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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002


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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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See locus.

See Heisenberg Exemplar.

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: Heterogeneous

: Heterogæneihty, hætær¤gæneihties, heterogæne¤uhs, etc.

Quantonics ch¤¤ses t¤ c¤¤pt classical 'heterogeneous' amd remerq all quantum comtextual ¤ccurrences with 'heter¤gene¤us.'

In classical contexts we shall use 'heterogeneous.' In Quantonics | quantum comtexts we shall use 'heter¤gene¤us.'

Where classical 'heterogeneous' implies excluded-middle, side-by-side, spatial extensity grouping of different lisr objects (e.g., differently colored glass beads on a string), quantum 'heter¤gene¤us' implies included-middle, c¤mplementary c¤mpenetrati¤n ¤f vari¤us b¤th lisr amd n¤nlisr quantons.

Studænts plæase n¤te that quanta ihmply quantum hætær¤gæneihty.

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TBD. See 'empty.'

: Hole

: Hole, h¤les, holihnæss

Classically 'hole' means absence of any 'thing.'

Quantumly classical 'holes' d¤ n¤t eist. Ihf they dihd, they w¤uld have t¤ bæ c¤mplæmænts ¤f quantons. Quantum absænce ¤f ahctualihty issi n¤nahctualihty AKA QVF AKA quantonics' is¤flux.

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: Hologra, hologram, holograph, etc.

: H¤l¤gra, h¤l¤gram, h¤l¤grams, h¤l¤gramings, h¤l¤graph, h¤l¤graphs, h¤l¤graphings, h¤l¤graphic, h¤l¤graphics, etc.

Please allow Doug to put hologra in a Pirsigean MoQ quantum~perspective.

From an MoQ~quantum perspective how can we intuit that reality is holographic?

Pirsig's MoQ shows us that reality is many truthings and all those truthings are quantum~relatively quantum~flux~evolving.

Notice we are n¤t using 'truth' here. Classical truth is dialectical. Quantum~truthings are emergent, they adapt, they evolve, and their fluxings compenetrate other quantum~fluxings (quanta), latter which we refer as "quantum~included~middlings."

Doug calls this reality a "many truthings" reality.

Now allow us to substitute "viewings" for "truthings."

Doug calls this reality a "many viewings" reality. And these viewings are all "coobsfective" and "interrelative:" holographic.

All reality, including human societies, do that. They coobsfect, compenetratingly, interrelatively, self~other. That scales!

We call that more generally, a self~other~organizing~network: a quantum SOON.

What is a SOON? A hologram!

Holograms are many quantum~fluxing~interrelative viewings, many quantum~fluxing~interrelative truthings. Holograms quantum~phase~encode many quantum~fluxing~interrelative viewings, many quantum~fluxing~interrelative truthings.

Quantum reality is hologra of many quantum~fluxing~interrelative viewings, many quantum~fluxing~interrelative truthings.

Pirsig was right: the Sophists were closer to "getting it" than the dialecticians ever were or ever would be. Quality over Quantity. Good over Truth. Individual above Society. And so on... No kidding! (For some affirmation read Anthony Gottlieb's The Dream of Reason, Chapter 9 'The Sophists,' Norton, 2002 paperback. Fabulous! Quantum~honest.)

Doug - 3Feb2006.

Classical holograms are stopped, EEMD, classically state-associative optical networks. Classically any number of holograms may be identical to one another.

Classical holograms are three dimensional and unitemporal. Classical holograms adhere Maxwell's thermodynamic 'laws.' Latter imposes a monoentropic view of classical reality: single gradient posentropy, and monodirectional unitime. Said view imposes massive systemic synchronicity, cause-effect, systemic closure to achieve 'laws' of conservation, determinism, stoppability, etc.

Classical reality is state. Classical thingking methods are incapable of analyzing real process.

