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A Primer on Quantum Cuneiform
Chaos and Equilibrium

Latest updates:
28Apr2014 rev - Add link to 3D Fuzzon's quantum~viewing extended exegeses as relevant this page's
reservoir of quantum~wavefunctions' EWings SOONs.
17May2018 rev - Repair 'omnitoring' link to separate 'Equilibrium' QELR page. Also added a link to Doug's new
Why Antinomial Energy Flow? web page.
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Evolution of this page will use extended time due new graphics required and their omniscriptions in quantum~cuneiform comtextings.

Flatland Limitation

Graphic updated using red and green sinusoidal quanta.
These cuneiform strokes will probably be used more generally
to m¤dæl quantum~hologram scintillationings' interrelationshipings.

As you may choose to fathom, we have only begun...

Why? Why do we need a Quantum~Cuneiform? Classical 'equilibrium' omniffers radically quantum~equilibrium.
From near end of Doug's online FEP textbook, Chapter 4, Topic 1, paraphrased for use here,
"Key to grasping why all this is necessary...quantum reality is evolving and all its relationshipings are n¤nlinear,
due quantization and scintillation, and we need to be 'saying~, writing~, doing~' ~capable of
moving into and out of quantum~equilibrium and show us ways of Value omnitoring said changes."
Doug - 22Feb2012.

We embark upon a n¤væl graphical language for Doug's A New Philosophy is in town.

What are its precedents?

S-Matrix Theory


Feynman Diagrams.

S-Matrix models are objective 'collision' determinate process models.
(Essence of particle 'scattering' processes.)

Feynman models are objective 'interaction' state-event models.
(Essence of QED.)

Quantonics HotMeme™ "Doug's Quantum~Cuneiform m¤dalings are quantonic hologram~scintillationing interrelationshipings' m¤dalings." Quantonics HotMeme™.
(Essence of Quantum~Reality.)

Wæ have much to learn to~bælihævæ, ~thinkq, ~wrihte, ~sahy, and ~d¤ here...Those
(believe, think, write, say and do) five quantum~descriptive wMBU™ tools (believe and think are similar 'theory,'
write and say are similar 'audit,' do is our 'practice,' and in quantum~reality there issi n¤ classical 'law')
represent our perpetual and energetic~recapitulative quantum~due~diligence.

Doug's use of Wæ issi quanton(Iht,Wæ). Wæ quantum~scintillate Iht and Iht quantum~scintillates Wæ (Uhs).

Wæ nissin Iht.

"How can you, Doug, bælihævæ, thinkq, wrihte, sahy amd d¤ that?

"How can wæ bæ ihn Iht amd Iht bæ ihn uhs; can you answer?"

Simply, quantum~reality is flux! Flux nissin flux, with and without entanglement, with and without interference.

It isn't that trivial, however. Flux is essentially both bosonic (zeroentropic in actuality) and possibly
fermionic, i.e., posentropic in actuality: individual atomic and subatomic quantons are
adiabatic (act zeroentropically as perpetual motion), but ensembles are
n¤n adiabatic (act posentropically as transmutable, evolvable ensembles).
Yes, Doug agrees, this isn't easy narrative to grasp. It becomes easier when
you commence your own individual learning of quantum~reality.

Need to put bold green in proemially nascent flux issi crux Quantum~Lightings™ of from~to cuneiformic quantons(chaos,equilibria).
Transmutation and evolution are from~tos emerscentured using chaos and equilibria:
creatio ex nihilo (generative scintillation: hyper Value leaps) and nihilo ex creatio (dissipative scintillation: hypo 'value' leaps).
Too big to fail always fails!
Re cognize: Too big to survive!
Keynesians are socially-narcotized hive drone lemmings at cliff's edge.
"What shall we do?" "Let's all leap, socially, together." "Just drink our grape kool aid."
Keynesian chaos is imminent! Good riddance!
A new dawn awaits...glimmers growing...

What shall you do?

. . .

Now Doug can write and say, "Flux issi ihn Iht amd Iht issi ihn flux. Quantum~flux."

Flux nissin flux.


A Quantonics HotMeme "All of reality issi flux! Quantum~flux!" A Quantonics HotMeme™.

Examples? All music, radio waves, power supplies, light, life, 'material' reality, etc.

