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Index to Coined Quantonic 'Q' Terms
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Qualogos Quameme Quantique Quantogeny
Quantology Quanton Quantonics Quantum Stage

Qua words are fascinating. Our coined ones are intended to be quantum~fascinating.

In Latin, qua means "in whichever way."
(In quantonic~quantumese we can say, "direction is irrelevant.")
Qua, then, says quantumly, "direction is irrelevant."
Very n¤nclassical. Fascinating!
Fathom issues of 'velocity' vis-à-vis speed, nowings, quantumly.
Is negation classically objective? Can it be?
Can we classically 'negate' flux?

Quaqua means "in whatever ways, say, can we be accomplishings these-ings taskings?"
Quaqua is plural qua in Latin.

Doug uses qua as "in quantum~capacity, ~capability(ies) of."
If Doug says you have qua, he means you are a serious Quantonics student, even O'gadon.

SOMites and CRites lack qua. Why? They adhere dialectic.
Dialectic, as Heraclitus has shown us, disables qua.
Dialectic zeroes h-bar; turns off quantum~reality to make it classical concrete!

Greek for 'qua' is 's' (omega~sigma) in symbol font. In this case Greek is more nounesque objective as we have warned elsewhere.
In ascii it looks sort of like ws and treating lower case omega (not omicron) as an 'o,' 'os.' Operating system! Absolute dialectical formality, 'tis.
In Greek ws (omega~sigma) is qua which is a adjectival-conjunction whose essence is really strange: "uncertain whileness."
Ponder that as "quantum animacy." Reality's capacity, reality's capability! Heraclitus' gnosis as: logos.
See Heraclitus on the logos, the account.

Ancients grasped essence of qua.

If we venture even deeper into ancient antiquity we open our eyes and our thoughts to OS' even deeper significance.

Classicists treat O and S as localable, isolable, separate, reducible concrete (i.e., classically 'real') symbol-objects.
Classicists view O and S axiomatically, canonically, catholically, dogmatically, orthodoxically, parochially, provincially
as independent 'mathematical,' 'formal' excluded-middle stable significates of ideal Aristotelian substance.

Dichon(S, O).

Ancients viewed O and S as water, ocean, and river (especially Jordan). Ancients saw O and S as OSiris. OSiris equals ocean.
Water flows. Water can become chaotic. Water can exhibit order, dynamic order which evolves.

Modern quantumists treat S and O as flux, and view ancients' water as a good
metaphor of everywhere~included~middle~associativityings of flux with flux.


Compare dichon(S, O) with Taoists' S superposing O:

Look at its dynamic wholeness as part of a quanton:

Please obtain, please notice, please observe how flux is 'in no way' classically objective.

quanton(o,s). Better.

quanton(o,~). Much better.
(still partially classical since 'o' isn't quantized)

quanton(¤,~). Best.

Classicists actually believe they can take that S analytically out of that Tao symbol.

They actually believe they can synthetically make that Tao symbol by mechanically superposing said S on top of said O.

But then said classical Tao symbol isn't real is it? It isn't flux. No classically canonic object can (has qua to) flux!
By classically-dialectical, -formal stux sux edict. Objects are solid substance...immutable concrete!

Do a head check! Is water concrete? Can substance flow? Is water immutable? Can we analyze water?
(Some call it fluid dynamics, but that too is classically analytic-synthetic, so it cannot model real water.)

Pirsig was right! Wasn't he? He said, 'The ancients understood Quality. They understood martus aritos!"

They understood water. And flow. And natural evolution. They laughed at people who thought reality is concrete.

Ancients had (and still have) qua!

Hebrew "in the capacity of" is "be-torat." Right to left in Hebrew phonemes that's 'tahv raysh o tahv bet:' T(a)r(o)t-(e)b.
Hebrew qua then we say as "be-torat.' Without Hebrew vowels it's "btrt."

