A Quantonic Quantum~Exegesis
Hebrew Autiot


Initial Reference Texts are Carlo Suares'
Song of Songs

and his

Cipher of Genesis, and his Second Coming of Reb YHSHWH.

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(Update finalNoun - 1-2Mar2015.)

Relevant external links:

Ancient Hebrew Meanings by Jeff Brenner
(For example, 'eternity.' This site appears, to Doug, excellent!)
Doug - 20Dec2012.


Just so you know, Doug should have recursed noun as noun~waw~noun in our previous segment.
He guessed on recall, and used noun~waw~waw~final~noun. It still worked out OK, but final~noun is very high energy...which Doug has yet to grasp in its quintessentials.

Doug did a brief effort on 'satan' under sheen, but it needs a lot more work.

We'll do that here and use this as a place for evolving what 'satan' means semasiologically.

See too Doug's mid August, 2014 Hologralexology efforts on Satan.

So far we have ciphered "he deceived me," "serpent," and noun as Autiot recursive.

Apropos, Doug senses 'satan' offers sequential value in its fuller semasiology next.

One big question Doug has, now, "Why does Suares use tayt instead of tav in satan's Autiot cipher?"
It seems to Doug like satan represents ESQ in reality, and tav is closest Autiot cipher to ESQ available.

Suares offers exegesis of why Autiot uses tayt in 'satan.'

"However, one cannot prevent oneself from feeling a shiver, almost of horror, on reading that the letter Tayt forms the
Hebrew month Av. It is the symbol of a cell, and Av is the birth of a new cycle following the destruction of the old.
And it is a fact that all the great disasters of the Jews, including the final destruction of the Temple,
happened so persistently on the 9th of the month of Av, that that date became a day of mourning in the state of Israel."

Sepher Yetsira, fourth page of 'Introduction,' Shambhala, 1976. (Trilogy text. Unfortunately, no indices.)

If you check your Anglican calendar vav its Hebrew analog, we are now in Av!
Doug is writing this text on Saturday, 7 Av! Monday evening begins 25 hours of 9 Av!!!

Shades of 911...


Similarly, why sheen hyper seen in 'satan?'

This really has Doug's quantum stage in a gedankenment storm. Lots of eddies, swirls, solitonicities, etc.

Let's assume Heraclitus was correct. "Dialectic is war."

Let's assume Jesus was correct. "Dialectic is error."

Then if 'satan' ciphered in Autiot is sheen~tayt~noun, what would we have to comtextually infer for that to mean war and error?

Sheen is quantum (right point). Tayt is 'cell,' and can be quantum and classical. Noun is cyclic change.

This isn't standard Hebrew emphasis as far as I know, but what if noun, like sheen, had points?
What if a left point meant closed cyclicity and a right point meant open cyclicity?

Recall quantum~reality's great paradox of quanton(momentum,position)? It is n¤ longer a paradox: Quantonics makes that clear.

What if noun is like that paradox? Let's assume noun issi quanton(open,closed). Let's assume that for our local omniscussion here.

What do classicists mean by their "vicious circle?" Using quantonics' script: dichon(circle,closed_circle): view this also as dichon(circle, closed_circle).

You may have seen Doug's work on simpler notation for momentum and position elsewhere in Quantonics.
He uses quanton(~,o) as a script for quantum~momentum in interrelationshipings with quantum~position as a closed-circle.

What is a circle as we see it drawn on a piece of paper? 'O' agree? What are its top and edge views? '|' right?

That is what Doug means by a vicious circle. It is closed. It's classical analytic points are auto tautologous, they repeat endlessly, viciously.

That is a classical circle. Classical circles do n¤t 'exist' in quantum~reality.
Similarly we say, "State does n¤t 'exist' in quantum~reality."
Quantum~reality is always in motion: unstoppable motion.

Open, unstoppable, and quantized is what Jesus meant by "living."

Too, remember his answer to, "What are signs of a living Father within you?
Movement and rest." But 'rest' evolves too. We see Jesus speaking quantumese AKA Autiot. This is astonishing!

 15Apr2013 - More on signs of a living Father within you:

Suares offers some splendid examples of this meme, including memeos of evolution as uncertainty, indetermination, perpetual~ubiquitous changings, etc.

  • An example which we have used elsewhere is "Ben~Adam." Classically this is ciphered dialectically as "son of man."
    When we use Autiot and Qabala to cipher Ben~Adam its Autiot is Bayt~Nounfinal Aleph~Dallet~Mem.

    Bayt~Nounfinal is, in Qabala, "evolution."
    Aleph is what most of us call "G¤d." But Aleph can be 1 and 1000. So Aleph here probably is 1: local to an individual and all individuals.
    Dallet~Mem is "blood."

    So, in quantumese Ben~Adam means, "evolution of Aleph in blood."
    That is not even remotely "son of man."
    Unless you complementaroceive son and man quantum, but even then...
  • Another example, autsimilar, and a very excellent one is "Abben." Classically it is ciphered "Father-Son."
    When we use Autiot and Qabala to cipher Abben its Autiot is Aleph~Bayt Bayt~Nounfinal.

    In quantumese, then Abben means, "G¤d reaching individually through sentients to find their own inner and its G¤d~like evolving cosmic energy."
    Suares calls this, "reaching for The Principle of Indetermination." Paraphrased.
    See page 67, Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, last paragraph in Chapter 14.

    For Doug regarding disciples query, those two examples answer even better, "What are signs of a living Father within you?"

15Apr2013 - More on signs of a living Father within you.


Look at a coil spring, end view: 'O' right? Look at its top and side views: a 'cycloid,' agree?

A quantum circle is open like a coil spring. When you look at its end view, its quantization and momentum aren't apparent. Ponder noun that way.
When you look at its side view you can see its momentum spread out in time (Doug is assuming coil is emerging in time and we can ømnihtør its process.).

Earth's orbit isn't closed. Sol's Milky-Way orbit isn't closed.

So we can view noun both ways: open and closed, quantum and classical (vicious dialectical war and Error).

Now, when we return to 'satan' we might hermeneut what Jesus meant by "...satan is Error."

Satan is closed. Satan is a vicious circle. Satan has "zero momentum." Satan is "dead father." Satan is demiurge.
Satan is anti-gnostic. Satan is Peter. Satan is ç a t h o l i ç. Satan is SOM. Satan is CTMs.

. . .

Update - 25Jul2010: "Satan" is what Jesus called Peter (see two Synoptics: Matthew and Mark, and NT's only really gnostic
book, John~Mary). Suares calls Peter (catholicism) "first satan," and he calls Judas "second satan." See Suares' Trilogy.
Doug has n¤t seen this prior, but Suares strangely refers Judas "Jesus' twin." See Suares' Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, Chapter 12.
Doug may be putting words in Suares' mouth, but it appears his "twin" is actually his "quantum~complement." Suares refers Jesus' "dark side."
Quantumly, "dark" is presence of two tentatively co~canceling lights (a quantum~analogy here is cooling as
two heats tentatively quantum~canceling; another as two sounds tentatively quantum~canceling as "quiet").
Both Autiot~ and quantum~energies are all positive and thus stochastic.

Doug's mental tornado re Autiot for 'satan' is yet evolving.
Simply, allow us to compare Kohlenberger III's Zondervan Interlinear NIV Hebrew-English Old Testament with Suares' version.
Doug expected Kohlenberger to use sheen similarly how he used it to interpret 'serpent,' but he did 'not.'
See Chronicles I,21:1.
Doug interprets it, with Suares as preference, using Carlo Suares' Autiot cipher of 'satan'
in his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh. See p. 66 of 225 total including index.

Zondervan shows 'satan' with a seen (). Then tayt (), and then final-noun ().

Final-noun is exceptionally high cosmically~ascendant~energy. Gematria 700. This is exceptionally
pneumatic, and we doubt 'satan' is even close to pneumatic, rather intrinsically psychic-hylic.
Kohlenberger appears to hylically screw-up majorly here. Error.
Blatantly, Kohlenberger (unintentionally?) deifies 'satan.'
Should 'satan' be deified? Only described? Çatholiçs have made 'satan' (Peter's "the Christ") God!

Suares ciphers it with a seen (). Then tayt (), and then noun ().

Noun is much lower energy, and a apropos archetypical functional descriptor. Gematria 50. This is a much more intellectual-psychic
energy level than final-noun. To grasp Doug's essence here see his 'just now emerging' What is Qabala?

Suares shows us something else of interest which really nails satan's wholly dialectical either-or lively | deadly (satan) nature: pure Error.
Satan's 't' you may recall (see above) is not tav, rather it is tayt. Tayt (the cell as open~quantized living~dying
metabolic: noun, i.e., cycles (CW, CCW?) of anabolisis~catabolisis, and gematria 9) is
quantum~complementary life~death like this: quanton(deadly_endings_of_old_life,living_beginnings_of_new_life).

Obtain how this is dialectic when we interpret it classically either-or: dichon(lively, deadly).
This is a metaphor of Reb YhShWh's dichon(living_Father, dead_Father).
Too, it is similar (autsimilar) dichon(movement, rest).
Most of these dialectical interpretations benefit via semasiological melioration as quantons.

So Suares ciphers 'satan' as seen (focused)~tayt (deadly)~noun (psychic-closed-cyclic). We do n¤t know how Kohlenberger interprets tayt. We guess 'opposite' Suares.
Suares' cipher offers seen~tayt's complementary "focused deadliness" and noun's autiot (likely formal) cyclicity. Kohlenberger uses final-noun which Doug lacks qua to hermeneut.
Doug's major contribution here is to add quantum~essence of open '¤' quantized loops of noun (mayhaps "n¤un??") vis-à-vis
closed 'o' continuous (dialectic's, and probably Kohlenberger's, formal-mechanical dogmatic sinusoidal) loops of noun. You can see, however, that tayt is already open and thus quantized.
For Doug, tayt's open~quantization symbolism aggrandizes Autiot's quantum~prescience.


Zondervan's satan is: seen-tayt(lively?)-final-noun(?).

Suares' satan is: seen~tayt(deadly)~noun.

Doug assumes Suares' is our 'expert Autiot reference' here. Doug assumes Kohlenberger probably didn't (doesn't) know Autiot well.

Simply, beware Zondervan's Interlinear NIV Hebrew-English Old Testament hermeneutics!
Suares warns us repeatedly that current OT transliterations are mostly wrong.
They do n¤t adhere Autiot: they are n¤t quantum! Suares' hermeneutics are closer to quantum.

End Update - 25Jul2010.




Autiot is recursive.

Quantum~reality is recursive. Fractally recursive! Why?
Flux is recursive when it interferes self and other.
Flux always interferes self and it interferes other when it and other are entangled.

"Doug, what other languages, like French Italian German Latin, etc. are recursive?"
None that I know and essentially that is what Suares writes too. Read his brief Introduction to CoG.

Doug broaches this topic here for a simple reason: Serpent in Autiot only has three letters. It is easier to show recursion using short letter counts!

Again, right to left order is noun-chet-sheen: serpent AKA nahhash.

Then how does noun recurse?

Doug doesn't know, so he will use his best guess, and we'll see what happens.

noun-waw-waw-final-noun (waw-waw-final-noun recursively 'interfere' semasiologically with noun during recursion; quantum~flux does this too!)

At this juncture, Doug as a novice, is showing readers this: when you do not have a mentor, become your own (recursively; semasiologically).

Suares would ask us, "Assuming your hermeneutic recursion is adequate, tell us (show us) its
semasiology (this word is unique to hermeneutics of words whose semantics are recursive;
this is a Greek word semasio as meaning + logos; logos as gnosis AKA wisdom)."

If natural numbers were self recursive mod 1, we could write three's declination as 3210, for example: Three
is a Peanoic container of its sequence genesis. One omniffering way of 'bosonically'
(i.e., 3 as a boson, possibly a BEC, middle~including 3210) expressing counting theory.
In Autiot, as in Quantonics, it helps to see that with holographic interrelationshipings: for example 3210.

Now keep in mind that in Autiot, similar quantum~reality there is no zero, like there is no classical negation.
So 0 has no hermeneutic value, no energy, no flux, no meaning. Why? Zero quantumly is a stochastic process.

But we can show 321 in Autiot like this ghimel-beth-aleph. Energy numbers for aleph-bayt-ghimel are 123.

Aleph is special: its energy numbers are quantum both~and 1~1000.

If some of Richard Feynman's conjectures seemed weird to you, you may have fathomed his Jewish heritage affecting his quantum~thinking.
For example, "Is there only one electron?" Another ei = -1 (notice how Doug intuitively used Autiot-like
recursion on that one, back in 2002, as part of his solution to Riemann's critical number line). Read Gleick's Genius.

Comparatively noun is an Autiot container of itself, waw, waw again, and final noun.

Now let's do that on serpent:

noun-hhayt-sheen becomes


Serpent's cipher recursed as part of its semasiology.

Now to be clear, Doug's Autiot spelling teacher might say for example, "Doug you are just learning,
so you probably shouldn't use final-noun and you shouldn't use hay-hay for hhayt."

But I am, plausibly, part Jewish, and when I am uncertain, I guess (one has no other quantum~alternative).
When I find out what I have guessed isn't better, I will fix it (whatever 'fix' means; perhaps 'evolve...').

What Doug accomplished here is showing our readers a way of recursively spelling serpent one level 'down.'
(Do not make a mistake of supposing Doug is yet "A Hebrew has been drip under pressure (expert: ex-spurt).")



Who deceived Eshah (Eve)?

As we explained in our previous segment, no one!

What is deceptive is translation of OT by simple, naïve hylic minds.

That is Carlo Suares' argument and position in his Cipher of Genesis.
Read especially chapters 11-15 to grasp what Doug is saying here.

Most hylics are quintessentially dialectical material objectivists. Their mantra is "negation and fear to gain control" of people and power.
Their world view is almost wholly negative. Carlo writes that 'rulers' want people to be afraid of the bible, and so hylics' negatives endlessly spew forth.
Hylics claim uncertainty is apocryphal. That is why they (Irenæus, Hippolytus, Constantine, et al.) refer "individual choice"
heresy, and denigrate it: they will tell you exactly what to do and what to thingk. "Their way, or the highway."

But Doug and Carlo offer a omniffering view:

Carlo - "Qabala is positive and uplifting."