How do we intentionally make, for example, music (appear to) go away even when it is being played?
We make an entangled 'copy' of it in real time, invert copy and use it to quantumly~cancel our original.
Take copy away (uncancellation) and original can be heard. It is very
important to 'not' view quantum~cancellation as classical 'objective negation.'
There are n¤ mathematically ideal 'minus signs' in quantum~reality.
Physial~energy QVP, QTP Value~cancellation, n¤t fiat symbolic 'value' logical 'negation.'

What is incredibly amazing about this real quantum~phenomenon
is that we can d¤ cancellation with all quantum~flux!

Cloaking devices come to mind?

Recall Get Smart Max's "cone of silence?"

Would this quantique be useful as a power saving phenomenon in adiabatic clocking of computers?
What about a quantum~memeo of adiabatic clocking as quantum~partial computational silence (anti tempest)?
Free energy computation? A la IBM's Rolf Landauer and quasi~adiabatic RAM read-write cycles.

Do you see why Quantonics is so important and so strategic? If 'not,' oh! extinct one, "step aside."
Others d¤! And they're very anxious for another wMBU~McDugger™.

All of this builds to our developing n¤væl qua for describing chaos and equilibrium as flux energy stindyanic interrelationshipings.

We need some novel graphics using our quantum~cuneiform primitives above.

Allow Doug a few days to ponder those and ways to use them here. Many exegeses required.
Quantum~cuneiform for equilibrium and chaos encompass~hologramically many ephemera.

This is part and parcel of our ongoing QELRs of 'equilibrium' and 'chaos,' so expect many addenda here over an extended time every few days...

Begin First Addendum - 22Feb2012:

We have to ask some proemially nascent interrogatives, self~other interrogatives. Doug views this as quanton(nature,self).

What is essence of nature? Flux which we can also thinkq about as F~lux.

What is essence of flux? Quantized~scintillation of movement and rest. Doug views this as quanton(movement,rest), quanton(chaos,equilibrium), etc.

How does nature proem~nascently organize herself? Holographic energy~wellings' interrelationshipings among selves and others.
Disclosure of Heuristics: Here Doug is assuming suppositively that Quantum~Reality AKA Nature is Bohmian quantum~holographic~hologramic~holograilic.
See David Bohm's Quantum Theory, Dover 1951, 1979, Paperback. See also Michael Talbot and Karl Pribram. See Lee Nicol's The Essential David Bohm.

How can we describe nature's energy wellings and their interrelationshipings? As networkings of ensemble comstituent energy~wellings' networkings: fractal~recursive nests of networkings.

What are these networkings? SONs, SOONs, SrONs, and SOrONs. S is for Self. OO is Other Organizing. O is Organizing. N is Network. 'r' is 're~.' 's' is plurality.
SONs - Self Organizing Networkings.
SOONs - Self Other~Organizing Networkings.
SrONs - Self reOrganizing Networkings.
SOrONs - Self Other reOrganizing Networkings.

A Doug HotMeme"Quantum~SOrONs partially self~other~create and self~other~evolve holograilically by individually
[Vv]alue~selecting and choosing their quantized and scintillating grail nexi." A Doug HotMeme™.

Quantum~SOrONs are radically~comtext~sensitive, which enhances their personal qua to assess their views of better.

HotMeme™ borrowed and reinstanced from Doug's What is Grail web page.

Here's a first cut modaling of an emerscent quantum~EWings~ensemble: a qwf
networkings of networkings and a qwf cognition and another qwf pairing recognition:

We still have our old problem of a limitation of 'drawing in flatland.'

Just to exercise omniffering complementings of our quantum~stagings, imagine above graphic as spheres (3 space) and hyperspheres (N space).

Latter as metaphorical of Hilbert space is much closer to quantum and elicits direct hologra[ph][m][il]ic quantum~viewing portrayals of quantum~reality shown as ensemble qwf EWings.

Take another leap: Imagine (see 'thought ontology' at that link) flatland, 3 space, and N space Möbius recursionings and recapitulationings!

Doug - 11May2012.

Much clarifying exegesis required here...soon...quantum~viewing link above provides, belatedly, much of that required exegesis...


Our graphic shows a reservoir of wave functions partially organized and organizing using Doug's S, OO, O, N, 'r,' and 's' notation.

Students should view this as an islandic spectrum of nested quantum~fluxings. A portion of quantum~reality's full flux spectrum.
Doug shows that as a spectrum of dynamic, quantized and holograil-recursive scintillating SOrONs' Networkings.

Each 'Recursion' label represents a quantum~grail, quantonic~interrelationshiping.
Comceptually omnifficult is Doug's surmise (heuristic, comjecture) that each qwf, itself, is a quanton too!

