Doug's Hodgepodge CeodE 2009
Ad Hoc Financial-Economic-Political Comments

These remarks are Doug's opinions only.
Doug is n¤t a certified broker.
Doug is n¤t a licensed counselor.
Ponder at your own risk.



Doug's HodgePodge CeodE 2010

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This is Doug's last HodgePodge contribution for 2009. Watch for HodgePodge CeodE 2010 early in January, 2010.

Doug's message, year end 2009, is this: fiat money in USA is dead and our Federal Reserve Banking System is dead.

Why? Classical "linear-thing-king" society has failed, and failed massively. Social FRBS doesn't work.
Subjective~Evidentiary~Pr¤¤f? Fiscal chaos, especially 2007 through what we will see in 2010.

Classical social systems are total failures, be they conservative, be they liberal.

Quantum social systems, as Mae-wan Ho conjectured, offer us great hope!

Classical systems adhere state, abysses of staysses, status~quo, and verity based in linear ideal circular repetition all of which offers no where to go; except our 'next loop.'

Classical 'state' as closed circles of ideal repetition offer only one out: self-extinction.

Classical mechanical reality is ideally closed, always stuck in a 'state loop,' offering
"What has gone before offers us a probability-of-one (ideal classical 'certainty') that it shall recur again."

Quantum~reality is open, and always changing and evolving, however slowly, toward better.

Classical systems shall fail! Why? They both fear and hate change!

"What disciplines represent these classical systems, Doug?"
  • Academe and primary and secondary education
  • Accounting
  • Aesthetics
  • Agriculture
  • Anthropology
  • Aquaculture
  • Archeology
  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Astronomy
  • Authorship
  • Banking
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Computing
  • Couture
  • Critical Thought
  • Design
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Epistemology
  • Ethics
  • Finance (Fiat money is a LIE and a total failure!)
  • Government
  • History
  • Industrial Management
  • Law
  • Languages (English language is a total, due its innate dialectic, failure!)
  • Library Science
  • Logic (Dialectic, alethic, and predicate logics are total failures!)
  • Management (MBO is a total failure!)
  • Manufacturing
  • Mathematics (Geometry is a total failure!)
  • Mechanics
  • Medicine
  • Metaphysics
  • Music
  • Ontology
  • Pharmacology
  • Philosophy (Aristotle, Parmenides, Plato, et al., are total failures!)
  • Physics (Its assumptions of materiality and perpetual duration are LIEs!)
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Quality Control
  • Quantum Theory (Matrix-mechanical versions are total failures!)
  • Reason
  • Religion ('Christianity' is a total failure! Quintessentially it is a LIE!)
  • Science (Its 'bivalency' and 'state' are huge LIEs!
  • Systems (All systems theory CeodE 2009 is wholly classical.)
  • Theology
  • Veterinary
  • Wisdom
  • Etc.

We will watch all of those disciplines crumble over next several decades of Millennium III's commencement.

All of those disciplines and countless others unnamed are saturated and metastasized with dialectical ideas, concepts, and theories...all of it grouped as a whole is bogus!

When someone asks, "What's wrong?" now you are k~now~ings. Doug.

All of that must be discarded in a great quantum~pragmadigm sheær which is just commencing.

Our current classical social systems are simply inept at surviving this immense quantum~pragmadigm sheær.

We have seen inklings of this failure during last decade's chaos.

Those of you familiar with Nietzsche may grasp his meme that those disciplines will be annihilated (apoptosis) and subsequently re~evolved (resurrected) as n¤væl quantum~emerqancyings.

One inkling of what Doug describes above is how FRB and Congress have attempted to survive this pragmadigm sheær by literally controlling stock and commodity prices...using our taxpayer dollars!

Notice how Democrats used our taxpayer dollars to bribe Senators and Representatives to vote for healthcare 'reform?'

Now we know what they are doing. Their contrived determinisms...we can use to our advantage...yes?

Gold and silver are headed down, big time. Recall we anticipated this back near end of August, 2009.

We can use ETFs to hedge this decline. Doug is doing this to a limited extent.

Why limited?

When our current government (classical social system) fails, it is likely all $ denominated stuff will become valueless: bank accounts, stocks, trading accounts, etc.
So, to defend ourselves against that we must purchase tangibles now and hold them. Only use and keep limited amounts of fiat money as a hedge for transitional 'usefulness.'

That means, if we put our resources into ETFs, we can lose them.

Instead we can acquire, for example, gold and silver and physically hold them, to protect against ultimate failure of USA's fiat paper money system.

Why are gold and silver prices being manipulated downward by our government?

To frighten us into parting with our tangibles.

How can I tell that Doug? Watch US$ index. They are pushing it up now. For a brief time (part of a year; only an estimate) dollar and metals will be in inverse relationships.

Since US$ is worthless, this political pressure on tangibles cannot be sustained. (Doug's opine.)

"But Doug, how do we know it's worthless?"

Nobody wants it, and it pays zero and negative interest rates. Any real money which provides zero real return on investment is worthless!

"So what are you going to do, Doug?"

Like, I said, I have a very small hedge (short) on gold in DZZ. Doug is doing this as an heuristic autodidactic learning experiment.

 I am short small caps via TZA. I'll dump this when:

  • Dow is below 5000 (Dow-Gold-Ratio of two puts gold at $2500 at that juncture;
    others are saying gold will go higher than that),
  • Nasdaq is near, perhaps below 1000, and
  • S&P is nearer 300 (roughly a 75% drop since October, 2007).

Beth is long silver via CDE (this will suffer, is suffering, short term, but will be fine after this current phase of government manipulation abates).

When gold moves closer to $800 and silver drops below about $15, we will buy more of those tangibles. Until then, as Ted Butler writes, "...keep your powder dry."

I admit I am very tempted to use SLV (an ETF), but I have completely lost faith in current government of USA.
And FRB, on a geological time scale, is moments away from complete self-annihilation.
I understand quantum~realty and how it will make them all extinct, and I guess sooner than later.
Quantum~Reality's inverse phase feedback will cancel all of these incompetents, imminently.

We are in for tough times, but there is a silver lining awaiting...

Let's all rejuvinate ourselves on tangibles for 2010.

Happy New Year!





During this year, Doug has emphasized how Quantonics will become globally strategic.

Howe and Strauss' Fourth Turning explains why.

They claim we need to leave linearity (linear y=f(t) thingking) and enter circularity (good old time circular thinking).
In our 17Dec2009 Hodgepodge Doug explained that he agrees with their Turning away from linear thingking, but found their circular recommendation problematic.

Right during and after 911 (CeodE 2001) Doug reviewed Thomas Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions. What Doug showed there, only
four years after Fourth Turning was published (1997), is that classical problematics aren't just limited to 'linearity,' but there are countless more:

SoSR HotMeme™: Classical Static Optimisms (key disablers of classical science's deign of feign):

We have some clues. One set of clues are what we call Kuhn's "crown jewels of paradigm shifts." They are all classically scientific, conceptually naïve, hubristic, and static optimisms:

  • Analysis (exists; assumes reality is analytic; assumes reality may be stopped/started; assumes differential/integral calculus depicts real parts and wholes; etc.)
  • Conservation (exists; assumes reality conserves; mandates closure of reality; Maxwellian entropy; etc.)
  • Contradiction (exists; assumes negation is objective; assumes negation is radically formal, e.g.,
    Schrödinger_cat_1 minus Schrödinger_cat_2 equals zero/null.)
  • Control ('normal' scientists must think as much alike as possible; scientific method depends upon proof and, "If we do not all agree then we can never achieve 'proof;'" "Without scientific consensus we shall experience real chaos!" Hmmm…:)
  • Convention (exists; paradigms are conventional; assumes paradigms are unilogical; scientific 'convenience,' etc.)
  • Dichotomy ("Reality is logical. We can make either true or false statements about material reality." Etc.)
  • Effect (exists; one cause; one effect; cause-effect; analytic induction; etc.)
  • Equality (exists; assumes two physical objects may be identical to one another; etc.)
  • Falsifiability (exists; see Contradiction, Proof, Dichotomy, Equality, Logic; etc.)
  • Force (exists; force is an analytic, causal interactive effect between classical point objects; etc.)
  • Identity (exists; assumes (you minus you) = null/zero; assumes (yout1 minus yout2) = null/zero; etc.)
  • Linearity (exists; assumes real processes may be linear/sequential with one master clock's time; etc.)
  • Logic (exists; Aristotelian syllogisms; radically formal logic; Boolean logic; predicate calculus, etc.)
  • Mechanics (exist; assume reality is mechanical; assume reality is radically formal, etc.)
  • Motion (exits; assumes formal unitemporal motion is a proxy for real change; etc.)
  • Object (exists; assumes reality is objective based upon Aristotelian material substance, etc.)
  • Observation (scientists can classically, unilaterally observe material objects which "hold still" during observation, etc.)
  • One (exists; assumes concept 'one' exists; "one set of first principles;" etc.; see our quantum_1.)
  • Prediction (exists; classical reality is analytically inductive;)
  • Proof (exists; classical contradiction and falsifiability are adequate to achieve scientific methodical proof; etc.)
  • Quantity (exists; classical reality is a measurable, quantitative reality; etc.)
  • Stasis (exists; classical reality is immutable except for analytic — state-ic — motion)
  • Tautology (exists; classical science may assume certain absolute truths are self-evident; etc.)
  • Etc. SoSR HotMemes

When scientists adhere Kuhnian crown jewels like those we list above we can see even more of their classical arrogance. Why? How? N¤ne of those 'jewels' is a valid descriptor of natural reality! For each of those terms we can say and show that reality neither fits n¤r adheres them. For example, natural reality is n¤t, in general: analytic, single event deterministic, conservative, conventional, dichotomous, effective (causal), radically mechanical, objective, quantitative, state-ic, tautological, etc.

Only in an overriding SOM paradigm could any 'scientist' adhere those "jewels" while declaring nature "wrong." Does Kuhn himself reside in that overriding SOM paradigm? We think so. Witness, on page 23, "In science, on the other hand, a paradigm is rarely an object for replication. Instead, like an accepted judicial decision in the common law, it is an object for further articulation and specification under new or more stringent conditions." Kuhn sees paradigms as classical "objects."