Doug - "There are n¤ negatives, n¤ classical negation, ihn quantum~reality.
Only tentative phase~cancellation of quantum~flux." Bergson taught us that "negation is subjective."

Read Carlo's abundant ciphers. They are positive, alive, well, and emerging~evolving.
They refer Jesus' "Living Father," and belie hylics' 'dead father.' See Farewell Discourse.
Doug tries to superwalk Carlo. Perhaps in vain. Maybe in melioration. You decide.

Suares and Quantonics ask you to use Qabala and Quantum~Thinkqing (gnosticism)
to "embrace uncertainty," do n¤t embrace hylic rulers' satanic dialectical FUD.

Hylics translate OT's Hebrew negatively. Evidence? Read English translation. It is wholly negative, objective, dialectical, and dead.

"Hey Doug, what is 'serpent' in Hebrew, and how may we choose to better translate it using Autiot?"

Phonemically in Hebrew it is "nahhash." That double h isn't Hay, rather it is Hhet which
some scholars show as Chet (In Suares' Autiot, Hhayt.) and is pronounced roughly as "Ket."
If you have tried to learn how to pronounce 'Challah,' you have some idea of
its pronunciation: Ket-lammed-hay. In a sense, this is God's bread: holy bread.
In Autiot it becomes 'Hhallah.'

Does hhallah esoterically tell us about Chaldæan Oracle's Limit the Separator? How?
What might Abraham have said about this, nearly four millennia past?

Serpent without emphasis and vowel marks looks like this:

Doug decided to offer serpent hermeneutically using both sheen and seen:

Doug's Cipher of Serpent Using Noun~Hhayt~Seen

Doug's Cipher of Serpent Using Noun~Hhayt~Sheen

We cipher serpent AKA nahhash similarly hhalla(h) as: Noun-chet-seen.


noun-chet-seen (right to left)

In English: "nahhas(h)."

S[h]een above is actually seen since its symbol has a 'left point.'
Recall left point means "focus," and this is serpent's cipher's most hylic implication.
So, we must ask and remind ourselves frequently (openly, repeatedly: noun), "What is serpent's focus?"
By that we intend paraphrasing Suares, said serpent has a single-minded goal: emersce both
Adam and Eve from concrete state into emergent~evolution using co(n)mduitively Eve
as Adam's energy~enhancing enabler. Enable their grail fecundity!

We cipher serpent AKA nahhash similarly hhallah as: Noun-chet-sheen.


noun-chet-sheen (right to left)

In English: "nahhash."

Sheen above has a 'right point.'
Where 'seen' is a more hylic (focused) interpretation, 'sheen' is a more pneumatic (diffuse) hermeneutic.
When we hermeneut 'serpent' pneumatically, we see only positive aspects of Eden's serpent as an adept liaison of gnosis' Godhead with both Adam and Eve via Eve's shielding Adam from serpent's exceptional energy. Too, we see in cuneiform symbol of sheen serpent with its mouth and its tail up, suggestive of a noun cyclicity as recursion (...imagine two sheen symbols both with others' tail in its mouth...a kind of double~sheen version of noun hermaphrodicity...). This is very very quantum! Quantum~reality is all positive due its radical stochasticity mandated by any flux based reality. Negative flux simply doesn't exist in quantum~reality.

Our serpent, in this sheen case, isn't hylically 'single-minded.' Rather it is pneumatically multiplexing quantum~Gestaltly its hologram with that of gnosis' Godhead. See Chaldæan Mother, for example. 1(2,3)4 as Mother(son,mother)[Ff]ather.

This nexus (many nexi) holographically channels evolutionary spirit and energy into both Adam and Eve.

It's part of creation's evolutionary ontology.

Without evolution, Adam and Eve have no fecundity.

Absence of evolution is static death! SQ without DQ. (Reversed DQ and SQ - 9Jul2010 - Doug.)

Why did Doug write "Absence of evolution is static death! DQ without SQ" originally?

It's a more advanced, pneumatic way of thinkqing about "absence of evolution."

Hylics claim dialectically "there is no DQ:" DQ doesn't exist to them.

Pneumatics claim DQ exists. They say, "Undifferentiated spirit and energy exist."

Then hylics believe that "SQ is all there is and it is immutable and has always existed," therefore, Hylically, "There is no evolution."

However, pneumatics believe DQ exists therefore evolution is axiomatic. But if somehow hylics could teach all others to believe there is no evolution, then in hylic minds that means there is no DQ, only SQ. But in pneumatic minds, if evolution somehow didn't exist, DQ without SQ is said result (that is, DQ exists...but no SQ can evolve from it). Hylic belief is anti-quantum, and that is why Doug claims "Nearly all of us have been sold a bunch of hylic lies, a BS Bill of Bads:" Hylics say, "Let's all wors[e]ship our 'bill of bads.'"

Long term, quantum reality makes all 'static belief systems,' including hylicism, extinct.

Quantum~Qabalic Gnosis gets us out of this hylic multi-millennia-long stuck-mess, by evolving hylicism out of quantum reality.

Doug - 9Jul2010.

As you now may perceive we have at least two ways to view our serpent's sheen.
In terms of topos, we offered two-thirds of topos' hierarchy in omniscription.

"But Doug, How does it appear in your interlinear English-Hebrew text?"

Serpent with sheen.

Then you have to ask, "How could translators make that negative?" Indeed! Hylics are really stupid.
(Most of them dig Elvis, Nintendo, and bubblegum. L Lohan and M Gibson come to mind due recent news. Pirsig warned us of maleficence of celebrity.)

Remember, too, noun is quantum~open circle durational cyclicity.
Noun represents perpetual absolute change as [d]emergent evolution at all middle~inclusionings of Aleph (DQ) and Yod (SQ).

What is chet AKA hhet AKA hhayt?

Hhayt is a term we must all learn to associate with what Latin means by, "Creatio ex nihilo aperio."
I.e., "Creation from nothing laid bare." For a graphic depiction see Doug's fuzzons to fermion quantum~ontology.

Hhayt is "DQ ihn SQ" as Doug would say it in MoQese.
This expresses well serpent's durational pneuma
(hyper (above) and n¤t hylic (concrete, stuck, state-ic), almost an antinomial of 'focus' similar Aleph as antinomial Yod).

It is quantum~isoflux attempting to become flux. Undifferentiated energy attempting to become
quantum~holographically omnifferentiated. See Doug's coined Isox ontology.

Suares writes that Adam has no hay. Adam needs Eve, who has hay, to act as an intermediary with serpent's exceptional energy.

Doug, "What do you mean by 'exceptional energy?'"

Adam and Eve have just been 'created.' But breath of life, spirit, has not yet entered them.
They are incapable of evolution. Serpent's energy emerses them in spiritual evolution.
Adam cannot handle this exceptional energy by himself, and needs Eve to assist him:
serpent says they have to eat Eden's apple to attain that spiritual evolutionary commencement.
Serpent brings that 'knowledge' to them, but it isn't negative as hylic translators induce.
Rather it is positive: evolutionary life itself. And that is what noun-hhayt-seen brings!

Again, we have been sold a hylic 'bill of BS.' Hylics represent 'father' AKA 'dead father.'
Current OT is their version of creation: a creation without spirit, without evolution.
A dead creation. We live with that now (CeodE 2010), and we must learn ways to change it, so that all earth's
people at least have an opportunity to eventually "get OT's story better than what we have now."

Evolution exists! God gave it to Adam and Eve via serpent's agency. But hylics ineptly ciphered Genesis!
So, today, we are evolving in a dead, satanic, dialectical world. Evidence abounds, folks!

What will you do?

Please take a moment to view Doug's QELRs of change, energy, evolution, negative, positive, etc.




I hope you are enjoying this as much as Doug does!

If you haven't acquired your personal copy of Suares' Cipher of Genesis, what are you waiting for?

Suares' efforts to cipher Genesis offers, those who super walk his Autiot gnostic trail, profound benefits.

Today, Doug wants to do his own due diligence, superwalking Suares.
Then show readers how Doug did it, and allow readers to assess Doug's qua.

Chapter 15 of Suares' CoG is titled, 'A General View of the Issues Involved.'
Suares tells and shows us how classical (read hylic) interpretations of Genesis are simply bogus.
Doug's response is, "OK then shouldn't a pre~initiate of Autiot (Doug as his only known example) have
qua to provide evidence (SEP) that Suares' conclusions are apropos?" Doug answered self, "Yes!"

Doug has known for some time now that he would have to do this. So he asked Beth to
order a copy of Kholenberger III's The Interlinear NIV Hebrew-English Old Testament, Zondervan, 1987.

She did.

Doug interpreted what Suares writes in his CoG Chapter 15 as focusing heavily on Genesis 3, especially Serpent~Eshah (Eve) interrelationshipings.
Doug decided to try to find (in English) a most provocative phrase which Suares both derides and belies:

"...he deceived me..." (Gen. 3)

Now keep in mind how Hebrew (Autiot), for that phrase, is shown just above said English phrase.

"But Doug, what provoked you about that phrase?"


Recall that Qabalic gnosis declares "Monism is deceit." So if she is saying, "Serpent deceived me," then what monism is Serpent representing?
If you have studied Elaine Pagels' The Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis, you know about gnostic topos. Only a hylic mind could interpret that Hebrew text, that way!

So interpreters of Hebrew very likely made a huge mistake translating that Hebrew text...Suares says they did. Doug agrees.

So Does Samuel Sharpe:

"But as nothing human is free from faults, so even the Bible must be read with judgment and discrimination."
Samuel Sharpe in his, The History of The Hebrew Nation and Its Literature
with an
Appendix On The Hebrew Chronology.
See p. x.
Added 6Jul2010 - Doug.

"But Doug, what Hebrew text was translated?"

yod noun aleph yod sheen hay

Hylically, "...he deceived me..."

Doug, for ease of omniscussion ('di' vav 'omni') here, wants to focus only on Hebrew consonants. So from right-to-left this is what we have:


Translators for TINIVHEOT claim that Hebrew translates as "...he deceived me..."

Doug and Suares claim translators deceived their readers.
Probably due translators' own hylicity (absence of pneuma).

Pirsig would say, "Those translators failed to include DQ with their SQ." Translators failed to include pneuma with their hyle. They lack gnostic wisdom.

5Jul2010 aside:

What does that Autiot word look like if we substitute Pirsig~Quantonicsese?

Take hay-sheen-yod-aleph-noun-yod and substitute PQese for each:

Hebrew Autiot Character PQese Commentary
1. Hay
SQ quanton(DQ,SQ).

This is what Pirsig means by "Keeping DQ with SQ."

SQ without DQ becomes ESQ: demiurge, dead-father, dialectic, Error, Satan, etc.

2. Sheen (right point; diffuse) Quantum EIMA. Essence of a quantum~hologram. See Sheen detail below.
3. Yod SQ = dichon(SQ, SQ); classical dialectical EEMD. This is hylic, dialectical yod. What gnostics mean by "Hylics and hylic-psychics cannot see their inner." It begs Seen in place of Sheen: focus absent a diffuse perspective of reality.
4. Aleph DQ omniscribed in QELR as "DQ issi ihn us and we are ihn DQ." Qabala says it like this, "Aleph is ihn blood and blood is ihn aleph." Recall Adam is "aleph in blood."

Aleph gives semantic to a quantum reality which puts life and death in an evolutionary~devolutionary loop. Biologically metabolisis as anabolisis in a loop with catabolisis is a good example. Apoptosis (cell death; actually a kind of suicide) and cellular resurrection are words we can use in English to describe it.

Qabala calls it "the unthinkable life~death cycle." Qabala uses Autiot to describe it.

5. Noun Noun is PQese's comma~nospace in quanton(Aleph,Yod) for example. Noun describes energy transmutations of Aleph's life~death Planck rate open cyclicity and quantum features of that reality as uncertainty, Bell inequalities, middle~inclusion, everywhere holographic associationings, bosonic~gluonic, synaptic, perpetually high~flux~rate adiabatic, etc. To describe Quantonics' comma~nospace explicitly in Autiot, use Waw. Noun quantumly marries Aleph and Yod via many Waws (Vavs). Think of it as DQ and SQ having intercourse everywhere and always. This is grail. In Latin we can say it a tad like this: Both creatio ex nihilo aperio, and creatio et nihilo ex vivo aperio. Doug uses 'et' here as also. Their (ex nihilo's and ex vivo's) up to Planck rate loopings and quantum~bothings~andings beg issi and . Doug - 5Jul2010.
6. Yod

Empiritheoretically yod can become ESQ. We can show that many ways:

  • ESQ is dichon(ESQ, ESQ),
  • ESQ is dichon(SQ, ESQ),
  • SQ is dichon(ESQ, SQ),
  • etc.

Pirsig, Suares, and Doug agree! Reality needs both Aleph and Yod, both DQ and SQ.

That agreement abets a memeo that reality is quantum.

When Suares, et al., tell their students they must learn to "embrace uncertainty," they abet a memeo that reality is quantum.

Tav's resistance to aleph's absolute change mandate may push yod into ESQ.

Thank you for reading,

Doug - 5Jul2010.

End 5Jul2010 aside.

Those translators were reading at same level of topos as 10 of 12 disciples. Suares agrees that those 10 disciples could not understand Jesus' own Autiot.

Doug tried this on Beth, but she is only slightly familiar with Hebrew...
I am sharing this with you to see if you concur.
Doug claims some qua superwalking Suares.
How much qua is at issue here?
What do you think?

Allow Doug to take those six Hebrew consonants and cipher them somewhat mimicking Suares.

Doug views "hay-sheen-yod" (Hebrew is read right to left) as "archetype of life
pneumatically-diffusely (right point on Sheen) breathed into a living_being container."
In MoQese, "living_being issi quanton(spiritual_pneuma,actual_soma)."
In native Pirsigese, "SQ issi quanton(DQ,SQ)"
Doug interprets that as "Nature keeping DQ (absolute isofreedom) with her SQ (fermionic restraints)."

Again, permit Doug to repeat a similar redemptive hermeneutic on "aleph-noun-yod."
This marvelous hunk of pneuma-gnostic wisdom declares that aleph and yod divinely dance together as antinomials (rather quantum~complements),
but their dance is quantized and its affectings are always (wave~function stochastically) uncertain. Implication? As Suares narrates, "Embrace uncertainty."
Aleph prods yod to change and yod resists; outcomes are absolute change which is always quantum~uncertain!

