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Also in its quantum discreation demersion~immersion emerq:


Coined Quantonics term: This is our quantumese replacement for classical 'form(s).'

Where classical 'forms' elicits, "formal either | or mechanical systems," ¤ur n¤vel 'æmærqs' æv¤kes, "æmærging b¤th~amd ihncludæd~mihddle quantum systæms."

Where classicists manufacture objective, closed, homogeneous, analytic, radically-mechanistic 'forms,' quantum prægmal¤gists emerscenture quantonic, ¤pæn, heterogæne¤uhs, st¤chastihc, quantum 'æmærqs.'

Whæn y¤ur comtext issi quantum~MoQ~Quantonics uhsæ 'æmærq' ihn place ¤f classical 'form,' uhsæ 'æmærqed' ihn place ¤f 'informed,' amd uhsæ 'æmærqant' ihn place ¤f 'formal.'

When your context is classical, use 'form.'

Ihn Quantonics, wæ sææ classical 'in-form-ed' amd 'in-form-ation' as specific | classical 'new' rearrangement | manufacture of classically existing things. C¤mparæ that t¤ ¤ur vihew ¤f 'æmærqed' amd 'æmærqing' as gænæral~quantum 'n¤vel' æmærgænce~æmærscænture ¤f quantum systæms AKA quantons.

Our uhsæ ¤f 'novel' ihn rælati¤n t¤ Quantonics amd quantum æmærgænce b¤rr¤ws fr¤m Henri Bergson's amd William James' sihmihlar amd quantum~flux~æv¤catihvæ applihcati¤ns ¤f that term. Wæ sææ 'new' as a naïve and passé classical term. 'New' is analytic in its sense of classical state. deny classical state, thæræf¤re iht issi ihmp¤ssible f¤r any quanton t¤ bæ 'new,' and incrementally state-ic. Quantum ræhlihty nævær st¤ps amd thuhs nævær arrihves at any 'stoppable analytic state.' (See Zeno's paradice — Bergson's examples and discussions appear here: 1, 2, 3 — latter link is ~400k page; try browser finding multiple occurrences of 'Zeno' there — one is Doug's commentary on quantum Zeno 'effect' and its 'inverse.' See our own Zeno quantum memetics.) Thuhs, ihn Quantonics, wæ sahy "Quantum ræhlihty issi ahlways n¤vel. " Doug - 23Mar2001. (Links (1) and (2) above are to our review of Bergson's Time and Free Will. See p. 113 (1) and p. 184 (2).)



Coined contraction of emergent ascent and emerging ascent. Æmærscænce issi sæntiænt awaræness ¤f sælf as quantum bæing. Æmærscænce issi: quantum capabilihty ( qua ) t¤ c¤mmingle ahll ræhlihty. S¤mæ eamples: æmærscænts aræ nan¤~bi¤ ~emerqant hybrihds which pæræmærq umlimihted mædihcal, gænætihc, psychiatrihc, fihtness, plæasuræ, læarning, ænhancæmænt, c¤mmunihcati¤n, computati¤n, etc. servihcæs f¤r ihndihvihduals amd groups ¤f lihving systæms.

Wæ uhsæ quantum æmærscænce as an anihmatæ ræplacæmænt f¤r m¤re classical quantum 'mechanics.'

Quantons aræ æmærscænts. Æmærscænts aræ quantons. Quantons aræ capablæ ¤f quantum æmærscænce.

By comparison, classical dichons are innately (i.e., by axiomatic anthropocentric design) incapable of emerscence.

See ascent.



Coined Quantonics term: ihntænti¤nal sæntiænt ihnnovati¤n ¤f n¤vel emerqs using QTMs. Æmærscænce ¤f n¤vel quantons. Uhsæ ¤f Quantonic mæmæs, ihntuæmæs, amd ahctual quantons t¤ æmærse amd æv¤lve n¤vel amd bættær quantons.

Replaces classical, objective, mechanistic, "manufacture."

Where classical manufacturing is methodically 'state-ic,' quantum æmærscænturing issi m¤dahlly peaqlo 'phase~ihc.' Note how manufactured exclusive staticity disables real product emersibility. By c¤mparihs¤n, y¤u may agrææ wihth ¤ur Quantonics vihew, that æmærscænturing quantum phasicity ænables ræhl quanton æmærsihbilihty.

