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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002


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genericity (see Quantum~General)
good gradience


English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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: General

Classically 'gen' means sweeping commonality. General knowledge is common knowledge. General practice is common practice.

Academia teaches and educates general knowledge.

Employers train general practice.

Science indoctrinates standard method and enforces it with a disciplinary matrix.

Culture and societies acculturate constituents with consensual mores and enforce adherence via 'laws.'

So we eidetically grasp or at least can infer Fritz Mauthner's concerns re: 'gen' and 'generality.' In 'gen' and its classical spawn are seeds of hegemony and power. Those who set 'standards for general behavior' of others essentially are in control and in a position to abuse that power. History shows us countless examples.

It is fascinating to fathom how classicism self-succors while suckling at the spurting breast of whole milk 'generality.' In that whole milk monastic sustenance we find classicism's source and agency of monism, thence either-or, thence ideal negation, thence contradiction, thence falsifiability, thence proof, thence cause-effect, thence 'general' causality, thence 'general' determinism, thence staticity, thence stoppability, thence immutability, thence... CTMs' whole cloth.

Classical generality is at heart of another fundamental notion called 'political philosophy.' That philosophy justifies institutional coercion above individual free will. It proselytizes classical notions that institutions can exercise 'legal' authority over their constituents. Institutional hegemony depends upon cooperation of constituents.

Classical generality tends toward ESQ, and thus from a quantum and Pirsigean MoQ perspective can become evil itself. Catholic 'universal-general' church is an example here. Evils committed relentlessly by Earth's Catholic regime are simply horrendous. Hitler's Naziism is another. Mussolini's Fascism another. Christianity's declaration of non Christians as "infidels" is another. Islam's declaration of Semites and Christians as infidels is another. Modern science and its disciplinary matrix 'general' science edicts is another. This list is endless. Classical societies become ESQ. That is a major impetus for Quantonics' recent feuilleton Chautauqua on individual and societal, classical and quantum patterns of Value. We are seeking means to use quantum perspectives to take ESQ out of society.

Generality is 'common sense.' It is universal catholic sense one of which fits all and if not, "we will find ways to make it fit," AKA institutional coercion.

Classically generality is:

Also see: Aristotle, Cause-Effect, Common Sense.

Classical analyticity turns genericity into specificity. It takes the unspecifiable and makes it specific. This is one of classicism's greatest deigns to feign.

This is what Pirsig means about that which has lost its quality. Classicists destroy genericity's quality by making it specific as 'law,' 'rule,' 'principle,' etc. They go one step further: they reify it by making it objective and stoppable and lisr.

See our consensus.

: Gænæral

Quantumly ¤ur bæst mæmæos ¤f gænæralihty aræ changæ amd pærpætual moti¤n. Quantum ræhlihty gænærahlly changæs ahll amd ahlways changæs. Quantum ræhlihty's pr¤t¤ pr¤æmial quanta aræ pærpætual amd ihn pærpætual moti¤n. Our bæst eamples hæræ aræ photons, electrons, protons and neutrons.

Quantum generality is unspecifiable! It is n¤nspecific!

In place of classical monism, quantumism manihfests hætær¤gæneihty, thænce b¤th~ahll~while~amd~many, thænce subqjæctihvæ nægati¤n, thænce c¤mplæmæntarihty, thænce ihncludæd~mihddle, thænce æværywhere-ass¤ciatihvihty, thænce ænsehmble st¤chastihcihty, thænce ch¤ihce~chance~changæ, thænce ænsehmble frææ~wihll, thænce abs¤lutæ anihmacy, thænce parthæn¤gænætihc

(Ihn quantonicsese, wæ sh¤uld sahy m¤re caræfully hæræ, "parthæn¤fluxihc.")

æmærgænce amd mutabilihty, thænce... QTMs' n¤vel ways ¤f thinkqing.

Watch f¤r changæs hæræ as wæ etændings this ænfant eff¤rt.

Quantum gænæralihty issi rælæntless, uhp t¤ Plahnck ratæ, pr¤cæssings ¤f ændless ænsehmblings,' quantum l¤cahlly ihndihvihdual frææ wihll, adahptati¤n ¤f umlimihted quantum ihnterrelati¤nshipings' ¤mnihfferæncings.