Where is deceit in that? That Hebrew word has nothing to do with hylic monism's stupid deceit: there is n¤ deceit there.
OT classically-dialectically-hylically translated text lies. Christianity is a lie!

Deceit is spawn of hylic (dialectical) minds!

What do you think will happen as Doug continues his own ciphering of Genesis?

OT needs a thorough retranslation using Autiot's quantum~energy hermeneutics.

Gaffney claimed our Western religions were about to be turned on their heads. Can you see it coming now?


PS - If we use Quantonicsese to hermeneut that six-character phrase, it simply reads like this, "...hologramic beings embrace uncertainty..."
"Hay-sheen-yod" is an Autiot omniscriptioning of a hologram. "Aleph-noun-yod" says simply, "embrace uncertainty." N¤ hylic negatives ihn there folks!



Doug is reading more of Suares' Cipher of Genesis. See p. 113 of Chapter 11, 1st ed. 1970 Shambala, copyright 1967.

Part of what Doug is reading now is relevant Gaffney's work and his attempts to explain...exegetize Adamas.
Doug has written some regarding Adamas under his hermeneutics of da Vinci's Last Supper,
but here Doug wants to pursue exegeses in slightly omniffering quantum~comtextings.

If you read Suares, especially his Trilogy and his Second Coming of Reb YHSHWH, he writes of Adam and Adamah.

What does he say about Adam? A is Aleph and 'dam' is blood. So Suares says Adam is (interpreted using Autiot) "Aleph in blood." ("in" here is quantum~ihn)

Why both Adam and Adamah? (Why both XY and XX?)

Suares explains this well in Doug's opinion. Adam is masculine. Adamah is feminine.
So in Autiot, how do we say and write and thinkq that ourselves, individually?

Eesh is man. Eshah is woman.

Eesh is Aleph-yod-sheen.

Eshah is Aleph-sheen-hay.

Simply man is vastly omniffering woman. So, what are omnifferencings?

Both have aleph and sheen. Both have "aleph in blood." But their sheens omniffer.
(Quantumly, aleph is in blood and blood is in aleph.)

Ciphered, though, man's sheen is seen (more focused and still). However, woman's sheen is sheen (more diffuse and alive).

Lucidly then, masculine energy and feminine energy commence their omnifferencing omnivergencings.

Their spread grows even wider...

Eesh (man) has yod, and lacks hay. Men are quantum~partials.

Eshah (woman) has hay and lacks yod. Women are quantum~partials.

Hay is pneumatic life energy. Woman is individually, spiritually alive. This is essence of gnostic wisdom. Essence of Autiot, Tao, MoQ, Quantonics, etc.

Yod is actualized (hylic-material) reality, and it is aleph's antinomial. Yod is dead and deadly (dialectical sociopathy) when we compare it to hay.

Men tend to topos' hylic-psychic. Women tend to topos' psychic~pneumatic.

Do you understand now, why Jesus (Reb YHSHWH) called Peter "Satan?"
Peter represents demiurge, wors(e)hips and adheres "dead, dialectical, sociopathic father."

Do you understand why Jesus wanted Mary (John~Mary) to be leader of his new Essene Gnostic Church?

Do you understand how C a t h o l i c s got it miserably wrong, and how their abomination has ruined religion for all mankind?

Christianity is Satan wors(e)ship!

Judaic Gnosis ciphered in Autiot, given our review of Suares above, appears as what Jesus wanted.

We have, instead, that abominable Roman-loving satanist, Peter!



. . .

30Mar2010 & 24Jan2011

Our Hebrew Dictionary by Hayim Baltsan (1992, Wiley)
has no listing for 'quantum.'

This is where Doug attempts to use Hebrew Autiot to spell quantum as a memeo of quanta as packets of quantized energy. Doug - 24Jan2011.

Doug deciphered "energy packet," as Merets~Ma~Atafah,
in Autiot left to right Mem~Raysh~Tsadde (implicitly, least, Tayt?, quantum~uncertain energy issi i•h) Mem~Ayn~Tayt~Phay~Hay (packet).

30Mar2010 & 24Jan2011

. . .


Add Raysh, Tav and Final~Phay omniscriptionings.



. . .


Extend omniscriptionings and commentary of Tayt.


. . .


Doug has acquired his fourth Carlo Suares text, The Second Coming of Reb YHShWH, his last...written at age 83...just a year prior his death in 1976.

This text is a must read for those of you familiar autiot and its mind~blowing quantum~exegesis of reality as conscious energy.
Carlo didn't say it, but Doug would expand Carlo's Faith in reality as Conscious Holographic Quantum~Energy.
Simply amazing and enlightening, pneumatically.

Doug wants to spend some timings here, and cohere memes and memeos surrounding Suares' descriptionings of Satan, Rabbi Jesus, Seen-Sheen and Error.
All of what Doug hermeneuts, just now, in that regard, is shown below under Sheen.

Doug -


A key to understanding autiot is recursion. Autiot phrases, describing individual letters, recurse autiot's letters!

For example, [Aa]leph is part of its own self~other~referent autiot description as aleph, lammed, phay.

We see implicit subjectivity. Implicit Qabalic hermeneuticism.

O'gadons recognize this as quantum~essence.

Recursion begs animism. Carl Jung, in his labeling of
male (animus; compare Adamas, Adamus...see Ghimel, Aleph, and Bayt...ponder Ghimel(Aleph,Bayt)...
...ponder quanton(Aleph,Bayt), quanton(1,2), 3(1,2), 1(2,3), quanton(nonactuality,actuality), and quanton(DQ,SQ))
and female (anima; fathom animah, Adamahs, Nag hamadA, shamadA, etc...), agreed with Qabala's feminine wisdom (Tayt, 9) re: pluralism, middle~inclusion,
and redemption as energetic adaptability and fecund (Vav-Waw) evolutionary (vicissitudinal) change.

Just FYE, Doug just purchased two first editions of Carl Jung's first time and newly published 80 year old Red Book.
We seek to juxtapose Jung and Suares and Hebrew's Autiot and our quantum hermeneutics of all that. What an adventure!

See our extended hermeneutics of Hay and Noun, below.
Doug - 5Dec2009.

A great gedankenment to fabulize on your quantum~stagings is to imagine notes in a musical score whose semantics can recurse, for example, tritones.
Then imagine multiple levels of permitted recursion. How would we know, via listening, how many levels are permitted? First note will repeat 'Level' times.
Now, what if 'Level' is quantum~comtextually sensitive. Each repetition would remain autsimilar first, but vary slightly as an adaptation to perpetually~changing quantum~comtextings!
Interesting, eh?

Songings of Songingings?

Regarding Qabala...

"Qabala, originally, was neither Jewish nor mysticism: it declared itself as a tradition issued from Abraham, who was an ancient Chaldæan
belonging to a much older period than Moses', and it asserted that Abraham's Revelation was direct Knowledge, devoid of mysticism."
Page 11, Carlos Suares, Song of Songs, Shambala, 1969, 1972.

"Direct Knowledge" is Sophism, Gn¤sis.

In Qabala Sophism is spiritual pneumatic energy which all gnostics must learn to tap.
Qabala shines light on how by calling dialectic and dead material "Error." Simply, energy is alive. Material may be dialectically conceived as state-ically dead.
Most con's are Error.
Dead is catholically determinate, orthodox, canonic, formal, dogmatic,... a con job.

Life~energy is perpetually uncertain. Embrace life~energy!

Quantumly, we say, "Direct K~now~ings."

What we 'say,' "becomes said," and in Qabala 'said' is Yomer (Yod~Aleph~Mem~Raysh). Note that Raysh is a Sheer mirror. See Sheen.
Yod~Aleph is quanton(DQ,SQ). Mem is water and immersion in water. Raysh is reality's cosmic container of all existence.
(Ponder etymology of "yammer," and "yammering.")

Thence Reality is what is said in Qabala's logos as quanton(DQ,SQ) mirroring pneuma's breath and flowing energetically like a raging stream.
"In realities' beginnings...logos as words..." John~Mary, paraphrased.

We see quanton(DQ,SQ) here as grail whose stream autsimilarly cycles ontically.

Now we have real Qabalic semantic for "Aleph~Yod~Qof~Qof." Qabala's recursing immortality of grail's perpetual life~death, living~dying cycles.

Much more to say here...

Doug - 5-6Dec2009, 8Jan2010,..., etc.

Autiot Characters

(View leading letters as [UpperLower] Unix character class, except as noted.)

Recursable Value
Essence: quantum

Qabala Code Semantic(s)
(See Carlo Suares' Song of Songs, and his Cipher of Genesis.
Too, see his Sepher Yetsira.)

Quantonics' Semantics
(These will need intensive revision as Doug learns more.
There appears to be too much overlap among letters' valuations.)

Aleph [Aleph-Lammed-Phay]

Aleph 1000 [1000.30.800]

aleph 1 [1.30.80]

Upper case Aleph is unthinkable life-death; all that is beyond and not.

One of three 'Mothers.' See Mem and Sheen.

Aleph "lives and is timeless." Aleph is perpetual, classically immeasurable, silent, hidden, imperceptible, yet pneumatically intuitive. Aleph is subjective quantum~negationally (cancelably) what we intend by 'not, naught, zed, empty, etc., and what Quantonics represents as "isoflux" and "n¤t."

"Aleph and Bayt are in everything and everything is in Aleph and Bayt." Suares paraphrased. See his Sepher Yetsira.

Suares' use of words describing Aut Aleph:

words -

  • God,
  • Jesus as God, (not the 'Christ')
  • Living Father (inferred),
  • Life~death cycle,
  • YhShWh,
  • we cannot know the Aleph, the Aleph is unknowable...Aleph is but an idea~unknowable...a totally fecund chaos hidden in life's all of cosmos... (See Doug's "chaos as master of equilibria."),
  • Aleph (cosmos' life~energy) is in us, in all existence,
  • Supreme living energy, Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, SCoRY, p. 51, Weiser paperback, 1994.
  • Aleph is One hidden in multiplicity, Ibid. [Essence of "Aleph is in everything, and everything is in Aleph,"]
  • Aleph is immeasurable, and its changings are superluminal, and thus adiabatic, Ibid. [Essence of Planck rate flux,] Doug's brackets and some quantum~paraphrasing of Suares,
  • Doug - 15Jun2013,
  • ...the principle of discontinuous indetermination, (the most precious gift of life) which allows all that can be to become, CoG, p. 77, Doug's editing,
  • creative immanence, timeless and immeasurable,
  • quantized~cycles of complementary life~death, unbeing~being...Aleph~Yod...
  • Explicitly, Aleph is DQ. It corresponds quantum~n¤nactuality as unknown and unknowable.

    Yod is aleph's complement in actuality.

    Lower case aleph is, apparently, actuality's sentient~perceived quantum~complement ihn DQ, that quantum~partial of DQ which is still unconceivable yet sentients are instinctively and perhaps intuitively Aware of it.

    "Aleph is in everything and everything is in Aleph." Page 101, Carlos Suares, Cipher of Genesis, Shambala, 1969, 1972. Doug - 6Dec2009.

    Those of you keeping track of Doug's progress omniscribing quantum~ both ~chaos and ~equilibrium AKA chaoequil, know how Doug has made enormous leaps of innovative progress in those areas. As usual Doug looks for complementary assessments of his Quantonics efforts compared to Autiot and Qabala, among others.

    Early this morning Doug was looking at a new Autiot font set and learning how it omniffers one Carlo Suares uses.

    In that process, Doug realized almost epiphanously how Aleph aligns Doug's recent efforts. Allow me to show you how Aleph aligns Doug's chaoequil efforts. Let's look at Aleph's Aut:

    Shyt: Sheen (hammer: chaosq), Yod (qwf gradience: changeq, evolutionq, adaptationq), Tav (anvil: equilibriaq).

    For first time in Doug's life he re cognized Aleph as a multi stroke aut of three basic strokes. Big stroke from top left to bottom right corresponds Doug's quantum ruminations re quantum~gradience. Smaller stroke rising from bottom left to higher gradience corresponds better and worse (quantum~relative) amelioration of durable equilibrium (rest). Smaller stroke falling from top right to lower gradience corresponds better and worse amelioration of punctuated chaos (movement).

    In other words Aleph may be omniscribed as...

    An Autiot HotMeme"Quantum~Value issi gradience(equilibrium,chaos) in quantum~reality."An Autiot HotMeme, and

    An Autiot HotMeme"Quantum~Value issi Yod(Tav,Sheen) in quantum~reality."An Autiot HotMeme™.

    Latter, in words, Sheen manages Yod's Tav. Too we can write:

    An Autiot HotMeme"Quantum~Value issi Sheen(Yod,Tav) [Gen I:1's Shyt] in quantum~reality."An Autiot HotMeme™.

    Please obtain Shyt assa Sheen(Yod,Tav) assa chaos(gradience,equilibria).

    Too, obtain quantum complementary rearrangementings of chaos(gradience,equilibria) assa gradience(chaos,equilibria) [Yod(Sheen,Tav)] assa and so on...

    Each rearrangement issi an complementary~antinomial Autiot~Gematraic quantum~wave~functional expression of Aleph.

    Doug - 3Oct2015. quantonics script.

    So Aleph represents pneumatically unlimited potential Cosmic Energy Value (Gematria: Aleph 1000 and portions of it as aleph 1+ (quantized) in lower energies where earth life actually~locally resides.)! Forgive Doug's Earth~chauvinism. 20Jan2012 - Doug.

    This hermeneutic, almost cuneiform semasiologically, of Aleph fits all cobenchmarkings Doug has omniscovered and compared so far.