Following Prigogine and Stengers' lead, Doug's graphic is a kind of quantum Hamiltonian, but n¤n static,
dynamically everywherings-everywhenings quantum~fractal~recursive. See pp. 220-221, Order Out of Chaos.

As Doug has m¤daled a portion of quantum~reality in that graphic, please ponder a crucial meme
that classical 'ideas-notions' of 'closure' are generally impossible in quantum~reality.
(Quantumly 'no' 'closure' is classically definitec n¤r finalc-permanentc.
All closingsq are susceptibleq to openingsq and
all openingsq are susceptibleq to closingsq via absoluteq
"movementq and restq" quantons(scintilla,quanta) and their absoluteq, completeq,
and consistentq fluxq evolutioningsq.

Too, any 'notions' of unification are perpetually tentative. Quantum~reality
perpetually adapts and evolves via quantons(chaos,equilibria).

Further, chaos is never 'pure.' Chaos is always ihn equilibrium and equilibrium is ihn chaos.

Imagine a teeter-totter of chaos and equilibria.
(That's too simple, but it's a start.
Allow teeter-totter to flux rate
many kinds of both~and

Doug did most of this during a dinner, sitting at Lisa's bar, at Kelties! Fabulous tuna cooked to perfection with wasabe mash.

Doug - 23,28Feb2012. Red text update - 3May2012 - Doug.

Doug's goal is to use quantum~cuneiform to graphically depict quantum~energy~wellings' networkings and their chaos~equilibrium SOrON interrelationshipings.

We have a major issue here. It is similar, as we have described elsewhere, biological genome vis-à-vis biological phenome.

Our issue is holograph vis-à-vis hologram. As genome is code for body as phenome, holograph is code for perceptual hologram.

Code is energy~wellings' quantum~networkings which emerscenture actuality's hologram. Imagine a piece of iron
and iron's atomic holographic energy~wellings' whose atom~hologramic ensemble is said piece of iron.

As it isn't easy, by observation, to assess what a chromosomic energy~welling genome's phenome
looks like, it isn't easy to assess what a holographic energy~wellings' hologram looks like.

This addendum needs much more effort. What we have so far is more of a template for further effort. be continued...

End First Addendum - 22-23Feb2012.

Begin Second Addendum - 3-xMay2012.

Approach: utilise recovery of 1997 meme which Doug had innovated, then allowed to lay fallow until now.
Reference Fritjof Capra's 1975, 1983, 1991 Tao of Physics.

"Doug, What is said recovered meme?"

Quantum~durational modalityings. Said memeo, "quantum~durational modalityings," occurred to Doug while he was pondering equilibrium issues in 1997.

Doug had attempted to describe equilibrium then as a incomplete list of terms:

  • quantum~order,
  • quantum~stability,
  • quantum~coherence,
  • quantum~quiescence,
  • quantum~durational~modality,
  • etc.

Please realize how Doug, at that time, saw most of those terms more classically, without benefits of
quanton(scin,quan) and quanton(chaos,equilibrium). Yet, too, realize how close he came even then!

Refer our EWings Ensemble gif diagram above titled, An EWings Network Ensemble - A Holograilic Reservoir of Quantum Wave Function Networks.

Each qwf (Quantum Wave Function) in each network is shown as a single Gaussian~modaled 'packet of energy' peaqlo (partially emerqant animate QLO).

Keep in mind that there are countless other kinds of stochastic omnistributionings.
Saving grace is stochastic omnistributionings represent quantum~flux energy packets, so they are autsimilar.
Quantum~flux energy packets may be multi~modal and may be compeer~ and hierarchically~nested.

We already have an example of qwf compeer~nesting which looks like this:

Recall John Forbes Nash's, "Probability is everything!" It interrelates ubiquitously to quantum~memeos of equilibria and chaos!

Now compare that to this:

Do you see hints of Silvia Nasar's, "Nash squared the circle." Squaring circles as packet quantization! Continua becoming quanta!

You should be capable of recognizing monism in each graphic ensemble and quantized~pluralism in each graphic ensemble.

Monism is deceit.
Certainty (y=f(t) strict determimism) is deceit.

Pluralism borne of quanta is real.
Chance, real.

Stable classical 'state' is deceit.

Quantized flux is real.

Material objective stux sux.

Quantum flux is crux.

End Second Addendum - 3-xMay2012.

