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Doug's holiday wish for all Earth's humanity is that we all commence understanding this:

Loving self, when one admits both self issi ihn It and It issi ihn self, issi n¤t classical narcissism.

Doug - 10Nov2006.

Are there any tells that some of us have commenced proto~understandings of that?


USA's recent 2006 November national mid-term elections are a huge hærænt tell. A show of quantum~coherent quantum~individualism at its finest.

What about corporations who appear to be getting it?


Did you see Financial Times 15Nov2006 issue? HSBC ran a full page add of quantum~complementary views of tabbys and puggers. Too, HSBC offers a website whose domain title is:


A counter example of three "do not yet get it" companies who are trapped irretrievably in dialectic's abominable 2500 year history...

Robertson Foundation, Ad Council, and envirnomental, envirdumbmental defense AKA 'e' all offer a perfect dialectical full page two-valued, 1-1 correspondent, singular root cause-effect, wholly classical-realism, naïve-localistic dichotomy. Most recent one appeared in our 16Nov2006 issue of FTimes.

Their dichon is an EOOO(stick_head_in_sand,


   SOM's Wall

Actually, dialecticians (naïve-realists) are ones with their heads in sand and a few other dark places too, e.g., their own.

Some are saying, "The science is in!"

But science is n¤t final knowledge, and ethical science admits its own provisionality.

Doug - 16Nov2006.

Have you noticed how envirnomental SOMwits have attempted to reengineer "global warming" as "climate change?"

Well, it isn't "global warming," anyway, is it? Primarily it is "solar warming." Plus Earth's core 'weather' is changing rapidly now, as our core's magnetic poles are reversing! Too, combined with Earth's core weather changing radically, our Sun's weather is changing massively, and envirnomentalists want to fix them?

Are you laughing hysterically yet?

Doug - 20Nov2006.

One of you searched using this query:


Instead of that, try this more medically 'concise' garzone jargoné:

human isochromosome 16p

Here is first Google hit result Doug's www search received on 20Nov2006 at about 13:35:

Library Page numbers 16 to 22
Direct Duplication 16q11.2->16q22 in a child with cardiac and renal anomalies,
Am Journal Human Genetics, 1996 Partial Trisomy 16p in an adolescent with ...
(Lost this link:) - 18k -

Try this:


You won't find Quantonics involved in your results in that search, and first hit is a dead-on example (italics: DNA is complex and regions of it share massive quantum~holographic~interrelationshipings among one another...) answer for you.

Good news, quantum~g¤spæl, here is that your children are agents of change on humans' probably very bumpy pathway of evolving from Homo sapiens to our inevitable next successor, what Quantonics calls, "Neo sapiens."

Most rapidly evolving cells of all in humans, though, are our neurons!

See a Brevia in Science, p. 786, Vol 314, 3Nov2006, titled 'Accelerated Evolution of Conserved Noncoding Sequences in Humans.'

Our neurons are making more room for increased evolutionary novel functional quantum~stagings' qua and starting actual encoding of that novel qua.

That quantum~pr¤cess of evolution is omniffering isochromosomatism in 16p, though. 16p is exonic DNA (already coded, expressed, our 'said' genome). "Conserved Noncoding Sequences" are intronic DNA (intervening, uuu, unyetexpressed uracil codons, our 'unsaid' genome ).

Like we showed you in last month's news, y~our_genome issi quanton(unsaid,said)!

Terms used by specialists in this area include CNV and CNVR. CNV is Copy Number Variability. R is for Region. Duplication is one kind of CNV. Palindromic isochromosomatism another.

Anyone who denies evolution is simply ignorant, out of touch with reality...

Too "climate change" exhibits quantum~evolution ... but envirnomentalists, similar "intelligent design" fundumbentalists, treat "climate change" as a classical root cause phenomenon.

Evolution isn't some naïve, least squares fit, a posteriori root cause, 1-1 correspondent, classically deterministic phenomenon. Why? Evolution manifests massive network everywhere~associative ensemble natural a priori choosings' quantal included~middle behaviourings.

Doug - 20-24Nov2006.