    It also fits hermeneutics of Carlo Suares' omniscriptions of a tetrad of Autiot's first four Aut in order of Gematria 1, 2, 3, 4. Those Aut are Aleph, Bayt, Ghimel, and Dallet. Their base hermeneutics may be, in a partial Pirsigean metaphor, omniscribed oversimply as DQ, SQ, movement (chaos), and rest (equilibrium). So Aleph then provides us an overall cosmic energy vital impetus Avatar (see rqfv and rqis as quantum~radicals of vital impetus - Doug - 2Aug2014), a quantum re embodiment, to those first four archetypal Aut evolutionary quantum~hologra[[ph][m][il]]ic~metaphors. Obtain how Doug just added a metaphor and coined a novel term: holograil, and holograilic. This is an important emerscence of quantum~th~ought. We have noticed this several timings prior, but did n¤t then complementaroceive emergent linguistics this way. "Can we relate it, Doug?" Yes! Quantonics' interrelationshipings are holograilic and exhibit holograilicity. Notice (unexpected) autsimilarityings of Aleph and Quantonics' interrelationshipings symbol. Also see Doug's 3D Fuzzons. Doug - 20Jan2012.

    From a quantum~complementarospective Aleph is quantum~essene~ce of quantization~scintillation as agency of radical transmutative evolution: A Quantum Life~M¤tif™. Latter is a new web page under development in Quantonics.

    Much, much more here later,

    Doug - 19-20Jan2012, 2Aug2014.

    Bayt (Vayt) [Bayt-Yod-Tav]


    Archetype of all dwellings, all containers. Physical support without which nothing is.

    Bayt's double is Vayt. There are seven 'doubles.'

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Bayt:

    words from SCoRY, p. 51 -

    • container,
    • continuing process of existence,
    • any support of Aleph [absolute change energy which is capable of radical mixings of both chaos and equilibria],
    • support of eternal (Hebrew),
      [Doug's memeo: we must keep in mind that 'eternal' as used here is n¤t 'state' as status~quo, rather "perpetual~ubiquitous change,"]
    • Bayt is "all that is," [quantumly, Bayt represents actuality portion of reality as quantons(nonactuality,actuality) AKA quantons(Aleph,Bayt), AKA quantons(DQ,SQ),]
    • Doug - 15Jun2013.

    Explicitly, Bayt is SQ.

    "Bayt is with everything and everything is with Bayt." Page 101, Carlos Suares, Cipher of Genesis, Shambala, 1969, 1972. Doug - 6Dec2009.

    Ghimel [Ghimel-Mem-Lammed]


    Organic movement of every Bayt animated by Aleph.

    Ghimel's double is Gimel.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Ghimel:

    words -

    • archetype of all movements that represent biological phenomena [i.e., living phenomena, a radical quantonics implication here is that all quantons, in Qabala, are living...i.e., Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay: Qabala,]
    • Doug - 15Jun2013.

    Explicitly Ghimel is quanton(DQ,SQ). Quantum~Gn¤stic evolute~redemption. Process of perpetual~evolution.

    Biblically, this is referred as a tell of God's presence in sentients, known as, "movement and rest." Çatholiçs deny any presence of 'god' in humans. Çatholiç 'god' is separate from humans and it is çatholiçly "absurd" to thingk and believe otherwise. This is a key reason why Qabalic gnosis went underground. Their gnosis had to be kept secret otherwise Romans would kill them for their beliefs. Carlo Suares claims they became so good at hiding their secrets, it became almost impossible for subsequents to learn about them. Carlo did some assiduous work to revive gn¤stics' autiot and its Qabalic semantics. For Doug, this is a real eye opener! And to find that our quantonics and quantum~theory itself reflect Qabalic gnosis, calls for unbounded cheer.

    Doug also shows this quantonically as 1(2,3); note that Qabala shows it as 3(1,2): Aleph-Bayt-Ghimel vis-à-vis Ghimel-Aleph-Bayt. Doug needs to learn how autiot semantics change when letters are reordered. It is already clear that very, very important autiot semantics express as palindromes. Suares offers one example of Sheer and Raysh together. Sheer recurses as Sheen-Yod-Raysh. Raysh recurses as Raysh-Yod-Sheen. Sheer-Raysh then becomes a palindrome as Sheen-Yod-Raysh-Yod-Sheen. Gematria is then (300-10-200-10-300). Its semantic is critically important in quantum~gnosis: "one in two and two in one." Quantum~metaphors here, for example, include bosons and fermions, bosons becoming fermions, fermions as quarks, quarks as nuclei, bosons as gluons, light, and gravity, and so on... Doug - 15Oct2009.

    Chaldæan gnosis shows it as 1(2,3),4. Qabala~ramified it is Ghimel(Aleph,Bayt),Dallet. See the ogdoad. Four is humanity's uncertain 'choice, chance, and change' of dialectically either a Roman 'dead father,' or Jesus' "Living Father." Latter is an earthly agent of Ghimel. Former is 'the demiurge,' who denies that "Ghimel even exists." Roman çatholiçs have imbued 10% of humanity with countless 'dead ideas,' borne of Parmenides, Plato, and Aristotle, thence about twelve centuries later Thomas Aquinas, all of whom called Qabala and its innate~gnosis "sophistry." Again, we have a çatholiç issue here. Roman çatholiçs still call 'choice' "heresy." Qabala says all is uncertain, and as a result we have only choice. Determinism and fate are dead Platonic-Aristotelian ideas of çatholiçs' dead-father 'state-ic' demiurge.

    One must infer Ghimel's n¤n dialectical middle~inclusionings of Aleph and Bayt.

    "Ghimel (movement) is energy and all energy is Ghimel." Page 101, Carlos Suares, Cipher of Genesis, Shambala, 1969, 1972. Doug - 6Dec2009. Repair gematria of Sheen~Yod~Raysh~Yod~Sheen. Stupid mistake by novice Doug - 31Mar2013. Suares (First paragraph, p. 47, Second Coming of Reb YhShWh.) claims gematriaic~numbers are about both mental and heart felt emotion (changing, transmuting, evolving levels of quantized~energy). Indeed!

    Dallet [Dallet-Lammed-Tav]

    Dallet [Dallet-Lammed-Tav]

    Dallet [Dallet-Lammed-Tav]

    Dallet [Dallet-Lammed-Tav]

    Dallet [Dallet-Lammed-Tav]

    Dallet [Dallet-Lammed-Tav]

    Dallet [Dallet-Lammed-Tav]








    Physical existence as response to life. In nature, all that is organically active with Ghimel. For inorganic structure Dallet is its own resistance, resistance to destruction.

    Dallet's double is Thallet.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Dallet:

    words -

    • Door, (Doorq and doorc, gate, portcullis, etc.)
    • any resistance either passive or active, SCoRY, p. 51,
    • [status quo equilibrium, e.g., Keynesianism, avoiding its master: chaos],
    • Doug - 15Jun2013.
    • Doug's use of Dallet ciphering Song of Songs, in Doug's own way, shows Doug that Dallet may be viewed as choice (some call it heresy, Doug views it as free will) which as we know begs chance (and antinomiallyq vice versa) and thence subsequent, likely con(m)sequential, change.
    • However, Dallet may be chosen by selfc as classical, determinate, either-or, excluded-middle, dialectical, etc., and
    • Thallet may be chosen by selfq as quantum, uncertain, both~and, included~middlings, holograilic, etc.
    • So Suares tends to describe Dallet as a Door, yet said Door may be doorc and it, by individual free will, may be doorq. Remediated: d¤¤r.
    • D¤¤r offers those who have found their inner to follow Qabala's quantum~game of life ontology of choice, chance, and change. It is an adventure whose outcome is always indeterminate. Qabala and its Sepher Yetsira, and Song of Songs refer uncertaintyq "peace." By inference certaintyc (determination) is "hell."
    • Doug's view is that classical dialectic and its...
      • mechanical,
      • material,
      • formal, objective,
      • cause-effective,
      • determinate,
      • 'socialc patterns of thought,'
      • etc.

    ...deceitful accoutrement distill to hypocrisy.

    • In Greek hypo means below and crisy means judgment. Over simply hypocrisy is, "bad judgment." All dialecticians whom Doug suffers are perpetually stux sux in a classical 'state' of poor judgment.
    • Doug - 17Oct2014.

    Dallet is emergent actuality. Its hermeneutics are many. Classicists, as monists, deny that phasement. They claim actuality is n¤n hermeneutic, i.e., there is only one, their, interpretation of actuality. Classicists claim actuality is static, middle-excluded, negatable, dialectical, and determinate-predicable.

    Autiot shows us how classicists made huge Errors of assumption and presumption. Indeed, classicists claims are all incorrect. Qabala's gn¤stics knew this thousands of years ago! Gn¤stics' language of Qabala as autiot is recursive. For linguistic remediators of English, Latin, Greek, and other languages, this is a most powerful clue to those languages' inabilities to express nature well. Nature is recursive. Nature's quantum~flux, like autiot, is both self~ and other~recursive! A language which isn't recursive cann¤t express a nature which is quanton(quantum~holographic,flux~recursive)! Ghimel(holographic,recursive)! Doug - 16Oct2009.

    Dallet explains SQ as both(organic,inorganic) quantum~entropa. Dallet, organically, is mixtures of pos~, zero~, and neg~entropies. Biological life itself.

    Dallet, inorganically, is posentropic adiabaticity. This applies to individual atoms.

    Dallet, inorganically, may be posentropic and n¤nadiabatic. This is ensemble inorganic physical reality. Ensembles of atoms are, as an ensemble, n¤nadiabatic and mutable often in an organic sense and often in an inorganic sense.

    Dallet's response to life can be life and it can be death as total resistance to life. Metaphors, gn¤stic metaphors then may be Jesus' "Living Father," and (demiurge) as "dead father." In other words [Dd]allet may express dead dialectical ideas, and it may express living quantum~memes. Qabalic~quantum~re~mediation of Dallet gives it quintessential linguistic life. Dialectical SOMitic-antign¤stic disintermediation of Dallet induces deadly state. Doug - 15Oct2009.

    Quantum entropa are energy features of quantum~flux.

    Hay [Hay]

    Hay [Hay]

    Hay [Hay]

    Hay [Hay]

    Hay [Hay]

    Hay [Hay]







    Archetype of universal life. Conferred upon Dallet it allows Dallet to play game of existence in partnership with Aleph's intermittent life-death process.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Hay:

    words -

    • Doug wants to start out with, in Doug's opinion, one of most powerful Quantum~Gnostic~Qabalic interpretations of Hay applied. That is:


      In his ciphering of Genesis 1:3 Suares says this, "Yod~Hay~Yod: 10.5.10 can only be interpreted-translated as existence~life~existence. It expresses the coming into life (5) of a double existence (10 and 10) and thus describes the distinctive mark of organic life which is always a double process..." Suares uses mind~body as one exemplar.

      For Doug, Suares' 'double existence' is a quantum~complementation of Yod as quantum and Yod as classical: quanton(Yodq,Yodc). Doug is saying in this script that Hay complements (verb) all of actuality's 'double existences.' For Doug, then, we are talking-writing Hay as Hologra[[il][m][ph]]. Hay is quantonic! Life is quantonic!

      See p. 84 of Suares' Cipher of Genesis, Shambala, first ed.

      Another way of saying this is in quanton(Y¤d,Yod), interpreted Y¤d~Hay~Yod, Hay is quantonics' comma~nospace.

      Too Hay is always Hayq.

      If we write Hayc, it would be like saying Hay is dead, Life is dead. I.e., Hay's Planck clock turned off. Hay as Mawt~Hamawt (dead-the-dead; dead-death).

      Doug - 7Mar2013.

    In reference to reality's cyclic ontology (quantization~scintillation) of evolutionary OEDC; quanton(DQ,SQ), quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality), etc. Quantization~scintillation loopings shown and link added just below - 10Jan2012 - Doug.

    Explicitly, Hay is quantized OEDC.

    Too, we may view Hay as quantized uncertainty, and quantization uncertaintyings' selection as choice, chance, and change uncertainties.

    Quantization~scintillation of quantum~reality may be viewed and hermeneuted with hay as h-bar. All quantum~uncertain choosings, chancings, and changings (CH3ings) in quantum~reality happen at quantized~intervals of Planck's wavelength quanta. This smallest granularity of quantum~energy may be represented mechanically as e = hf. 'e' is energy, h is Planck's 'constant,' and f is frequency. 'h' is very tiny. As a 'spatial' wavelength h may be illustrated as about 10-43. So, if we want to show 'e' as unity (quantumly, 'omnity'), f must be 1043. But Planck's quantum, durationally, is h. That small increment represents quantum~reality's least energy change. Essentially, this is what omnistinguishes classical reality from quantum reality. Classically change is y=f(t) continuous. Quantumly all change is quantized in multiples of h. If one grasps this quantum essential meme, one may then quite easily infer autiot's macroscopic uncertainty as quantumly valid, i.e., "embrace uncertainty!"

    See noun below as reality's cyclicity (rather, open cycloidicity; see graphic at Doug's QELR of equilibrium) of change as h-bar loops. Doug - 5Dec2009, 10Jan2012.

    Vav (Waw [Waw-Waw])


    Impregnation. Hay's pragma upon Dallet.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Vav:

    words -

    Quantonics' middle~inclusion, a quanton's comma~nospace, a tilde as a wave~pragma~function which can commingle another wave~pragma~function.

    Biologically, a sperm fertilizing an ovum. Two becoming one. Two haploids becoming a single human cell of life.

    As an quantum creatio ex nihilo aperio exemplar, a Higgs boson creating a fermion from two bosons: two spin one boson quanta becoming one spin one-half fermion quantum.

    Zayn [Zayn-Yod-Noun]


    Achievement of (evolution of) every vital impregnation. Unlimited potentia, possibilities.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Zayn:

    words -

    In quantonics, this is simply, "What is yet unsaid." Clearly this attends an impetus for Qabalic and quantum~enthymemeticity.

    Explicitly, it is both said SQ (Qabala views this as SQ's freedom from DQ) and unsaid SQ which can become 'free' from DQ.

    Again, çatholiç dogma denies any individual freedom; yet Qabala embraces it; Essene~Jesus embraces it!

    Çatholiçs' 'Christ' (the demiurge) denies individual gn¤stic freedom as "apocryphal," i.e., uncertain.

    This is very close to what Doug intends by "ascension." Actually, it is quantum~emersos' emerscence. It is emergence in and of actuality. Doug's "ascension" is more akin SQ transitioning into DQ as isob and isoV. Latter is gn¤stically pneumatic. Emergence is gn¤stically more psychic-hylic. Emerscence is gn¤stically more pneumatic. Doug - 15Oct2009.