It is important to note here that quantum gænæralihty issi an æmærgænt bæhavi¤r. This Quantonics 2004-2006 graphic sh¤ws what wæ ihntænd:

global society, union, or sentient-directed catholicism directs quantum gænæral bæhavi¤r. We can learn this by watching nature. However, by watching nature we also learn that classical infant intellect tends toward dialectic. Iht issi ¤ur vihew that an æmærgænt bæhavi¤r ¤f quantum ihntællect issi t¤ ræc¤gnih infantile-dialectic, i.e., DIQheadedness, as anti-quantum ihntællect, i.e., QICheadædness.

Quantumly genæralihty issi:

  • ihndihvihdual (quantum compenetrating islandicity)
  • changæ
  • æmærgænce
  • heterogæne¤us ¤mnifferæncings (AKA holographic phase encodings)
  • n¤wistihc s¤phist ænsehmble ch¤¤sings, chancings amd changings (sælf-referænt, quantum frahctal ræcursi¤n)
  • perhaps most important of all is quantum~complementarity
    • quantum~complementarity solves classical theory's "praxis problem, its praxis dilemma:"
      • quantum reality is holographic and that implies
      • all EWings in quantum reality have at least partial affine nexi with all other EWings in quantum reality and that further implies
      • linguistically all nouns quantum~complement all nouns and that is very important since it; in general:
        • quanton(any_noun,any_noun) is generally "quantum valid"
        • compare this to fractal~recursive aspects of Autiot
        • compare this to fractal~recursive aspects of reality as quantum~holographic
        • etc.
      • shows us by direct experience, by direct 'praxis' that quantum memeos of reality are more general than classical notions of reality.

        Doug - 14Dec2012 - Potent "thank yous" to Neelie.
  • etc.

Doug - 18Apr2004.

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TBD. Consider classical dichotomy 'good'/bad,' where 'bad' is 'good's' classical opposite. Comsider quantum c¤mplements ¤f 'g¤¤d.' Can y¤u see that 'g¤¤d' c¤mplements all quantum realities? For a classical EEMD counter-example of, quanton(g¤¤d,clever):

"If all the good people were clever
And those that are clever were good,
This world would be nicer than ever
We dreamed that it possible could.

"But it seems as though seldom if ever
Do the two hit it off as they should,
The good are so harsh to the clever,
The clever so rude to the good."

by Miss Wordsworth of Lady Margaret Hall

"The best lack all conviction [rather, best adhere quantum uncertainty], while the worst/Are full of passionate intensity [worst adhere dialectical certainty]."


Note that in quantum reality 'intensity' issi n¤t classical. Classically 'intensity' is scalar magnitude (see our Quantonics coined scalarbation). Quantumly, 'intensity' is multiplicity. In quantum reality, state-ic EEMD scalar magnitudes do n¤t 'exist.' Flux and isoflux, and flux~ and isoflux~rates and parthenofluxicity 'exist.'

Doug - 9Jul2005.

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Classical etymology:

Quantum etymology:

Classical synonyms:

Quantum synonyms:

 : Gradient, gradience, etc.

Classically 'gradient' means slope.

Classical 'gradient' offers physicists a way to express linguistically continuous, monistic, closed, tautologous, linear rates of state-event scalar 'change' in various 'measurables.' Thus we see, again, that classical gradient is a means of scalarbating 'rates of classical change.' We see an tacit mythos' implicit of classical 'gradience' requiring cinematographic stoppability of change itself in order for dialectical physics to retain its SOM Box validity. In other words, classical gradience of change stops reality in order to 'measure' its 'rate of change.' All classical maths which produce static scalar measurements do this, i.e., stop reality. Some refer this "sample and hold." Bergson called it "...movement by immobilities," a blatant classical oxymoron.

: Grahdiænt, grahdiænce, etc.

Following text added by Doug 23May2011...