To his credit, Kuhn recognizes several of classical science's jewels as equivocal. A great example is his page 146 anti-Popperian, "Nevertheless, anomalous experiences may not be identified with falsifying ones. Indeed, I doubt the latter exist." We take Kuhn's intended semantic as denying Popper's conjecture of general falsifiability by contradiction in nature. We agree.

We're only on page 31 of Fourth Turning, so we are n¤t k~now~ings whether Howe and Strauss omniscuss (i.e., 'not' 'di' scuss) these other problematics which "need Turning."

This is only one example of why Doug claims Quantonics is Strategic.

Doug also claims that 2010 will be a watershed year for Quantonics.
Our groundwork is mostly laid. We are at our own Turning Point.
Our progress on real quantum~AI quantiques relentlessly moves forward.
And countless entrepreneurs and VC specialists abound on our Quantonics site.
They grasp which pages in Quantonics are toposically strategic!

They also understand (standunder) what Doug means by "A New Philosophy is in Town:"

"This paragraph appears to Doug as Hume describing trials and tribulations of pursuing philosophy as an all-consuming mental endeavor.

"Doug recalls his first enormous challenges of striving against his own socially-acculturated personal inclinations.
SOM is a nearly perfect detention center of mind. Its sidis are high and thick. Its stanchions' tips are kill-sharp barbed. Its moat is deep.
Its siren succubi wail wantonly. Its adherents are somnambulating Demos will socially-narcotized hive drones.

"Doug struggled massively to escape its mechanical claws, its entrenched cudgels of lisr concrete and stabile immutability.
But flux is crux and if you juxtapose flux and stux long enough stux becomes your own worst evil, your own worst nightmare.
A nightmare which has wasted, at least in Doug's case, over two score years of a human life.
Doug now believes that to unmoor one's classical mental anchorage and unburden its entrapment in classical concrete is manifestly similar spiritual rebirth.

"Many of our predecessors grasped that and tried to teach others, but SOM has defended most threats well.
However, starting in about 1855 with Jakob Balmer's energy ladder whose rungs are quantized, there is a n¤væl philosophy in town: quantum~philosophy.
SOM can't defend this threat. At every turn SOM tries escape there is another quantum meme exposing SOM's real naïve and local incapabilities, its
incapacities, its retarded incompetencies. SOM will be renowned, for ever more, as pseudo philosophy, pseudo science, pseudo reason, and pseudo thought.
Composed by Doug - 14Dec2006 for Doug's review of Hume's AToHN; Hume_AToHN_Book_1.html; Book 1, Part 4, Section 7, paragraph 10 -
"Here then I find myself absolutely and necessarily determin'd to live, and talk, and act like other people in the common affairs of life. But notwithstanding..."

If you plan to participate in a Fourth Turning, you need preparation. And your preparation had best be strategic.
A good place to lay your own individual foundations for Turning, is here in Quantonics.

"Become all changings you seek." Gandhi paraphrased.

Connick's "At [any] Corner of Close and Soon," is Quantonics' strategic quantum~turnings...

Make your thinkqing quantum~strategic. Become a Student of Quantonics.





You must read this!

Aubie Baltin, December 16, 2009.

Take your time and grasp what this advisor is saying...

Aubie is sponsored by Investment Rarities, whose president, Jim Cook,
aligns significantly with Doug's conservative quantum~complement.





Doug saw a 'book to read' recommendation on ZeroHedge™ a couple of days ago. So Doug recommended it to a friend, and yesterday
Doug received his copy from Amazon. Friend, whose time is precious compared to Doug, bought an audio version, for listening to and from work.

Book is [A] Fourth Turning, by William Strauss and Neil Howe, Broadway Books, 1997, 382 pages including index, a paperback.

This book is important, since it anticipated much of 12 year later crises we find ourselves enmeshed in, CeodE 2009.

Too, it has a lot to do with economics and politics, which is why it was recommended in ZeroHedge™ and why Doug decided to read it.

We must apologize in advance for Howe and Strauss' 1997 dialectic. Even so, they still have abundant novel ideas and
interpretations which are invaluable for helping us to wade through what we are experiencing now.

Doug's intent here is to help our audience see, that if we are dialecticians, we are dead (already extinct).

If we want to live (survive), we must change.

But Doug, having read only 13 pages so far, worries that Howe and Strauss may be making some detrimental suggestions. Allow a first example:

Both Strauss and Howe are (as of 1997) 'radical classicists.'

On page 13 they write, "Americans need to return to the insights of the ancient circle."

Essentially they are saying, correctly, reality is cyclic.
Our complaint is that classical dialectical circles are closed, while our new Millennium III reality, a quantum~reality, is open.

Then they go on to describe what they mean by, "Americans need to return to the insights of the ancient circle."

But do we? They tell us we left 'circles' (cyclicity) to adopt 'the enlightenment's' linear deterministic y=f(t) thingk-king. And now we want to go back?

Why would Doug claim, contrapuntal their recommendation, we should n¤t "go back?" Let's use a circle to show what we intend, here:

Classically, circles 'exist.'

Quantumly circles, "do n¤t exist, 'classically.'" Our special '¤' is a quantized 'o.' A quantized 'circle.' Quantum 'circles' are open.

Classicists assume circles are 'closed,' similar as James Clerk Maxwell thought reality is only posentropic (fermionic), and conservative thus 'closed.' Maxwell blew it!

Let's do a gedankenment (Doug's contraction for gedanken (thought) experiment):

Imagine you have a one meter square white board. You are on a train. Train is moving 100 km per hour (60 miles per hour).
You mount your white board normal to train's direction of travel. You remove your black marker from your pocket protector.
You draw a 'circle' on white board which is about 1/2 meter radius. You take one second to draw full circle and 'close' head to tail.

Classical 'reason' says drawn 'circle' on white board is 'the' circle, and that's all a 'circle' is.

Quantumly there is another circle which looks more like a wave: one projected in space over a period of one second used to draw said circle.
Visualize beginning point of projected circle at start of drawing and its projection as a process over next second. One second at 60 mph is 88 feet.
Now visualize how starting point and ending point of circle's energy (process) projection are 88 feet apart!
That's n¤t a circle, that's a wave. Classicists leave this out of their ways of thingking about circles!
Do you get that? If n¤t, "read it again, Sam."

Quantum th~¤ught claims said classical 'circle' is an actual state-ic complement (a classical delusion) of more real,
more complete, quantum~cihrclæ. Doug shows that using Quantonics' proprietary script like this:


More simply, quanton(~,o). Tilde is a quantum~wave~energy complement of 'circle.'
Circle 'o' is its (tilde's) closed classical static 'projection' on white board. Roughly circle is classical 'position.'
Roughly tilde signifies classical 'momentum.' Position represents static ("zero momentum") circle.
Momentum is dynamic energy. Classical 'position' and 'momentum' are problematic. Position is Cartesian. Momentum is y=f(t) 'continuous.'
Quantumly both quantum~complements are quantized (n¤n classically-continuous and n¤n classically-analytic) and open.
John Q. Dipstick simply cann¤t wrap his classical program around that...very sad.

Here's a more recent graphical illustration for your edification:

A recognizable analogy here is Pirsig's MoQ. MoQ is(si) quanton(DQ,SQ). MoQ is "Metaphysics of Quality." DQ is "Dynamic Quality."
SQ is "Static Quality." DQ is quantum~cihrclæ's wave~energy complement. SQ is circle's apparently static complement.


Circle's drawn projection energy in time complements its captured static image on white board. We see ad occulos how classical depiction is incomplete,
i.e., it is missing its classically nonapparent projection energy complement spread(ing) out in time.
Notice we have to use 'present participle' to describe our energy~spreading circle~projectionings' processings.
And we must use plural too, since said projectionings are ephemeral (have countless dynamic nexi with local surroundings).
Doug's last parenthetical is another way of saying,

quantum~reality issi holographic!

A real implication of that, ..., everything ihn quantum~reality issi holographic!
Doug is a hologram.
You are a hologram.
All of us are in holograms and holograms are in all of us!

A real world exemplar of this problem appears in quantum theory's wave~particle paradox which has had scientists pulling their hair out for over a hundred years.
Classicists believe reality is particulate and a particle 'is all there is' to a particle. Just like they believe static circle 'is all there is' to 'circle.'
But quantum theory demonstrates with little ambiguity that

quantum~particle is(si) quanton(wave_complement,particle_complement),

just like Doug's gedankenment of quantum~circle issi quanton(~,o).

Classicists lack quantum~qua! They can only describe reality 'state-ically.'
They almost have to stick to (stay stuck by) singular. Present participle thinkqing messes their minds.
And plural antagonizes their thoughts even more deeply (ever hear of physics' "many body problem?").

It's like Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear series. Clan thingk-king was very limited, yet Ayla could (from any clan view) do miracles.

By way of comparison, Ayla signifies quantum and Clan represents 'classical.'

Anyone who can't keep up with what Doug just wrote, at this imminent Millennium III's first Fourth Turning, is already extinct, IMO.
Classical thingk-king isn't just's already dead. That isn't anything to laugh about...

If it's as bad as it could be...USA is over, but so is most of rest of world. Jeffrey Satinover, in his Quantum Brain, says it's a 'crisis.' Doug agrees.

If we are to survive this Turning Point we must learn quickly to thinkq using quantum memeos and waveMBU™ (waveManagement By Uncertainty).

See Doug's April, 2006 TQS News dedicated to E&Y's Financial Times Series on 'Uncertainty Management.'

How we thinkq affects our potentia. How we thinkq affects our economics and our fiscal viability.

Are you still a classicist?

What are you going to do about that?

Quantonics offers pneumatic, political, fiscal, and economic potentia. Quantonics is strategic! Quantum~strategic!

Thank you for reading,


Doug intends to do periodic vignettes like this as he proceeds through rest of Strauss and Howe's text.




Hopefully Doug has more of you reading ZeroHedge™ and Market Oracle.

