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If our editorial opinions PYO, don't read them!

Be sure to read Marine David Mortlock's top billed letter to Financial Times, 2 September 2006.

Doug - 2Sep2006.

Dick Fear Cheney: double-ought FUD DUD. Pump action trigger-puller extraordinaire...

Ronald DUn-certainly Dumsfeld,, Donald Rumsfeld: Republican't dialectically confused neocan't fascist.

George unDoubt Bush: Learning-disabled funda mentalist evangelical Republican't dialectically bat scat confused neocan't fascist.

Doug - 30Aug2006.

Dan Bartlett: Republican't spin meister of neocan't fascist FUD.

If our enemy were inFidel Castro, we would hear same Republican't spin: FUD.

Same as before...always same as before...status spin quo...a Republican't way to go.

They are afraid, really afraid. You can tell. All of us can smell. They want to scare bloody hell out of us. But Republican'ts have "cried wolf" too many times, yelled "fire" in a crowded theatre too many times...

Are you enjoying their propaganda? Their mind control pogroms? Their canonic catholic doctrinaire intellectual abuse and rape of Americans' minds?

These people neocan't Republican'ts are sick, ill, paranoid, sociopathic, classically, dialectically insane...And some of them declare selves "evangelical." Bu()sh()!!!

Out with all incumbents...all of them...let's get some young blood in our Congress and presidency.

On election day 2006 let's send them a message about what America really stands for: peace, self~other~cooperation, and diplomacy first and war only as a last resort and — only as a last resort —war which leaves no doubt in our world's minds about how serious we are. Let's relieve current Congress folk and this administration of their duties. Just like Tom Delay, if you are government spinners of government, by government, for government, let's make jerks like them go out and work for their bread and butter. Despite all their spin, and 'professional political' Bu()sh() talking points AKA propaganda, Republican'ts don't give a rat's tush about individual Americans.

After six years of this garbage it is clear, at least to us, that these people are anything but 'credible.'

If they won't leave, let's push them out, just like we did Tom "dilly-dally" Delay.

Doug - 31Aug2006.

PS - Thanks so much to Keith Olbermann (MSNBC) for putting all this in better, in Quantum Lightings™, and Ron Reagan (with Nora O'Donnell on MSNBC's Hardball) for reminding us what to alternatively call neocan'tism: "Jingoism!"

BTW, in Doug's opinion, Nora[h] O'Donnell looks like Natalie Wood. Nora[h] is one of most beautiful women Doug has ever layed eyes on. Really! Too, she has been doing an incredible, fabulous job sitting in for Chris Matthews on Hardball.

Doug goes radical here, n¤t to induce fear, but to get you to think, n¤t thingk, but thinkq...

But, but, but, ..., "We have qua to Velcro gel packs into our clothing!!! ???"

Indeed, clothing can be explosives!

A pregnant woman can be explosives!

An obese man can be explosives!

Anal cavities can be full of explosives!

Wing tanks are explosives!

Really now, how difficult is it to adhesively attach explosives to an aircraft's exterior? This can be done quite easily remotely, dynamically, during an aircraft's landing and takeoff procedures.

Remotely controlled drones can deliver explosives to large slowly moving aircraft in almost total stealth mode unbeknownst to current security detection techniques. (Although, if you saw that recent series on Future Weapons, Ireland makes a high speed rocket launcher which can detect, target, acquire, and destroy model-aircraft-sized drones at roughly 7km in seconds.)

And to take another threat scion, how does one put an entire plane "to sleep?" How many preplaced gas canisters (say hairspray cans or fake fire extinguishers, seat cushions, existing oxygen system, etc.) would it take?

Gonna have to get a lot smarter folks.

Personally, we just do not use airlines anymore. About 20 years ago Doug began to fathom that business 'travel' is no longer a necessity. Think how much money your corporation can send to 'da bottom line simply by stopping all travel. With WWW and its unlimited virtual services, why travel? And planes do classical social aggregation... Social aggregation is a n¤n survivable n¤nESS, folks! Evidence? NYC. That will, unspeakably, become even more evident in a n¤t too distant future which is trivial to imagine...

Social, almost anything social, is dangerous now, including USA's Republican't 'administration,' its roman-inane catholic Supreme insalita-after Court, and its inutile Congress.

Socialism is about groups and herd-thing-king: hive-drone mental cloning. But classical herds do 'not' thingk, 'cannot' thingk, can they? Classical herds panic and run regardless any consequences. Terrorism is about individual behavior inducing panic in classical herds. Think-king individuals do n¤t panic, rather they plan and prepare. They may n¤t be intellectually abused and raped by "rope a dope" political, dialectical, neocan't spin and FUD.