From our QELR of equilibrium, Doug wrote, regarding aspects of gradience, "Ilya Prigogine & Isabelle Stengers (Southwest Texas Research Institute), Order Out of Chaos, only speak of unitime as ideally reversible near classical equilibrium. They claim that unitemporal irreversibility (again, classical) only appears under FFE contexts. Most of their reasoning is spawn of classical thermodynamic theories. Classical thermodynamics assume unitime and single gradient posentropy, i.e. an arrow of time which inevitably carries actuality to an imminent and certain 'heat death.' In their text, though, they well convince readers that posentropy has two gradients: a 'negative' one which generates actuality itself, and a 'positive' one which conservatively degenerates ('reverses') actuality back to ultimate (i.e., iso~) chaos. Issues born of these last five or so paragraphs are horrendous."

Just to show you how horrendous some of these issues are, let's con(m)sider issues of quantization and plurality, and partialityings of entropy and time.

Briefly and plainly, from a quantum complementarospective: entropy and time are quantized and thus plural. Why? Each quantum has its own ensemble of quantum~flux emersced ephemeral partial entropies and timings. In quantum~reality there is n¤ classical notion of unitime AKA One Time Fits All (OTFA). In quantum~reality One Time Does N¤t Fit All! N¤r does One Entropy Fit All! N¤r does One Equilibrium Fit All. N¤r does One Gradience Fit All. Why? All is quantum~flux, and n¤ two patterns of quantum flux can be 'classically-identical' to one another longer than a few Planck moments. They can be autsimilar, but from within human bandwidth limitations, never identical. All quantum~cancellations then are always quantum~partialings, so all cancellationings leave signatures which uncloak their enthymemetic quantum~gradience~partialityings. If you thinkq about this carefully, you may fathom this is one of quantum~reality's genera of ephemerally n¤væl transemerqancy.

Say it again Sam, "In quantum~reality there is n¤ classical notion of single entropy AKA One Entropy Fits All (OEFA) AKA Maxwellian çatholiç-global-universal posentropy." All quanta have their own entropies and timings, both of which evolve (partial~presence and partial absence complementarily) quantumly. When you think about that deeply, may grasp another quantum essential: individuality, i. e., what Mae-wan Ho refers, "coherent autonomy." All quanta are islandically both autonomous and coherent, and are partially self~other quantum~aware. Why? They are flux, quantized flux, which can be any of a variety of entropies and timings, which may interfere~entangle and coobsfectively choose~select and sorso~scintillate other quanta. See Doug's , "Marry me, marry me...," parable of said quantum choosing~selecting processings.

Begin 17Jan2012 Aside:

Doug wrote in that last paragraph, "All quanta are both autonomous and coherent, and are self~other quantum~aware."

That phasement holds for all quanta in general per Mae~wan Ho's perspicuous observation.

However, when we write it for one quantum at a time, its flavor changes: "Each quantum issi both partially~autonomous and partially~coherent."

In other words, in quantum~reality, scope of autonomy and coherence for each quantum is con(m)fined locally. This con(m)finement isn't classical however. It is quantum~holographic~evolutionary and always having global potential, for example, said "Butterfly [ae]ffectings." Tiny energyings can analanche into global affects, but in general they only have limited scope and affect. This is significant in this narration since it is one of more important quantum~phenomena which can start a rapid cascade of chaos, and a tentative loss of local and perhaps systemic equilibrium. Intensity and gradience of chaos (analanchings, and avalanchings) quantumly, holographically~affect (roughly EIMA~coobsfection) how much and how fast systemic equilibrium changes. It does change! That is an absolute. How much, when, and how fast are quantum~chaoequil issues for omnitoring, best done with quantum~computing and quantum~stochastic qua.

We see here a metaphor of what Doug means by "tapping into reserve energy." When a quantum (possibly several local quanta) commence analanche (possibly avalanche) into tentative chaos (FFE conditionings), it uses "reserve energy" to affect potentially enormous change very (relatively) quickly.

In other words quantum~avalanche and quantum~analanche can be very high energy (very fast and very powerful: unstoppable~persistent~ubiquitous) transmutationings.

Analanche and Avalanche with Reserve~Energy Tap Shown
(One wayve of showing it. N¤t the wayve of showing it!)

Doug - 31Aug2012.