    Hhayt [Hhayt-Yod-Tav]


    Undifferentiated energy (and 'substance') as a plenum. Least energy.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Hhayt:

    words -

    This is quantum~isoflux AKA DQ.

    A repository, one which is open (unconserved) with unevolved, i.e., iso~energy.

    Quantumly, this is immeasurable, n¤n monitorable. It is apparent absence of any SQ.

    Quantum 'mechanics' calls this 'ground state.'

    Quantonics permits memeos of iso~entropa, iso~cohera, isobs, and isoVs, which are iso~memeoryings of all quantum~entropa and ~cohera.

    Doug infers latter experientially and from Pirsig's comments that, "Pirsig and Iht wrote ZMM and Lila."

    Tayt [Tayt-Yod-Tav]


    Archetype of primæval female energy. Draws its life-energy from Hhayt and builds it gradually into energy ensembles. Suares also describes Tayt as "...simplest primal energy archetype, an energy cell, an archetype of feminine energy..." Doug - 6Mar2010.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Tayt:

    words -

    In Quantonics, this is Gnosis, Sophia, Wisdom. It is impregnation of quantons with growing Value actualized as SQ.

    So we is feminine. Then, in quantum~reality, nature's femininity is enabled when h~bar is turned on.

    So, what happens when h~bar is turned off? Feminine energy and wisdom are disabled. Pirsig's MoQ calls this ESQ.

    What are every day exemplars of ESQ? Patriarchy, classical thingking, SOM, d'evil, state, patriarchal socially-planned "ideal absence of uncertainty," and hylic inept-facile quantitative-oxymoronic 'quality controlled' h~bar off 'stability,' event as zero-latency state transition (i.e., process as classically indescribable when reality is stopped), and a superb one: satan. See omniscussion re: satan under Seen~Sheen below. To oversimplify here and for student~reader con(m)venience, Seen turns h~bar off (AKA QE in 'economic' classical maths' theories). Sheen turns h~bar on. In Autiot, as an example, Seen invoked with 'aba,' (Seen Aleph Bayt Aleph) elicits "dead father." By comparison Sheen Aleph Bayt Aleph emersces "living~Father." See ascendant. Compare classical and quantum gradience, measurement, chaos, and equilibria. See Doug's suggestions for quantum~maths.

    Thank you for reading,

    Doug - 6Mar2010, 18Oct2012, 7Aug2015 (repair a bad right quotation mark).

    Yod [Yod-Waw-Dallet]










    Yod [Yod-Waw-Dallet]










    Yod [Yod-Waw-Dallet]










    Yod [Yod-Waw-Dallet]










    Yod [Yod-Waw-Dallet]










































    Yod is aleph's antinomial, aleph's projection in actuality.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Yod:

    words -

    • Doug has a few words of his own to offer here. As many of you know Doug is still struggling with his standingunder of quantizationq, scintillationq, chaosq, equilibriaq, mutationq, adaptionq, and evolutionq in terms of 'valuec,' and Valueq.

      In Quantonicsese Doug claims
      some strategic memes affecting regenesis of humankind:
      • Yod issi quanton(Yodq,Yodc)
      • We can script those as Y¤d and Yod.
      • Script too:
        • Yod issi 'value.' 'State: stoppable immutability.'
        • Y¤d issi Value. Flux: CH3 evolutionaryq process.
        • Yod denies Aleph.
        • Y¤d abides Aleph.
    • Let's do it too using dichons vis-à-vis quantons:
      • Yod is dichon(Yodc, Yodc). Here we see Yod wearing eyemuffs. SOM's Wall blinds it, closes it off, to Aleph.
      • Y¤d issi quanton(Aleph,Y¤d). Here we see Y¤d 's eyes opened to Aleph's quantum~reality.
      • Yodc quantumly~affected ("steam rolled") by Aleph can evolve into Y¤d.
      • When we see Yod~Yod in Autiot text it is usually hermeneuted as divine. In Hindu what we see is li~la, a divine dance of classical and quantum attempting to become more quantum. Doug claims Yod~Yod is very similar li~la.
      • A quantum requisite for partiality emerges here: Yod's evolutionary QVH ontology from Yod to Y¤d is always partial and in various gradientq modes of equilibriaq~chaosq.
    • etc.

    Doug - 21-22Feb2013.

    Suares' words -

    • Paraphrased, "Yod is one of 27 names, each name, each Aut an equation regarding innumerable aspects of cosmic energy. It is up to us to solve these equations." P. 47, Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, Weiser Press, English Translation, 1994, 226 total pages.
    • Yod is a variant of Bayt. Ibid., p 50.
    • Yod is one of two biological fertility agents (e.g., in contemporaneity: X and Y), via Waw, of Bayt. Other is Tav. To Doug, this is essence of intrinsic quantum~complementarity of all containers. Ibid., p. 50.
    • Yod expresses—as do all Autiot—self~other~fractal~recursion of cosmic~energy's (energies of) ubiquitous and perpetual immortal repetition of prototypes (essence of evolution). Ibid., p. 50.
    • Living~Yod [Y¤d] [YhShWh] complements Living~Aleph. Dead-Yod [YahWeh] contradicts Living~Aleph. Ibid. "Take sides with Aleph, do not take sides with Yod." Y¤d sides with Aleph. P. 52. Paraphrased.

      We see an invalid dialectic either-or of Y¤d [living] vis-à-vis Yod [dead]. Yodq vis-à-vis Yodc.
    • "The mythical Joseph is a dual entity. Being the eleventh son, [by gematria] he is both 10, which is the number of Yod, and 1, the Aleph. The Aleph allowed him to understand dreams [like Jung], and the Yod gave him the capacity to purchase all the wheat of Egypt." P. 23, Cipher of Genesis, Shambala Press, 1st ed., March, 1970, 231 total pages.

    • Doug - 24Feb2013.

    Yod is aleph's antinomial in an quantum~self~other~referent sense that yod complements aleph in a "redemption as process" subjective negational...

     (i.e., yod is aleph's enthymemetic quantum~complement and aleph is yod's enthymemetic quantum~complement yet yod is ihn aleph and aleph is ihn yod - Doug; see NT's Farewell Discourse for a real biblical exemplar of this quantum EIMA phenomenon)

    ...way which depicts n¤nactual aleph in an actual way. Yod is aleph's actual complement's projection in actuality. As Suares puts it, Yod is 'existence,' i.e., differentiated actuality "in reality." Aleph is 'non existence,' i.e., undifferentiated nonactuality "in reality." We see vividly quanton(nonactualityq,actualityq) assa quanton(Aleph,Yod) as antinomialq quantum~complementation. This meme becomes crucially important in Sepher Yetsira and quantum~exegesis of its ten immanentq quantum~hologra[[il][m][ph]] spheres of Sefirot whose ephemeralq manifestaq are in four levels: cosmic flux quantum~emanations, cosmic flux quantum~creation, cosmic flux quantum~emerqancy, cosmic flux quantum~action. Evidently ad occulos quantum~empiritheory cosmically unfolds. Our classical-dialectical-eyemuffs are now off. Planck's clockingsq aræ on. Tick-tock, tick-tock..."Time[ings) keep[s] on ticking, ticking, into [many futurings]." Doug - 6Mar2014.

    Antinomial here is used in an unusual way. Autiot declares 'normal reason' wrong: see Gospel of Truth where Essene Gnostic Jesus implied-called classical dialectical 'reason,' "Error." As such then real 'laws' are in n¤nactuality and unreachable via human and sentient 'reason.' Doug derives Jesus' implication from his studies of Gospel of Thomas (Thanks to MJ in Australia for hooking Doug up with this Gospel early-mid 2005. It was Doug's first experience with gnosis!).

    Yod and aleph dance a divine dance with each other, and aleph is above yod, since yod as actuality transitions cyclically (goes home) to aleph. Aleph sources yod's tentative posentropy in actuality. Suares leaves an impression that we can refer yod's 'end' as dialectical. (Upon studying Sepher Yetsira, Doug no longer has that 'novice' impression of Suares' dialectical 'yod ending.' See recent Vayt to Bayt. Doug - 6Mar2014.) Doug infers from his quantum~studies that this dance is perpetual and 'endings' are mere sentient delusions borne of psychic ignorance.

    Quantum~reality is a dance of absolute~change emerging from dynamic emerscence and immerscence middle~including wave~interrelationshiping twixt n¤nactuality's undifferentiated perpetual isofluxings and actuality's tentative actual entropies which we can show as quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality) and quanton(aleph,yod). A biological example which plays out in actuality as a metaphor of quanton(aleph,yod) is cellular metabolisis as quanton(catabolisis,anabolisis). Cells literally 'die' (aka apoptosis) and are resurrected (aka cell [re]birth as cellular~genesis).

    See Suares' Cipher of Genesis.

    Doug treats 'antinomy' here quantumly, i.e., as quantized~pr¤cæssings. Its dialectical 'immutable-state and zero momentum' interpretation is bogus in quantum~reality.

    An interesting facet of this 'dance,' is that some see it as ongoing natural moral and thus gn¤stic~redemption. Yet some see it as a struggle, indeed as a struggle with god. East Indians often view this 'dance' as Li~la.

    Isra-el means "struggle with god." Muslims have a similar saying: Jihad, which means "struggle with god." Those semantics aren't classically 'identical,' rather are autsimilar. That is, Jihad doesn't 'equal' Israel. Comparatively Jihad is self and other similar Israel and Israel is self and other similar Jihad. Especially when we ponder both Essene and Arabic gnosis. They are n¤t identical, but carry autsimilar (quantum) semantics. Arabic gnosis of Jihad is primarily Chaldæan gnosis (Aur Kasdeem translated as Ur Chaldees). Clearly, neither is about killing infidels, just that war-mongering hylic dialecticians (of YHWH's bivalent and demiurgic mindset) have made them so. In his Cipher of Genesis Suares describes this OT dialectical opposition is a tool of (dead-father) god to reengender humanity's germ on earth. Violent struggle, god believed, would impose enhanced evolution of humanity's germ of life. Today, CeodE 2009, MoQ's DQ and Quantonics' quantum~isoflux are change agents which impose unending and sometimes radical change upon all of us.

    We need recall how Israel and Judaea seceded in 931 b.c. Too we need recall how Jesus was from Tribe Judaea, Beth (Bayt) David, and Essene (implicitly gn¤stic which implies he knew Suares' brand of Qabala and its autiot very, very, very well). Essene Jesus didn't see redemption, moral redemption, as 'struggle,' rather as individual gn¤stic rights to find God within our individual selves. We can show that in quantonic script as quanton(aleph,yod) issi quanton(God,self). Our struggle isn't with God, rather our struggle is a quantum~gn¤stic~process of individual quantized due diligence to "find God in our inner self." When we do that we experience what Jesus meant by "revelation." When students of Quantonics do "self~revelation," they are quantum~phase~encoding emerging reinvented adaptations of selves (see potentia). It is easy to perceive this as a gn¤stic struggle with G¤d. Suares' Qabalic autiot is one of many tools which empower individuals to shine light on our selves so that we can revel in God's presence ihn us individually, gn¤stically.

    Doug was watching History channel's hermeneutics of "exodus." Wonderful! Doug noticed, now that he is spending effort on autiot, that a phrase "amo Israel" appears to have been misinterpreted as "God's people." 'People' in Hebrew phonetically is n¤t 'amo,' but "oomah." So "oomah Israel," is "people struggling with god." (Reference is Hayim Baltsan (author), 1992 paperback, Wiley.) Israelites aren't Essene! Israel obeys common social 'law.' Some Judæans are Essene. Essenes obey individual gnosis as redemptively evolving quantum~partials of~and~cowithin God (read Essene Jesus' Farewell Discourse just above to see how and why Doug is narrating this memeo). Israelites, as rigorous dialecticians in general, do n¤t grasp Suares' gn¤stic hermeneutics of autiot. A few Judæans do. Some of us others (from the Pale) are learning it. It's part of our individual quantum~gn¤stic self~due~diligence.

    Doug - 21-22,29Oct2009

    Kaf (Khaf) [Kaf-Phay]










    Kaf (Khaf) [Kaf-Phay]










    Kaf (Khaf) [Kaf-Phay]










    Kaf (Khaf) [Kaf-Phay]










    Kaf (Khaf) [Kaf-Phay]










































    Kaf's double is Khaf. One of seven doubles.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Kaf:

    words -

    Kaf (20) is archetype Bayt's (2) antinomial projection into actuality.

    Kaf is (autsimilar Yod) translated from Autiot into, e.g., English as cup, hand, and cup of hand.

    As Doug has gradually learned (over last nearly ten years, starting approximately CeodE 2005) more about Autiot, Gematria, Gnosis, Qabala, Sepher Yetsira, and Sefirot, Doug has begun to fathom Kaf as having another omniscription: Grail.

    When we look semioticallyq at gateways to a grail we see half-stones (sexually haploidal stones: testicles and ovaries) and a pipe like this >-<. That is one way of looking at grail. Another way is middle~inclusion. Another way is holograms being a generic Sefirot whose existenceq is interrelationshipingsq among EWings: all of those interrelationshipings are quintessentially grailsq! Another way is grails as wormholes which are radically important in any sentient's grasp of power and potentia of teleportationq. We see, we may choose (heretically) to see that Kaf may be semasiologicallyq hermeneutedq countless ways.

    Doug has omniscribedq Kaf as a pipe (e.g., in Unix, whose semiotic is '|.') Another omniscription of Kaf might be an aqueduct autsimilar rain gutters on our homes. Thence too, a simple cup, a chalice, etc.

    Grail aspect of Kaf is crux of quantum~middle~inclusion, and hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]]icallyq as EIMA. Quantons(scin,quan) cann¤t emerqq and transmuteq realityq without this quantum aspect of grail, of Kaf.

    Aside on K[h]af's double role in educing cosmic con(m)sciousness:

    Recall from Doug's Sepher Yetsiral Hologralexology that the language of Qabala is called Autiot. Autiot means many Aut. Aut means feminine~singular (one) Aut. Iot is feminine~plurality (ensembles of Aut). Any Aut by itself is without holograilic nexi, and so is unconscious. When we evolve many Aut into hologral interrelationshipings we gain cosmic consciousness. (Just for gender comparative reference, usually masculine~singular is Yassod, and masculine plural is Im, as in Elohim. Read about Autiot~Yassod at Doug's Sepher Yetsiral Hologralexology. Ask self, "Self, what could Elohimot possibly mean?")

