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A 3D Quantonics Fuzz¤n

Doug Renselle - 4-28Jun2004

Most recent updates by Doug during April, 2014.

Quantonics' 3D Fuzzon

by Doug Renselle

©Quantonics, Inc., 2004-2029

"Each point within a diffuse hologram bears a complete code for the entire scene."
Paul Pietsch, Shufflebrain, p. 62.

Of course Pietsch's statement is Cartesian. Let's QELR it:

"Each fuzz¤n wihthin any ¤mnihffusing h¤l¤gramings
bæars a comtextual network~sorso~¤rganizing
quantum~relatihve~phasæ~ænc¤ding f¤r an æntiræ scænæ."
Fathom how h¤l¤grams violate Aristotle's sillygisms:
h¤l¤gramings aræ
b¤th~ahll~whilæ~amd~many (BAWAM)

Weigh this, QELRed: Each fuzz¤n ihn any hl h¤l¤gram
issi quantum~ænsehmblings ¤f peaqlo~sælæction~æv¤lving
which wæ cahll "quantons."

Our use of quantum~relatihve here is what Niels Bohr meant by "quantum~complementarity."
Every fuzzon in any hologram is "quantum~complementary" every other fuzzon in said hologram."
All fuzzons in any hologram 'co-exist' "...without contradiction."
Pirsigean "absence of dialectical contradiction." Compare neurons.
More simply, we can say a hologram is a quantum~SOON.
Doug - 4Feb2006, 22Aug2012.

Begin Update - 18Apr2014, 2Jul,2Nov2014 (add radicals rqfv, rqis):

A Quantum~World~View

This update is evolving into memes and memeos of great philosophical and metaphysical import.
It needs some omniscriptors we can use easily and at will. Let's try these:

Quantum~view, and
quantum~viewing, and
quantum~world~view(ing)s, and
quantum~EWings'~viewings, and
quantum~fuzzonic~world~viewings, etc.

Please observe that quantum~viewing is always both local and n¤nlocal (remote), quanton(remote,local).
Essence, quintessence of Bell's Inequalityings.

Doug - 27Apr2014.

Doug's New Quantum Philosophy has matured quite exceptionally, and extraordinarily, since our last 3D Fuzzon update a couple of years ago.

Doug has expanded his QELRs of complement and contradiction. Too he has added some new, relevant QELRs including antinomy, etc. Further, Doug has added new acronyms for his quantum~radicals mentioned just below.

If you choose to read Doug's QELR of antinomy you will find that it takes classical 'opposition's' place in any quantum~world~view. That is so critical and so important to understand (standunder) here since any quantum~world ~view in Doug's New Quantum Philosophy has many, many viewing artefacts including countless quantum~radicals: radical~quantum~comtext~sensitivity (rqcs), rqeh, rqei, rqfi, rqfv, rqis, rqsu, rsqs, plus others pending.

Doug has been writing for over a decade that quantum~reality is hologra[[il][m][ph]]ic, i.e., holograilic, hologramic, and holographic.

Doug's use of holograilic describes quantons' ubiquitous, perpetual, coherent (adiabatic), decoherent (n¤nadiabatic), isocoherent (immeasurable, n¤nconceptual, n¤nexistensial), mixcoherent (quatr[[a][o]]coherent mixtures of those three: see cohera and entropa), l¤cal (mostly temporalq) and n¤nlocal (mostly atemporalq), complementaryq and antinomialq, evolvingq, SOrON EWings interrelationshipings among themselves and others. These interrelationshipings are autsimilar "channels of energy," aqueducts, and Unix pipes as metaphors. They are impossible without QED and QCD memes and memeos of quanta and scintilla.

Doug's use of hologramic describes a physial projectionq of any holographq.

Doug's use of holographic describes archetypal quantum~fluxing~evolving patterns of energy (EWings) which may be projectedq ihn actualityq as a hologram(s)q.

With all that n¤væl verbiage, however overwhelming and cognitively~overburdening you may find it, we need a simpler way of thinkqing about it which affords a more quantum~holistic 3D Fuzzon (EWings) view.

In any sense (any holosense, holosenseq) of any meme of quantum~viewing, then,
we may coin a n¤væl semanticq: quantum~holoviewing!

So, now~ings, we may write, "we can viewq quantum~reality hologra[[il][m][ph]]icallyq and holoviewicallyq."

Which brings us to holo[[gra[il][m][ph]][view]]icallyq as an extended~ostensedq wayveingsq of
cohereingq, coinsidingq many quantum~sema in a single 'expression.'