(It is interesting that an entire Old Testament, in Hebrew, was written without vowels.
That enables arbitrary vowel overloading which explains why some folk have read 'secret codes' into Hebrew OT!
For example, 'blcltn' becomes 'Bill Clinton.' But it could also be "block lotion." And so on...
Would you agree?
Also note that Hebrew consonants (there are 22) are overloaded as numerics
which makes [potential and ambiguous] 'coding' very, very, very interesting.
Read Rule of Four.)


Coined contraction of 'qualitative,' 'quality,' 'qual., and 'qua' with original Latin philosophical linguistic 'Logos.' By qual¤g¤s, ihn Quantonics, wæ mæan quantum, qualihtatihvæ, qualihty linguistihcs which umcl¤ak quantum ræhlihties' many umcærtainties amd many ihncludæd~mihddles via Quantonics' quantum remediation of English (et al.) languagæ(s).

Qual¤g¤s uhsæd c¤wihthin MoQites' quantum stages grammatihcahlly turns w¤rds ihnt¤ quantum plurahl, anihmatæ, c¤mplæmæntary, ihncludæd~mihddle, præsænt partihciple quanton(ing)s.

See Heraclitus on "the Logos."

For a fabulous metaphor of that which we speak here see Bee Season with Richard Gere, Juliette Binoche, Flora Cross. Flora's character natively, intuitively does qualogos. Gere's (as father) character is an expert in ancient Kabbalah and methods used to attain Heraclitean qualogos. Much akin Quantonics! Rent a copy of Bee Season and have a genuine quantum empirical experience.



Coined contraction of first four letters of 'quantum' and 'Quantonic,' and 'meme.' Quantum mæmæs, i.e., quamæmæs, aræ dynamis~stasis Plahnck ahcti¤n plurahlihty mæmæs which adhæræ Quantonics' ihncludæd~mihddle quantum l¤gihc.

As ¤f 2nd half 2004q, næarly tw¤ yæars ag¤, wæ n¤w ræfer "quantum l¤gihc" as an classihcal "oxym¤hron." Whæn y¤u hæar "quantum l¤gihc," læarn t¤ transp¤sæ wihth quantum "c¤quæcihgruæs." D¤ug - 5Aug2006q.



Coined quantonic quantum replacement for classical 'technique.'



Coined contraction of quanta and ontogeny. Pneumatically, quantum~gn¤stically~Sophially, animate beings of quanta.

Doug - 3Apr2008



Coined quantonic quantum replacement for classical 'technology.' As needed, too, as a coined contraction of quanta and ontology. Doug - 3Apr2008.



Coined latched fluxor ¤f MoQ's ¤mniadihc ihnterrelati¤nships. E.g., quanton(DQ,SQ), quanton(c¤mplæte,comsistænt), quanton(supærluminal,l¤cal), quanton(DQ,SP¤V), etc. MoQ quantons assumæ Valuæ ihnterrelati¤nships twixt paihrs ¤f Quantonic attrahct¤rs. Absænce ¤f a spacæ aftær c¤mma issi signihfihcant. Dæpihcts b¤th ¤mniadihc amd dynamihc (flux¤r) Valuæ ihnterrelati¤nships. See our Quanton Primer.

It has been six years since we first wrote those words above. Back then, they appeared adequate to us. Now, we fathom a formidable semantic, our intuitions sense holographic omnimensional nexi. Allow us a quantonic Chautauqua, at least its first few steps...

What does quanton represent? We offer a list of our k~nowings, our k~iamai, our k~issings, in our own, perhaps inappropriately ordered, descendent desiderata:


By Doug Renselle, ©Quantonics, Inc., 2005-2028
  • quantum reality
    • quantum absolute changings,
      • actuality as absolute fluxings,
      • nonactuality as absolute isofluxings,
    • quantum absolute coherence plural islandic autonomies,
      • quantum~sfumato of all fluxings and isofluxings,
      • quantum~heterogeneity of all fluxings and isofluxings,
  • quantum~complementarityings,
    • quantumly: both "we are in It," and "It is in us,"
      spiritually: both "we are in God," and "God is in us,"
    • both livings and dyings as animate, EIMAings
    • both dyings and resurrectionings as animate, EIMAings,
    • both catabolisis (bio analysis "down;" classically formal differentiation) and anabolisis (bio synthesis "up;" classically formal integration) as animate metabolic EIMAings,

      If you study biology, especially quantum~biology, you will find that biological metabolic processes are n¤næ of: formal, mechanical, dialectical, and logical.