Last couple of days they have proven invaluable to Doug's growth of understanding USA's problematics, finance-wise.

Mauldin just published a paper on Market Oracle about how GDP (Gross Development Product) is calculated (incorrectly).

Today ZeroHedge™ has a terrific article on velocity (GDP/M1), and how velocity has a 90% correlation with corporate Earnings per Share (EPS).

ZH's point is: "How can markets keep rising when velocity is falling?"

For Doug, not being a financial expert, that is an epiphanous query.

Now, mix in Mauldin's point: USA's GDP isn't what it seems!

People who do our US stats are including other nations' productivities as ours.


Read Mauldin's article.

Simply, a $100 part produced in, say, China is counted as 'productive' in an automobile or computer manufactured here. (Maybe that's what 'Gross' means?)

Ditto services, and many of you are keenly aware of how many of our services have been NAFTA'd (outsourced).

Service productivity provided to US by other nations are included in our GDP as US 'productivity.' (That is Gross.)

So ZeroHedge™ is on to something big here, but they didn't write anything about GDP being already massively overstated.
(Doug hasn't read everything there, so he may have missed it. They appear to be very thorough.)
That implies to, probably fallible, Doug's reasoning that this rally is really phony, pseudo, ersatz, facile, rigged, Ponzi'd, etc.

Hugest affector of declining GDP is FRB (Federal Reserve Board) and its wholly incompetent 'socialist monetary system.'
Socialism destroys productivity, and that is a major factor in "decline and fall of USA."

Fiat money cannot, though socialists believe it can, displace real work by an fairly-paid ethical laborer.
And to disagree with socialism even further, paid labor isn't capitalist-imperialist slavery.
Why? To work and not work is a capitalist free individual choice. Let's refine that: if you are being paid to work it is ethical to do so.
Socialists routinely believe it is better to get paid for not working.
They believe it is OK to use taxpayer money to pay benefits to those who do not pay taxes. This list is long...





Only three more weeks to go in 2009.

Doug, in his attempts to innovate further in wMBU™ has been thinkqing about brand, what some refer 'branding.'

"What do you mean Doug? How have you been thinking quantumly about innovative memes re: a business' product brand(s)?"

Let me make it as simple as possible.

Is a product static? Is a product's brand static?

Doug can give you an ideal example of a brand which is static: Republican party's title: 'Conservatism.'

Their leading purveyor of party brand says, "It is what it is. And it is...forever." Only an ultimate dumbass would emit intellectual garbage of that magnitude.

Ultimate staticity. Ultimate stux.

'Splains why Doug is n¤ longer a 'Conservative,' i.e., politically. Fiscally Doug is more conservative, than liberal. Quantumly Doug is both, a middle inclusion of both: wMBU™.

Too, Doug's political brand changes, quantally. Doug's individual and personal political brand evolves.

So what can we say about a brand which is stuck? "It is extinct." Why? It self-believes, "My brand's said is what it is, forever. It has n¤ unsaids."
And sure enough GOP has died. It is dead and doesn't grasp that reality, yet. A lot like ATT and GM and MS and JPM and C and GSux.

If your brand has no unsaids, it has no quantum~potentia. It is dead. It is already extinct.

How can we measure a brand's stuckness? Assess its features. If they are dialectical, your brand is stuck AKA dead.

Some people are paying huge dollars to 'protect' their brand. But is it smart to 'protect' a dead brand? Doug claims it is stupid to dialectically 'protect' any dialectical brand.

Here we see a correlation with decision-making. If it is dialectical, it is bogus! If your brand is dialectical it is extinct, and like decision making, if brand protection is dialectical it is bogus.

Those whose brands are quantum, evolving, fluxing, adapting are alive. And they are happy that so many of their
competitors' brands are dead, and that those competitors are spending valuable resources protecting a dead brand.

Shouldn't you be learning how to quantum~partially quantize your brand?





Today Obama is talking about spending $trillions on infrastructure improvements.

Beth and Doug live in Carmel Indiana.

Our Republican mayor (James Brainard Phone: (317) 571-2401 is one
of few right wingers whom Doug respects immensely. He is progressive in fabulous ways.

If you have ever been to (many of) our ancestors' come back with a
great respect for their road systems. Biggest exemplar there is rounda-bouts.

Mayor Brainard has put rounda-bouts at key and major intersections in Carmel, much like what we experience in Great Britain.

Time and fuel and pollution savings of each rounda-bout must provide a ROI that is immense!
Doug hasn't attempted to calculate it, but Beth took Doug to a Dr's. appt. at 8am today, and time was cut at least in half.
My guess is that our fuel savings was at least 10%. Old way with waiting queues, stoplights and stop signs wasted most of our time saved,
plus idling and stopping and starting. In a total distance of eight miles we stopped ONE time!

Now, to Doug, that is really green! Big time green. Beth estimates her trip time to work is about half of what it was prior.
Now integrate those savings over a year and over 10s of thousands of vehicles..., and big money and big cleaner green starts to show up.

President Obama, if you want to really make omnifferencings in infrastructure investment, start a national program to replace every major
intersection in USA with rounda-bouts. Call Mayor Brainard, and ask him for advice and possibly a showing. You will not regret it.

Now lemmeesee, how many jobs is that over about 10 years? Unemployment could drop at least half... just guessing...





Please see Zero Hedge's article and comments, 'More Gold, Bitches?'

Search on <FDIC> in that article.

Very important!!!

It may be a hoax, but if it isn't, we have HUGE problems kidding.





Only one more month to go in this first annual issue of Hodgepodge...then we start our second annual issue.

I cannot overemphasize importance of Gary North's article we linked in 28Nov2009 segment. Read it! Read it all!

USA is in a revolution. It is part of USA's evolution as a corporate entity. Revolution is about USA moving from a classical society into a quantum society.
That evolutionary process has been underway for millennia, but it is emerqing its revolutionary finalé now during Earth's 21st century.
How do we k~now? USA's and part of our world's system parameters are going radically nonlinear. We are entering a phase of nearly total apparent chaos.

Thomas Kuhn calls them "paradigm shifts." But chaos and nonlinearities we experience now~ings represent a quantum~pragmadigm shear!

"Why do you use those words, Doug?"

Many of us haven't caught up with quantum~reality's onslaught in our lives.

Those of us (e.g., 'science,' 'religion,' 'philosophy,' 'medicine,' and 'governments') who haven't kept up have already delegitimized our own survival.
Chaos is a clue to elemental realityings of what Doug just wrote and Gary North's prescient article.

Those of us who haven't kept up have mandated our self extinction.

Illegitimacy auto terminates.


You n¤ longer understand reality.
You cann¤t get a job.
You cann¤t survive in said novel pragmadigm.
You die and are "legacy free" forgotten.

That is what happened when homo Sapiens emerged in midst of Neandertal and Cro Magnon. Latter became illegitimate.

All belief systems which cann¤t cope with quantum~reality will gradually commit self~euthanasia.

There is a strong clue in more esoteric semantics of Sapiens. Allow Doug to quote his own words from another web page in Quantonics:

"A favorite topic which glues Doug's attention is Sophia. One of Hoeller's subtitles is 'What became of Sophia?' It is excellent reading since it makes so many nexi. A favorite nexus of Doug's is Sophia and Judaic Kabbalism. Hoeller comments on Gershom Scholem's Kabbalah calling Kabbalists "Jewish Gnostics." Too, for Doug, homo Sapiens has always held special meaning: especially sapien as 'oil,' and 'wisdom.' Hoeller suggests that Latin sapienta means Sophia. So, at least for Doug, we might refer homo Sapiens as homo Sophia. Try these also: homo Logos, homo Light, homo Jesus, homo Allah, homo Buddha, etc. Put that in a glimmer of quantum~wisdom as hermeneutic, heterogeneous, animate, and middle~included. It immerses those of us who grasp that, Ihn Quantum Lightings™!"

Said quote is from Doug's mid-2007 mini review of Stephan A. Hoeller's Gnosticism.

Doug's narrative issue here is "...those of us and our spawn who revel Ihn Quantum Lightings™ shall survive." Most others, just as did Neandertal and Cro Magnon, will (likelihood is significant that they will) become extinct.

There is a problem here, which Gary North covered well. Our schools and their admin's and staffs aren't doing what is necessary to assist all of us to move progressively Ihnto Quantum Lightings™!

Gary shows us that is why public education is in its self-extinction process now.
Doug screams "Bravo!"
USA's public education is an abomination!
Dumb dumbing down our kids and making them dumber.
Too, a society which incompetently believes it knows what our kids need to know.

US Dept. of 'Education' is incompetent! Irrelevant!
As Gary writes, we can say 'ditto' re our postal service.

Both are anachronistic internet. Both are anachronistic quantum communications and almost quantum "everything else."

US' Federation and its FRB are like buggy whips compared to automobiles a hundred years ago.

Our health system is about to go quantum, and nobody even begins to grasp rapidity and immensity of this change. Government, classical government, has no place in quantum~medicine.

Liberals attempts set up a huge health bureaucracy couldn't be doing this at a worse time! Just like another of their ideas, 'Global Warming,' it will fail, massively!

Quantum~individuals are in a silent mode of taking down classical society, brick by brick, block by block, object by object, inanity by inanity...

Currently, our largest inanity is our Federation and its FRB.

Doug's opinions...




Gary North's 27Nov2009 treatise, 'Fiat Currency Money Printing Leading to Decentralization and Operational Secession,' agrees with Doug's month older 8Oct2009 commentary.

To Doug, Gary's write-up is mandatory reading!

Ask all of your family to sit down and listen while your best 'out-loud' reader reads for you. Read all of it. Listen. Then discuss it! Do not miss this immense opportunity!





Do you know what to do to improve your economic situation?

Do you realize that Keynesians have failed massively?

Do you understand that all of what USA is doing today, fiscally and economically, is Keynesian?

Our dollar is worthless. It took Keynesians from 1913 until now to pull it off, but they succeeded in destroying US $.

US Government is useless: inutile!

US Federal Reserve Bank AKA FRB is an utter failure at performing its task.