A Doug HotMeme
"Doug believes, with some reservation, that we may now fathom viewq as a hyper memeq of grail, gram, and graph."™
A Doug HotMeme

Spelled out (Doug now surmises) we can write that as, "holoview is a hyper meme of holograil, hologram, and holograph."

Another th~oughtq which dawned on Doug's quantum~stagings:

Fathom holoviewingq as visualq gnosesq and thence as imaginingq, understandingq, and standingunderq.

Doug - 27Apr2014.

This update is about that simpler (EWings) view, and how Doug experienced a recent epiphany of it. All toolsq needed to narrate that epiphanyq have been in 'place' for at least several months now, but Doug's quantum~stage (~nous, ~mind) took timeqings to evolveq its hologra[[il][m][ph]]icq self and slam dunk said epiphanyq.

To share this epiphany with those of you who often visit this page Doug chooses (hereticallyq) to start with a de(omni)scription of what he meansq by viewq.

Imagine a hologram (of any size from an atom to a universe) composed of quantons and ensembles of quantons whose funda are 3D Fuzzons (EWings).

Now imagine how each fuzzon emerqs those golden rays Doug illustrates near page top. Think of individual rays originating (bad word to use here; see Doug's Fuzzons to Fermion Onta) at fuzzon's center. Call each of those rays "a quantum~view."

Simplicityq emergesq epiphanously!

All fuzzon's many EWings coobsfective viewings, potentially and enthymemetically, are coobsfecting all other fuzzons' viewings.

Now real~ize quantumly that for a given 3D Fuzzon, pair~by~pair, its rays~views are antinomial one another and any one view is antinomial all other views SOrONically. Even better, they are all complementary~antinomial SOrONically.

That is quintessence of Doug's epiphany.

Quantum tools mentioned above were key to this epiphany. Other efforts by Doug to standunder Gnosis, Qabala, Autiot, Gematria, Sefirot, and Sepher Yetsira played an enormous role too.

Thank you for reading.

Anticipate Doug's future attempts at a 3D graphic of that epiphany. Observe a simple 2D analogy here.

End Update - 18Apr2014.

Pietsch goes on to say on page 63, "...a hologram's codes [phasic encodings] may be of any size,
ranging from the proportions of a geometric point up to the magnitude of the entire universe."

Our brackets. His use of 'point' is radically SOMitic and his
'magnitude' hints at classical quantitative scalarbation.
We must also worry about absence of, especially
plural~, present participle except for 'ranging.'
We effaced a footnote on that sentence which refers
to Bohm's holographic theory of the universe.

See our reviews of Bohm's papers:

Qualitative Infinity of Nature,
Physics and Perception, and
The Enfolding-Unfolding Universe and Consciousness, and
Super Implicate Order Dialogue (with Renée Weber).

We view 'scene' here as a quantum l¤cality scripted as quanton(scene_n¤nl¤cality,scene_l¤cality).

See SON. See quanta. Study our quantum coherence just below.

Doug - 11-12Jan2006.

Quantonics' 3D IsoFuzzon

A Fuzzon as a quanton is quanton(isofuzzon,fuzzon).

As you can see our gold actual fuzzon has quantum fuzzon lines which are con(m)tiguous.

Our isofuzzon has blue-dotted quantum isofuzzon isolines.

See an exemplar discussion of fuzzons used to describe QCD quark ontologies. (~Large page.)

by Doug Renselle

©Quantonics, Inc., 2004-2029

Studænts ¤f Quantonics aræ familiar wihth ¤ur Isox tærminol¤gy amd ¤ur uhsæs ¤f "attrahct¤r" attændant that tærminol¤gy.

N¤w wæ aræ capablæ ¤f m¤re apt descriptionings ¤f what wæ mæan by "attrahct¤rings."

In a simile of how a human is created from sperm and egg haploids
Quantonics' version of quantum reality shows us a n¤vel m¤daling
with fuzzons and isofuzzons as n¤n~objectively omniploidal and isoomniploidal.

So quantum reality quantons(isofuzzon_isoomniploids,fuzzon_omniploids).

Soon we shall be showing you graphical examples of recognizable actualities. Here's one, though crude, which will assist:

Bobby Knight
IU B-Ball-Team playing B-ball and Knight imposing his dogma
Quantum Coherent IU B-Ball-Team playing B-ball absent outside direction

Key to grasping essence here is to see fuzzons as quantum interrelationship attractors (simpler, better), and
n¤t to see objects as classical material aggregations of classical objective properties (more complex, worse):

Quantum interrelationship(ing)s, n¤t
Classical 'properties.'