      Doug - 12Oct2006.
    • etc.
  • quantum~included~middlings,
  • quantum~uncertainty,
  • quantum~entanglement,
  • quantum~phasicity and ~phase~encoding,
  • coquecigrues,
    • quantum~judgmentings and quantum~bases~of~judgment,
    • quantum~truthings,
  • quantum~Bell Inequalityings,
  • quantum~Bergsonian durationings,
  • quantum~monitorings,
  • quantum~qubitings,
  • quantum~coobsfectionings,
  • quantum~everywhere~associationings,
  • quantum~coinsidence,
  • etc.
  • quantum ræhlihty
    • quantum abs¤lutæ changings,
      • ahctualihty as abs¤lutæ fluxings,
      • n¤nahctualihty as abs¤lutæ is¤fluxings,
    • quantum abs¤lutæ c¤herænce plurahl ihslandihc aut¤n¤mies,
      • quantum~sfumat¤ ¤f ahll fluxings amd is¤fluxings,
      • quantum~hætær¤gæneihty ¤f ahll fluxings amd is¤fluxings,
  • quantum~c¤mplæmæntarihtyings,
    • quantumly: b¤th "wæ aræ ihn Iht," amd "Iht issi ihn uhs,"
      spirihtuahlly: b¤th "wæ aræ ihn G¤d," amd "G¤d issi ihn uhs,"
    • b¤th lihvings amd dyings as anihmatæ, EIMAings,
    • b¤th dyings amd ræsurrecti¤nings as anihmatæ, EIMAings,
    • b¤th catab¤lisis amd mætab¤lisis as anihmatæ, EIMAings,
    • etc.
  • quantum~ihncludæd~mihddlings,
  • quantum~umcærtainty,
  • quantum~æntanglæmænt,
  • quantum~phasihcihty amd ~phase~ænc¤ding,
  • c¤quæcihgruæs,
    • quantum~jihudgmæntings amd quantum~basæs~of~jihudgmænt,
    • quantum~truthings,
  • quantum~Bell Ihnequalihtyings,
  • quantum~Bergsonian duhrati¤nings,
  • quantum~ømniht¤rings,
  • quantum~qubihtings,
  • quantum~c¤¤bsfæcti¤nings,
  • quantum~æværywhere~ass¤ciati¤nings,
  • quantum~c¤ihnsihdænce,
  • etc.
By Doug Renselle, ©Quantonics, Inc., 2005-2028

We are actually coining quanton's semantic here. 'Quanton' was coined in about 1978 by Mario Bunge of McGill University, according to Hans Christian von Baeyer.

If quantons were Da Vinci's paint from his Mona Lisa we would call their comma~nospaces "Gestalt sfumato." See Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. Da Vinci didn't have a bunch of respect for Catholicism's Aristotelian "edge of no" dialectic! As our world's premier quantum hermeneutic practitioner of oil and egg based sfumato, Da Vinci denigrated any painting of any "edges of no."

Each complement in any quanton can be a, and any number of, quanton(s) of quantons.

"How do quanton's middles include?" Quantons represent quantum reality. Quantum reality is absolute flux. Flux can be represented as waves. Waves can coinside arbitrarily in various ways, essentially with and without sorso interference. Interference is a key quantum~enabler of entanglement and countless quantum~'miracles' associated with quantum~entanglement. Noninterference is key to quantum islandic multiplicities which literally quantum~co~here. Lasers are an example. Multiple TV channels is another. Notice how TV signals, and countless other kinds of signals, pass through physical reality in apparently "n¤nactual" Jekyll~Hyde ways. But then some other signals do not, e.g., some infrared signals which we call "heat." It's hard to believe, but a rock is an ensemble of quantum signals, but the frequencies are so very, very high that a rock feels solid to us similarly as infrared feels hot to us. Infrared and rock are quantum quantons! You are latchings, tentatively~persistings, and unlatchings of ensembles of quantons!

