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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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In classical contexts we shall use 'property/properties.' In Quantonics/quantum comtexts we shall use 'pr¤perty/pr¤perties.'

Our focus in our remediation of 'property' shall be a technical one. We are speaking of a need for remediation of 'properties' in a classical sense as attributes, characteristics, artefacts, traits, and especially peculiarities which uniquely 'identify' classical 'objects.'

In classical contexts 'properties' of classical objects are:

  • invariant,
  • stable, (conventionally, provincially can be made to hold still for classical observation)
  • fixed,
  • constant,
  • definite, (quantitative, measurable)
  • determinate,
  • causal,
  • independent, (lisr: localable, isolable, separable, reducible)
  • 1-1 correspondent, (e.g., with other members of like objective class)
  • absolutely veracious, (repeatable, recurring, tautologous, etc.)
  • etc.

Classical objects 'own' their 'properties.' Their 'properties' are part and parcel of their classical 'objectivity.' Any classical object gains class membership via its 'properties.' Apples have unique class 'properties' vis-à-vis pears. Humans have unique class 'properties' vis-à-vis gorillas. Electrons have unique class 'properties' vis-à-vis positrons, photons, neutrons, etc.

It is of value to note that 'empty' space among classical objects is classically, except for gravity, 'property-' free.

In quantum comtexts all pr¤perties are in abs¤lute flux, and to greater and lesser extents: always changing, and changing all.

Quantum pr¤perties are n¤t 'owned by classical objects,' rather they are interrelati¤nships shared among quantons. Where classical objects are identified by their 'properties,' quantons emerge and quantum-ontologically evolve/devolve mediated by their quantonic interrelati¤nships (pr¤perties). Students should observe that our QELR'd pr¤perties is redundant to interrelati¤nships. They should also grasp that, in Quantonics, all quantons aræ quantum interrelati¤nships amd all quantum interrelati¤nships aræ quantons.

Quantonic/quantum interrelati¤nships/pr¤perties are:

To understand better our sentences just prior to our bullet list students may wish to also ponder our quantum ensehmble interrelati¤nships graphic and text. That graphic's intent is to show you that any quanton issi an amalgam of its (nearly unbounded) interrelati¤nships.

Finally, quantum interrelati¤nships/pr¤perties in Quantonics are metaphors of what Robert M. Pirsig calls "Value" and "Quality."

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