Crux for philosophers, metaphysicists, theoreticians, scientists, technicians, and lay practitioners is a
simpler quantum memeo of interrelationship taxonomy (similar DNA, and IBM-Sony-Toshiba's CCP, any fuzzon can represent this)
an incredibly complex and Babelian classical notion of 'property taxonomy' ('no' 'object' can represent 'that').

Classicists convert abs¤lutæ quantum flux~changæ into 'absolute' 'stopped' states and thus generate unlimited static Babel!

How can we say that?

Simply, there are more potential 'stopped' classical 'objects' and 'properties' than there are animate quantum interrelationshipings.

Obviation of that statement is wholly apparent when one fathoms how all of reality has to be classically 'stopped,' and then
that all classical objects and time are classically, infinitely 'divisible.'

Every classical moment requires unlimited classical objective properties to fully describe itself!

How do classicists avoid their own Babel?

They claim that classical objects and their properties are 'scientifically' immutable!

They have ESQ tumescent and measurable Dialectical 'Intelligence' Quotients!

Doug - 17Oct2006.

What kinds, from a classical conspective, of classical objects' apparent static properties quantum reality can create is unlimited.
(a list of: "a 'particle' or 'property' for each state-ic ("stopped") interrelationship combination")

What kinds, from a quantum perspective, of abs¤lutæly anihmatæ fuzzon~based quantonic interrelationshipings quantum reality uses are limited.
(a list of interrelationshipings, and oversimply, these are relatively 'just~only'
quantum~likelihood~omnistributionings all n¤n 'identical' yet
quantum~wave~functionally~similar - Doug - 17Oct2006).

We are in a process of applying those taxonomic comparisons to high energy particle physics now.

As Henri Louis Bergson hinted, "Flux is simple, state is complex."
Erwin, wave~equation, Schrödinger intuited this. His classical matrix state-mechanical antagonists did 'not.'

Doug - 1Oct2004.

Fihrst, familiar caveats: 3D issi ihnadequatæ f¤r any ræpræsæntati¤n ¤f quantum ræhlihty, amd
sihmihlarly stasis (classical 'stoppability') is juhst wr¤ng ihn any ræpræsæntati¤n ¤f quantum ræhlihty!

Plæase ihmagine ¤ur fuzz¤n as b¤th uhp t¤ Planck ratæ anihmatæ amd ¤mnimænsi¤nal.

Our fuzz¤n issi a 3D sphærihcal 'matrix' ¤f quantum lihnæs. See Figure 1 below.

Figure 1 - 2D Quantum Lih
(That little right hash is our embedded ©.)

Figure 1 - phase-ihc ræpræsæntati¤n ¤f a quantum lihnæ (wh¤se p¤ihnts, quantum~frahctahlly, aræ fuzz¤ns!).

N¤tihce that a quantum lihnæ's quantum p¤ihnts aræ fuzz¤ns wh¤ quantum~c¤heræntly 1, ihncludæd~mihddle, æværywhere~ass¤ciatihvely sharæ a
quantum likelih¤¤d ¤mnistrihbuti¤ning, QLO, which '¤mniscrihbæs' their quantum~lihnæness' fuzz¤n~lihkælih¤¤d~¤mnistrihbuti¤nings!
Sææ Figure 2 bæl¤w. Ahll ¤f ¤ur quantum lihnæ's fuzz¤ns' ¤thær quantum lihnæs, as sh¤wn hæræ, aræ as yæt "umattrahcted."

H¤w might ¤ur quantum lihnæ's ¤thær fuzz¤ns' lihnæs æmærq attrahcti¤nings?

Try bændings ¤ur quantum lihnæ.

Ihmagine each fuzz¤n's selected quantum lihnæs as having t¤
'expræss' n¤vel QLOs f¤r a quantum "bænding æmærqancy."

Say, like this:
Figure 1a - One 2D Quantum Lihnæ's Actual Bending Fuzzon QLO

And, like this:
Figure 1b - One 2D Quantum Lihnæ's N¤nactual Bending Fuzzon QLO

Hæræ wæ sææ Quantonics' værsi¤n ¤f quantum at¤mihcihty as ~limihtless (lihkæly Plahnck flux~længth limihted) fuzz¤n sorso fractal ræcursi¤n.