Begin Third Addendum - d-dMMM2012.

Exegetise quanton(scin,quan) of wMBU™ tool: Believe, Think, Say, Write, and Do~Due.

End Third Addendum - d-dMMM2012.

Doug Renselle - 11,21Dec2011, 22-23Feb2012, 3-xMay2012.

Continue...29-30Dec2011, 1-2,7Jan2012:

Doug is gradually benuding a list of quantum~chaoequil issues. Let's start a list and maintain it here:

Exegetic Omniscussion
  • Equilibria and chaos are positive~energy~wave, and thus stochastic, quantum~phenomena.
  • Equilibria and chaos exhibit stindyanic both movement and rest wave ontologies.
  • Equilibria emerge from lower gradient quantum~scintillationings: Rest. SQ. Tav.
  • Equilibria emerq rest as relative lower change~energy quiescence (lower energies of instabilityings: see omnitor).
  • Equilibria may rest at relatively higher and relatively lower quiescent energies.
  • Equilibria exhibit quantum~complementarityings of both adiabaticity and n¤n adiabaticity: quantons(adiabaticityings,n¤nadiabaticityings).
  • Equilibria as adiabatic rest (can) happen(s) quantum~atemporally. (I.e., zær¤~latæncy c¤~affæctation, c¤rrælation, an(m)d ahction at a distance: gl¤bal n¤n~l¤cality.)
  • Equilibria as n¤n~adiabatic rest happens quantum~temporally. (Many quantum~l¤cal timings: positive~wave~energyings' st¤chastics thereof.) - Doug 3Jan2012.
  • Chaos emerge from higher gradient scintillationings, i.e., radical~instability as : Movement. DQ. Aleph. (Re~[Vv]aluings. A tentative movement toward FFE: system evolution!)
  • Chaos emerq movement as relative higher change~energy systemic~perturbance (higher energies of instabilityings).
  • Chaos may move to relatively higher and relatively lower QTP energies.
  • Chaos exhibit quantum~complementarityings of both adiabaticity and n¤n adiabaticity: quantons(adiabaticityings,n¤nadiabaticityings).
  • Chaos as adiabatic movement (can) happen(s) quantum~atemporally.
  • Chaos as n¤n~adiabatic movement happens quantum~temporally.
  • Movement issi ihn Rest and Rest issi ihn Movement: quantons(movementings,restings) nissin quantons(chaos,equilibria). (Essence of "understanding the logos, the account.")
  • QTP higher gradience applies to both movement~to~higher~energy (chao~analanche) and movement~to~lower~energy changes (chao~avalanche).
  • Durable lower gradience applies to both rest~at~higher~energy (equil~analanche) and rest~at~lower~energy changes (equil~avalanche).
  • Each chaoequil~scintillationing has myriad affectings (belies classical cause-effect hylicity: classical notions of 'cause-effect' are bogus).
  • Each QED chaoequil~scintillationing is (appears to be) adiabatic, that is, quantal chaos is (appears to be) zeroentropic. Adiabaticity (zeroentropy) nissin n¤n~adiabaticity (posentropy).
  • Equilibria include lower gradience equil~analanchings and equil~avalanchings.
  • Chaos include higher gradience chao~analanchings and chao~avalanchings.
  • Chaos onset desnouers itself among sentience (sentience use is intentional: assume holographic~reality) as high gradience analanching of Cognitive Overburden™.
  • Equilibrium onset desnouers itself among sentience (sentience use is intentional -- Doug's use of intentionalq is one of selection~choiceq (Jung's Libidicq quantadulation) at quantum~reality's edgings of k~now~ings. Classical 'intention' begs planning, determination-certainty, and predication all of which are bogus in Quantonics. Doug - 18,27Dec2012, add Jung's 'Libidic' nexus and quantadulation - 21Mar2014 - Doug.) as accelerating emergence of n¤væl re~cognitionings (re~[Vv]aluings).
  • All chaoequil re~[Vv]aluings in quantum~reality are radically comtext sensitive (i.e., hologra[[ph][m][il]]ic) and thus intrinsically quantum~relative. Relativity, [Vv]alue relativity, is intrinsic in quantum~reality. Doug - 21Jan2012.
  • Quantum~chaos issi higher gradience quantum~transmutation.
  • Quantum~equilibrium issi lower gradience quantum~transmutation.
  • Quantum~gradience offers many manifesta:
    • partial gradience as evidence of becoming and unbecoming [OEDC phenomena]
    • partial gradience of constitua of subsystem-system ensembles
    • gradience of gradience AKA GoG
    • GoG recursings - Fractal, SOR (Self~Other~Referent), with and without entanglement (WAWE), etc.
    • frequency of frequency AKA FoF
    • FoF recursings - Fractal, SOR, WAWE, etc.
    • Value of Value AKA VoV
    • VoV recursings - Fractal, SOR, WAWE, etc.
    • value of Value AKA voV
    • voV recursings - Fractal, SOR, WAWE, etc.
    • Value of value AKA Vov
    • Vov recursings - Fractal, SOR, WAWE, etc.
      Updates for FoF, VoV, voV, and Vov...Doug - 27Dec2012. Students note all of above under quantum~gradience manifesta are rioq, rqcs, rqfi, etc. This is Nature as Value, Quality, etc.
    • Quantum~mathematical use of Peircean semiosis and semiosy to assess gradience and its recursive rates: quanton(gradiencex,gradiencey) where quanton represents Peirce's interpretant, one gradient as 'subject' and one gradient as 'object.' Note: Peirce's language is dialectical, however, it begs quantum~interpretation. Doug did that: "Interpretation involves according primacy to [quantum] subjectivity over [dialectical] objectivity." Philip R. Wallace, Paradox Lost. 14Aug2012 - Doug. Doug's brackets in paraphrased Wallace quote.
    • etc.