A hamdy way t¤ thinkq ab¤ut æmærscænture ¤n a gramdæst p¤ssible scalæ issi t¤ thinkq ¤f quantum ræhlihty:

  • spontane¤uhsly,
  • anihmatæly, amd
  • quantahlly...
    ...æmærscænturing ihts ahctual c¤mplæmænt. (H¤w can wæ mimihc quantum ræhlihty? What happæns ihf wæ attach a bævy ¤f quantum at¤m lasærs t¤ s¤mæ Darwin's Chips? What d¤ wæ uhsæ f¤r læarning schæmas? D¤ wæ nææd a bævy ¤f Quantonic schæmas which cræatæ quantum comtexts f¤r ¤ur dæsiræd pr¤duct lihnæ(s)? H¤w can wæ uhsæ dynamihc l¤cal gravihtati¤nal librati¤n schæmas t¤ establish emerqants? D¤ wæ nææd zær¤ gravihty t¤ acc¤mplish this appr¤ach?

    What happæns whæn wæ makæ a cuhst¤m Harley gas tank tæn th¤uhsamd at¤ms thick wihth altærnating titanium, boron, carbon, amd platinum at¤mihc layers, wihth titanium ihnsihde amd ¤utsihde layers? H¤w much wihll iht wæigh? H¤w str¤ng wihll iht bæ? H¤w l¤ng wihll iht takæ t¤ makæ juhst ¤næ? H¤w much wihll iht c¤st ihn quantihties ¤f tæn milli¤n? H¤w can wæ m¤rph iht? Can wæ teach iht t¤ m¤rph ihtsælf? Can iht æv¤lve t¤ fiht a partihcular bihkæ? That n¤vel Æarth spacæ stati¤n issi l¤¤king prætty valuablæ n¤w, eh? NASA, bravo! N¤w run samæ exærcisæ ¤n ¤hrganihcs! Dihtt¤ ¤n BECs. What happæns whæn wæ shove an umlimihted n¤mbær ¤f at¤ms ihnt¤ a BEC amd then dæc¤here iht ihn an apr¤pos comtainmænt comtext? Macro fuhsi¤n anyb¤dy? What happæns whæn wæ cavihtatæ n~at¤m BECs? Can wæ suhstain that VES tap? H¤w! Th¤se aræ Millænnium III QTMs f¤r succæss! Amd wæ haven't ævæn made a scratch! Can y¤u d¤ that? Can y¤u ævæn umdærstamd what ahll this mæans? Bættær get ræhdy!

    Wæ wahnt t¤ addq s¤mæ ræmarks ¤n ¤ur Harley gas tank aut¤~m¤rphing mæmæ. What ihf ¤ur tank's at¤mihc layers emerq a spihn~glass? What ihf that spihn~glass' ass¤ciatihve meme¤ries aræ an umlimihted variæty ¤f tank shapes? Can y¤u sææ h¤w this quantum appr¤ach pr¤vihdæs ¤næ fascihnating s¤luti¤n t¤ h¤w t¤ m¤rph ¤ur Quantonic Harley gas tank ihntuæmæs? Quæsti¤n f¤r y¤u supær~studænts: H¤w d¤ wæ ask ¤ur spihn~glass tank t¤ changæ shape? What quantum affæct¤rs amd select¤rs~ch¤¤sers d¤ wæ nææd t¤ changæ a tank's shape?

To see how potent this approach is, try to write a similar statement for classical manufacturing! Doug.

Are we just intellectually playing with you here? Are any of these ideas worthwhile? Do you get a feeling that we are just dumping Bobbi Streisand Babel in your brain?

We are not wasting your time here!

Are you worried about internal combustion engine exhaust emissions? Have you smelled a diesel engine? Awful! And incredibly toxic too! Bad stuff. Gasoline engines aren't much better either.

Notions we offer here can 'stop' those emissions in their tracks!

Ideas we offer here on emerscenturing and emerscenturability contain within them solutions to IC emissions. They contain within them solutions to our (non) energy problem! (Our quantum multiverses are boundless energy, folks! We do not have a shortage of energy! We have a shortage of quantum thinking.)