    Thinking about this from a quantum~empiritheoretical complementarospective, we may view Aut as quanton, and Autiot as a holographic ensemble of quantons (quanta). An isolated quanton (quantum), according Sepher Yetsira, then, is without consciousness. However, when multiple quanta interrelate via quantons(scin,quan), a rudimentary consciousness emerges through a quantum process referred "scintillationq." Quanta as ensemblesq become rudimentarily consciousq when they scintillate (Jungian libidically quantadulate) one another.

    A terrific exemplar of Qabala's Sepher Yetsiral Autiot expression for consciousness is second Sephira's (second Orb's) cipher. Second Sephira (2nd of 10 in Tree of Life) is Hhokmah. Hhokmah: (Hhayt~K[h]af~Mem~Hay:

    In Hhokmah we see K[h]af's double role enabling ensemble Aut to achieve con(m)sciousness by grailing Autiot's spiritual archetype Hhayt through K[h]af's grail into 'the living waters' expressed as Mem~Hay.

    Doug can do a rough QED quantum~analogue of that as Isoflux~EIMA~quantons(bosons,fermions). Here Doug is using bosons (spin 1 insubstantial cosmic energy) as an analogueq of Hay, and fermions (spin 1/2 substantial cosmic energy) as an analogueq of Mem.

    Doug - 16Jun2014.

    Aside on K[h]af's double role in educing cosmic con(m)sciousness.

    When Doug first put this web page together, he didn't know about Autiot's seven doubles. He is still learning. However, double~aspect of Kaf is a very big deal from Kaf's perspective affinity with quantum~reality. Especially crucial is quantum~reality's intrinsic openness (QR, as hologral, isn't even remotely closed let alone conservative!).

    Kaf represents a 'cup' which holds a fluid, powder, granules, marbles, M&Ms, etc. Kaf will hold that material fairly reliably, discounting spillage and other accidents.

    Khaf (Kaf's double) represents something more like a sieveq. Stuff can flow through it! It is like a permeable membrane! It leaks! It may leak. It may leak in some variably gradient manner like a nozzle on a hose, or a nozzle on an injector. It may leak like a super novae with great chaos followed by some relative levels of equilibria.

    A terrific quantum~analogue of Khaf is reality's natural quantization. In any K[h]af sense quantized reality is very leaky (poor metaphor which fits Doug's needs here; poor since QR is islandically coherent~hermeneutic). Compare quanta and Khaf's leakiness in any sense of indetermination and uncertainty. We now grasp how we may use Khaf in indeterminate and uncertain Autiot omniscriptions of quantized reality!!! This is a big deal, and everywhere Doug looks in Autiot he sees boundless big deals in their qua to assess and omniscribe quantum~reality as Quantonics attempts to do.

    All Aut doubles have similar quantum aspects (though n¤t 'identical' to Khaf; compare Bayt~Vayt) in any sense of enhancing Autiot's qua to omniscribe quantum~reality.

    See Doug's omniscription of Kaf in one of his Advanced Autiot 'nine columnar' tricodons (Archetype, Actual Projection, Nonactual Projection) of Autiot.

    Imagine Khaf's grail semiotics as dashed (n¤t solid) lines. Here's a partial: >---------<. We might dash those half stones (haploids) too.

    Here's a sinusoidal metaphor shown with and without dashes (quantization):

    Dialectical Monism is determinate, linear and closed. Similar Kaf.

    Quantum Pluralism is uncertain, discontinuous and open. Similar Khaf.

    Observe antinomial~complementarity of quanton(Khaf,Kaf)! Now for real nous~bending compare quanton(Aut,Iot). See Aut. See Iot.

    Blewdle your noodle with this too: quanton(Autiot,Yassod); see right most column in that S[YR] Lex Table.

    Doug - 15Jun2014.

    Lammed [Lammed-Mem-Dallet]


    Control, limit,...

    Lammed (30) is archetype Ghimel's (3) antinomial projection in actuality. Doug - 15Jun2014.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Lammed:

    words -

    From Mead's translation of Chaldæan Oracles I, "Limit the Separator."

    Lammed is all projected organic energy in actuality. Doug - 15Jun2014.

    Doug's immediate novice exegetic is that this is quasi~quantum~middle~inclusion. It is saying, "Do not allow dialectic's excluded-middle to be hylically ideal."

    Lammed is an interrelationship affector. That means it is a 'class' of quanton.

    Lammed 'happens' intrinsically in quantum~holograms. Energy wellings in a quantum~hologram both do and do n¤t coobsfect one another, and to any extent they do...their affectationings are gradient (as a English language noun). See our graphic of quantum~network~complementary~interrelationshipings.

    Mem [Mem-Mem]


    Maternal waters,...

    One of three 'Mothers.' See Aleph and Sheen.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Mem:

    words -

    When you read many gnostic gospels, you will see a phrase, "the waters," quite often. Sometimes it can mean people.

    An example: aba mem tav means "dead father," AKA "the demiurge," "the Christ." Literally in autiot, it means "father's water is dead still."

    Typically Mem is used in a creative sense of regenerative vicissitudinal evolution. But context, as we have shown is critical. Just above we see lammed as Lammed~Mem~Dallet. Mem~Dallet left to itself will run "wild." But Lammed controls it so that its change isn't 'explosive.' From any human Qabalic~quantum complementarospective a super novæ is mem~dallet; however, relatively gradual evolution of humanity is lammed~mem~dallet.

    So mem's water can be still, rippling, strongly eddying, tsunamic, and cosmically novæic, etc. Con(m)text is crucial.

    Noun [Noun-Waw-Noun]










    Noun [Noun-Waw-Noun]










    Noun [Noun-Waw-Noun]










    Noun [Noun-Waw-Noun]
































    Noun (say 'noon') as cyclic~evolutionary being complementing its source Hay as life's seed.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Noun:

    words -

    • Noun is cosmic reality's Principle of Indetermination,
    • Noun represents an inner freedom of life,
    • Noun is Qabala's most essential artefact (desnouring self as quantum~uncertainty),
    • Life and its cosmic con(m)sciousness based upon stindyanically affineq quantons(scin,quan) of Noun may never be: 'physically, dialectically, classically, formally, mechanically, objectively' closed n¤r conservative,
    • Doug using Suares' Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, p. 55.
    • etc. Doug - 16Aug2014.

    Noun, quantonically, is animate recursion of self at up to Planck's rate. We may show it as quanton(Noun,Noun). Again, our comma-nospace, AKA Vav AKA Waw, self-fecundates (also "fecundulates" and libidically quantadulates) Noun, and quantum~uncertainty desnouers self (and self, holographically, as other) as vicissitudinal change agency.

    Aside - A Note on scin,quan quantadulative Vicissitudinality:

    Nature and reality, quantum~reality are vicissitudinal. This is especially apparent in biology. Trees of life sprout new branches, unexpectedly. Vicissitudinally. In quantumese we refer this as "autsimilar n¤nsynonymous omnivergencings." A terrific exemplar happening to homo Sapiens now, CeodE 2009, is aneuploidy...


    ...(literally, growing [ana]wellnessq [eu] through evolutionq of...

    [ as possibly Phay~Lammed] of ensembleq [multi~somatic: XYY, XYYY, XXYYY, ...]

    ...chromosomes [emerscitecturings for phemomic [somatic] emerqancyings [ploidings; eidos[ings]])...

    Doug - 12Dec2014.

    ...on most pairs of human chromosomes.

    Vicissitudinality is a pan~reality manifestation of quantum~uncertainty's qua creating astochastic Value: Robert M. Pirsig in his ZMM and Lila calls it, "surprise."

    End Aside on Vicissitudinality.

    Doug's Generation III Quantum Reality Loop shows this graphically:

    In our graphic above, we may choose to thinkq of our 'circle' "h-bar loop" as autiot's hay. As shown, it complements both actuality and nonactuality. Then, as seed of life, said seed " ihn us and we are ihn it." If you can recall first few verses of John~Mary, "In the beginning was the word, and the word is ihn us (gnostically both humans and God) and we are ihn the word...and the word became flesh and dwelt among us with gn¤stic~truthings and gracings." Doug gnostically paraphrasing John~Mary. Gn¤sis accomplishes this holographic quantum~cowithinitness via Waw and we show it as a comma~n¤space in Quantonics' script. Too, 'word' is also 'logos,' and 'logos' is Light AKA Jesus as gn¤sis issi quanton(G¤d,Jesus). If we show us (humanity) in quantonics script like this: humanity issi quanton(G¤d,us) then our comma~n¤space becomes Jesus. Jesus is often portrayed (especially by Chaldaæns) as a middle~including membrane permeating both G¤d and humanity.

    Quantum gn¤stics who grasp essence of autiot's noun, accomplish at least two major epiphanies:

    • tapping into 'reserve energy,' and
    • enabling self to see one's inner.

    These two sentient capacities are proemial semaphores of one's beginning steps on a real Chautauqua into omniscovery of self's quantum~gnosis. When we look at this using gnosis' topos, we learn that hylics, simply, are self-disabled from experiencing this proemial gnostic redemption. Too, most psychics, via adherence to dialectic (Jesus calls this "Error"), are self-disabled. A few psychics broach these proems via a self~enabling process of rejecting dialectic as a classical means of achieving 'rational reason.' Once dialectic (i.e., anti-gnosis, again Jesus calls this "Error") is rejected, and quantum~gnosis' Light is allowed to shine cowithin one's inner, psychics commence a path (Tao's "the way"), an unending journey, toward pneuma. Doug - 5Dec2009.

    Sammekh [Sammekh-Mem-Khaf]










    Sammekh [Sammekh-Mem-Khaf]












    Suares' use of words describing Aut Sammekh:

    words -

    • The female sex, opposite (quantumly: antinomial) partner of Waw (6).
    • "The difference between the name Sodom and the name Adam lies in the fact that Sodom has in it no Aleph; this is replaced by Sammekh, with the numerical significance of 60. Thus the blood of Sodom—unlike that of Adam, which is 'Aleph in blood'—is incapable of sublimation." Page 157, CoG.

      Literally, then, absence of sublimation, is absence of amelioration. Sodom is 'dead' in any sense of a life having qua to improve, to ascend current ugly circumstances.

      Compare Sadam (ciphered in Autiot, n¤t Arabic) as literally Female~Aleph~In~Blood! Here we see mitochondria as Feminine chromosomal intra cellular energy power plant which provides energy of blood in situ its cell's life emerqant. Read about apoptin as a means of cancer control.

      Doug - 19Feb2013.
    • Sammekh is a 'support.' Suares, p. 419, Trilogy, Sepher Yetsira, 1976.

      Doug 21Jun2014.
    • etc.

    Ayn [Ayn-Yod-Noun]










    Ayn [Ayn-Yod-Noun]










    Ayn [Ayn-Yod-Noun]










    Ayn [Ayn-Yod-Noun]










    Ayn [Ayn-Yod-Noun]










































    Eye, opening, ...

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Ayn:

    words -

    Ayn can Seen-focus. Ayn can Sheen~diffusely. It's Noun begs perpetual quantum~cyclicity.

    Yod, as Aleph's antinomial, puts Ayn's duty as dialectical focus initially, and then learn to see diffusely, quantumly.

    So we have an unstoppable "eye" which is Doug's quantum~omnitor among all quantum~reality's quantum~energy~wellings. Try this:


    View Ayn here as an omnirectional (thogonally omnirectional) omnitoring "eye" quantonically among a hologram's EWings!

    Doug's graphic shows quantum~reality's many (omni) fractal and perpetually~evolving views of self and other. Note how all views are antinomial one another. No two views are classically 'identical.' Too all those views of an abundance of EWings are radically quantum comtext sensitive (rqcs) and evolving. All EWings are evolving, so all views are evolving antinomially. No 'thing' in reality can be ideally objective, no thing in reality can be ideally subjective. All quanta are both waves and wavicles: quantons(wavings,waviclings).

    Doug - 2Apr2013.

    Doug's quantum spin on this Ayn. Forgive me if I am off base.

    Phay (Pay) [Phay-Hay]


    Unevolved energy; primal substance

    Phay's double is Pay. One of seven doubles.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Phay:

    words -

    • Phay means, among other things, 'mouth.' Ibid, Sepher Yetsira.
    • etc.

      Doug - 21Jun2014.

    As we describe near page top, a quantum is an energy~packet or a packet of energy. We can show "energy~packet" as "Merets Ma~Atafah." In Autiot, left to right, "Mem~Raysh~Tsadde Mem~Ayn~Tayt~Phay~Hay."

    Our Hebrew Dictionary shows 'of energy' as using Autiot to just express phenome spelling, like this: Aleph~Noon~Raysh~Gimmel~Yod~Hay. Doug chose to use more original Autiot to achieve his translation of 'quantum.'

    Very over simply, Tayt when scaled to its minimum is a 'quantum.' Notice its implicit femininity. Energy is feminine!

    Doug - 30Mar2010. (In response to a web visitor early today.)

    Tsadde [Tsadde-Dallet-Yod]


    Midway through feminine progression of quantum~energy spectrum: 9, 90, 900. Tayt, Tsadde, Final Tsadde (Gnostically this is Mother, the God Head. Doug.)

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Tsadde:

    words -

    Autiot for energy, as best Doug can tell is Mem~Raysh~finalTsadde. Doug, at this juncture can Seen~Sheen n¤ 'reason' to avoid writing Mem~Raysh~Tsadde as a higher level of energy. But then it may or may n¤t be a quantum, which is a least energy manifestation of quantum~reality. Latter appears to require use of Tayt.

    Doug, too, is uncertain how to view Yod as part of Tsadde's Autiot cipher. Big con(m)cern for Doug is plethoric issues of adiabaticity at much higher energy levels. Unsure Yod is compatible with quantum~memes of adiabaticity.

    Doug - 30Mar2010, 24Nov2014.

    Qof [Qof-Waw-Phay]










    Qof [Qof-Waw-Phay]










    Qof [Qof-Waw-Phay]










    Qof [Qof-Waw-Phay]










    Qof [Qof-Waw-Phay]










    Qof [Qof-Waw-Phay]










    Qof [Qof-Waw-Phay]


    "The Qof is the most difficult symbol to understand. It includes Aleph exalted in its principle, yet acting through its projection, against itself, and thereby being cosmically deathless." Carlo Suares, Sepher Yetsira.