Now, what about energies of chaos, equilibria and their gradiences? Here's a start on thinkqing about that:


Penultimate line in 'Stairway to Heaven' lyrics is, "To be a rock and not to roll."
(Rock: equilibrium~rest, Roll: chaos~movement. See movement and rest at A Primer on Quantonic Cuneiform.)
("To hologra[[il][m][ph]ically, e.g., musically, project oneself as an entrance to a grail.")

How many of you realise how quantum~gnostic that is? We have several semiotics for this. Gnostic rock as stone. Stone as hermaphroditic. Stone semiosy of significant of entrance to a grail:



two stones
four stones
as wingdings 'v'

stones mark
grail entrance

There is also classical-monism (smooth linear surface; Planck clock off) vav quantum~pluralism (quantized~stone~surface; Planck clock on):

View quantized 'circle' as a circle 'squared' gnostic stone. Doug - 1Sep2012.

"But Doug, What do squeezing (energy~gradience increases) and stretching (energy~gradience decreases) have to do with chaos and equilibrium phases of durational evolutions?"

Here's a squeeze:

Notice how gradience slope has doubled! Chaos~managed~change of equilibria happen, quantum~relatively, roughly twice as fast as our initial reference graphic!

You may choose to omnisagree with Doug, but for Doug those multiple squeezed exemplars beg a quantum~memeo of primal awareness, a rudimentary quantum~comsciousness. Doug has claimed that quanta are radically quantum~comtext sensitive (rqcs). We see above quanta apparently "making choices" based upon their rqcs. Can we call those apparent choices (natural selections) "awareness" and "rudimentary comsciousness?" Doug claims we can. Doug does call those apparent quantal choices "awareness" and "rudimentary comsciousness!" Compare photons' behaviors in double and multiple slit experiments. Electrons too. Note that photons are bosons and electrons are fermions. Both exhibit rqcs, eidetically, ad occulos. All quanta do. Doug - 11Sep2012.

Here's a stretch:

Notice how gradience slope has halved! Chaos~mastered~change of equilibria happen, quantum~relatively, roughly half as fast as our initial reference graphic!

Now you have an easier way to thinkq about chaos and equilibria and their dynamic complamentalityings. Classical CTMs are out. Quantum QTMs are in. A strategic change from classical fundamentalism (fundumbmentalism) to quantum complamentalism! Doug - 3Sep2012.

Doug has a lot to write about that '10 octaves of flux energy' graphic. For now, just study it and try to relate it to quantum~issues of evolution, chaos, and equilibria. Doug - 31Aug2012.

Too, partial~autonomy and partial~coherence are descriptors of individual free~will. This shows us why, in general, individual free will is predominantly local, but under 'rare' circumstances can rapidly transmute into global affectationings. Reality offers us countless exemplars in weather, politics, etc.

I thinkq this needs more effort, but for now we have a start which is profoundly full of evolutionary potential.

End 17Jan2012 Aside.

We can say that another way, like this, "All quanta, in terms of their local energy~wellings flux pluralities borne of quantization, may be both omnientropic and omnitemporal." Quantization of flux pluralizes all of any energy~wellings' flux attractors. Doug is describing a simple requirement for quantum~conscious evolutionary adaptability of any energy~wellings to its local and n¤n local environmental comtextings. This requirement is a quantum~tacit, an quantum~implicit of radical quantum~comtext~sensitivity:

Quantonics HotMeme"All quanta are radically quantum~comtext~sensitive, rqcs." Quantonics HotMeme™ .

Doug - 12Feb2012.

All transmutative chancings, choosings, and changings of any energy~wellings thus have gradience and gradients of quantization and radical quantum~comtext~sensitivity, rqcs~ivity, across an(y) energy~wellings' ensemble of attractors. See Doug's QVH Table CH3ings Value evolution hierarchy.

Consider a photon. View image at

We can see eidetically how a photon is an animate, evolving, multiplicate, holographic, multitemporal, multientropic Energy~Wellings (EWings) ensemble of quantized fluxings.

From our QELR of equilibrium, Doug wrote, "You may recall that Pirsig used a notion of 'latching.' Reality's creative evolution, to Pirsig, latched novelty. We may choose to see latching as irreversibility. And for this local work effort, it simply explains what P&S are calling 'irreversibility.' We can hermeneut this in agreement by saying, "Novel creation AKA latching occurs FFE." Placing that in pun~currency's lime light, "Death of Keynesianism is a FFE process of countless ensemble affectings." And that is happening globally now as we watch! Doug - 30Mar2011."