Whæn æmærging ihnt¤ ihnterrelating any quantonic pr¤cæsses ¤f attrahcti¤n, th¤se quantum lihnæs bæc¤mæ QLOs
hr their less mechanical, e.g., Bohmian quantum anahlogues).

Figure 2 - 2D QLO

Figure 2 - phase-ihc ræpræsæntati¤n ¤f a QLO.
(Yæs, wæ nææd t¤ rændær this art uhsing fuzz¤ns! Latær... )

Each QLO, then, ræpræsænts a quantonic ihnterrelati¤nship, a quanton.

Each QLO ræpræsænts an ihnterrelati¤nship wihth at læast ¤næ ¤thær QLO:

Figure 2 a - F¤ur peaqlos ¤n Their Way t¤ a Fermi¤n.

A spin 1 boson has 360° rotational symmetry. See our recent, new 2007 Quantonics' boson:

A spin 1/2 fermion has 720° rotational asymmetry. See our recent, new 2007 Quantonics' fermion:

Our use of symmetry here finds its comtext in actuality.

You may recall DMD's queries re symmetry and asymmetry in our August, 2006 TQS News. When we ihncludæ quantum~n¤nactuality, ihn a quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality) our symmetry c¤mplæmæntati¤n looks like quanton(symmetry,asymmetry). When we 'ignore' n¤nactuality ihn a quanton(actuality,actuality) our actual symmetry c¤mplæmæntati¤n looks like quanton(symmetry,asymmetry), say quanton(bosons'_apparent_actual_symmetry,fermions'_actual_asymmetry).

To oversymplify: n¤nactual isosymmetry issi pure, and actual symmetry issi impure.

Another way to look at this: There issi n¤ 'spin' ihn n¤nactuality.
There are n¤ measurables ihn n¤nactuality.
That issi what makes n¤nactuality "pure."

N¤tihce amd pondær explihciht quantum~s¤phist~sælf~referænce hæræ.
A fuzz¤n, then, ræpræsænts a quanton ¤f quantons, a quanton ¤f quantonic ihnterrelati¤nships.
An ænsehmble ¤f fuzz¤ns can ræpræsænt any mæmæ ihn quantum ræhlihty.

What issi m¤st p¤wærful ab¤ut fuzz¤ns issi that they ahll¤w uhs a mæans
¤f mæmæotihcally æmærscænturing anihmatæ EIMA ænsehmbles ¤f QLOs.

As such, fuzz¤ns aræ mæta~mæmæs, mæta~mæmætihcs, amd wæ can uhsæ thæm as mæta~mæmæ¤tihcs ihn Quantonics.
They aræ ascændænt changæ carrier~attrahct¤rs. Wæ sahy "ascændænt" duæ their physialihty, their n¤n-physihcalihty.
Fuzz¤ns aræ quantum ihncludæd~mihddlings. They aræ pure Pirsigean Valuæ!

"But Doug, what aræ s¤mæ eamples ¤f Quantonic fuzz¤ns?"

A quantum~gænæral eample issi SONs, i.e. Sælf~Organihzing~Netw¤rks.
Eamples ¤f th¤se aræ:

¤ur quantum stagæs,
a quantum lih,
a quantum cihrcle,
a quantum C,
¤ur Milky-Way,
¤ur ¤mnihværses,

Whænævær any quantum ihnterrelati¤nship æmærgæs, ¤næ ¤hr m¤re ¤f ¤ur fuzz¤n's
lihnæs adahpts a partihal æmærqancy ¤f (an) anihmatæ, EIMA QLO(s).
Læt's cræatæ a n¤vel mnæmonihc f¤r th¤se sæværal w¤rds since wæ
wihll bæ reuhsing thæm væry ¤ftæn: peaqlo...sahy "peakl¤w."

Sihmply, any n¤vel quantum ihnterrelati¤nship æmærgænce
— amd any quantum ihnterrelati¤nship changæ
ihmpliæs: ¤næ ¤hr m¤re fuzz¤ns' lihnæs adahptati¤n via peaqlo.