Have you noticed that FireFox 2.0 supports Symbol fonts natively, now?

We have had to use a lot of GIFs to show some Symbol fonts. We will now edit most of those back to text and save some unneeded image hits.

In Quantonics, half of our hits are images!

A quarter are search engines! Of course, that's marketing, isn't it?

When we net it all down, only 20% of our total annual hits are community user hits.

Internet now has 100 million sites. Quantonics is just barely in top one percent...

Doug - 2Nov2006.

How do SOMwits like Marsha Blackburn (rep. TN) get elected?

Are voters in Tennessee daft? Or right wing fascists?

Of course Indiana has its share of SOMwits including Mike Pence, and Dan Burton.

Dan Burton sends his ludicrous flyers to us at taxpayer expense. His flyers are so full of SOMwitted ooze, they're only fit for shredding.

Doug - 2-16Nov2006.

Dialectical Newsperts are excommunicating themselves, in our opinion.

Doug - 2Nov2006.

Forget Hillarious for pres. in 2008!

If you want a woman, a Democrat, we suggest Pelosi.

Pelosi is a female Jack Kennedy vis-à-vis Hillarious a female Dick Nixon.

Imagine those two Democrats in a national TV debate.

TV will destroy opportunity based upon skaggo's dark side just like it did Nixon's unshaven appearance.

Now here's a potentially humourous scenario: Slick dumps bubblebutt for Belinda as his side dish, while Pelosi and slick hitch up.

Pelosi wins!

Or, perhaps a whole new approach, like this.

On McCain: Doug's simple view here is that we have had one chameleon for going-on eight years and we sure as hell don't want another one.

On global warming, McCain is either a liar, or scientifically stupid. Any politician who isn't a scientist should keep he-r mouth shut re: global warming (now, AKA "climate change").

Doug likes Giuliani most on Repo. side.

Doug - 10Nov2006.

In Doug's view, and this is admittedly quite radical, whole Bush 'administration' (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.) are "war criminals."

One advantage of a Global System of Government is that these people could be punished in a Global court.

Doug - 10Nov2006.

Beth just said, "I think Rove is on something," after hearing Rove say, "I think this is just a passing thing."

Obviously Rove has OD'd on Metamucil.

Olbermann said that Howard Dean predicted Rovesque Republican't Rationalization.

Smooth moooooooove, Humpty Rovety! Republican't elfants turn into Longhorn patties.

"The stink is (almost) gone."

Doug - 10Nov2006.

We experience lots of hits from readers who are looking for word meanings.

May we suggest you acquire a good dictionary. Also Micro$oft's Bookshelf CDROM.

If you have a MAC with OS X, a recent OS version, use its superb Dictionary-Thesaurus. We also offer reference recommendations in several pages on our site.

One of Doug's favorite word meaning issues is:

Heterogeneous vis-à-vis heterogenous


Homogeneous vis-à-vis homogenous.

Their pronunciations are omnistinct and crucial to allowing a listener to grasp what one means.

Versions with that extra 'e' are about logical groupings, both omniverse (heterogeneous) and similar (homogeneous).

Versions without that extra 'e' are biological terms, both 'that which originates outside said organism' (heterogenous) and organism lineage, 'having common descent,' AKA homologous (homogenous).

Doug has had supposedly really intelligent people unequivocally insist that former (logical: genee) should be pronounced as latter (biological: gen). They should n¤t!

State that extra 'e' explicitly when you are pronouncing it!

It's just a pet peeve, but it does matter, in this example. Biology, n¤ 'e.' Logic, explicit 'e.'

Heterogeneous: "many."

Homogeneous: "alike."

Heterogenous: "originating outside said organism."

Homogenous: "common descent [to-of] said organism."

Doug - 11Nov2006.

We took some friends, sort of "adopter family" to dinner at Mama Corolla's on 54th street (by Monon trail) in Indy last Saturday night.

These folks are bright and fun. They love to talk about stuff which is provocative and interesting.

Question arose, "What is Matrix' 'Rabbit Hole?' "

One person answered "our subconscious."

Doug was caught off guard with that answer. Actually, it's pretty good, but it really depends upon whether one is thing-king vis-à-vis thinkq~king.