    Suares offers us a glimmer of how to understand Qof better. He says, "It is best seen in Qaheen (Cain), that mythical destroyer of illusions." What does Suares semasiologically intend by "destroyer of illusions?" Allow Doug to make a list of relevant "illusion issues" in Qabala and Doug's version of rabbi YhShWh's quantum~gn¤sis:

    • psychics' and hylics' inabilities to see their inner,
    • psychics' and hylics' inuring middle-exclusion,
    • psychics' and hylics' dialectic thought,
    • psychics' and hylics' rejection of uncertainty as apocryphal,
    • etc. (list is long...)

    YhShWh teaches us those issues amount to Error, especially dialectic. Suares shows us that Qaheen (somehow) destroys them.

    Qaheen is Qof~aleph~hay~yod~noun in Autiot letters right to left.

    Cain is symbolic of perpetual isoflux (Aleph: 1000) creating and discreating quantum~life (hay) in a tentative (up to) Planck rate cyclic (noun) actuality (yod AKA UD). Suares describes this in his Cipher of Genesis (page 82) as "Aleph steam rolls Yod," in a Qof quantum process of Yod amelioration. Qof annihilates status quo as dialectical Error! Cain as an Aleph henchman taking out classical 'state' and elitist sociopathic exclusion as absolute stuckness. Dexter calls this, "Taking out the garbage." Doug - 31Jan2013, 2Feb2013.

    It appears that Cain offers (ciphers) a genuine "story of reality," (a Qabala) which destroys all psychic-hylic illusions and self-delusions.

    As it turns out, Qof, then, abiding that last paragraph's a Genesis I which shows us in Autiot that we, each of us as individuals, must side with Aleph and reject Aleph's antinomial per se status quo of Yod. Genesis I shows humanity that it must be Always Faithful ihn Aleph (Doug's Epitaph). We see metaphorically Cain as Aleph and Abel as Yod, that which per se must be rejected: reject Error! Doug - 31Jan2013. Note 31113!

    Doug - 22Jul2010, 31Jan2013, markups 31Dec2015.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Qof:

    words - Qof as Qaheen (Cain) -

    • timeless, pp. 22,23, 55, 64, 65, CoG,
    • indeterminate,
    • killer of Abel (i.e., n¤t, but as a test of humanity which YahWeh adopted),
    • resisting 'the kill' as a success metric,
    • as a mythical archetype, n¤t human,
    • psychical abstract formula of cosmic energy,
    • Qof as Cain as an exemplar of Aleph becoming Yod,
    • mythical destroyer of illusions, i.e., Cain sides with Aleph to destroy exclusive (deluded) Yod,
    • Cain as a principle of indetermination where life (Yod) itself is at stake (when Yod takes sides with itself: deluded socialc and individualc arrogance, e.g., humanismc), Doug - 8Sep2014.
    • as an archetype testing human psyches on behalf of Aleph and with Aleph's motives which humans cannot understand (see Jung, Liber Primus, Red Book),
    • Cain too falls for life as static 'existence' and becomes static-Yod and -YahWeh and falls in love with himself as a demiurge God aspect of Yod,
    • ultimately Cain (Qaheen) understands the riddle as saying "side with Aleph," and he does, p. 137, (Cain's discovery is called "the key of life," p. 138),
    • Cain as Aleph in life's existence grows stronger and stronger... p. 141,
    • Cain's mission is to make Yod fecund, to fecundate Yod's vicissitudes! p. 142. (Our Yod today CeodE 2013 is Mawt~Hamawt, dialectically dead. Doug - 31Jan2013.)
    • Paraphrased, Gematria 100, "Qof quantum~holographically '...mixes all in all..." a complementary quantum~middle~inclusion of Aleph and Yod." Page 52 of 226 total pages, Carlo Suares, in his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, English translation, Weiser Press, paperback, 1974.

      In other words, Qof amounts to all semasiologies, Peircean abductions, and hermeneutics of nexi Aleph and its 'antinomial' Yod.

      See Doug's Jan~Feb2013 efforts Scripting Aleph~Yod.

      As we may inure, Qof embraces Aleph in Yod and Yod in Aleph as did Jesus in his Farewell Discourse.
    • Doug, using Quantonicsese, scripts Qof issi quanton(Aleph,Yodq).

      Doug - 19Feb2013.
    • etc.

    This is isoflux finding ways to "work against itself" to achieve noun's life~death perpetual quantum up to Planck rate cycles.

    Qof kills old Yod to make wayves for new Yod. Compare cellular apoptosis and cellular resurrection. Doug 31Jan2013.

    In QCD it is TBCSUD. See Gen III Reality Loop above. Notice creation and annihilation (as discreation in any sense of Nietzsche's nihilism) in same loops.

    Aleph (paraphrased) "works against itself through its [always~tentatively] declining isoenergy evolutionary~creation projections" we show in their QCD OEDC ontology above:

    • T - top quark,
    • B - bottom quark,
    • C - charmed quark,
    • S - strange quark,
    • U - up quark, and
    • D - down quark.

    TBCS are all Aleph tentatives which Quantonics refers "Isots."

    UD (Yod) are both Aleph~antinomial Yod 'projection' preferentials which Quantonics refers "Isops." Isoflux preferentially becoming Yod's actualized bosons and fermions, both of which are in Aleph and Aleph is in both of them.

    For over 20 years Doug has been attempting to identify
    something in his trade called "The System Problem."

    Stated simply, "Dialecticians and mechanists deny that Aleph issi ihn Yod."

    They claim that actuality AKA Yod is dead! An objective 'reality' cannot be alive.

    Classicists' claiming 'reality is dead' is The System Problem!

    This represents AI systems theory's key disabler!

    Doug - 2Feb2013

    UD "includes Aleph exalted in its principle," (i.e., Pirsig's "...keeping DQ with your SQ...") which Quantonics scripts as quanton(Aleph,UD), AKA more generally quanton(DQ,SQ). This quanton(Aleph,UD) quantum~holographic~projection evolves into quantons(Aleph,quantons(inorganic,organic)). Note that inorganic (rest) is in organic (movement) and organic (movement) is in inorganic (rest) . In a sense noun and hay are ubiquitous agents of aleph. YhShWh teaches us the sign of our Father's presence in each of us is, "movement and rest."

    Visualize Aleph~Yod~Aleph and Yod~Aleph~Yod, and compare "Aleph in blood" AKA A~dam. Ponder San Graal, and Sang Ral. In Genesis how is this described? How did Adam acquire Aleph in blood? Read Suares' Cipher of Genesis. Read about Eesh and Esh. Read about Nahhash. Eesh and Nahhash emerq a grail twixt Esh and Aleph allowing Aleph in blood to enter Esh who becomes A~dam. Eesh becomes Eve. They enter Yod with Aleph. Their spawn, in dialectical Error, take sides with Yod. Voila! The System Problem! Doug - 31Jan2013, 2Feb2013.

    Readers may see why Suares calls Qof, "...the most difficult symbol to understand." However, with quantonics' ability to do Autiot double~benchmark, self~other~benchmarking, we have a way to at first recall, and then recollection~evolve novel understandings.

    We may now view Qof ihn its ("quantum~steam~roll") process of putting Yod back ihn Aleph by reversing above QCD description, "taking sides with Aleph:" Fixing The System Problem! Quantonics' strategy...kinda like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day...

    • D - down quark,
    • U - up quark, and
    • S - strange quark,
    • C - charmed quark,
    • B - bottom quark,
    • T - top quark.

    Doug - New - 20,22Jul2010, 31Jan2013. (It's new, but familiar too...iff you are a student of Quantonics.)

    Raysh [Raysh-Yod-Sheen]


    Raysh is existence's, quantum~existencings', open cosmic con(m)tainer; it is isoflux (final~Tsadde) as a dynamic~plenum, but it is open and thus perpetually evolving...

    Raysh's double is Raysh. One of seven doubles.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Raysh:

    words -

    • Raysh is 'poverty.' Ibid., Sepher Yetsira. Doug is unsure about this, however 'poverty' has a sense of vulgate Ayn taken literally as "there is n¤t." We may infer "having n¤thing." In this case we might spell Raysh, Raysh~Ayn~Sheen. Again, uncertaintyq reigns.

      Doug's sense is that we must treat Raysh quantumly and avoid classical literalism when we interpret any Aut. Why? If uncertaintyq aka "indetermination" reigns, cosmic~energy reigns. Quantum flux reigns and quantum~flux evolvesq radicallyq, perpetuallyq, ubiquitouslyq.

      See Ayn in Doug's recent Hologralexology.

      Doug - 21Jun2014.

    Space is a conceptual n¤n~quantum classicism. It is localable, isolable, separable, reducible AKA lisr.

    Autiot's Raysh is quantum! It is partially (see topos levels of con(m)ceptuality) con(m)ceptual, quantum~partially complementaroceptual. (con is hylic; con(m) is psychic; com is pneumatic)

    Isospace as a hypomeme (i.e., an undermeme vav hypermeme as an above~over~super~meme) of classically-hylically non conceptual isoflux.

    Autiot's Raysh offers perpetual and unlimited room for unlimited emergence, emerscitecture, and emerscenture.

    Doug - 27Mar2010.




























    Sheen [Sheen-Yod-Noun]




























    Breath of life. Spiritual Energy. Spirit as focused is Seen. Spirit as diffuse is Sheen.

    One of three 'Mothers.' See Aleph and Mem.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Sheen:

    words -

    • "Sheen is atemporalq~Aleph's temporal agent in actuality..." paraphrased from page 65, Suares' Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, Weiser, 1994 republication of original French, 1975.

      We see eidetically quanton(Aleph,Sheen) as quantum~antinomials ('not' classical 'opposites.' Doug - 18Aug2014.

      Fathom quanton(Sheen,Seen) as self~antinomialsq quanton(diffuse,focus), quanton(broadband~light,laser).
    • etc.

    Allow Doug to quote Suares' page six of his The Second Coming of Reb YHShWH, after quoting II Corinthians 5:17, "This quotation and the words 'If any [hu]man be in Christ [n¤t catholic 'Satan,' but Essene Jesus], lead me to emphatically declare myself being in Reb YHShWH, the Rabbi called Jesus. Consequently, I obstinately obey his injunction to his disciples to 'Tell no man that he is Jesus the Christ. Matthew 16:20. This clear statement means to me that he strongly objected to being taken for a Christ."

    To Jesus, anyone who calls him a Christ is in Error! Doug has said many times prior in Quantonics that his mentors and his own autodidactic learning have discovered that: to call Jesus "Christ" is Christian dialectical Error! Christians are in Error! Peter, Catholicism's rock called Jesus "the Christ." Error! Catholicism built 'the church' on Jesus' so called rock. Error. Jesus, according Suares, builds his church on us, and emphatically we do not build our churches on him! Thus we see Christianity as a Babel of Error! Christianity is Satan's Babel!

    How could this happen? Why? Who? What? When? Where?

    If you want to own your personal due diligence of all those H5W, start studying now, and expect to take balance of your life moving a little bit nearer a partial understanding.

    Trouble is, we are immersed in this enormous holographic omnispatial and omnitemporal holographic reality. And if you do not grasp that, and further grasp its quantumness, you will stumble indefinitely. So we must lay foundation prior understanding. Even then, you and Doug will still be uncertain. Always uncertain. So what do we need? Faith! Suares' brand of Faith, "Faith is direct experience of the immortality of consciousness." Page 5 of TSCoRJ.

    Faith is immortal quantum~energy. In a way, it is Aleph in blood, a direct expression that "G¤d is in us and we are in G¤d."

    Suares seldom uses one of Doug's fav words, dialectic. Like Jesus, Suares uses words like Satan, Contradiction, and Error as surrogates of Error. That's fine. But Doug's auto~opus says those other words are simply Pirsigean subspecies of reality's actualized "bad guy:" dialectic.

    Doug has been looking for tells of our "bad guy" in Suares' works and in his cherished Autiot and its countless energetic Autions.

    This one, Seen~Sheen, is a great exemplar. Doug wants to use his own cuneiform aliases to show you why and slightly how Seen~Sheen symbolically carries "dialectic, rather antinomialismq, in its soul...side~by~side with living Con(m)sciousness and Aleph becoming in us via our blood." See Merovingians, Plantards, and Plantagenets. See Plantard (St Clare) crest. Read Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln's Holy Blood Holy Grail. Latter, pay extra to get an illustrated version. Re Plantagenets rent BBC's Pallisers series, and look both up in Wikipedia.

    Before we omniscuss symbols, let's look at memeos more familiar.

    • YHWH
      • aka YAHWEH
      • aka Yod-Hay-Waw-Hay interpreted means actual being as life copulating life without spirit
      • aka dead life, dead living, dead livings, hylic-psychic life, dialectic-living...
      • aka demiurge
      • aka dead father
      • aka YHShWH without SH, without Sheen
      • aka dichon(YH, WH)
      • aka dialectic, Satan, Contradiction, and Error
      • etc.
    • YHShWH
      • This is Hebrew Autiot for 'Jesus'
      • aka YHWH with SH (Sh), Sheen (Shææn), quantum~middle~included
      • aka actual life with spirit quantum~middle~including iht
      • aka spiritual life, pneumatic life, quantum~living
      • aka Living~Father
      • aka quanton(YHShWH), i.e., with Shææn as a quantum~middle~including comma~nospace
      • aka quantum~sophism, Wisdom, Sophia, Gn¤sis
      • etc.

    Suares shows us that Satan is pronounced Sah-tahn. It is spelled in Hebrew Autiot Seen-Tayt-Noun. Seen is Sheen without our quantum~h. Seen isn't quantized. Its h-bar is turned off. It's dead. It is SOM's knife of dialectic which çatholiçs used to put words in Jesus' mouth "I bring not peace, but a sword." Matthew 10:34.

    Tayt is a cell. An atom, a human, a mouse, etc. Noun is uncertainty. Classically, as Seen, we see dialectical certainty as dichon(Sheen, Seen). Either Sheen or Seen. Quantumly, as Shææn, we see quantum~uncertainty as quanton(Shææn,Seen).