FDIC is bankrupt. Fannie and Freddie are bankrupt.

More than half of all banks in USA are going down, in one way or another.

We need to find ways of eliminating our Federation and its long list of massive failures and incompetencies. If our Federation goes, then FRB goes with it.

Some people are promoting von Mises and Hayekian Austrian economic theory. Is that a good idea? Yes and no!

Yes, Austrian economic theory is better than Keynesian dumbassicity.

No, Austrian economic theory is an antique. It is a dialectical theory.

We need a novel quantum theory of economics.

Austrian theory denies Value.

You recall that Doug wrote very recently that most economic theories focus only on posentropic aspects of economic energy.

Austrians do that, just that.

Economic Value resides in learning how to quantumly~assess and ~manage economic: zeroentropies, negentropies, and mixentropies too (i.e., in addition to posentropies).

We need novel ways of thinkqing people!

Doug has been suggesting many novel memeos here in Hodgepodge.

Review his writing so far, and you will see...

Also check out this link which shows, in spades, H5W Austrian economics win hands down over Keynesian counterfeit economics.





Financial pundits' internecine infla vs. defla blog skirmishes have become dialectically molten!

"Over what, Doug?"

Whether our financial systems' failures will 'cause' either inflation or deflation. They see inflation and deflation as classical dialectical 'opposites.'

There's that damned dichon again: dichon(deflation, inflation), and we see SOM's wall (comma space) firmly instantiated.

'Modern' economic 'theory' is still and yet and only dialectical: formal, objective, quantitative, mechanical, state-ic, exclusive, and so on...

Unfortunately, that's how it is...and that may be how it will continue to be for a long, long time.

How can dialectical econometricians and pundits be so blind? Reality presents itself to us directly,
but our ancient and decrepit patterns of thought can only see it all through a dialectical lens.

Why cannot they see how inflation and deflation are quantum~complementary like waves and particles, like energy and time, like time and space, etc.?

Have you noticed pundits arguments for and against inflation?
Have you noticed pundits arguments for and against deflation?
Without realizing it, what are they doing? Poisson~Bracketings!


   Inflation Deflation 

That is a PB Matrix of how to manage (see wMBU™) quantum~uncertainty macroscopically.

But we may n¤t thingk about it dialectically.

We must thinkq about it quantumly! Why?

Reality isn't dialectical.

Reality is quantum.

Classicists see financial theory as purely objective and quantitative. That educes their notions of a single class of entropy: material entropy.

If one views financial systems as quantum~systems, one immediately sees classicists' Error.

Finance is state-ically material. Finance is energy as quantum~flux!

As soon as we recognize our classical Error we can move on to familiarizing our selves with many more classes of entropy and a multiplicity of timings.

See Doug's coinings of entropa and cohera.

Energies in any financial system are duals of energies in any quantum~system. When classicists describe their classical energies with only
posentropic notions, they educe polemics of financial 'heat death,' and systemic failure. If only they could learn to see that financial entropy isn't
just posentropic, but it too, like natural systems, is partially zeroentropic, partially negentropic and partially mixentropic. When we do that, our
financial m¤dæls become quantum and they much more realistically m¤dæl quantum~reality. When we do that, failures attenuate, radically.

Almost every 'fix' Doug has read about in last six months is posentropic, dialectical, yes...classical! Their bad!

Dialectic believes mechanism is about reproduction. Quantum rhetoric shows financial innovation is about evolution, quantum~evolution of systems.

Quantum systems do not just rearrange 'standard parts,' rather they perpetually emersce n¤væl m¤dælings.
Exemplar? Compare Bell Telephone's antique phone 'technology' to Steve Jobs' iPhones.

One of Doug's fav financial sites is Zero Hedge. These people are cool! Seriously! They are so cool, when I tried to sign up, they rejected me! LOL!
I deserve it, after second thought. Doug is n¤ financial expert. Doug only knows quantum stuff
and its superiority over dialectical stuff (which means Doug has to know dialectical stuff too).

Zero Hedge rejected me since they can tell I am a noviciate in financial issues at a national and international level.

So, I take my licks. They are Good licks. They encourage one to improve, and that friends is quantum~reality.

Improve I shall!

There is something gnawing about Zero Hedge. Something about how they talk and think. How they promote themselves. Hmmm..., now what is it...???

Damn, it's dialectic! They are all dialecticians. Yes, I accur, they use stochastics, but they interpret them bivalently. They turn h-bar off. They scalarbate analyses.

Doug took time to read their mast quote:

"On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero."

Doug surmises that dialectical bilge is 'supposed' to support a classical notion of 'zero hedge.'

Trouble is, what that sentence does is verisimilar classical notions of Parmenides, Aristotle, Plato, Aquinas, Buridan,
countless dialectical philosophers, Newton, J. C. Maxwell, Einstein and a slew of other alethic twidlos.

What does dialectic do to classical minds?

For our omniscussion here, let's just say, "It makes them believe, as J. C. Maxwell did, that there is only one class of entropy,
and entropy only has one gradient. Further, classicists treat one entropy as 'the' entropy (re: 'the' survival rate). Clearly, we are seeing 'monism' here.
But Quantum~Gn¤sis adheres a premier quantum~feature: "Monism is deceit." Doug has written of this prior regarding systems theory.
Monism's don't work since one size doesn't fit all quantumly. Classicists assume OSFA is crux of their systems.
Thus we hear economists saying "too big to fall." However, BIG almost always falls...

Zero Hedge thinks like Maxwell. They see financial systems objectively and quantitatively: mechanically, formally, etc., even though they "use stochastics."

One of their fav phrases is "quantitative easing." They even have an acronym for it, QE. LOL!
Scalarbation of an enormous multi-faceted system. Like global warming they see, literally, cause-effect.

But quantumly there is no cause-effect. Notice singular cause, singular effect. One size fits all, classical bilge.
Scalarbation. Just like David X. Li and his how-to banking algorithms. Garbage! Dialectical garbage.

They assume one time fits all. And one survival rate describes all. All this fits in one context...theirs.

That said, Zero Hedge is close to being best web page for learning financial mechanism and 'how to.'

But they too could be better. By moving from CTMs to QTMs.

CTMs say:

  • dialectic is real
  • reality is state-ic
  • reality is objective
  • reality is exclusive
  • reality is concrete
  • reality is monistic
  • reality is determinate
  • identities exist
  • formalisms model reality
  • like Zero Hedge, "zero exists, and one exists"
  • etc.

QTMs say:

  • rhetorical gnosis is far superior to dialectic
  • reality is process, perpetually evolving and absolutely changing
  • reality is subjective and only apparently objective
  • reality is inclusive (quantum~wavings middle~include and everywhere~associate)
  • reality is flux
  • reality is heterogeneous in all its perpetually evolving fractal features
  • no pattern of flux can be similar itself and another longer than a Planck moment
  • reality is n¤ndeterministic periodic flow (NDPF)
  • quantons m¤dæl reality
  • all numbers are processings, perpetually evolving
  • etc.

Why are our world's (especially USA's and Britain's) financial systems failing? In Quantonics we say,
"Our financial systems currently adhere CTMs, and they will only get well when they commence inuring QTMs."

Zero Hedge people use CTMs!

Doug encourages them to consider using QTMs.

Get better! Use QTMs. Practice wMBU.





Doug is in a mood to do some philosophical narrative today, but prior that let's briefly share thoughts re markets...

Gold has been stellar, to put it mildly. But its recent bull phase appears long in tooth. Pundits, those with whom we agree, are expecting a strong pullback. As a result we are short via DZZ (2x-leverage), per DeepCaster's suggestions.

Too, technicals, as surveyed thoroughly by some at Market Oracle, are really, really bearish on a wide range of paper assets...including paper.

Doug, early as usual, got out of stocks entirely about 10 weeks ago. But that cash, just setting there, is like an anchor...for so many reasons.

So Doug was happy to jump on another of DeepCaster's suggestions to short (3x-leverage) small cap's via TZA. Doug is averaging down TZA as markets approach their peak.
Doug got in at 12.9, and a week later averaged down at 11.8 with a 12.35 current result. 52-week bottom is just above 10, and high is about 156, so there is a huge upside in this downside!
Now is that a quantum paradox, or no? See, just as Doug has been teaching, up and down are quantum~complementary, n¤t classically-objectively-dialectically 'opposite.'


Doug agrees that we are in for a hard down, but its duration is unknowable.

Doug agrees with other gold pundits that gold's momentum needs serious correction, and that long term is extremely favorable and complements Dow's longer term decline. (Essence of Dow:Gold Ratio...)

Just keep in mind that these words are only Doug's opinions, and a description of what actions Doug is taking to protect and amplify Value. Doug counsels quanton(win,lose), with th~ought as a way to tip favor toward win's Venn.
Just realize that quanton(win,lose) is always a real quantum~uncertainty interrelationshiping.

. . .

And that leads us, almost as a direct segue, into Doug's brief on what he might call "a philosophy of struggle."

Regular readers grasp how Doug's philosophical bent is pro "quantum~individual," while averse 'classical-society.'


Pirsig, in his ZMM and Lila, teaches that (individual) intellect is more highly evolved and evolving than dialectical society's status quo.

Doug adheres a derived Pirsigean guideline that an evolving individual mind is above society's state-ic tragedy of commons sense AKA vulgio opinio Error.

Simply then Doug sees individuals, especially quantum~individuals, as higher Value than classical society.
That juxtaposition educes self, almost autodidactically, as an epic struggle: individual versus society.
Mae-wan, et al., have written much about it.

Philosophically, issues of struggle are ancient.

For Doug, philosophical issues of struggle are similar Pirsig's notions of "not being able to eat just one potato chip," and "a fat man not being able to refrain from tapping contents of his refrigerator."

Struggle becomes tantalizingly challenging when one compares its semantics and their hermeneutics among:
  • classical vav quantum,
    • society,
    • individual, and
    • multiplex features of various kinds of thinking.

Doug abhors classical society for a single and simple reason: classical society believes one size fits all! It believes we should all think alike. Its academe teaches us to all think alike. Doug calls it "intellectual rape."