      Doug - 28Jul2012.
  • Measurement of gradience of chaos~analanche, and ~avalanche and measurement of gradience of equilibrium~rest and movements away from rest toward equilibrium~analanche and ~avalanche.
    • An obvious approach here is to use phase~energy interrelationshipings to assess evolutionary changings in equilibrium and chaos. To Doug, there appears an implied requirement for classical stoppability here...perhaps there are other phase approaches which are viable under a core quantum essential that -- reality is perpetual change.
    • To Doug, though, it isn't apparent H5W to accomplish it. Big issues are: what interrelationshipings (see important link just above) do we use to assess phase~energyings? I think (I am k~n¤w~ings) this requires innovation.
    • Another apparent approach is to perpetually monitor (being quantum~omniht¤rings) real wave functions in real time and assess frequency changes (especially gradiencings) real time. Higher frequency is higher energy. Higher gradiencings may be exhibiting changings to~from chaos and lower gradiencings may be exhibiting changings to~from equilibria. Changings in gradiencings (a kind of quantum~acceleration assessment) become crucial aspects (crux) of our omnitorings' qua. Ensembles , and their hologra[[ph][m][il]]ic networkings, of these classes of changings require quantum~Value~assessmentings for stochastic forecastings in any quantum~sense. Doug - 1Feb2012.
      An issue of that approach is H5W do we choose to assess gradience of wave energy changes and instabilityings. Doug believes 'real' quantum~computing will simplify these monitoring issues.
    • Self~other~referent~quantum~recursion appears to be required along with means to assess omnivergence of radical~autsimilarity which attends equilibrium at near quiescence. Ability to accomplish this has value in other sciences than Finance, Economics, and Politics, like volcanology, tsunamology, and plate~tectonics wave~energyings.
    • Clearly, Doug is narrating con(m)cerns of new (n¤væl) philosophies and new (n¤væl) 'sciences' here.

      17May2018: Doug would ask you to view each red and green cuneiform quantum assa ~Yod~ quanta.
      Correlatively, see Doug's new
      Why Antinomial Energy Flow? web page.

      Readers those red and green quanta can be squeezed (higher frequency, higher energy) and stretched (lower frequency, lower energy). When we squeeze quanta gradience and gradience of gradience increase (chaos increases, equilibrium decreases). When we stretch quanta gradience and gradience of gradience decrease (chaos decreases, equilibrium increases). Again chaos nissin equilibrium, "...without contradiction." Complementarity of chaos and equilibrium! Quanton(chaos,equilibria). Too, quantum~complementarity of isoflux (AKA "reserve energy") and evolution reign. In quantonicsese: quanton(isoflux,quanton(chaos,equilibria)), i.e., evolution itself.
  • Etc.

Doug - 28-29-30Dec2011, 1-2,7,21Jan2012, 1Feb2012, 28Jul2012, 14,31Aug2012.

Rock and Roll
Equilibria and Chaos
Movement and Rest

A Quantum Life Motif

Doug Renselle - 29Dec2011.

Our long, long journey continues here...


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