A malefic side effect is that Muslim terrorism is developing global classically-social paranoia against Islam. When that classically-social paranoia transmutes into individualism (and alternatively, avalanches into massive classico social retribution), due nearly total, and empirically-demonstrated ineptnesses of classical society, Muslims beware!

Again, and more loudly, "war against terrorism," is an oxymoron.

Doug - 11-31Aug2006.

Doug goes alternate~thought here, n¤t to confuse our readers, but to just say to you what we are think-king.

Doug listened to Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, president of Iran, speak (interpreted from Farsi) on CSPAN during last week of August, 2006.

We have n¤ direct-experience-way of knowing whether Mahmoud is a consummate liar and "infidel hater" vis-à-vis (vav) a decent G¤d~Allah~l¤ving human bæing.

We do k~now that Bu()sh() is a liar, hater, a spinner, a neocan't, and inept in almost all measures of leadership and mental qua.

Simply though, Mahmoud made more sense in 30 minutes than Bus()sh()awk's Republican't neocons have made in over six years.

We have to sideline this incompetent, corrupt and lying neocan't administration, folks!

Doug - 2Sep2006.

Change of pace...

We want to offer a delicious quote of Robert M. Pirsig. This quote appears in Dan Glover's Lila's Child which was published by 1stBooks, April 17, 2003.

"Philosophy is the creative Dynamic Quality of the philosopher of the present."

by Robert M. Pirsig.

Pirsig wrote this as part of Lila's Child's Introduction.

Doug hasn't read all of Lila's Child. But if you want a great historical perspective of The Lila Squad, this is it.

Doug has almost unlimited bad memories of TLS, and we seldom even discuss it.

A major problem is that these folk want to philosophise about Quality, but they use dialectic 'quantity' to do so. Bummer!

We have not been 'members' of TLS since, roughly, mid-1998. Still, we find Glover's Lila's Child and Pirsig's comments invaluable.

Our caveat: beware dialectical thing-king which predominates most of Lila's Child.

Jason Gaedtke introduced Doug to TLS in 1997. Jason, of all TLSMates, and in Doug's opinion, came closest to grasping quantum essence of and in Pirsig's MoQ.

Allow us to offer Jason's first letter to Doug dated 10Jul1997:

Amazon Review of Lila
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 14:54:07 -0500
Jason Gaedtke <>
"''" <>

I just read your very insightful review of Robert Pirsig's Lila on the
Amazon website. You seem to have a very strong grasp of the Metaphysics of
Quality. I was just wondering what your personal background is, and where
you acquired the interesting information that you shared (origin of the
word Lila, quantum physics, etc.).

"Personally, I've been following Pirsig's work for the past four or five
years. I recently received a correspondence from him which stated that,
although he does not have plans for a third book, he has been reading
Physics and Philosophy by Werner Heisenberg.

"I would be interested in hearing your ideas related to additional levels
beyond the four that were outlined in the book. I have had my own thoughts
on this subject, but I would welcome any new insights.

"Finally, thank you for taking the time to post the review and support such
an important piece of work.


" 'Phaedrus had once called metaphysics 'the high country
of the mind' - an analogy to the high country of mountain
climbing. It takes a lot of effort to get there and more
effort when you arrive, but unless you can make the journey
you are confined to one valley of thought all your life.'

"-Robert M. Pirsig
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

A little déjà vu...for u...

Jason's first letter to us evoked a dialog which lasted at least a year and countless letters back and forth.

Quantonics was just emerging at that historical ensemble of timings...and a notion (memeo) of quanton was better fleshed as an outcome of that dialog. Thanks Jason, whereverings and wheneverings you areings. Jason was one of few who actually took time and effort to understand. Really!

Jason eventually left TLS due much SOMitic classically-social hostility there. Just like Muslims (Shiia) and Muslims (Sunni) and Muslims (Kurds) and Jews: fire and more fire: war! Heraclitus says "Dialectic is war," and "Dialectic is simple toys." Apropos!

Dialectic is hate!

Classical dialectic teaches, "Make war and fight until your enemies are (everyone else is) dead." Only neocan't DIQheads believe that. Quantum rhetoric teaches, "Make individual friends with those who might be your enemies." QICheads learn to grasp sensibilities of latter.

Study well Hebrew for haglavah and haganah (notice both are 'sacred' feminine gender). Also study Hebrew for lekhabed.

About that, we just wrote this to DMD on 3Aug2006:

"quanton_Israel(lekhabed_sorso_ respect,quanton(havlagah_self_restraint_cooperation,haganah_self_defense)).

"Our slight revisions here desnouer implicit Hebraic (Essene) gn¤stic individualism which is a powerful metaphor of that Chautauqua of ours (DMD's and Doug's) on Sartre where individualism manifested itself, epiphanously, so well.