Waves can be represented as probabilty (likelihood) omnistributionings. Quantum quality attractors assemble EQLOs. Proto EQLOs form animate, evolving, tentative quantum~interrelationshipings which we call fuzzons. When fuzzon ensembles commence evolutionary 'latching' we call them "emerging ensembles of quantons."



Of amd ab¤ut quantons amd (which aræ) ihnterrelati¤nships.


Quantum Stage

A coined Quantonic phrase. Ihn Quantonics, uhsing Quantonic Thinkqing M¤dæs (QTMs), wæ sææ ¤ur minds as quantum stagæs. Wæ ihnnovatæ a n¤vel Quantonic mæmæ ¤f mind as quantum stagæ which:

  1. sutures classical, rational thought's mind | body Sheffer stroke laceration into an emerscitectured, quantum~h¤listic SQ, and
  2. quantum coinsides DQ amd SQ as: mind quanton(DQ,SQ). Students of Quantonics please observe an quantum~epiphany here: quanton(DQ,SQ) is what we mean by "tapping into reserve energy." It puts Quality back by making sure that we are viewings and thinkings of reality with Quality compenetrating and coinsiding it. SQ without DQ has "lost its Quality." SQ without DQ has lost its qua for "tapping into reserve energy." Doug - 25Jan2006.

Lihterahlly, ihn Quantonics, mind bæc¤mæs b¤th Dynamihc Qualihty amd Statihc Qualihty. B¤th DQ amd SQ aræ coinsident.

Classical Thinking Methods (CTMs), objectify body as substance and use SOM's analytic knife to sever mind from body. As a result, classically, pure intellect is subjective, and intellect is separate from body. Classicists impose analyticity and dialect on their thingk-king, thus creating an illusion of classical mind (and language and communications and reasoning, etc.) as hegemonously but artificially "objective."

Pirsig's MoQ tells us that mind and body conjugally unify as Static Patterns of Value, i.e., not separate, rather a class of patterns of Value which we call SPoVs for brevity. Instead of distinguishing | dichotomizing | severing mind and body, Pirsig's MoQ makes them coinsident as SPoVs in Static Quality. And he goes a step further: his MoQ comjugally unifies both Dynamic Quality and Static Quality as whole reality. We show this latter unification as MoQ_Realityquanton(DQ,SQ).

Whæn wæ c¤mparæ CTMs amd QTMs wæ apprise these ¤mnistinct ¤utc¤mæs:

CTMs - (Classical Thing-king Methods)

    • mind is separate from body
    • intellectual thoughts are separate from body
    • intellectual thoughts are separate from objects
    • intellectual thoughts are separate from reality

QTMs ~ (Quantonic Thinkq~king M¤dæs)

    • mind amd b¤dy ¤mnihfy as Statihc Qualihty
    • MoQ ræhlihty quantumly~quantonicahlly ¤mnihfies b¤th Dynamihc amd Statihc Qualihty
    • mind issi a quantum stagæ, a quanton(DQ,SQ)
    • ihntællectual th~¤ughts coinside hlihty
    • mind as quantum stagæ c¤mpænetratæs 'ræserve ænærgy,' quantum vacuum flux, 'mana,' etc.

Thæræ aræ fæw præcædænts t¤ this n¤vel way ¤f thinkqing. Juhst ¤næ fr¤m ¤ur ræcænt ræhding ¤n heterogæne¤uhs tihmæ c¤mæs cl¤se. Jutap¤sæ Quantonics' quantum stagæ wihth Henri Bergson's intellectual sympathy which allows mind to become an object by going inside it. There is similarity here: Bergson sees mind and object commingling via intellectual effort. But there is difference here: Bergson's intellectual sympathy appears as a classical either | or, which appears almost perfectly analogous Niels Bohr's "exclusive complementarity." His view of mind is that it may be either external to objects or wholly internal in an object. Classical thinkers mostly called Bergson's ideas, "absurd;" however, William James, and more recently Mae-wan Ho, found them tantalizing.