Quantum h¤l¤gramings aræ anihmatæ, EIMA, æmærging, quantum optihcal SONs. Quantumly, n¤ tw¤ h¤l¤grams may ævær bæ 'classically identical' t¤ ¤næ an¤thær l¤nger than a fæw Planck m¤mænts. Quantum h¤l¤gramings bælihæ J. C. Maxwell's 'laws' ¤f thærm¤dynamihcs. Quantum ræhlihty issi p¤lyæntr¤pihc amd p¤lyc¤herænt. Quantum ræhlihty issi ¤pæn, affæctati¤nal, æmærgænt, æv¤lutæ, æmærscænturing, mahssihvely "Bell Inequal," ænsehmble ihndætærminatæ (umcærtain), umst¤ppable, etc.

Quantum ræhlihty issi pr¤cæss. Quantum thinkqing m¤dæs aræ læarnings h¤wings t¤ ømniht¤r quantum pr¤cæssings.

Wæ can ¤ffer tw¤ illuhstratih eamples hæræ:

  1. A classicist measuring a hologram, and
  2. A quantumihst ¤mniht¤ring a h¤l¤gram:

Classicist Measuring a Hologram -

Said classicist may, for example, take a holograph photographic negative and project it to achieve a state-ic holographic image. S-he may choose a subportion of that hologram for further investigation. S-he may choose to cut out said subportion and project it. S-he may, for example, analytically compare visible scalar magnitudinal differences pixel by pixel across both images.

What set of implicit assumptions is our classicist making?

  • reality is stoppable (no respectable hologram moves or evolves while one is measuring it; in Quantonics we call this classical assumption and concomitant theory and practice "scalarbation")
  • reality will conveniently hold still while classical scalar measurements are conducted
  • etc.

Quantumihst Omniht¤ring a H¤l¤graming -

Saihd quantumihst may, f¤r eample, set uhp a test rig t¤ run a h¤l¤graphic pr¤cæss, anihmatæly. S-he wihll watch saihd anihmatæ pr¤jæcti¤n. S-he may ch¤¤se a subqp¤rti¤n ¤f saihd anihmatæ h¤l¤gram f¤r further study. S-he wihll uhsæ passihve, n¤ndæstructihvæ quantum computers amd quantum sæns¤rs t¤ ømniht¤r as many as p¤ssible quantum anihmatæ ass¤ciati¤nings ar¤umd saihd anihmatæ h¤l¤gram's subqp¤rti¤n comtext. Saihd h¤l¤gram issi slightly ¤mnisturbæd by he-r quantum ¤mniht¤ring pr¤cæssings amd he-r techniquæs can bæ ræfihnæd t¤ minimihzæ (nævær eliminatæ) any ¤mnisturbances.

What set ¤f ihmplihciht assumpti¤ns issi ¤ur quantumihst making?

  • quantum ræhlihty issi umst¤ppable, abs¤lutæly anihmatæ
  • quantum ¤mniht¤rmænt muhst ømniht¤r quantum pr¤cæss as 'alihve' amd muhst d¤ s¤ n¤n violæntly
  • etc.

See: affectation, associate, autonomy, our stairs as holograms, etc.

See: our What is Wrong with Probability as Value., Bases of Judgment, Measurement.

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Quantonics ch¤¤ses t¤ c¤¤pt classical 'homogeneous' amd remerq all quantum comtextual ¤ccurrences with 'h¤m¤gene¤us.'

In classical contexts we shall use 'homogeneous.' In Quantonics/quantum comtexts we shall use 'h¤m¤gene¤us.'

Where classical 'homogeneous' implies excluded-middle, side-by-side, spatial extensity unification of lisr objects (e.g., glass beads on a string), quantum 'h¤m¤gene¤us' implies included-middle, c¤mplementary c¤hesi¤n ¤f b¤th lisr amd n¤nlisr quantons.

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Quantonics ch¤¤ses t¤ c¤¤pt classical 'homologous' amd remerq all quantum comtextual ¤ccurrences with 'h¤m¤l¤g¤us.'

In classical contexts we shall use 'homologous.' In Quantonics/quantum comtexts we shall use 'h¤m¤l¤g¤us.'

Where classical 'homologous' implies an objective dichotomous quantitative relationship similarity, quantum 'h¤m¤l¤g¤us' implies quantum c¤mplementary qualitative interrelati¤nships' similarities ¤r Pirsigean Value similarities. Where quantum h¤m¤l¤gues are intrinsically self-referent, recursive, amd ev¤ke quantum intuemes ¤f many plural, fractal, self-similar amd ev¤lving actualities amd n¤nactualities c¤mp¤sing a larger quantum reality, classical homologues pre-exist analytically as integral and differential calculi of a monolithic and fixed reality.