So Doug's struggle is "against classical society, against any kind of society whose bases of thought are dialectical."

Most people Doug knows today, especially in USA, try to avoid struggle. Doug lives in a kind of behavioral "absence of struggle is bliss" culture. That is a tell, in Doug's opinion, of USA's gradual process of self-extinction.

To Doug, and most of his mentors, struggle is quintessence of survival. Absence of struggle is essence of self-extinction.

So, my point here is that struggle itself is perhaps one of our most important philosophical issues. We must understand it, if we are to survive.

Why does Doug study philosophy? It's a struggle!

Why does Doug trade stocks and commodities? It's a struggle!

Why does Doug do so much writing and talking and proselytizing? It's (they're) a struggle!

More we struggle, better we are at struggling, surviving, being, and so on...

Why did Doug start all those companies? Ditto.

Why does Doug read, for most people, exceedingly omnifficult tomes? Ditto.

What is essence of Doug's struggle? In Doug's self view, quantum~amelioration. Simply, better.

For example, to Doug, classical society is worse and quantum~individual is better.

For Doug classical society is state-ically immoral and quantum~individual has an opportunity via unending evolution for better.

Why doesn't classical society struggle morally? To Doug this one is obvious: "state cannot think."

Thinking requires evolution of mind. State is antithetical evolution, let alone innovative~emergent novel thinking.

"What are some other examples, Doug?"

Two of my fav's are what some Arabs and Jews mean by "struggle."

Arabs have a word: Jihad.

Jews have a word: Israel.

Many Arabs hate Jews, and some Jews hate Arabs. You'd think that hatred would emerge from total disagreement on almost all topics.

However, Arabs and Jews agree on one kind of struggle. I know, it's amazing, almost impossible to believe, but 'Jihad' means "struggle with 'God.'" Even more amazing, Isra-el, means "struggle with 'God.'"

Now, left at that, this wouldn't be so profound, but they agree on another notion too (can you believe this?):

Just a brief aside to clarify Doug's understanding of Jews and Arabs... Jews have at least two major subcultures Israel and Judæah. Doug is focusing on Israel, locally, for this discussion. Arabs have vastly more subcultures (which Doug views as good), but locally for our discussion here, we'll over-simplify to two: Sunni and Shiia. Let's choose Shiia as our complement to Israel for heuristic discussion purposes.

So, what else do they — Arabs and Jews — agree on?


They both believe their struggles are dialectical. Jihad and Isra-el mean "struggle with God as dialectically 'external' to humankind."

Now what has that to do with Doug's struggle?

Doug claims (believes) that quantum reality isn't dialectical. And that, folks, carries enormous remediative semantic adaptation for any heuristics of 'struggle.'

A huge adaptation of human thought when petried quantumly is logos' "you are in God and God is in you."

What does that quantum~enlightenment do for Arabs and Jews? Does their struggle go away?

No, but now they can see that their struggles are with self as an included~middle of God and self. Their struggles are not self either-or God as excluded-middle separate from self.

We are all in this together!

That's what Doug's self~adaptation to quantum~thinking shows Doug.

If we kill (bring a sword and strike necks), other...then we kill part of us and part of God. Is that what you want? "Do not do what you hate!"

"What will you do?"

"What is y~our struggle?"

Do you ameliorate? Do you denigrate?

Doug has come, over nearly seven decades, to believe that gnosis offers a better way.

Gnosis says, "The ignorant cannot see their inner."

Simply, "The dialectician cannot find God in self."

Of all struggles, our apex of struggle must be a struggle to find our individual heuristics of God in each of us, and to struggle to find ways of respecting all other individuals' rights to pursue finding their inners.

May you find your inner...

Happy Holidays all!





We haven't written much about politics lately.

Beth and I both voted for and supported Obama with maximum contributions of about $2000+.

So you ask, "Doug, are you and Beth sorry you voted for Obama?"

We are both discouraged, but we are not down and out about it. We're from Indiana, both of us.
We grew up in same small, used-to-be GM town, and we both attended Purdue.
Beth graduated; Doug went on to two other schools and graduated both of them.

Doug likes to compare Obama's current experience to a typical Notre Dame football game, especially those against USC at Thanksgiving.

Notre Dame, near South Bend Indiana, is a magical place. Magdalene guards it, protects it.
There is a halo there which sometimes expresses itself in sky's apex above ND's stadium during USC games! Doug has seen it! It's real!

If you ever experience it, you will never again dispute G¤d's presence in our individual lives. I'm not a Muslim, but I agree: "Allah is great!"

Obama isn't president of USA by accident! I want to make a ND football metaphor of that.
But first I want to make an Allah metaphor of each of us as individuals. Please bear with me...

Each of us is unique.

Have you thought about that?

Human conception is a miracle! Conception's selection of an even greater miracle!
Out of about 100 million to 600 million sperm, your sperm (a haploid of you) made it to your Mom's uterine ovum.
Odds of your selection: 10s of millions to one! A miracle! YOU were selected!
YOU were CHOSEN! You won! You won reality's toughest challenge nature has to offer.

Now what are you going to do with your win?

Take drugs? Spend life in jail? Be stupid?

Look at what Obama and Michelle have done! They were selected, again, each by odds of 1 in 10s of millions...

We must never lose sight of that. Allah, also known as, "our G¤d," was involved! Each of us, conceived quantum~individually, were involved!

Notre Dame football isn't much omnifferent. Every one of their games, in a way, is both memetically and enthymemetically an "immaculate conception."

And...guess what? When did Notre Dame usually win (conceive) their games? What was a most prominent and immaculate feature of their winning games?

They started out losing and behind: game outcome: quantum~uncertain. (Sound familiar?)

But second half! Watch out! ND kicked major ass in most of their second halves!

Nexus? Obama and Michelle aren't losers! They are winners.

Vis-à-vis GWBush as a real loser. An alleged drug user. A major dumbass. A political failure of universal proportions.

Barack and Michelle are good and quality people. A little liberal for Doug's tastes, but vastly better than Bush, Clinton, Ford, Nixon and so on...

Doug's metaphor is that Obama is a lot like Notre Dame. He is learning and he learns a very hard way: by apparently-, by ostensibly-losing.

Most classicists ignore something critically quantum and important: failure is success' quantum~complement!

If Doug fathoms essence here, Obama will have a very tough time getting re-elected, but he will, and when he comes back, his renovated administration will kick major political and social ass.

We'll see...

Thank you for reading,





Notice how gold and S&P are nearly at parity. That datum isn't as significant as gold and Dow parity.

Dow-gold ratio now is about 9:1.

S&P-gold ratio is about 1:1.

Trend is for gold to become much more valuable than both Dow and S&P.

If history offers any autsimilarity this iteration, we have at least 5-10 years of gold prices rising relative both Dow and S&P. That's good for all of us gold bugs.

Fiat is in for a bad time during next decade, say 2010-2020.

Notice how, today, Silver and Platinum are slapped-down much greater percentages than gold. (see real time charts) Now ask self, "Self, why?"

Consider gold market's size vav platinum and silver. Central banks can manipulate platinum and silver much more easily than they can manipulate gold.
Doug's statement will not hold for long since above-ground silver is much rarer than gold. Read Izzi Friedman at Investment Rarities.
Silver is in extremely short supply! Too, it is industrially of vast importance. See Jim Cook's remarks on silver there too.

Doug is starting to think like DeepCaster. "Is cartel losing its conspiratorial-manipulative-strength over gold, in terms of illegal (naked short) manipulation?" Why is US gov't. allowing this?

Answer: they want fiat paper money to continue its rule of individuals' lives on planet Earth.

How can we keep them (actually stop them) from doing that? Buy and take physical delivery of as much precious metal as you can discretionarily afford!

Caveat: gold likely will correct when it gets close to $1200. Pundits (especially interventionalists) expect a correction, then, back to $850. Buy your gold, silver, and platinum then.

Doug has no idea what-when this correction peak and valley will be...but he will be shorting (e.g., see DZZ a double short...) close to $1200 (could easily be $1500-1800) depending upon
gold momentum at that juncture. Doug plans more metals acquisitions near said valley (~$800), if and when it occurs.

Keep in mind...this is all only cannot be more than that...

Stochastic choice, chance, and change are all quantum~uncertain and pure essence of quantum~reality.





If you want to know what is really bad about FRB and its 'Fractional Reserve Banking,' see this article at Market Oracle.

Essentially, this all distills to a simple fact: USA's Federal Reserve Bank's applied Fractional Reserve Banking make's US$ a massive pyramid scheme!

Are you, citizens of USA, going to put up with this crap any longer?

Our nation is ill. We have been played by our own illegitimate government. Let's get rid of these bastards now!

Dump US' federation and its FRB pyramid scheme!!!

USA's monetary system, itself, is a bubble, a 100 year old bubble...waiting to's now...if not, it's too late.





HodgePodge is now, one year and one week old. Hooray!

Unsure you read Doug's 1Oct2009 commentary.
If you didn't, you may want to take a pass at it prior reading this segment of HodgePodge.
What Doug writes here depends upon and associates that system theory sensibility.

Remember down-sizing? It became ubiquitous. It was good! It made all of USA's systems, which did downsize, much more efficient.

I asked my self, "Doug, oh! Doug, what needs down-sizing CeodE 2009-2020? What is totally redundant and wasteful in our nation."

Even more important, what down-sizing would make our nation more efficient and productive, and increase our chances of getting out of our current fiscal and fiduciary morass?

Many of you are much more qualified to answer than I, but it seems imperative just now for Doug to kick-start some memes which have a high likelihood of success.

Doug's two fav's just now are:

  • Tertiary education, and
  • US federal government.
Education in USA is not only inept (it still teaches 2000 year-old antique dialectical notions), but it is redundant. Redundant what? Both internet and individual homes.
Too, colleges and universities are redundant each other. Thousands of them duplicate wasted infrastructure and real estate.
They generate far too much pollution, via travel to and from them, and antique infrastructure which should have been replaced decades ago.
Most of them have become unionized, which places academic society above student individuals.