"When it comes to conflict (c¤herent) individuals will nearly always, ultimately, win over any metastatic totalitarian globalist socialism. That's a potent test of quantum thinking's (i.e., e.g., MoQ's) goodness. It is also instructive as to what Israel and USA need to do to change their operations, tactics, strategies and very long term views.

"Shiia religion IS a very long term view! Dialectical christians appear to us as crashing. Shiia is individual, but lacks coherence (they endlessly, dialectically, fight among themselves). Dialectical christianity is classically-social and thus predominately anti-individual. Dialectical christianity seeks monistic and monastic hegemony over flocks of shepherded tragedy of commons sense hive-drone-cloned individuals. Judaism sees god and man as dichon(god, man).

Essene Jesus denies all that and says, "God is in individuals (one may find god in self) and individuals are in god." Essene Jesus taught: quanton(G¤d,humankind's_individuals), while essene-tially attenuating quanton(G¤d,society)."

Doug - 12-31Aug-2Sep2006.

For Doug's summary 4-way vav comparison of religion-science and better-worse, see our review of Dennett's Breaking the Spell, Chapter 8, near page top.

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September, 2006 News

On ... Coal liquefaction as US' interim, pre-quantum solution to $70-100+ a barrel oil ...

Montana alone has enough coal, when liquefied, to supply all of US' needs for a minimum of 40 years!

Why then, oh! why then, are we buying mid-east oil and paying for arabs to terrorize us?

See James Altucher's articles in Financial Times.

Ethanol can't cut it, folks! We cannot grow enough bio mass to satisfy our fuel needs.

Fischer-Tropsche coal liquefaction is clean, almost sulphur free, and safe. Cost is about $35 per barrel. With margins, then, we pay $50+ per barrel, to us, to US!! Jobs. Taxes. Success. And think of all those potential suburban lakes, ski slopes, homes and businesses after coal-mined land is recovered! It'll make Las Vegas look pip-squeeky.

Check out Rentech (we are looking at it as an investment, now, as Doug is writing this News...).

Contact Montana's governor for business opportunities borne of this useful and well-thought approach. BBC had Montana's 'guv' on their evening news third week of August, 2006. This man makes Bu()sh() look like a twildo-twidlo.

Fuel independence for USA. Just in Montana. Now that's a US p¤sitive which our national news media is wholly missing!

Ever hear Bush admin. proselytizing this? Why not? (They don't know what to do with all the $ they're already making in Iraq...and they don't want any competition...sort of like GM and Tucker...and GM and DeLorean...)

Doug - 30 August 2006.

On ... Evolution of all earth-life genomes, manifesting as profuse N-somias, as a huge quantum tell of immense imminent change which makes social notions of "global warming" irrelevant ...

Genomes of all Earth life are undergoing massive changes now, explosively when considered on a geological 'period' time base.



Doug found out about this first in May, 1997 on a trip with Beth to near lake Iseo in Italy. Beth and Doug were in a kind of bookstore pharmacy, high on a cliff side, browsing magazines. Doug found Aprile, 1997 issue of SALVE whose section 'Genetica' has this article: 'Tutti I SESSI possibili." Doug used this article in an attempt to learn, minimally, how to read Italian. It is a fascinating article. Read it if you can find it. Its title line is "Nascere [nascent birth] maschio [male; note similarity to machino] oppure femmina [female] è il risultato di un lungo cammino non privo di possibili 'inciampi': ecco cosa succede quando uno si verifica."

Doug knows 'no' Italian, so please forgive this rude attempt at translation: To be born male or female is the result of processes whose potential dark [genetic mutation] possibilities may follow when one grasps that apparent truth. In this case, apparently, Italians see natural genetic mutation as endarkenment, where we see it as quantum~enlightenment: natura genetic agency.

What a way to find out about this! A pop mag in Italy! But that was all Doug needed to tear a novel brain crease.

Pix on page 111 of that issue of SALVE shows a full page dialectical hermaphrodite: a formal dichon(XX, XY). That pix is haunting, in metacomplementaroceptions' Quantum Lightings™ of a recent Science report on aneuploidy.

Aneuploidy is a genetic 'science' term for evolutionary divergence from 'normal' chromosomal diploidy. In human females, DNA 'normally' is 23 pairs of XX chromosomes; similarly, 23 pairs of XY for males. Down's syndrome is pair 21 aneuploidy (specifically, trisomia on pair 21, possibly XXY and XYY). Kleinfelter's syndrome: trisomy on pair 13: XXY. Turner's syndrome: monosomy on pair 23 AKA 45,X (i.e., no 46Y). Countless other syndromes are aneuploidal, n-somial.