This memeo of irreversibility of latching is merely a novel NTE plateau of change. Evolution never classically 'stops.' What does Doug intend by "plateau of change?" Doug views this as a transemerqancy of high gradience change from a prior near to equilibrium EWings ensemble to a FFE EWings ensemble with tentatively reduced gradience change (tentative, apparent NTE quiescence).

Imagine having a novel meme flash suddenly in your mind. Doug sometimes calls these "epiphanies" because they involve radical [rqcs] change from what one thought one understood prior. Suddenly, in a flash, one finds oneself seeing all in fresh lightings, as naught seen prior. Change of that calibre takes one from quiescence of an old meme through high gradience FFE transemerqancy into a n¤væl and elevated hyper memetic. Subsequent that transemerqed hyper~meme one encroaches relatively lower (hypo) gradience NTE "latched," yet said n¤væl hyper memetic has become a unstoppable hyper~quiescence perpetually evolving from prior relatively (alleged~) hypo~meme.

I don't like to say it like this, but it is an easy exemplar: "Low gradience is low evolutionary change from a quasi~quiescent ensemble of attractors. It may be thought of as a kind of quantum~hovering NTE of an attractor ensemble."

On a cosmic scale we could compare explosion (FFE) of a post-explosion super novae (NTE), or collapse (FFE) into a post-explosion black hole (NTE). So we can associate high gradience with rapid evolutionary change and low gradience with gradual evolutionary change. What can we say about rapid and gradual? They are gradience~relative to local attractors' flux rates, i.e., where energy~wellings ensemble fluxings congregate in reality's whole spectrum, and are affected by n¤n local zero latency correlations with any entangled other EWings.

What can we say about change? Quantum~change involves cosmic con(m)sciousness' own awarenessings and evolutionary adaptive selection as ontologies of choosings, chancings and changings. Ramifications of that sentence are simply astonishing! One ramification is that evolution is a manifestation of cosmic quantized~free~will con(m)sciousness making choices ubiquitously at up to Planck rates! Does one con(m)sciousness fit all? Be practical now...estimate how many quanton(coherent,autonomous) quantum~con(m)sciousnessings are evolving cowithin Earth as you ponder Doug's query?

Spiritually, a ramification is that, "We are ihn iht and iht issi ihn us!" Quantum~hologramic EIMA rapid and gradual gradience and equilibria are part and parcel of Doug's assertions that extinction of Keynesianism is imminent. Cosmic quantized~flux interrelationshipings' intrinsic con(m)sciousness permits n¤ ideal systemic-monolythic stability (essentially atemporal stoppability, perpetual 'state'), ever, anywhere, anywhen. Keynesian classical and analytic 'stability' is a faux meme AKA a malassumptious 'bad idea!' Doug can sense increasing gradience of extinction of Keynesianism. It is taking global societies very FFE to a novel NTE absent Keynesianism. Doug - 8-25May2011.

"But Doug, What is quantum~change itself?" Doug's heuristic is that all quantum~change is quantum~scintillation. That sounds normative, but it may not be depending upon subsequent breakthroughs in Quantonics. What Doug feels (and believes) confident as autsimilars include QED, QCD, and Radiation. To Doug quantum~scintillation is quantum~reality's essential agency of perpetual, quantized~mutation. Heat flow borne of temperature gradience is (may be described as) QED~like scintillation. Classical descriptions are good estimators, but bogus in their use of dialectical, objective, formal analyses. Doug's bottom line here is that quantum~gradience is unlike classical-gradience.

P&S introduce this topic of gradience and its relevance to equilibrium in a notable manner:

Reference Quotes
Prigogine and Stengers'
Order Out of Chaos
Doug's Quantum Comcision
Page 104, Para 1. "As for the birth of the 'science of complexity,' we propose to date it in 1811, the year Baron Jean-Joseph Fourier, the prefect of Isère, won the prize of the French Academy of Sciences for his mathematical description of the propagation of heat in solids."
Page 104, Para 2.