Here are two examples:

  1. Imagine our BEC example above scaled down inside an engine cylinder's combustion cavity. No emissions period!
  2. Imagine a fuel injector which emits sonoluminescent 'droplets' just prior cavitation-runaway in amounts capable of producing equivalent energy of burning fuel. No emissions except water and perhaps argon. Perhaps deuterium and argon...

These are really crude examples due their being mostly classical-mechanical. But mechanical-quantum hybridity isn't such a bad idea now is it? Especially as we learn and grow and evolve.

Indeed, if we could do either of those technologies, we would see that IC engines are not adequate platforms for implementing them.

What's most interesting to us is those are only two of countless (~unlimited) examples...

We CAN and DO do BECs and sonoluminescence in laboratories today, as we speak.

Our hybrid solution would be to use either (perhaps both) of those technologies to generate energy. We probably would invent contrarotating very high density gyro energy stores (imagine a quantum analogue of this mechanical solution) and primary (e.g., BEC, SL) quantum energy sources and integrate them with high efficiency electric motors in each wheel. This solution offers no emissions plus power (energy drain) and braking (energy store; supplements primary quantum-energy sources) implicitly. Transmissions, differentials and drive train components go away (enormous heat loss (posentropy) and weight savings). Wheels become integrated engines and direct ground torque applicators. Wheel change is engine change. Pluralism over monism: quanton(quality,quantity). Downtime due engine failure disappears since we have massive wheel-engine redundancy. Cost of spare may increase, though. Although in our near term modal (i.e. a quantum modality vis-à-vis a classical 'model') those wheels would become commodities.

Notions similar these apply to nearly any product we can imagine... Let's start now to move away from CTMs and toward QTMs.

Some memes to QTM think about. What Bases of Judgment can~should we be using?

We are not wasting your time, your time spent in Quantonics!

Doug - 27Mar2004.


Coined term: capable of emergence. Æmærscænts aræ æmærsihble. Æmærsihbilihty dæpænds uhpon quantonic ihnterrelati¤nships. F¤r eample, where quantons aræ ihntrinsihcahlly æmærsihble, dichons are innately not. Classical Thinking Methods (CTMs) preclude any possibility of emersibility in sentient-developed nonbiological artificial life products. Classical, both philosophical and scientific, adherence to logical excluded | middle principles of system specifications and constituent designs using analytic reductions | syntheses preclude this capability. Ihn vihvihd comtrast prahctihce ¤f QTMs (Quantonic~quantum Thinkqing M¤dæs) ænd¤ws s¤phistihcatæs wihth ihncræhsed artihfihcial~lihfe~systæms ihnnovati¤n capacihty. Key t¤ ænlightænmænt hæræ, issi gænæral systæms thhrists' ihntuihtihvæ ¤mnistincti¤ns: dichon vis~à~vis quanton. Index

Coined Quantonics term: Replaces classical 'architecture.' Æmærscænture dæpænds uhpon quantum emerscence amd æmærqants.

Where architects manufacture classical concept designs and products, æmærscihtects emerscenture quantum mæmæs amd quantons.

During Millennium III we shall replace classical architecture concepts wihth quantum æmærscihtecture mæmæs. This æmærgænce ¤f a n¤vel way ¤f thinkq~king issi what wæ cahll Quantonics. In place of classical information wæ pr¤ffer quantum emerqancy.



Coined Quantonics term: Replaces classical 'mythos.' Where mythos is a static pattern of cultural value which society tends and preserves, æmærs¤s issi umænding æmærgænce amd changæ ¤f cultural pattærns amd mæmæs. Æmærs¤s issi an æv¤lutæ quanton ¤f abs¤lutæ changæ. Studænts ¤f Quantonics effacæ 'mythos' amd c¤here æmærs¤s. Æmærs¤s issi an intotic antisociotic.

If you need justification for a quantum reparation of classical 'mythos' with quantum~emersos, read here about classical vis-à-vis quantum 'mythos.' Doug - 16Mar2008.



Coined Quantonics term. QELRed: æmpihrihthæ¤ry.

Need for this term arose in our review of Banesh Hoffmann's The Strange Story of the Quantum, Act II.