How do we test for those two alternatives?

A great way is to ask this: "Is you minus you zero?"

A thing-king person will answer "Yes!"

A thinkq~king person will answer "Mu!"

"Yes" is a dialectical answer. It has lost its Quality.

"Mu" is a quantum~complementary answer which retains its Quality.

Doug - 13Nov2006.

Beth asked Doug, "Did Pelosi screw up when she said Bush will not be impeached?"

Doug responded, "In my opinion, Pelosi pulled a genius maneuver. In one sentence she turned Seven-Up into Seven-Down. Pelosi, quite simply, made Bush and his administration irrelevant. She dispositioned the fell swoop. Brilliant!"

Bush no longer matters. He is like Ayla after Clan decided it couldn't see her any more. Bush is dead. Repubilican'ts very likely, at least as neocan'ts, are dead.

Doug - 13Nov2006.

Political 'certainty' about 'global warming' as anthropocentric is just as dangerous, if not more so, than Bush's arrogant certainty re: his Iraq 'War on Terrorism.'

Beware politicians who say that humans are an exclusive and root cause of 'global warming.' More important, beware politicians ignorant enough to believe they, or any social institutions can fix 'global warming.' If Bush could not fix terrorism, imagine any outcomes of politicians trying to fix 'global warming.'

'Climate change' is what Nature does!

Aggregate human climate-affective behaviour vis-à-vis Nature, is negligible.

McCain on 'global warming' is simply incompetent as a 'decider.' Ditto Lieberman, et Al.

(Doug still holds Lieberman in high esteem. In Doug's view Joe Lieberman is USA's first genuine "quantum~politician.")

Doug - 14Nov2006.

Republican'ts making Republicouldn't Trent Lott minority leader appears analogous Democrappeds making Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson Ambassador to Israel.

Doug - 15Nov2006.

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December, 2006 News

On ...Doug's annual nostalgia...

Folks this is our last monthly news segment for 2006. Traditionally, this is a time for a tad O' Dugger nostalgia.

We've been doing this since February 11, 1998. Nearly nine years! Shoot'n for 10, hopefully.

Think about it. In 1986 only a handful of people could imagine an emergent system such as www became in fewer than 20 years.

There was no way, in 1986, Doug could reach millions of people instantaneously (i.e., in milliseconds). Think about that.

Now it's reality! And it's going to get a whole lot faster. Some people are looking at and proposing 60GHz wireless, as we write this. That is 6 x 1010 bits per second! Two hours of that bandwidth is 7200 times that number or 4.32 x 1014 total bits. How many bytes is that with two parity bits per byte? 4.32 x 1013! How big is a two hour movie? Let's assume one video frame is 1200x800x16. Let's assume 30 of those per second. So one video frame-second is 1.5 x 107. Two hours of that is 1.1 x 1011. Available bandwidth at 60GHz, again, is 4.32 x 1014. Divide former by latter: 0.0003! That's three 10,000ths of two hours! If Doug did this right that's only 1.84 seconds. Wow! If we made any serious mistakes please let us know.

Doug Renselle
Suite 18 #368
1950 East Greyhound Pass
Carmel, IN 46033 USA

A rough calculation says that 60GHz will allow full two hour movie to be transmitted in about 2 seconds! A full human genome in just seconds!!

Our G5quad and a MacBook Pro C2D 2.33GHz, 2GRAM, with 1000Base-T Cat5 copper allows file transfers now at between 11 & 12 Mbytes per second. A Titanium PowerBook with 100Base-T is about 13 times slower than that. Beth and Doug watch DVDs in our lab area after work in evenings. Just got two Samsung SyncMaster 20" LCD DVI monitors. G5quad has two DVI ports. We plug both into it and Beth watches one display while Doug watches other. Nice! (Doug is about 900/20 in both eyes! Doug is so myopic he can 'read' inside of his eyelids! He needs to be alot closer to his LCD... Beth's eyes are closer to 'normal.') Our dual 15" antique Jensens offer striking theater-like sound. Just to see how our LAN could handle that video bandwidth load Doug cotVNC'd G5 from a MacBookPro Core 2 Duo. That link is 1000Base-T on both ends. A subharmonic drifts though video at a rate of about 3 frames per second. Doug guesses that if our LAN were only 3x faster we could watch video on each display in our lab, regardless (assuming each unit has 1000Base-T). Optical is starting to look like a necessity...