"The result stated by Fourier was surprisingly simple and elegant; heat flow ...

[classically macroscopic heat flow; here classical macroscopicity is
Newtonian substance homogeneity; compare quantum~macroscopicity as
quantum~coherence of quantal autonomies - Doug - 23May2011] proportional to the gradient [quantum heat scintillation] of temperature. It is remarkable that this simple law applies to matter, whether its state is solid, liquid, or gaseous. Moreover, it remains valid whatever the chemical composition of the body is, whether it is iron or gold. It is only the coefficient of proportionality between the heat flow and the gradient of temperature that is specific to each substance."

In quantum~reality there is n¤ such classical misconception, n¤ such illusion as a notion of 'the result.' Classically 'result' is static, else it could n¤t be used as an essential of another classical delusion that 'law' is static and provisionally holds until it is contradicted. Whatings happenings nextings are multiplicate~ephemeral and always changing and potentially changing all. So 'legal state' is simply impossible in quantum~reality! Regarding classical 'contradiction,' compare Doug's QELR of complement.

Readers may be able to grasp that 'the result' is a manifestation of classical objective biformal either-or classical monistic cause-effect dialectical thing-king.

Observe how P&S and Fourier assumed a linear gradient. Unsubtly they made an even more onerous assumption: One Gradient Fits All, OGFA! Quantum real scintillation borne on quantization of flux belies any classical notions of 'monism (i.e., oneism, oneness, unification, social OSFA, globalization, etc.),' 'linearity,' and 'causality.' Doug - 28Mar2014.

Does 'gradient' change with time? See GoG. Timings? All timings are quantized. All gradientings are quantized.

Page 104, Para 3. "Obviously, the universal character of Fourier's law is not directly related to dynamic interactions as expressed by Newton's law, and its formulation may thus be considered the starting point of a new type of science. Indeed, the simplicity of Fourier's mathematical description of heat propagation stands in sharp contrast to the complexity of matter considered from the molecular point of view. A solid, a gas, or a liquid are macroscopic systems formed by an immense number of molecules, and yet heat conductivity is described by a single law. Fourier formulated his result at the time when Laplace's school dominated European science. Laplace, Lagrange, and their disciples vainly joined forces to criticize Fourier's theory, but they were forced to retreat. At the peak of its glory, the Laplacian dream met with its first setback. A physical theory had been created that was every bit as mathematically rigorous as the mechanical laws of motion but that remained completely alien to the Newtonian world. From this time on, mathematics, physics, and Newtonian science ceased to be synonymous."

All of Newtonian theory is based upon objective interactions among impenetrable objects due unitemporal motion of said objects. It is a finite analytical decomposition view of a stoppable state-event ontology. Blatantly it is bogus from any quantum~complementarospective.

Bergson destroyed Newton when he said Newton's grand delusions included:

  • objective independence, and
  • stability.

Bergson's denigrations of classicism's diseased and metastatic delusions are made well when we claim reality is both coaffective~coobsfective and absolutely changing. That is quantum~reality! Only (to Doug's limited understanding) a quantized~perpetual~scintillation reality can do that. Quantum~perpetuity is spawn of Planck rate clocks' endless tickings. We call it "heterogenous flux rates" all of which are quantized.

Change hyper state. Quantum hyper classical. Bergson hyper Newton.

Over 99% of Earth humans simply do n¤t grasp these essentials of reality!

Notice how Laplace made similar Errors as Aristotle attempting to use categorization and taxonomy as classical means to manage 'order' and 'complexity.' To them, state is order and so they worship status quo. Their 'ideas' are already extinct and taking down all who adhere them.

Doug - 23-25May2011.

Fourier's 'law' appears to 'work' classically, in SOM's Box, but clearly it isn't general in any quantum hermeneutics. See coquecigrues. Update: Doug has changed his view regarding Fourier's 'law.' When quantized it appears to be memetically viable as a quantum~guideline which helps, at least Doug, to express omnifficult memes like quantum~comsciousness, etc. See Doug's application of quantum~Fourier in What is Comsciousness? Doug - 16Apr2015.