Figure 3a - Peaqlo
Human Sæns¤ry Bamdwihdth
HSB Cæntær Fræquæncy

but really
Figure 3b - Peaqlo
At¤mihc Sæns¤ry Bamdwihdth
ASB Cæntær Fræquæncy

but really
Figure 3c - Peaqlo
'Higgs B¤s¤n' Sæns¤ry Bamdwihdth
HBSB Cæntær Fræquæncy

Figure 3 - Thrææ 2D (trying t¤ sh¤w 3D) pixes ¤f partihal æmærgænce ¤f n¤vel quantum Valuæ
vihewæd ihn quantum heterogæne¤uhs tihmings ihn thrææ
pærspihcaci¤uhsly amd pærspihcu¤uhsly
¤mnihffering bamdwihtdhs amd thrææ ¤mnihffering 'cæntær' fræquæncies.

A g¤¤d eample think ¤f hæræ issi h¤w 10q6 cællular apopt¤sis 'cycles per second'
wihthin ¤ur ¤wn b¤dies ¤ccur '¤utsihde' ¤ur human pærcæptual bamdwihdths.

A dæcænt s¤cial anahl¤gy ¤f partihal~fuzz¤ns 3a-c, left t¤ right, might bæ Earth, USA, Martin Luther King
(pihck y¤ur fav¤rihte celebrihty hæræ affæcting comtexts '¤utsihde' but æntangling their ihndihvihdual sæns¤ry bamdwihdths).

A fuzz¤n gr¤ws as m¤re peaqlos æmærgæ c¤wihthin iht.
(~anab¤lisis, ~birth, ~æv¤luti¤n)

A fuzz¤n ¤mniminishes as m¤re peaqlos dæmærgæ c¤wihthin iht.
(~catab¤lisis, ~apopt¤sis, ~dæv¤luti¤n)

F¤r lattær, ihmagine arr¤ws p¤ihnting d¤wn, pærhaps paihred curves swappæd
værtihcahlly amd mihxtures ¤f th¤se exhibihting mihxings ¤f their quantum~l¤cahlly quantum~aut¤n¤m¤uhs entropa and cohera.

Als¤, ihmagine each graph wihth tw¤ paihrs ¤f curves sihmihlar t¤p paihr,
but wihth ¤mnistrihbuti¤ns shifting (changing, æv¤lving). Ihmagine N ¤f thæm.
P¤ndær what wæ mæan n¤w by "quantum phasihcihty."

Wæ might vihew 'dæath' ¤f a fuzz¤n as ihts transihti¤n
fr¤m quantum ahctualihty t¤ quantum n¤nahctualihty.
(Wæ might dæpihct ihts transihti¤næd lihnæs as blue d¤tted is¤flux.)

Wæ might vihew 'birth' ¤f a fuzz¤n as s¤mæ ¤f ihts blue d¤tted is¤flux
lihnæs transihti¤ning t¤ s¤lihd is¤præfæræntial ahctualihzæd peaqlo-lihnæs.

Æxpæct m¤re as wæ æv¤lve mæmæos ¤f ¤ur Quantonics' fuzz¤n...

F¤r eample wæ nææd t¤ ¤mniscuhss fuzz¤n t¤pihcs lihkæ these:

fuzz¤n quantum ¤nt¤l¤gy,
fuzz¤n quantum c¤mplæmæntati¤n,
fuzz¤n quantum equilibrium,
fuzz¤n quantum chaos, see Doug's chaoequil issues,
fuzz¤n quantum transmutation,
fuzz¤n quantum gradience, and see Doug's QELR of gradience,
(Wæ dihd n¤t dæpihct quantum c¤mplæmæntati¤n ihn ¤ur pagæ t¤p fuzz¤n GIF.)
fuzz¤n quantum hera,
fuzz¤n quantum æntr¤pa,
fuzz¤n quantum attrahcta,
(a fuzz¤n issi an attrahctum; i.e., ¤næ ¤f many attrahcta)
fuzz¤n quantum m¤rphol¤gy,
(e.g., bi¤l¤gihcal emerscitecture, æv¤luti¤n, f¤lding, hox, homæ¤b¤x, etc.)
fuzz¤n quantum Is¤xq,
fuzz¤n quantum Is¤xq ¤nt¤l¤gy,
fuzz¤n quantum s¤rs¤,
fuzz¤n quantum frahctal ræcursi¤n,
fuzz¤n quantum OEDC,
fuzz¤n quantum latching,
fuzz¤n quantum umlatching,
Fuzz¤n HotMæmæ™ fuzz¤ns aræ key ænablers ¤f quantum AI, Key Quantonic Ænabler
amd thuhs h¤w t¤ m¤dal a packagæ ¤f fuzz¤ns as a quantum næural ænærgy wæll (sææ, e.g., Satinover),
thænce h¤w t¤ quantum c¤heræntly SON a fuzz¤nihc multihtudæ ¤f th¤se packagæs,
(dætail næuron m¤daling may præcæde b¤th ¤f th¤se eff¤rts, h¤wævær: nææd an æmpihrihcal eff¤rt hæræ t¤ læarn)
Fuzz¤n HotMæmæ™ fuzz¤ns aræ key ænablers ¤f Quantonics' ævaluons, Key Quantonic Ænabler

Doug - 10-22Jun2004 (added descriptive text and GIFs).