Who did that? Who made it possible? USA! US! We did, this great capitalistic constitutional federated republic. Who paid for it? USA (i.e., to get it started). What impetus? Military communications! ARPA!

Doug has done a huge amount of work for US' military and its contractors. Many of US' finest minds are in that business. When we compare those minds with people currently running our country, it hurts. Why do human dregs and scum rule politics?

Why have we not yet learned to use WWW to eliminate scum from US government same way we eliminate pedophiles and child-abusers?

Doug has opinions about that...

Quantonics has offered Doug his greatest rewards. Doug wants to share them with you. Quantonics is breaking ground in all areas philosophical. Those of you who choose to partake are experiencing similar rewards as Doug. Good! Great!

And, perhaps best of all... Quantonics doesn't cost $100-200 thousand a year! Only cost to you is time spent on materials we provide for you here, online.

We ask you, those of you who have studied so thoroughly and well, to keep it up. Be~ing you. Be~coming your quantum you. Be~coming your version of martus aritos. Discover your unsaid! Grow your said!

Doug and Beth send all of you our best holiday wishes, and we wish that you all experience love and mutual respect.

May your life experiences be many and animate~emerging toward quantum~better,

Doug & Beth.


On ...Apple's new MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo (AKA C2D)...

We just got our first one. A 17". We ordered 2G RAM. We opted for a 100Gbyte Hard Drive which was smallest option but drive runs at 7200 rpm. 160Gbyte drive only runs at 5400 rpm. This MacBook Pro can handle up to 3G RAM, but one stick has to be 2Gb! Those are still pricey.

This, in Doug's opinion, is Apple's finest machine ever. It's about 5-7x faster (2 dual core cpus; total of four cores; each cpu runs at 2.33GHz; much faster RAM and busses; and Doug believes data widths are now 64 bits vis-à-vis prior 32 bits) than a Titanium 1GHz 1GRAM (max), although we just recently upgraded our Titanium's HD from 5400 rpm to 7200 rpm.

We are moving further and further from M$. Our latest attempt to do this includes's Open Office. It is an integrated package of Write, Calc, a DB, and a Presentation tool.

If you have a recent MAC and a recent OS X, you can install OOo, but first you have to install MAC's X11 package. Only one way that always works which you should use to do this. Put your OS X DVD in your machine and open its Optional Software Package. Doug thought XL Tools was what was needed. Wrong! Need XL11 application which is in that options package. You'll see XL Tools at top directory structure on your DVD, but that is NOT what you need.

Install XL11.

Download latest OpenOffice app from Ours is (c. late 2006) version 2.0.4. OOo offers a lot of really good help.

Install OOo.

First thing Doug tried was to open a four megabyte xls spreadsheet. It wouldn't load. Tried a smaller one. It loaded fine. Went into menu item Tools under OOo and looked at Memory option. Increased Graphics cache Use for OOo to 100Mb and Memory per object to 10.0 Mb.

Tried four megabyte xls spreadsheet again. Loaded! (Doug doesn't know why; just that it worked...) Doug was running totally on intuition in doing that.

Next went to SysPrefs Sharing and enabled C2D's ARD and set its password to a six alpha pattern. (ARD with password feature is only available, Doug believes, 10.4 and later. Beth's Panther has ARD, but no password...)

ARD: Apple Remote Desktop.

Went back to Titanium laptop which has a cotVNC client. Opened it. Keyed in MacBook Pro''s local LAN URL: (we have a Cisco router for our LAN) and C2D's ARD password. Opened our VNC connection and Voila! OOo's API of our spreadsheet appeared on our Titanium!

We no longer need M$ Office folks! OOo does Oh, Oh, oh all we need! Yippee!! Finally!