Page 104, Para 4. "The formulation of the law of heat conduction had a lasting influence. Curiously, in France and Britain it was the starting point of different historical paths leading to our time."
Page 105, Para 1. "In France, the failure of Laplace's dream led to the positivist classification of science into the well-defined compartments introduced by Auguste Comte. The Comtean division of science has been well analyzed by Michel Serrès--heat and gravity, two universals, coexist in physics. Worse, as Comte was to state later, they are antagonistic. Gravitation acts on an inert mass ['inert mass' is a classical delusion; all quantum fermionic mass is quantized and scintillating in real timings...notice how this is a quintessential of atemporal gravity. Doug - 24May2011] that submits to it without being affected by it in any other way than by the motion it acquires or transmits. Heat transforms matter, determines changes of state, and leads to a modification of intrinsic properties. This was, in a sense, a confirmation of the protest made by the anti-Newtonian chemists of the eighteenth century and by all those who emphasized the difference between the purely spatiotemporal behavior attributed to mass and the specific activity of matter. This distinction was used as a foundation for the classification of the sciences, all placed by Comte under the common sign of order--that is, of equilibrium. To the mechanical equilibrium between forces the positivist classification simply adds the concept of thermal equilibrium."

Doug can say and write this in a much abbreviated way, "Heat flux scintillates material flux energyings mutatively. Gravity flux scintillates material flux locationings' positionally." Most interesting and powerful of all though, it is generally, most generally, quantum~scintillation based upon quantization.

Quantonics HotMeme™ "Quantum reality scintillates its own quanta. It scintillates all quanta and perpetually scintillates quanta." Quantonics HotMeme™. Doug - 24May2011.

See Nature Measures Herself. Doug - 25May2011.

Page 105, Para 2. "In Britain, on the other hand, the theory of heat propagation did not mean giving up the attempt to unite the fields of knowledge but opened a new line of inquiry, the progressive formulation of a theory of irreversible processes." See Doug's prior efforts on unification.

Page 105, Para 3.

"Fourier's law, when applied to an isolated body with an unhomogeneous temperature distribution, describes the gradual onset of thermal equilibrium. The effect of heat propagation is to equalize progressively the distribution of temperature until homogeneity is reached. Everyone knew that this was an irreversible process; a century before, Boerhave had stressed that heat always spread and leveled out. The science of complex phenomena--and the occurrence of temporal asymmetry thus were linked from the outset. But heat conduction did not become the starting point of an investigation into the nature of irreversibility before it was first linked with the notion of dissipation as seen from an engineering point of view."

Pages quoted from Order Out of Chaos, Bantam paperback, 1984.

Doug marked major problematics in bold orange.

Doug's bracketed intratext commentary.

Be aware how quantization belies classical notions of homogeneity.

Homogeneity of temperature is viewed classically as 'state.' Recall flux hyper state? Doug - 24May2011.

So real change~evocative evolution cannot exist without perpetual quantization, without cosmic con(m)sciousness (what Doug refers "ubiquitous quantum~coobsfective~awarenessings"), and perpetual selective~quantum~scintillation. See Doug's QVH Table for a Value Hierarchy of scintillation hyper quantization.

In progress during May, 2011.

Doug - 5,23-25May2011


Classical etymology:

Quantum etymology:

Classical synonyms:

Quantum synonyms:

: Grammar, etc.

Classical English grammar attempts a language infrastructure whose communications are semantically absolute: unambiguously, certainly concrete.

Classical English grammar manipulates two classical notions: object and subject, while placing object above subject. Latter hierarchy finds its bases in millennia old thing-king, antique, passé thing-king.

Classical English grammar expects its infrastructure to be ideally mechanical, predicable, etc.

: Grahmmar, etc.

Quantum, Quantonic Remediated English Grahmmar emerscitects a language of quantum uncertainty, adaptability, evolvability, etc.

Quantum, Quantonic Remediated English Grahmmar emerscitects quantum subjectivity above a classical delusion of ideal classical objectivity: EIMA emerscent subjunction above EEMD immutable objection.

See: judge, object, quanta, reason, select, subject, think, truth, uncertainty, understand, etc.

See our year 2000 May and June QQAs on classical English language as problematic and dialectical.

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