We may offer our description of this term perhaps better by showing you how we use it there:

"In general, classical rational theory is inutile. Classical pessimism. (But most classicists do 'not' believe this! Classical science is still 'optimistically' looking for a GUT: Grand Unifying Theory and ToE: Theory of Everything. By way of c¤mplæmæntar¤spæctih juxtaposition, ponder Twin Towers, Challenger, Columbia, Shoemaker Levi, weather, etc.)

"In general, classical empirical practice is often viable. Classical optimism. (Artists, sculptors, musicians, etc., do this. Peirce and James' a priori empirical pragma as that which abductively works and plausibly, more often than n¤t, leads to success, but with quantum~caveat: 'N¤ pr¤cæss ahlways w¤rks! Quantum~umcærtainty ræihgns!')

when it is
a priori
acts (pragmas)
reality's edgings of nowings
selects incrementally
expectantly appears better
t¤ bæ
d¤ings nætings.

Doug - 13May2007.

"It offers an approach which says, 'In anticipation of n¤væl outcomes keep expectantly trying memes which might work better than any memes we are currently using: quantum~uncertainty!' Endless emergent, Maheresque 'new rules' evolving, memetic-adaptive, memeotic, æmpihrihcism. QTMs' quantum strategy is a quantum~æmpihrihthæ¤ry of radical and relentless change and emergence. (empiritheory - Doug coined this word 11May2007; quantum~theory issi empirical; animacy, EIMA~animacy demands a radical QTMic empiricism whose 'mæta~ana~thæ¤ry: mætanathæ¤ry:' recapitulates at each tick of Planck's clock! Æmpihrihthæ¤ry!)

"Recently we wrote in TQS News about a fungus (C. albicans) which is currently doing just what Doug is describing. Medical physicians are using fungicides in humans to try to 'kill' C. albicans. We might call it "medical anti fungal terror." C. albicans is adapting its own chromosomal 'structure,' quantum~strategically two ways: aneuploidy (both mono- and tri-somy, but especially trisomy on chromosome 5) and isochromosomatism (primarily palindromic duplication of select 'location-location-location' and 'timing-timing-timing' chromosome sequences).

"In those quantum~lightings ponder pessimism and optimism medically and fungally. Too, ponder æmpirihthhretihcal Value of a quantum~strategy of using Poisson Brackets to assess ephemera subjectively! Does a fungus act a priori, strategically? Does a fungus act a posteriori, strategically? Both? Why? Why n¤t? Does a fungus want physicians to have predicable qua in assessing their behavior? If not, why would a fungus choose a priori over a posteriori? Let's make it more interesting: Why is our fungus analogy valuable from a business strategic perspective? Which approach is intrinsically more secure and ultimately, then, survivable? Does survival require your competition should know what you will do next, hmmmm...? Should you, like Michael Jordan, feign a predicable and perform a novel uncertainty? Shades of 911?

"Nature necessitates strategic evolution as trial and error, uncertain empiricism. Do you see why we say 'science' is silly for trying to axiomatize nature? Do you see how dialectical 'law' is a height of predicate arrogance and hubris? Thus quantum~reality, and so too, Quantonics are animate~EIMA~emergent(OEDC)~EEE: i.e., quantum~empirical. See Doug's 1999-2000 September, QQA on Pirsigean empiricism.