OOo is not like Word. It is similar Word. Calc probably doesn't do all that Excel does either, but it does what we need. On our C2D, OOo spreadsheet is slower than Excel on our Titanium. Speed isn't such a problem now since Intel and Apple are going multiprocesser and multicore in spades.

We just bought a copy of Chronosync for our C2D. We are learning to use it to keep our systems' files coordinated. It's a powerful tool. We have yet to try its scheduler and change event detection capabilities. Let you know...

Steve K. convinced us to get a 20" display from Our C2D has a large screen HDVI out port. Large display plugs into that port. Doug can work on Titanium and VNC-watch C2D's 20" display in parallel. Titanium doesn't support that large display and its 1600 x 1080 resolution.

cotVNC in full screen allows auto-scrolling of larger screen on smaller Titanium resolution. That's still pretty quick, even on our 100 TBT Titanium LAN port. C2D and G5quad both have 1000TBT LAN interfaces. (Actually, on our Titanium we opened a VNC to our G5quad and another to our C2D...)

We're working like this until we can find a good WYSIWYG HTML editor that isn't bloated with crap we (perhaps only in our own ignorance) simply do not need. PageMill has worked well for us, but Apple's Intel processors do not support it, and Parallels won't (appears incapable of) load(ing) any of our legacy Windows OSes. Someone on MACOSXHints suggested using SheepShaver (a play, a pun on ShapeShifter) which provides a OS 9 emulation, apparently, under Intel. But a good Apple native HTML editor, clearly, is a better way to go.

Our CodeTek Virtual Desktop doesn't work yet on C2D Intel yet. They are working on a native Intel version for MAC OS X.

Having worked with CodeTek's Virtual Desktop, we didn't realize how productive it is until we had to work without it. It's just miserable not having it!!! How's that for a recommendation? Another reason why we still use our Titanium as a working production interface to our first new Core 2 Duo.

Technology is evolving rapidly too...and we love it!


On ...Didacticism and Autodidacticism...

Are you familiar with 'didactic?' It means "teach."

Then 'autodidact' means self taught.

In Quantonics we quantum~remediate dialectics' almost ubiquitous occurences of 'di' to 'omni.'

So our remediated portraiture of autodidact becomes automniact.

What if we want to refer self as both self and other taught? Would that be a combination of both 'di' and 'omni?' Say, like autodiomniact? Interesting, eh?

This term will become more and more used and important during Earth's 21st century, in Doug's opinion. Why? Quantum reality and quantum~education require automniactism! Compare that to how dialectic requires 'other-didactism.' That approach is problematic, though. Other direction, other teaching tends to herding of thought, cloning of thought does it not? A kind of pedagogic intellectual terrorism...

And when we look at what is happening scientifically and technologically, we see a move among AIsperts from other-directed networks to self-directing networks. We fathom a similar trend among humans. It is inevitable, like corporate downsizing, cultural disassembly, philosophical deconstruction, idea commoditization, etc. Academe has yet to detect this trend, or fears its immense consequences and is trying to forego it.

As Wikipedia and its spawn are exploding, so too shall web-based automniactism. We can rid ourselves of all that wasted, redundant academic infrastructure and all those academic OSFA thought-cop hegemons.

On ...Doug's Early Holiday Surprise...

Beth just surprised Doug with an Apple iPod white 80Gbyte video! Awesome. It has an etched message engraved on its backside. She bought a bunch of add-ons for it. Doug is using that postage stamp sized FM receiver now to listen to PBS and some great jazz piano and guitar. Looked at iTunes store with software updates from Apple for our OS X 10.4.8 systems. When they offer standard video we'll be ready. Couple of TV series look interesting too. Audio books... Games... Lots of stuff...

Doug's biggest use for this will be digital audio voice recording. Trouble is, there are no really good after market products to do this well. Griffin, Belkin, etc. have tried, but most reviews come up short in Doug's opinion.


Thank you for reading,

Doug - 3Dec2006.

See you here again in early January, 2007!



To contact Quantonics write to or call:

Doug Renselle
Quantonics, Inc.
Suite 18 #368 1950 East Greyhound Pass
Carmel, INdiana 46033-7730

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