    So Satan is a dialectically certain cell of ideal classical either-or certainty. Error! Dialectic itself! War! Hate! George Bush! Dick Cheney. Bibi Netan..! Rope a dope popes! Classical science! Classical religion! Classical thought! Classical epistemology!

    Doug made some cuneiform graphics of Sheen~Seen variations:

    This version of Sheen-Seen is "pointless." In original archaic Hebrew and Autiot (as Abraham learned it from an angel), may not have had consonant markings. Doug is unsure, so his naked version may or may not be Autiot 'valid.'

    This is left pointed Seen whose point is black as Doug's choice. It is focused classical energy, spirit, breath[e], life, cell behavior, etc.

    This is right pointed Sheen whose point is violet as Doug's choice. It is diffuse quantum~energy, spirit, breath[e], life cell behavior, etc. Comparing Seen and Sheen, and realizing after abundant due diligence that Jesus name as YHShWH describes him as quantumly~diffuse, everywhere, in everything, always changing, always evolving...but Satan is without Sheen, left-pointed, dead, and dialectically-endlessly-state-perpetually in Error!

    Carlo Suares may be one of Earth's greatest geniuses. If Doug could be an amalgam of his sheroes and heroes Suares would be part of that holographic amalgam.

    He makes it clear to us that it is incredibly easy, once you grasp those last two symbols, to make them a dichonic either-or. That would be just another Satanic Error.

    Carlo does not tell us this, and Doug feels really good that Quantonics has already anticipated it, but we really need both! We need a quanton of Sheen and Seen, like this:

    In Doug's Hodgepodge he has been showing it more quantum~physially as quanton(~,o), but we can show it like this too:




    It may be inappropriate for Doug to view that is his own innovation in Quantonics. But it shows a, to Doug, valid hermeneutic of Jesus saying, "Seen is in Sheen and Sheen is in Seen." Agree? Yes?

    Tilde as Sheen. Closed and dead vicious circle as Seen. Sheen as open, ubiquitous, and diffuse unseeable spirit (aka quantum isoflux). Seen as focused analysis of seeable actuality.

    Doug - 21Feb2010.

    Tav [Tav-Waw]


    Tav and Tahv is cosmic resistance to reality's perpetual cyclicity of ~living~and~dying~and~lving~and~etc.

    Tav's double is Thav. One of seven doubles.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Tav:

    words -

    • "Tav is the exaltation of the entire cosmic existence in its utmost capacity to resist Aleph's perpetual life~death cycles." See p. 17 of 161 total pages of Suares' Song of Songs.
    • In its resistance, Tav as a double can be formidable and it can be leaky (permeable) as Thav (its double).
    • "Formidable Tav" echoes Aleph during life's Aleph~Tav cycles.
    • "Leaky Thav" partiallyq echoes Aleph. We see Thav offering one kind of realq included~middlingsq. Too, we offer a grasp of Doug's "straddlingq."
    • Too, this echo may be viewed as a mirror which makes a nexusq to Mem as water and Mem~Tav as death (end of this individualq cycleq of lifeq, n¤t an finalc endc to lifec of an individualc).
    • Doug - 8Sep2014.
    • etc.

    One complement of this perpetual cycle is Mem~Tav and Mem~Vav~Vav~Tav as death. Doug likes to view double~Vav here is impregnation~impregnation which is what actuality (with quantum~complementary cooperation, i.e., Sheen~Yod~Tav~Vav~final~Phay, with n¤nactuality) has to do to unbecome. Here we see[n] (Shee[n]) Doug's quantum~ontology as beingunbecoming (Vav)isobeingbecoming (Vav).

    Another complement of this perpetual cycle is birth as Lammed~Lammed~Dallet~Hay: "To give birth."

    Another complement of this perpetual cycle is create as Lammed~Yod~Tsadde~Vav~Raysh: "To create."

    Another complement of this perpetual cycle is creation as Yod~Tsadde~Yod~Raysh~Hay: "Creation."

    As we mention near page top, "Now we have real Qabalic semantic for "Aleph~Yod~Qof~Qof." Qabala's recursing immortality of grail's perpetual life~death, living~dying cycles." AKA "~living~and~dying~"

    So with 'death' as Mem~Tav, we see a metaphor of death as Tav antinomially~altering Mem's flow, holy waters' flow.

    Now fathom how — of three greats of YHShWH's Mem history, Elijah, Elisha, and Jesus — only Jesus had qua to "reverse Jordan's (Mem's) flow." N¤t classically 'stop' it, rather quantumly~quantally "alter it; reverse it." How could that be? Recall how a pendulum's swing is unstoppable in any classical analytic sense? Our metaphor gains immense power here! Reversal is what a pendulum's swing does as a perpetual sinusoidal pattern. Jordan's reversal was, indeed, "sinusoidal." Flux is crux! Flux uncertainty is essence! Pneumatic wisdom is grasping that quantum~essence, a mandate of absolute~change.

    Doug - 27Mar2010.

    Final Khaf


    Suares' use of words describing Aut Final Khaf:

    words -

    Final Mem


    Suares' use of words describing Aut Final Mem:

    words -

    Final Noun

    Final Noun

    Final Noun

    Final Noun

    Final Noun

    Final Noun







    Suares' use of words describing Aut Final Noun:

    words -

    • "...the Principle of Indetermination." P. 67, Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, Weiser, 1994, paperback, 226 total pages.
    • "The schema Beyn or Veyn (2.10.700) does not mean 'divide' ... [rather] 'between' 'among,' ... [which are of far greater significance: quantonic hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]ic interrelationshipings significance]. Its letter~numbers...unfold a cosmic 700 which is the first and ultimate principle at stake in the universe: the freedom of indetermination." See page 88, Cipher of Genesis, Weiser, 2005. Doug - 1-2Mar2015.

    Quotation of Suares' used just left, is part of his text 'The light that is darkness,' chapter 7 of Cipher of Genesis.

    In that text, pp. 88-89, Suares describes, in second part of Genesis I,4, quantum phenomena of creation and existence and their interrelationshipings.

    Topics he interrelates include:

    • Awr - light, light~flux, packets of hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]ic light~flux, photons, more generally phoxons, etc.

    • finalNoun - indetermination as freedom (a cosmic principle: Suares claims the cosmic principle); Song of Songs verse 1 omniscribes existential assessment of indetermination, quantum~uncertainty as not just freedom but peace itself. finalNoun is cosmic source of this freedom. Freedom's nemesis is containment whose doors may be open, may be closed, may be partially open~closed. Autiot archetypes of energy~packet containment interrelating with finalNoun are Beyn, Veyn (2.10.700).

    • life~death cycles - of cosmic life happen in an organic sphere of endless, sempiternal repetitions which Doug exemplifies symbolically with , notice how loop backs are quantized and thus open. This is crucial to fathoming Doug's meme of quantized~cycloids AKA qycloids. These life~death cycles never stop (i.e., sempiternal). Their demarcations are many, but here we can use Beyn and Veyn to show them. Dialectical stoppability (similar Bergson's mechanical finalism) doesn't 'exist' in a perpetual~ubiquitous sempiternal quantum~Qabalic~reality.

      . . . Veyn Beyn Veyn Beyn Veyn Beyn . . .

      ... Veyn Beyn Veyn Beyn Veyn Beyn ...

      ... Veyn Beyn Veyn Beyn Veyn Beyn ...

      We may think, biologically, of Veyn as a womb, as an egg's shell. We may think, again biologically, of Beyn as a life's trajectory which has experiential duration in temporality. Doug's illustration intends we view Veyn as living~dying (shell) and Beyn as living~dying (a life's trajectory). Quantum~fractal recursion (essence of Autiot and Qabala), begs our standing~under a meme that each Beyn, each Veyn has within it, fractally~recursively internal living~dying quantum~processes which animate internals of each Beyn, each Veyn. All actuality, all Yod is subject to this life~death cyclings quantum~fractally~recursive~hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]ic vital impetus from tiniest quanta up to big bangs and black holes. Again, we see apoptosis as our best cellular example of quantum~fractal~recursion of Veyn~Beyn in biological life~death cycles.

      Classical ideas of finality simply aren't present notionally, memeotically, philosophically! Eschaton is n¤ more! Identity is n¤ more! Duality is n¤ more. Dialectic is n¤ more!

    • Hhosheykh - (Hhayt~Sheen~Khaf: 8.300.500) Suares, "It designates the immeasurable reservoir of undifferentiated energy (8) in relationship with the cosmic metabolism (300) and the cosmic life (500). This 'darkness' is swarming with all that could be, and its living power transcends all human thought." Page 88, CoG. In Doug's New Quantum Philosophy this is isoflux. Obtain Doug's interpretation of finalKhaf is "a quantum grail of life," in a sense one way of saying 'A Quantum~Life~Motif™.' We see finalKaf grailing actuality and n¤nactuality, differentiated and undifferentiated, flux and isoflux. We can show a script which desnouers quantum~antinomial~complementarity~organic~sphere~evolution of one of those pairs as quantons(isoflux,flux). That is an oversimplified way of omniscribing reality, quantum~reality. These perpetual~ubiquitous quantum~metabolic hologral~interrelationshipings may be m¤daled, using quantum~stochastics, via Poisson~Bracketings: Quantum~Assessment! Clearly we obtain better results using quantum~languages to do~due that. Only two Doug issi k~now~ing CeodE 2015 are Qabalic~Autiot and QELRed (Quantonic~)English.

    • Antinomialism - Though Suares' uses some ugly dialectical language like 'opposition' and 'contradictory,' we can show how a new quantum~reality better omniscribes what Suares is trying to say. Instead of classical 'opposition,' quantumly we offer quantum~antinomialism. Instead of classical contradiction we offer quantum~complementarity.

    • Etc.

    There is beau coup more to write here. Doug will d¤ that as long as he is ihn his current Beyn trajectory.

    Doug - 1-2Mar2015, 18Jan2016.

    Final Phay


    Suares calls this, "...unfathomed, undifferentiated, unstructured reserve~energy..." p. 18, The Song of Songs, Shambala Press, 1972.

    Suares' use of words describing Aut Final Phay:

    words -

    In Quantonics this is Pirsig's DQ. In quantum~reality this is VES, QVF, vacuum~energy, Casimir flux, and Quantonics' isoflux.

    When Doug writes Quantonics script which says, "Wæ aræ ihn Iht and Iht issi ihn uhs," Iht issi Autiot's Hay~Phay~Final~Phay. Of course many others have issued that gn¤stic~phasement, including Essene Jesus, and more recently Eugen Herrigel in his (1953) Zen and the Art of Archery, namesake of Pirsig's even more recent (1974) Zen in the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

    Boris Sidis probably knew of Final~Phay, and Doug is confident Boris would have intended his hermeneutic of "reserve energy" to include Hay, Phay, and Final~Phay. Did William James? Did Henri Louis Bergson? (latter, probably)

    Doug - 27Mar2010.

    Final Tsadde


    Suares' use of words describing Aut Final Tsadde:

    words -

    If we follow Suares' shared memes common to most other columnar energy descriptions, in this case, 9.90.900. For Aleph it's 1.10.100, and so on...

    For Aleph, Suares writes that Qof 100 is a non existential cosmic exaltation of Aleph 1. Suares, especially in his Cipher of Genesis 'Ha Qabala' writes Qof alternatively as Aleph(100). So let Doug do that, too, for Tayt 9.

    For Tayt, Suares (Doug infers) writes that finalTsadde 900 is a non existential cosmic exaltation of Tayt 9. So Doug surmises we might choose to write finalTsadde alternatively as Tayt(900). That is just a guess, perhaps a wild one, on Doug's part.

    finalTsadde, as apparent by its Gematrium 900, is highest Aut energy (Gematrium) in Autiot just below Aleph 1000.

    Tayt 9 is cell, feminine unit of structuration of all formations in Qabala's cosmos. Tayt's existential projection in actuality issi Tsadde 90. All structures in actuality (actual existence) are archetypical of Tayt and structured via ensembles of Tsadde. Keep in mind, Doug is still a novice, so Doug is regurgitating what he thinks he has learned from Carlo Suares. This description will improve as Doug learns more.

    It isn't too bad, con(m)sidering...Doug is a novice.

    Gematria numbers (I thinkq) are qualitative, like waveq n¤mbærs...much more ordinalq and subjunctiveq than a mentally-addled Platonically brain-washed dialectician might impose.

    Doug - 24Nov2014.

    Autiot Characters

    Recursable Value
    (Quantum~Qabalic Essence: quantum numbers)

    Qabala Code Semantic(s)
    (See Carlo Suares' Song of Songs, and his Cipher of Genesis.)

    Quantonics' Semantics

    We want to show how closely Qabala's autiot aligns with Doug's version of Quantonics' quantum~philosophy.

    What is genuinely remarkable...Doug didn't know (only slightly at this juncture) Hebrew autiot until just last few weeks!

    How could Doug get so close?

    Even more interesting, consider Pirsig's MoQ from which much of Quantonics derives.
    Did Pirsig use Qabala's autiot to develop his MoQ? Good question.

    My conclusion is that nearly all of quantum~theory has been invented by Jews. They are remarkable people, and their Qabala is remarkable.

    No inventions of this magnitude have come from Latin-Romans, Greeks, Muslims, and so on... It is unique to Jews.

    But history shows us that Jews got many of their memes from Chaldæan gnosis, and home of Chaldæans is Iraq: Muslim.

    So why didn't Islam embrace their own gnosis? Doug senses that only a scholar of Islam can answer that one. Doug, clearly, is no scholar of Islam.

    It is apparent now, to Doug, that many of our world's problems can be repaired through Qabala and its parent, Chaldæan gnosis.

    Romans messed up! Greeks messed up! Israelis messed up (not Judæans)! And if Muslims are still attempting to wipe out remaining gn¤stics, it looks like they are still messing up.

    Doug is going to review three of Carlo Suares' books: Song of Songs, Cipher of Genesis, and Sepher Yetsira.

    . . .

    Watch for Doug's continued efforts on remaining 13 Hebrew autiot characters. Huge work yet to undertake...

    Thank you for reading,

    Doug - 14Oct2009

    To contact Quantonics write to or call:

    Doug Renselle
    Quantonics, Inc.
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