As I have hinted prior our federal government, too, is a total failure. It's ineptness will become even more profoundly evident during next 10-20 years.
It wastes trillions of our fiat dollars every year on scales beyond most individuals' imaginations.
"Against what is federal government redundant?" Good question.

Two biggies: states and internet.

Most of what our federal gov't does is just waste. Most of what it does, if we took it away in a microsecond...10 years later we wouldn't even miss it. Examples?
Post office and education. Internet and private carriers can do postal work (they are taking over, now gradually) better and cheaper than USPS.

Online education is better, almost a perfect substitute for antique stux-sux OSFA colleges and universities.

How do we get rid of US federal government?

Stop using its services.

In Doug's opinions, all states should now start developing plans to secede from 'the union' starting no later than 2020. By then it will be apparent why Doug says that.

How do we stop using its services? Use Oregon as an exemplar.
Taxpayers there eliminated most state government infrastructure and used telephone messages ubiquitously to take its place, all pre internet.
Now, with a fledged and rapidly evolving internet, we can replicate what federal non government now does, better, faster and without said 'non government' itself.

In a systems theory model, which is more quantum~flavored, 'States' can secede as a Pure and non-federated Republic, and internalize and abscond federal 'services.' Easily!

What happens?

Our 'union' loses its inept and wasteful-totally-inefficient federation and becomes a quantum~coherency of a plurality of 'States.'

We dump d' monism, like this:

United States of America.
50+ 'States' being railroaded by a 'federation.' An inept 'federation.'
50+ seceded 'states' coherently operating cooperatively as a quanton(coherent,locally-independent) pluralism.

Best of all, there are only 535 of them, and over 300 million individual citizens. No problem, just individual will, folks.

Apply systems theory and convert our nation into an hyper efficient global performer in almost all ways.

Win (destroy monism), win (remove monistic influences on our states and their individuals), win (survive as a coherent pluralism of states and individuals).

Monism is deceit! It stultifies and kills all that it touches.





Bernanke's hearing today exposes one of his major failings in experience and academic education.

Clearly Bernanke doesn't understand scaling principles of systems: a key aspect of systems theory, especially classical systems theory.

He said today that size reduction of an entity will "reduce benefits." Presumably he meant that sometimes bigger offers more benefits.

But bigger increases systemic risk too, so what does failure cost compared to temporary 'apparent' benefits?

Let's say that Bernanke knows what he's doing. (We really have to pretend, in order to do that.)

His program of Keynesian low interest rates is apparently good for USA, but consider negative affects, systemically,
on USA's lenders, people living on savings, and systemic 100 year destruction of our FRB's fiat dollar.

Zero interest rates may appear to be good for short term control of inflation and commodity prices, but there is a long term price to pay for attenuating US dollar's Value.
Most of us, in Doug's opine, have already lost faith in it ($) and we also have lost faith in our incompetent US government.

Doug's point here is that if FRB (a non government regulator) can't get Value of US $ right and then maintain it, what good is Bernanke and FRB?
Most of us immersed in these issues will likely say, "None!"

So Bernanke can't (lacks qua to) get US $ valuation right, what else is problematic. Other pundits list countless examples.

Today, however, Doug wants to focus on a current exemplar.

"Reduction of size of an entity will (may) reduce benefits."

Anyone who has even an inkling of system theory may be able to ponder a monism against a pluralism. Any student of Quantonics can do that.

Monism's are deceit!

Earth globalism is a monism!

Monism's are bubbles in themselves in a process of committing corporeal-corporate suicide.

Many smaller entities are internally simpler, and have fewer (by anthropocentric design) inputs and outputs
(and thus fewer and simpler, some very standard and proven, processes working on said I/O).

Systems theory, even classically, teaches us that complexity is another word for systemic self-euthanasia.

Complex systems implode under their own burdens of excessive data and processes.
It's even worse for classical systems mainly since they have limited qua to adapt to internal and external systemic changes.

Y2K is an example in this case.

A great text, an oldy but a goody, to read on this issue of system theory is, Trends in General Systems Theory,
1972, Wiley, Edited by George J. Klair at State University of NY Binghampton. See especially Chapters 4 and 11.

If we think of one big system, instead of a monolithic monism, rather as many smaller and more manageable get Doug's drift.
(Another key to systems management is that all those smaller modules will tend to endlessly reuse some core components. These typically do not exceed 20-50 different standard reusables.
Good system theory applied tends to know those reusables prior to design and implementation. They literally become said system's Library. Said system's meta language. Doug)

Lots of smaller entities with their own local responsibilities is better than a OSFA monism of unmanageable complexity. (Ponder terrorism's many, many tiny cells.)

Anyone who has done a good job of architecting a system knows this almost implicitly.

Any system which has more than five inputs and five outputs is doomed.

But we can 'design' a large system which as a monolith with 100s, maybe 1000s of inputs and outputs,
as many smaller components with fewer than five inputs and outputs. Heterogeneity beats monism in spades! Always.

Doug has done this. He had a friend who didn't do it, and his project (a complex military application rf modem) failed catastrophically.

Big financial institutions are analogous that rf modem, but on an even larger scale.

Get this: "Unitary bigness is deadly, both self and other."

Big is a monism. Monism is deceit!

Bernanke doesn't, apparently, get this.

I think Bernanke is a damned fool!

Thank you for reading,


Doug's prose above explains why USA is constitutionally a Republic, not a monist democracy.

Our founding fathers knew something about systems theory even if Bernanke doesn't.




If you haven't already, Doug implores you to read John Pugsley's 11Sep2009 essay at Investment Rarities.

It provides comtextual foundationings for what Doug is about to write here, nowings:

If you are in US $ paper, you are in trouble. Pugsley shows us what to be doings nowings. (His last sentence is crucial.)

In Doug's view, Pugsley is dead on, he is navigating a survival strategy which has incipient and guiding Value.

Pugsley uses history to tell a very BIG and frightening story.

Doug wants to add to his story with another tell of that which is (apparently) imminent.

Doug and Beth, between them, have run a total of nearly ten omniffering businesses. Beth more than Doug.
Beth's businesses include manufacturing, and retail. Doug's businesses are all about software, systems, and quantum~philosophy.
Doug's primary issue in all his endeavors are, "If your fiscal and fiduciary Quality are low, so will be Quality of your results...your products."
During Doug's entire life, USA society has been in a direction of lowering that Quality, and now it is obvious for all to see. Pugsley shows why.

For Doug, capitalism is evolution. For Doug evolution is real.

But what does society teach? Reality is immutable and changeless except for ideal linear motion. Reality is analytic. Etc.

Trouble is evolution is perpetual change, mutation, and transmutation via quantum~emergence. All n¤n~analytic.

Society demands stoppable-state and lisr objectivity. Quantum~reality demands change and affectational emergence.

Capitalism's fiscal responsibility is to turn paid ethical labor into Quality products and services at a profit.
Any entity or process which hinders ethical capitalism, in Doug's view, is unethical and immoral.

Any business which fails to practice ethical capitalism becomes extinct.

Doug realized 30+ years ago that banks were crucial to a business' success.
They allow a business to responsibly manage cash flow, especially new businesses, fledgling businesses.

Doug was responsible, fiscally and fiduciarily. He still is. He always will be. Even if he dies trying.
Liquidity is king, and Doug is always is in a position to negotiate from a position of fiscal strength.
He has been since he started his first paper route at age 10, in 1952.

Since banks are so important, Doug decided to find out how one may assess a bank's Quality (circa late 1970s).

There are many ephemeral parameters here, so allow Doug to concentrate on those most important in his ways of thinking.

Doug's top down bank ephemera: assets, income, return on assets, and equity.

Doug subscribed (over 30 years ago) to some companies which publish those metrics for banks. Doug's favorite publisher used three levels to do their evaluations: excellent, mediocre, and poor.

Key to their assessment is a bank's ROA: above 1.5% is excellent; above 1.0% is mediocre, and below 1.0% is poor.

Doug, being fiscally responsible, made sure his banks were excellent.

Just recently Doug checked on three banks which should be, in Doug's view, excellent.

Our fav publisher no longer publishes information which was available over 30 years ago.
If they did, we would find that all US banks (based upon ROA only) are failed and failing.

Doug used net annual income ratioed to assets to evaluate three banks' performance metrics.

What Doug thought would be our best bank, in terms of ROA, was worst...0.2%...for Doug that is a staggering failure (explain below).

What Doug thought would be worst came in almost double prior bank's miserable 0.2% and still miserable...0.378% ROA.

What Doug expected as mediocre came in at a still poor, but better...0.612% ROA.
(Interesting to Doug is their relative ratios of 1, 2, 3. LOL.)

Worst of these banks 30 years ago would be earning over 1% ROA. Best would be over 1.5% ROA.

What has happened?

How do banks make money? By charging fair interest rates on loans, and by charging fair prices for services rendered.

What has Federal Reserve done to US' $? Turned it into fiat paper as described by Pugsley, and then arrogantly lowered interest rates to nearly zero.
(As Pugsley described, this is actually a horrendous tax levied by a non government institution -- the Federal 'non' Reserve --
against all citizens of USA and their clients! Can you believe this? Our society is incompetent!!!)

Federal Reserve isn't just destroying US' dollar, they are destroying US banks' qua to make a profit on loans.

As Doug wrote earlier in an older HodgePodge segment below, a dollar which pays no interest is

That's where we are today. It's been going on nearly a 100 years. And our 'government' allows Federal Reserve to perpetuate its theft of US citizen's and USA's resources.

That is what is destroying USA, folks. An inept Federal Reserve system which numerous Federal Administrations have allowed to continue since 1913.

If we don't change now, and Doug thinks its already too late, USA will failing as we 2009.

Thank you for reading,




We hope all of you are having a great (as can be expected) Labor Day.

. . .

Is capitalism evil?

A certain left wing crypto communist movie maker is attempting to make a point that capitalism is evil.

How many kinds of capitalism are there?

That's like asking how many kinds of democracy...federacy...and republic are there?


Let's just talk about two kinds of capitalism: one with a strong real money base vis-à-vis one with a fiat money base.

