parthenoflux,' 'parthenofluxic,' 'parthenofluxis,' etc. Add 'omnistribute,' and update 'memeory.')
(14May2005 rev - Reset red text boxes. Add red to 'Con.')
(6,7Aug2005 rev - Extensively expand 'quanton.')
(17Sep2005 rev - Update 'parthenoflux.')
(10Oct2005 rev - Add 'pragmatemporal.')
(15,25Jan2006 rev - Add 'pragmallel.' Update 'quantum stage.')
(2Feb2006 rev - Add 'phasement.')
(17Mar2006 rev - Extend 'thelogos.')
(8,27Apr2006 rev - Update 'dichon.' Reset legacy red text.)
(2May2006 rev - Add 'phlux.')
(13,19Jun2006 rev - Add 'omnitor.' Reset update colors. Repair 'Ei[h]nstein' to 'Einstein.')
(1-2,29Jul2006 rev - Add 'Complementaroception' Add 'Quantique.' Add page top red text on "quantum~complementarocepts.")
(3Oct2006 rev - Update 'n¤t.')
(19,24,28Jan2007 rev - Update 'parthenoflux.' Update 'obsfect.' Update 'complementaroception.')
(19Feb2007 rev - Add 'Simulphase.')
(29Apr2007 rev - Update some 'A' terms.)
(6Jun2007 rev - Add 'empiritheory.')
(3,23Aug2007 rev - Add 'omnify,' 'omnique.' Add 'complementarospection.')
(20Dec2007 rev - Reformat slightly.)
(3Apr2008 rev - New 'quantogeny,' and update 'quantology.')
(6Apr2008 rev - Add new Quantonics coined terms: 'philogenera,' 'philohologra,' and 'philoquanta.')
(29May2008 rev - Add 'omnivalue,' AKA 'omnivalent.')
(23Jul2008 rev - Update 'omniffer.')
(16Aug2008 rev - Update 'per intera' with commentary on 'ab intera.')
(11Sep2008 rev - Update 'panaware.')
(31Oct2008 rev - Replace wingdings and symbol fonts with gifs. Reset legacy red text. Repair some legacy QELR which had failed.)
(10Nov2008 rev - Update 'stindyan.' For relevancy see
Thomas Gospel, Quantum~Gn¤stic saying 50.)
(8Mar2009 rev - Update 'Omnivalence.')
(1Apr2009 rev - Add 'Comglutinate.')
(5,15May2009 rev - Update 'omnivalent.' Add 'autsimilar.')
(20,26Jul2009 rev - Revise 'conspect.' Update 'coinside.')
(25Nov2009 rev - Update 'omnify.')
(22May2010 rev - Add 'omnifurcate.')
(3,15Jan2011 rev - Update 'entropa.' Update 'scalarbation.')
(24Apr2011 rev - Update 'Nissin.')
(17Jul2011 rev - Add 'Fluxulus™'.)
(12Oct2011 rev - Add 'Avalevita,' and 'Avasupera.')
(10,14,28Dec2011 rev - Add 'Chaoequil.' Add 'Complamental.' Add 'Analanche.')
(4Jan2012 rev - Clarify use of 'Analanche.')
(22Aug2012 rev - Reset legacy changes.)
(5-6Nov2012 rev - Add new 'complementarovert.' Re: Jung's more classical 'extrovert,' and 'introvert.')
(15Apr2013 rev - Update 'autsimilar.')
(6Mar2014 rev - Add 'assa.')
(2Jul2014 rev - Add 'mesothos.')
(10Sep2014 rev - Add 'dologos,' and 'duelogos.')
(29Jan2015 rev - Update Thomas Gospel link.)
(23Feb2015 rev - Add 'Omnicide.')
(5Mar2015 rev - Update 'IsoV.')

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