Quantonics' quantum stagæ als¤ pr¤vihdæs a quantumæsquæ mætaph¤r ¤f classicist's memory tools such as:

  • memory palaces (Matteo Ricci),
  • Hermetic arts (Giordano Bruno, like Aquinas, was a Dominican; Bruno was persecuted, tortured, and burned at a stake by Pope Clement VIII, February 17, 1600—readers note: Bruno's philosophy strongly resembles our own and Pirsig's MoQ),
  • Shakespeare's Globe as a Memory Theater (Fludd),
  • The Art of Memory, by Frances A. Yates, ChicUP, 1966, 1974 (paper),
  • Boris Sidis' and William James' memes of 'reserve energy,' etc.

Sææ quantum memeory.

Where most of those classicists provided 'objective' structures and static frameworks for memory, Quantonics' quantum stagæ pr¤vihdæs dynamihc amd æv¤lving mæmæ¤ry ihnterrelati¤nships am¤ng ahll quantons ¤f ræhlihty. Wæ may visualihzæ amd ihmagine ¤ur ¤wn minds as l¤cal quantum stagæs, wihth r¤¤ms ¤f ihslandihc quantum c¤herænce. Wæ may sææ ¤ur quantum stagæs c¤mmingling wihth amd am¤ng ræhlihty's ¤thær quantum stagæs. T¤¤, wæ may sææ n¤vel ways ¤f ænhancing ¤ur multihværsahlly comnected mæmæ¤ry amd ¤thær epæriænce. Wæ may bægihn t¤ ihmagine ¤ur quantum stagæ minds ihn vari¤uhs m¤dæs ¤f ihnterrelati¤nships, e.g., dæc¤herænt, partihahlly c¤herænt, herænt, is¤c¤herænt, irræværsible, partihahlly ræværsible, ræværsible, is¤ræværsible, etc. Wæ may bægihn t¤ ihmagine, as Mae-wan Ho suggæsts, h¤w ¤ur etændæd, herænt quantum stagæs pærmiht ¤ur limbs t¤ flex rapihdly amd effihciæntly ihn hl tihmæ.

Ab¤ve, wæ sh¤w ¤ur minds as quantum stagæs, amd hæræ, f¤r comtrast, læt's uhsæ altæred sæmantihcs lihkæ this:

quantum_stagæ_mind quanton(reserve_ænærgy,quantum_tæntatihvæ_changæ_agæncy_awaræness),

amd sihmihlarly,

quantum_stagæ_mind quanton(reserve_ænærgy,quantum_mæmætihc_awaræness).

Th¤se sihnglæ lihnæs aræ fihnæ ¤mniscrihpt¤rs ¤f a ræcænt technol¤gy which issi gaining appliæd AI pr¤mihnænce duhring Millænnium II's lahst tw¤ dæcadæs amd æarly dæcadæs ¤f Millænnium III. That n¤vel AI technol¤gy wæ ræfer as sælf~¤hrganihzing nætw¤rks, AKA SONs. SONs arose from middle 20th cæntury perceptron efforts. Their memetic 'father' is Finish physicist~engineer Teuvo Kohonen wh¤ br¤ught thæm t¤ fruihti¤n duhring æarly 1980qs. F¤r m¤re ¤n SONs amd ¤thær ræcænt quantum brain (an objective classical view as ¤mnistinguished fr¤m ¤ur Quantonics' quantum stagæ vihew) ihnihtiatihvæs, sææ Jeffrey Satinover's marvel¤uhs n¤vel b¤¤k, The Quantum Brain, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2001.

Iht issi fascihnating t¤ fath¤m Satinover's m¤re classical appr¤ach whæn wæ ihmagine iht ihn Quantonics scrihpt, mæmæ¤tihcs, amd hærmænæutihcs. Iht issi als¤ pr¤v¤catihvæ t¤ QTM~ comsihdær Satinover's classically stoppable, excluded | middle, 'canonical microcircuits' as abs¤lutæly Plahnck ratæ anihmatæ (umst¤ppable), ihncludæd~mihddle, quantum l¤gihc quantons. Sææ coquecigrues.