Our red-necked movie maker is, in Doug's opinion, referring capitalism whose foundation is fiat paper money, as evil. We agree! When capitalism is abused by fiat paper reserves, we agree!

But a real capitalism, a Hayekean...von Misean capitalism, whose foundation is solid (i.e., based in gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, titanium, copper, palladium, and so on...), is to be revered and cherished!

Recently we saw a quote, probably one of Investment Rarities' contributory writers, "Banks without core reserves will fail." We agree!

But that quote applies to individuals, families, cities, states, and nations too!!!

"Individuals, families, cities, states, and nations without core reserves [without savings, and non fiat monetary bases] will fail."

Our recent crisis would n¤t have occurred if US citizens, banks, etc., had one operating year of core (reserve) savings.

Do you know what USA's current national core (reserve) 'savings' are?

Minus 100 to 200 Trillion dollars!

What is USA's destiny? Failure, and sooner than later. USA is dead, over!

USA is doomed and socialists are rubbing their hands in glee and seeing n¤ duty to dump fiat paper and establish a new (Non Federally fiat) reserve system.

Wake up, dumbass socialists, or you will all really be on your dumbasses.





Most of you know Doug likes precious metals. He has since about 1973 when he first started reading Richard Russell's Dow Theory Letters via a shared subscription with another person.

Russell has been right about Au long term! You almost can't be any more right than Russell has been on gold.

Gold has been part of our portfolio since 1970s, but in March of 2008 (seven years later than optimal) we moved most of our paper to metals. Mostly collectibles, some bullion, some Kr's., Eagles, Leafs, etc.
Why? US $ is fiat. Actually, worthless. It is being artificially propped up by a malfeasant US treasury and Federal Reserve. But that is about to change... In bigger ways than most of us may imagine.

Why? USA is in a most hylic (hylic, i.e., "materially infantile") and literal sense, bankrupt. Our unfunded liabilities exceed, now CeodE 2009, $100 Trillion!!! It's worse than that when we include all other deficits which amount to a large percentage of total unfunded liabilities. It's even worse than that when we include individual household debts!!!! We are bankrupt and USA as we have known it is about to come to a screaching, screaming, cursing, crashing halt.

When Doug moved from paper to metal, he didn't know how to trade metals. Over last 1.5+ years he has been learning, autodidactically.

That is why he chose to show you this chart, and issue this rant, today, 29Aug2009.

As it turns out, and according to some titans of thought, one may use paper short term to essentially, in a derivative way, put and call metals. Some of these are leveraged.

Doug's gonna try his hand at this.

If you read Dr. Zeal (see our index page), he shows us how Au is seasonal. We can put and call seasonally, and make some decent returns.
It isn't that easy though since (what other titans call) "The Cartel's Interventionalists" can manipulate metals and stock prices. They do! But they cannot do it forever.

Why? They have killed USA's golden goose! That is killing them. Some of us think that demise is imminent. In any mean time...

Above chart shows Kitco's 2 year Gold. Doug used that chart since he has heard so many commentators speak of "beautiful almost perfect inverse head and shoulders." Doug outlined it so you could see it ad occulos.

It is beautiful. We can thank 'The Cartel' for making it happen. But it is a symptom of their imminent death throes.

If you go to Kitco and look at same chart but for 1 uses a 14 day moving average which is now turning down. That plus some other fundamentals and The Cartel's need to scare us into dumping our gold hints at what Doug drew above in Gaussian fuzzy pink. Fuzzy green is a 200 day moving average trend line.

A head and shoulders like that usually implies a long bear subsequent. We believe, in this case, since Cartel's efforts created that inverse H&S, it isn't going to behave as usual. Doug's fuzzy pink shows that belief.


Gold's fundamentals are just too strong for a new bear to start now. See Dr. Zeal's site and his charts.

Demise of USA is bullish for gold since consequences of that include inflation and countless other huge negatives, which only gold and precious metals may ameliorate.

Now maybe Doug is wrong. If he is, unlimited possibilities may emerge. Au may continue sideways for another 10 years. It may dive back below $650.

But our D-G ratios which we have omniscussed prior, say gold is headed to somewhere twixt $2,000 and $10,000 per Troy ounce. Lower is almost assured. Higher is unlikely yet still possible.

How does USA save itself? Not by what Federal Reserve and Treasury are currently pursuing. To see and understand why, read Hayek and von Mises. For a short course go to Investment Rarities and ask them for some of Jim Cook's free books. See especially his book of quotations. Fabulous.

To get out of this mess USA has to become fiscally and fiduciarily responsible again. USA has to provide a sound basis for its money: most likely some mix of precious metals.

But they won't will they? We agree. Status quo is US's current way to go. That's why Doug claims USA, as we have known it, is dead. (Huge change is necessary, and we as a nation are simply too fat, dumb and inappropriately 'happy' to act. To really change.)

How did we get in such bad shape. Simply, US government fiscal and fiduciary irresponsibility.

US government took our tax dollars and spendthriftly wasted them on welfare, war, cradle to grave socialist patterns of unvalue. They spent our social 'security' trusts. GWBu()sh()'s disadministration ran average yearly deficits of half a trillion dollars for eight years. $4 Trillion total, plus. Recall Cheney? He declared, "Deficits do not matter!" Talk about sheer stupidity. And Congress is just as bad, Doug believes, even more culpable. Congress is a bunch of monkeys pushing buttons at banana vending machines! They all should be hung in City Center square! I'm serious.

But we're no better. Citizens of USA are dumbed-down monkeys of their own calibre. Borrow, borrow, borrow,...spend, spend, spend. Citizens are incapable (as Beth says) "Of delayed gratification." Doug agrees.

But now, soon, at Reality's corner of close and now...d' fit is about to hit d' shan.

We are going to have to learn to say "No!" To O'bama, Supreme Court, Congress. To judges, civil servants, carpet baggers, ... the whole lot.

We cannot afford a federal government anymore! Their greed is unbounded. We have to close our pockets to them, and just say "No!"

Personally, I cannot stand any of them, nor any of their legislative opus. Political scum, Ron Paul being perhaps our only exception.

I wish I didn't feel a need to write this,





Can you feel pressure building? Have you run out of fingers. Is y~our dike about to burst?

Fed's in big trouble and does a hypocritical job at hiding its imminent failure. Humpty~Dumpty is about to have a "great fall." Some say September will show...that!

I've never been good at timing. As an actuality of expression, "I'm lousy at timing."

But I can feel that pressure building.

Based upon Market Oracle's suggestion checked out DeepCaster.

DeepCaster agrees that we are in for some real trouble. DeepCaster even claims we are really and already in a depression, but it's gonna get worse.

Doug agrees. (Doug's opinion only.)

I was born 13 years after commencement of USA's first major depression. My grandpa was a farmer. He owned seven farms and ran them well. He built all of his children 'starter' homes on his 'block.'

My mother told me many times that they didn't even know there was a depression. They had plenty of farm work to do. They had plenty of food. They had enough to live and work well.

They didn't expect anything from anyone else. They would have been ashamed to accept welfare, especially from our great and hard won nation.

Today, dumbass Democrats are trying to shove more welfare down our throats.

Isn't that stupid? Doug believes it is!

Our USA is bankrupt, headed for a worst case muti-dipping depression borne of GW Bu()sh()'s cumulative $4Trillion 'administrative' deficits, and Democrats want government subsidized healthcare.

Doug voted for O'bama out of shear hatred for Neocan'ts, Vatican'ts and Republican'ts. I thought Obama was perhaps, had a chance to be, one of our smartest presidents ever. Looks like I didn't see a real Obama well. Perhaps I was reading his name as O'bama...hard working and smart black Irish, like grandpa.

Obama, you dumbass, start worrying about USA's terrible fiscal situation and forget about left-wing welfare programs!

Doug's (mother side) grandpa was Dutch (Tappan) and his grandma was Irish (McCarty)!

I can just hear them...their derogatory Obama's incompetence.

But is Obama incompetent? Doug still has faith that he is competent, and he is learning fast...hopefully well.

Republican'ts (2001-2009) are directly responsible for all these fiscal problems, now O'bama has to find novel means for dealing with them:

  • Reduction in outflow of money from government coffers
  • Reduction in size of government
  • Reduction in government programs
  • Reduction in number of government employees
  • Reduction in number of government workdays
  • Sale of all government property which can be turned into a starter 'gold reserve'
  • Reduce military expenditures 75%
  • Reduce social security expenditures 50%
  • Reduce congressional salaries 75%
  • Eliminate all congressional perquisites ASAP
  • Move as much self-directed responsibility, government-wise, as possible back into hands of states
  • Impose full audit accounting principles onto all government fiscal and fiduciary business and responsibilities
  • Demand all new contracts' prices will be executed at half price
  • Concentration on necessities only...stripping of all non necessities...especially welfare...put this back on families, cities, local communities and has no business in a federated-republic context; democracy is clearly a catholic-socialist failure -- USA isn't a democracy -- it's a federated republic; see USA Constitution! No word 'democracy' in US Constitution!
  • Concentration on eliminating ASAP government debt and unfunded liabilities
  • Stop all wars
  • Recall all troops from other countries
  • Eviscerate a totally failed Federal Reserve based upon their miserable track record; they should be protecting USA's assets, instead has lost and corrupted them
  • Hold Congress' feet to flames of Hell until they start doing their jobs
  • Abolish Supreme Court as a total failure (best exemplar is their election, second term, of GWBu()sh()); replace it with a new court which represents grass roots of USA; get Congress to make this a priority
  • Abolish USA's Dept. of Education; replace it with a reformed committee who can take USA as rapidly as possible from antique and anachronistic education to a quantum~education~system
  • Eliminate all current forms of socialism and fascism in USA; focus on qua of individuals; allow and assist individuals to innovate solutions to y~our issues; take us back to grandpa's days of rugged individualism only with quantum~bases, not worn out and broken classical foundations
  • Doug's list can be extended indefinitely...

O'bama, your current path is destroying USA. (See The Medicis.)

O'bama, you DIQhead, try a new tack...change your course...adjust your sails...adapt your style...innovate as an individual. Be excellent! Be excellence!