Note 1 - Quantum coherence (Doug's descriptionings of 'quantum~coherence' here presume quantum~reality's underlying holographicity.):

Classically, objective coherence implies dialectical, usually biformal at least bi-comparative, similarity, functional similarity, pairing of similars and opposites, logical often predicable and Boolean grouping, reasonable arrangement, ordered correlation, 1-1 correspondence, marching together, consistent commonality, consonance, etc.

Classically, subjective coherence implies a conventional heterogeneous polyformal probability distribution for every variable. Classical probability distributions are a posteriori, which begs inductive causal predication; see Margenau.

Quantonically, quantum coherence implies a quantum attraction ensemble of all interrelationships for a given attractor. We are speaking of an ensemble of interrelationshipings which cohere via their attractor's scintillating coobsfective concupiscent~quantaldulative interrelationships with other attractors in agency of quantum evolution and change, e.g., a quantum~adaptihvæ~netw¤rk, AKA a quantum~h¤l¤gram. For a simple quantum m¤daling example of this elegant quantum process, see our recent (2004) fermionta. Each interrelationship is what we innovatively refer peaqlo. A peaqlo is a partially emerqant animate EIMA quantum likelihood omnistribution. Fuzzonic peaqlos EIMA hætær¤tæhmp¤rahlly c¤¤bsfect and n¤n synchronously and up to Planck rate OEDCycle quantum~relatively to other peaqlos. It (they) can change~emerge~evolve autonomously while tentatively adhering its attractor's coherence. See our simple graphics on this page just above. Quantum likelihood omnistributions are a priori, plus, which begs quantum selectable, choosable affectation; see Margenau. Our use of plus begs memeos of quantons(pastings,nowings,futurings).

Quantonics' fuzzons give us an incredibly powerful quantum coherence m¤daling t¤¤l. Fuzzon's represent animate, EIMA 'nodal,' i.e., energy~wellings' quantum coherence autonomies in a sense of Mae-wan Ho's quanton(coherence,autonomy), and her own description of quantum coherence. Notice how our Quantonics fuzzons, Mae-wan Hoesque style, eliminate classical conflict! Quantum~complementarity, scripted via quantons as a comma~nospace, omnitors quantum~interrelationshipings without classical-conflict, without classical-contradiction.

Notice how our Quantonics' fuzzons show how quantum~probability and ~likelihood are hermeneutic!

In Quantonics' version of quantum reality and our fledgling attempts at quantum m¤daling of it, we envision animate, EIMA memes, memeos, and memeotics as quantum m¤daling t¤¤ls. Our quantum libraries and memeory palaces are quantum memetic — relentlessly QTM æv¤lving — each text's auth¤hr ræcursihvely uhpdating iht amd uhpgrading iht while quantum ihncludæd~mihddle æværywhere~ass¤ciating wihth æværy ¤thær juhst as though they aræ ahctinihc~fuzz¤nihc næurons ihn a burgæ¤ning bibli¤thecal brain.

Wæ ænvisagæ quantum mæmæs amd their acc¤utræmænts as quantum t¤¤ls.

Our fuzz¤ns aræ quantum~ræcursihve amd thuhs mæmætihc amd mæmæ¤tihc capablæ.

Each fuzz¤n issi a p¤tæntiahlly umlimihted quantum ihnterrelati¤nship attrahct¤r ænsehmble (QIAE) of quantum lihkælih¤¤d ¤mnistrihbuti¤n (QLO) hærmænæutihcs. This Quantonics-innate fuzzon capability to represent QIAE QLOs we call "quantum c¤herænce." It essentially says that fuzzons are animate, EIMA quantum likelihood omnistributions (QLOs) of hermeneutic potentia. An easy fuzzon metaphor is any energy well attractor in any quantum SON.

Doug - 23Oct2004.

Note 2 -

To contact Quantonics write to or call:

Doug Renselle
Quantonics, Inc.
Suite 18 #368 1950 East Greyhound Pass
Carmel, INdiana 46033-7730

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