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: Honest, honesty, honestly, honestness, etc.

Classical synonyms for honesty:

  • character
  • fibre
  • justice, judgment
  • morality
  • probity
  • righteousness
  • virtue
  • etc.

Classicists believe that honest people can deterministically EOOO di stinguish either right or wrong, either good or bad.

To any classicist honesty is a dichon(bad, good). To any classicist honesty is a dichon(wrong, right).

: H¤næst, h¤næsty, h¤næstly, h¤næstness, etc.

Quantum anahlogues ¤f h¤næsty:

Quantumihsts bælihævæ that wæ can bæ affæctati¤nahlly ch¤¤sings bættærings at n¤wings.

T¤ any quantumihst h¤næsty issi a quantum ihslandihc quanton(w¤rsings,bættærings), while admihtting that bættær amd w¤rse aræ quantum rælatihve assæssmæntings.

See our Bases of Judgment, logic, morality, and truth. See our Jon and Doug dialogue on virtue.

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: Hysteresis, etc.

According Apple Dictionary: Hysteresis is the phenomenon in which the value of a physical property lags behind changes in the effect causing it, as for instance when magnetic induction lags behind the magnetizing force.

Classical Terms in Physics' Hysteresis

Classical Semantic

Quantum Semantic

More Detail
value valuec is quantitative and has stoppable state Valueq issi qualitative and issi unstoppable quantum~flux See QELR of value
physical realityc composes physical objects and their Newtonian 'interactions' Realityq issi quantum, its comstitua are quanta and ensembles of quanta whose interrelationshipings of Value are quantons See QELR of physics
property propertyc is objective and obeys canon 'law' See QELR of property
changes changec is homogeneous, linear, monistic, local, determinate, certain, predicable, veritable Changeq issi heterogeneous, hologralicq, quantized, both l¤cal and n¤nl¤cal, rqcs, rqfi, rqsu, rsqs

See QELR of change

See QELR of chance

See QELR of choice

effect effectc is one to one (some more mature classicists allow one to many), mechanical, formal, objective, causal, unit historic, monistic Evolutionq issi hologralic, many to many, flux~interrelative,

See QELR of effect

See QELR of cause too

causing causec is effective, one to one mechanical, formal, objective, causal, unit historic, monistic Evolutionq issi... See cause compared to affectation
induction inductionc is cause-effective, monist, formal, mechanical, linear, objective, unit historic Essentially this classical idea of linear 'induction' has n¤ analogue ihn quantum~actuality See QELR of induction
force forcec is mechanical, objective, directional, interactive, e.g., bouncing balls... Quantum~interrelationships in actuality are almost always based upon scintillation of quanta and ensembles of quanta...memes~memeos of scintillation replace classical ideas-notions of force

See countless problematics of Newton's Principia

Also see QELR of interact

See Doug's QQA on measurement

Here, in Doug's list above, we surmise a linguistically~perfect exemplar of how classical thing-king destroys classical minds.

: Hystæresis, etc.

Quantum hystæresis issi waveq~functional. It is multiplicately affective (radicalq comtext sensitivity), multiplicately interrelativeq (see flux~interrelative link in list above under 'effect').

Wave~functionsq tend to evolveq qycloidally, recursivelyq, fractallyq. This quantum~evolution exhibits hystæresis, a kind of quantum~two~step, a kind of wave~functionalq recapitulationq (re~head~ulation). All these and other quantum~phenomena thus exhibit their own kinds of qycloidal hystæreses.

For those of you Qabalistsq, Doug's pathway evolved him into viewing Yod's Aut as a wave~functionalq depictionq of real, actualq, quantum~hystereses! A new web page is underway n¤wings narrating all those many hysteresisq epiphaniesq re: Yod.

Doug - 7Mar2015.

A Post Script re Doug's opinion, "Classicism and its abundant dialectical 'ideas' exhibits extreme thought immaturity. Classicists are under-developed mentally."

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