Genetic scientists are finding increasing aneuploidy (e.g., XXY, XYY, XXYY, XYYY, XXXY which is pure AKA 'true' hermaphrodicity, XXXYY, etc.) in humans and in other life forms as well.

Science, in its 21Jul2006 issue, on pp. 367-370 offers a Science Report titled 'Aneuploidy and Isochromosome Formation in Drug Resistent Candida albicans.'

That article offers a superb example of proliferation of aneuploidy. Perhaps uniquely, C. albicans, appears to be using aneuploidy and isochromosomatism as defense transmutations as evolutionary protection against anti fungal 'medicines.'

Let's imagine medicinal drugs against human-invading fungi as, from any fungus' perspective, "medical terrorism." Let's imagine aneuploidy as, in this case, one of C. albicans' anti terrorist defenses. To us, that metaphor appears valid and useful comparing US' response to Middle-East socio-religio-medical-war terrorism.

Aneuploidy as a 'defense' transmutation is filled with philo sophial plunderable Value. Ditto isochromosomatism (this, 'scientists' will omniscover subsequently, is a huge quantum tell). Former obliterates dialectically 'ideal,' and 'normal' memes of sexuality. For example, in Quantonics, a quantum memeotic is that both~and XXXY (pure hermaphrodicity) is superior (in a sense of being more highly evolved) to classically ideal either XY (male; preferable) or XX (female; nonpreferable). Current western culture finds many of its ideological bases in latter dialectical view (marriage, family, etc.). Is that view an ESS? We think n¤t.

Let's speak metaphasementally. Aneuploidy and isochromosomatism appear as natural, adaptive, ESS responses to change.

Lots of n¤vel questions erupt. What other adaptive responses are extant? Why is a select (an 'elect') response viewed by an organism's system as defense-capable? Can an organism k~now what defense to s~elect? If n¤t, how is any defense s~ælæctæd? Do defenses emerge? How?

Now realize that higher flux, isoflux, is cowithin us (islandically, intra~quantum~comtext). Both we have to go inward to answer those queries in light of "How?" and we have to go to extra~quantum~comtext (classically: environment) to answer, perhaps only partially, "Why?" Classically, higher flux is smaller and 'down.' Quantumly, higher flux and isoflux are increasing quantum~energy.

We can just hear dialectical socialists: "Global warming is a root cause of aneuploidy!" and "CO2 emissions are a root cause of isochromosomatism." But doesn't classical 'cause' rule out emergent quantum~energetic transmutational selection?

On ... Beth's ChouricoGumbo ...

Straight from Bethahava's kitchen...

Chourico Gumbo
2 to 3 cups left over mashed potatoes.
2 cans chicken broth
1 8 oz can of sliced button mushrooms
   (alternately you can use diced Portabellas, and fresh salad grade smaller button shroom caps)
4 roma tomatoes diced
2 - 3 chourico sausages sliced (from Gaspar's);
   slightly brown sliced sausage in a fry pan;
   dump this and red juices into already cooking mix of other ingredients;
   chourico is highly seasoned and is primary source of ChouricoGumbo's extraordinary flavor
3 green onions diced...including the greens
1 red bell pepper sliced
Salt, pepper, to taste and fresh 1-2" sprig of garden rosemary leaves only
Cook on Low - 4 hours - no lid on pan - stirring every hour.
Turn off after 4 hours - place lid on pan.
Approximately 1 hour before serving.
Add 2 carrots sliced, 5 stalks of celery sliced and fresh corn cut from 2 ears of corn.
Add 1 more can of chicken broth if needed
   (as mashed potato's will have caused Gumbo to thicken considerably)
Bring to a mild (slow) bubble for 30 minutes with lid on...just till carrots soften a bit.
Stir every 10 to 15 minutes.
Serve with Doug's hearty french bread - Black & Decker's recipe and instructions
   (1-1/4 cup filtered water, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon salt,3-2/3 cups bread flour;
   1-1/4 teaspoon yeast; follow standard breadmaking process; dump dough on a
   cookie sheet and allow to rise in oven at lowest setting; then bake at 330 degrees F
   for ~25 minutes; great when warm)
   and Fleischman's olive oil margarine.
It's a YUM...even in 95 degree heat!

BAR 7/30/06

This is a great recipe, in Doug's opinion. Of course you can be as inventive and innovative with it as you like. Doug, for example, could stand a teaspoon of Penzey's cumin added to above, but that is just a Doug-think...

Thanks and muchas love and affection to Beth for sharing.

Thank you for reading,

Doug - 2Sep2006.

See you here again in early October, 2006!



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