Uhsing ¤ur quantonic scrihpt amd mæmæ¤tihcs wæ may sh¤w ¤ur minds, as SONs lihkæ this:

quantum_stagæ_mind quanton(reserve_ænærgy,sælf_¤hrganihzing_nætw¤rks).

T¤¤, quantonicahlly, wæ can als¤ ihnfer that ahll ræhlihty issi an is¤tr¤pihc SON. Whæn wæ makæ that extra¤hrdinary ihnferænce, much ¤f quantum scihænce's prægmad¤xes amd prægmaphen¤mæna bæc¤mæ ex¤tærihc amd exægætihc. Onæ big exægætihc wæ sh¤w ihn ¤ur wæb pagæ tihtled Stairways of Evidence for Quantum Stages' Affects co~with~in Perceptual Changes. Ihf ¤ur minds aræ quantum stagæs which aræ quantum ass¤ciatihve nets, amd VES~n¤nahctualihty~reserve_ænærgy issi is¤c¤nihc is¤fluxing quantum multihværsal ass¤ciatihve nets which c¤mpænetratæ ¤ur quantum stagæs, then wæ have a wh¤le n¤vel Quantonic~quantum prægmadigm f¤r explaining many prævi¤uhs "quantum ihnexplihcables." Wæ ¤ffer a supærb eample ihn what issi cahlled "the d¤uble~sliht epærimænt." VES as a quantum ass¤ciatihve net may n¤w bæ vihewæd ex¤tærihcahlly as a limihtless mæm¤ry. Ihf that issi s¤, then wæ can assumæ that whæn a quanton's (ph¤t¤n, electr¤n, at¤m, et al.) quantum supærp¤sihti¤ning (amd thuhs Philip R. Wallacean "macroscopic") packet ¤f ænærgy passes through b¤th slihts, ihts æværywhere ass¤ciatihve wavæ 'trajæct¤ries' aræ mæmæ¤rihzæd ass¤ciatihvely through¤ut VES. Ahll ¤thær quantons aræ ræmæmbæred ass¤ciatihvely t¤¤! This issi a supærb exægætihc f¤r a gradual, ihncræmæntal build~up ¤f an ihnterferænce pattærn ¤n a dætect¤r~scrææn. I.e., each quanton's ænærgy packet b¤th sælf~ihnterferes (sælf~c¤¤bsfæcts) amd ihts mæmæ¤rihzæd wavæs ihnterfere (c¤¤bsfæct) subqsequænt quanton's ænærgy packets. Iht als¤ explains ¤ur Quantonic heuristihc that wæ, ¤ur quantum minds, have diræct amd vahst quantum ass¤ciatihve nætw¤rk comnecti¤ns c¤wihthin VES as wæ ch¤¤se t¤ vihew VES ihn ihts ræserve ænærgy mætaph¤r (Comsihdær this a "Quantonics' m¤st ihmp¤hrtant epiphany f¤r 2002q." Our epiphany hæræ rælatæs signihfihcantly t¤ ¤ur Stairways of Evidence for our Quantum Stages' Affects co~with~in Perceptual Changes. Quantum ass¤ciatihve nætw¤rk mæmæ¤ry affæcts thæræ manihfest diræctly wihth ¤ur stairways' quantum c¤mplæmæntary ihmagæs. CTMs insist that only EOOO image is present. QTMs sh¤w that BAWAM quantum c¤mplæmæntary ihmagæs aræ præsænt.). If you wish to read supporting material take some timings to read Paul Pietsch's fabulous Shufflebrain. Google search < Pietsch Shufflebrain>. Doug - 25Jan2006.

Note that Satinover views SONs classically, wihth¤ut sh¤wing their c¤mpænetrati¤n wihth ræserve ænærgy. (21Dec2001 - Doug.)

Thanks for reading, Doug.


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