"Classical empiricism is classically pragmatic: 'If you try something and it works, you may say retrospectively you achieved success.' Most classicists refer that 'pragmatism.' It is inductive-historical pragmatism: looking back as a means of predicting 1-1 correspondently, single root cause, which effect happens next. Classical engineering-physics is classically pragmatic: it state-event-ically tries approaches until (like Thomas Edison and his light bulb filament: '98% perspiration and 2% inspiration') it finds a material and-or method which appears to work. Rationalism then would say, 'If you really could reason well, then you should be able to figure out what to do in your mind without any empirical 'testing.' ' But note and observe how an engineer-physicist's work is an evolutionary process (almost endless cycles of livings and dyings of ideas; crucifixion and resurrection of ideas; endless formal improvement of dialectical ideas, mechanical products and formal designs: applied 'classical evolution') and it assumes retrospective 'probability' plays a large role in a really silly Platonic discovery of preexistent formal and immutable 'nature's rules.' We say 'really silly' which becomes apparent once you grasp how evolution demands evolution of rules too. Doug says, 'Truth is an agent of its own change.' Thomas Kuhn's coining of paradigm breaking and changing is a tell of Doug's surmise, in spades! Quantonics' philosophy is much like an engineer-physicist's evolutionary process. How is it omniffering? Most engineer-physicists today, c. 2007, use classical dialectical 'tools' (most of them declared 'classically rational') of 'reason,' Yes, Doug just showed you how classical engineer-physicists encapsulate hermetically rationalism contradictorily in their practical empiricism. We call CTMs, rational reason which engineer-physicists irrationally use in their classically-empirical work. Quantonics philosophy seeks ESS REIMAR animate quantum~pr¤cæss understandings of 'nature's ESS interrelationshipings.' "

Quotes taken from work done by Doug during May, 2007. Some embellishments to satisfy Doug's quantum~exegesis of empiritheory.

Perhaps oversimply then, HotMeme™ ...empiritheory issi quantum~strategy. HotMeme™.

Doug - 6Jun2007.



Coined Quantonic replacement for classical 'entropies.'

Classical entropies are only posentropic with positive and negative entropy gradients. To make matters worse, J. C. Maxwell assumed classical reality's posentropy is single gradient.

Quantonic entropa are memes of absolute flux likelihood~omnistributionings and interrelationships of those QLOs in quantum reality.

Ihn Quantonics wæ præsumæ quantum æntr¤pa aræ at læast quatr¤t¤m¤uhs (amd that issi why wæ nææd 'æntr¤pa'):

  • nægæntr¤py (a quantum pær ihntera); b¤umdless ænærgy, b¤umdless p¤tæntia; gainful ænærgy transahcti¤ns available t¤ th¤se wh¤ ihnnovatæ mæans t¤ tap ihnt¤ nægæntr¤py AKA "reserve ænærgy;" ahll flux ratæs vahstly ab¤ve human sæns¤ry qua.
  • zær¤æntr¤py (a quantum mæmæo pær ihntera) ; lossless energy transactions at flux rates above human sensory qua; explains perpetuity of atomic nuclei, electrons, photons and some other quantons; ideal adiabaticity achieved at high flux rates. Also thinkq of this as "integer entropies" which widens semantic breadth of this level of entropa.
  • p¤sæntr¤py ( a classical notion, per se); lossfull energy transactions in "seeable" flux shown above; all posentropic transactions lose energy as radiation, typically phoxonic.
  • mihxæntr¤py (a quantum mæmæo pær ihntera)

Th¤se f¤ur æntr¤py mæmæo wæ cahll "æntr¤pa." Each of those notions still retains too much classical legacy. Negative, zero, and positive are classical legacy logical and radically mechanical mathematical EEMD notions. A Quantonics g¤al issi t¤ ræmædiatæ classical ideas, notions ihnt¤ quantum mæmæs, mæmæos~quantons~ metaphors. Quantum negati¤n is subjective. Quantum zær¤ issi a n¤n -state-ic, n¤næmpty~QVF mæmæo. Quantum p¤sihtihvæ, lihkæ ahll quantum mæmæo, issi ahlways anihmatæ EIMA quantum c¤mplementary.

When we enrich each level of our entropa memeos with stindyanic quantum~stochastic gradients, we see an enormity of dynamic, but quantum~variabl[ey]~persisten(t)ce (QVP), quantal mixturings of quantum~entropa in reality. But perhaps most crucial of all is to realize a memeotic HotMeme™ that we can thinkq of Schrödinger's negentropa as Iht. Then we can say and write, "We are ihn Iht and Iht issi ihn us." Then we can choose to thinkq of actualized we and us as mixtures of fractional posentropies and integer entropies (including zeroentropy). Then in place of we and us, we may say and write, "Integer entropies and fractional positive entropies are ihn Iht and Iht issi ihn integer entropies and fractional positive entropies. That expansion of our quantumese expressive powers offers another way to de(omni)scribe EIMA quantum~holographic reality. Doug - 3Jan2011.

See our Quanton Primer.


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