Alternatives are grim: if you don't -- then we'll do it for you in ways no politician will enjoy...go imagine...
(Yes! That's a caveat, a well-pondered heads-up. From a US citizen! An individual! A gnostic individual.)

Stop talking about it and DO IT!

Time is short, really!

Doug Renselle




What a ride. Markets appear to be under influencings of some seers...

Anyway, have you noticed TSEM? Doug has been accumulating it over last year, and now it looks like that was a smart choice.

TSEM (Tower Semiconductor) is unique! A one of a kind semiconductor design and design tools company who outsources to a closely held foundry.
News for TSEM recently has been sparkling.
(Not a recommendation! Doug is not licensed, not qualified to recommend purchases of stock, securities, etc.)

What makes them unique (rather, omnique), at least to Doug, is that they do a lot of analogue CMOS. One neat byproduct is what they call "silicon tuners."
Latter will revolutionize our home networks and entertainment systems. Our lighting systems and solar systems too!

Notice that C in CMOS means complementary: quantum~complementary!

But what really rev's Doug about TSEM is that word 'analogue.' Analogue, to Doug, is a better way to emulate quantum using formal hardware.

Ana in Latin means 'up.' So ana log means "up from (digital) logic." Omnivalent quanta are 'up' from bivalent 'digits.' That is, 'di' gits.

Where individual quanta bundle (~energy 'well') an abundance of stindyanic coherent entropy,
classical digits offer only two pieces of, decoherent (stopped) entropy, AKA 'information:' zero and one AKA false and true.
Latter is what we intend by bivalence.
It shows us why quantum~computers and quantum~computing are so superior to digital computers. That is, " (SQ) coherent zero entropy wins, and dead (ESQ) decoherent posentropy loses..."
Decline and fall of digital's posentropic reign is imminent, closer than most can fathom.
Digital computing is horse and buggy naïveté vis-à-vis zeroentropic quantum~computing.

A single quantum can carry an entire 'picture' of its local environment, an entire omnimensional hologram of its quantum~partial locality complement.
Which is more valuable? A picture or two bits of info?

Ana is Value, describes Value, in this case!

"Analogue isn't quantum, but it's a step toward better, ana, compared to what, Doug?" Digital. Analogue is less formal (less posentropic), more quantum (more zeroentropic), than digital! (Living)Flux over (dead)state-ic scalar bits!!!

Analog semiconductors which can manipulate a huge range of flux offer implicit qua to do low spectrum quantum~emulations.
Especially when we mix analogue with some other qua like IBM's cell chips. And then if we mix in some biological neurons...even muscle cells.

We can emulate quantum~middle~inclusion!
That gives us an immediate gateway, a portcullis, into subjective~evidentiary~processing of quala~bases™
(i.e., quantumesque energy~welling entropy bases).

OK, innovators, what's holding you back?

If we can do silicon tuners, we can do silicon meso~atomic fractal antennae too.
Note a breakthrough memeo: antenna 1, antenna 2, ... antenna n emerq many quantum~middle~inclusions
and can emulate quantum~entanglement, superposition, phase~encoding and so on...
Heads up, innovators! See what Quantonics can do for you?
A few of USA's biggies are just starting to sweat... Doug - 5Aug2009.

. . .

Allow Doug to switch topics... Some memes about which we all need to really sweat...

A growing number of you are showing significant interest in 'quantum~logic' (Doug calls it, "coquecigrues.") and issues involved in moving from classical 'logic' to coquecigrues.

Doug just wants to warn you that almost 'no' classical notions are valid when we move from CTMs to QTMs.

Dr. David Foulis has already warned us that tensors are problematic in quantum~reality.
All maths products: scalar, vector, tensor, matrix, are problematic due both classical state-ic, stux sux middle-exclusion and quantum~n¤n~commutativity.

Another example is Abelian group theory. It depends upon an axiom of commutativity.
Commutation in quantum~reality is bogus: in classical notation AB = BA. But we cann¤t do that in quantum~reality, in coquecigrues!

It is a lot easier to explain that now, after nearly 15 years of Quantonics research.

Recall Banesh Hoffmann's description of Heisenberg's "laundry lists" in Hoffmann's The Strange Story of the Quantum?

A big issue there is A and B are changing, their products change with timings. Given that meme, AB is never equal to BA, at least n¤t longer than one or several Planck moments.

Classicists get around this in a bogus way via sample and hold strategies which ideally "zero-momentum" 'stop' unstoppable quantum~reality.
They call it "analysis."
(up as ana and cutting as lysis; upcutting )
We call it "scalarbation."

Quantum~measurement denies any classical notion of classical scalar measurment.
That denial becomes immediately apparent when one says that measurement depends upon absolutely, radically changing, ensemble heterogeneous comtextings.

If we insist 'locus' as a simple artefact of comtext, then we know Earth is cycloiding Sol at about 18 miles per second! And Sol is cycloiding Milky-Way at about 180 miles per second.

Cycloidal comtextings never ideally-classically repeat.
(more generally, n¤ classical 'initial conditions' AKA scalars may ever be ephemerally reestablished)
They are always omnique from Planck moment to Planck moment.
Locus evolves radically. So do almost all other phenomena which we might wish to (n¤t measure, rather) quantum~omnitor!

Thank you for reading,





Doug has been talking about W-cycles recently. Especially as they relate Dow Gold Ratio (DGR).

Today, Doug wants to show you a graph of four previous and one current W-cycles in DGR. To do this Doug took existing charts from WWW.
He templated their peaks and valleys and drew straight lines twixt 'em. He labeled approximate year dates of peaks and valleys.
He labeled approximate DGR values for each peak and valley.

Peaks emerq singular inverted 'V' patterns. Valleys emerq double and triple Vs as Ws.

We emersced five W-cycles and their V-bottoms alternate 3, 2, 3, 2, and Doug WAGged a three bottom V pattern for our current W-cycle.

Here is what it looks like:

(Hope you have at least a 24" screen. If not print that graph scaled about 60%. Letters and numbers are too small if we scale it much more than what we have already.)

As you can see, Doug used tildes to show approximation of all date and DGR numbers.

Doug labeled all two and three V-W cycle bottom patterns.

Doug used meta pattern chaos to anticipate what our current W-cycle pattern may end up looking like.
Just keep in mind that DGRs are like global-warming: stochastic, but n¤t classically 'predictable.' (I.e., dialectical predication is a bogus and ESQ classical CTM.)

Adepts should complementaroceive:

classical predication

Indeed our graph shows classical chaos.
But adepts realize how that chaos has some meaning when we use stochastics to wMBU™ their quantum~uncertaintyings.

We feel time has encroached upon us, in an insistent manner, requiring us to introduce a novel emerqancy of quantum~thought.

Classical chaos has been described as "deterministic non periodic flow." (See Gleick's Chaos.)
Exemplar? A dripping water faucet. Another? DGR. Another? Climate change.
Doug turned classical chaos' description into an acronym

Classicists believe in determinism, predicable determinism, but reality is quantum~stochastic which means at best we may only predict dynamic~evolving patterns.
Usually we do this using probabilities, plausibilities, and likelihoods...and combinations thereof.
However, as you see in our chart, we can do it graphically, if we simply require our graphic to be
stindyanic, and require it to n¤t be ESQ.

Some years ago, over two decades ago, Doug hadn't hermeneuted quantum~reality well and he changed
DNPF to "non deterministic non periodic flow." Acronym? NDNPF, and more simply NPF.
NPF as we see in our chart above requires us to think in terms of dynamic aperiodic, yet chaotically self~similar patterns.
Isn't nature wonderful? She denies us classical dialectic, but she blesses us with quantum~stochastic~similarity...self~other stochastic~similarity.

Now, CeodE 2009, Doug wants to offer his innovative, much more apt and adept description of what we see in our W~cycle graph above:

"Quantum~stochastic, quantum~chaotic, autsimilarity." Acronym? QSQCA.

Evolution of changing stindyanic quantum~flux~wave patterns of Value, is quantum~uncertain, is QSQCA.

We might, more simply, refer it as self~other omniscriminating quantum~adaptive re occurrence.

Nature is wisdom itself.

Doug - 26Jun2009.

Doug shows all stochastic anticipation (a tool of wMBU™) in distorted green.
Readers notice that our anticipated fifth (current) W-cycle lasts about 59 years.
Doug made it longer, since in his view our problems now are much more global than they have ever been before.
Chinese, Russians, East Indians, et al., are beginning to challenge our $ supremacy as a standard. They should! Our $ is essentially fiat!
USA is in for changes beyond our current imagination...all wrought by decades of political and federal incompetency. But we already surmised how classical society is inept.
Now, we have proof! It's right there in front of your eyes to see. Heads up folks!

This graph may be useful to you as time passes. Doug shows why.
That red circle says that some time in next 10-12 years those of us in metals will have to start making
choices to liquidate our metal holdings and move to stocks (possibly, a then quantum~complement).

A day ago Doug offered a link to Market Oracle. There is a superb article there re this graph and what it means.

One issue that article's author makes clear is how our money has been degraded by US Fed and US Treasury and US politicians.
Over a hundred years ago Dow and Gold were pretty much at parity.

Now gold is much more valuable than any Dow stock on a dollar basis.

During that same time our US$ has degraded massively.
In 1836 Doug could have bought beautiful lake front property in Indiana for a dollar per acre.
Try that now. A good lot pre 2007 was in $100,000s! And it wasn't even close to being an acre.

Instead of learning what improper classical management techniques to avoid,
we see pols, Fed, and Treasury making same old mistakes over and over and over.
And they want us to foot their bills for their blatant fuxups! Time is nigh...

If you think Tehran is something...

Just imagine USA when a majority of individuals realize what our 'government' has done "to us," n¤t 'for us.'

Personally, I am fed up. That's one reason I voted for Obama. As I told Steve other night,
"I hate liberal politics, but after GW Bu()sh()'s disadministration, I hate conservative politics more."

Obama is probably US' smartest president ever. There is an outside chance he will eventually "get it."
What's happening now, in Doug's view, is pols of both stripes are killing US' Golden Goose!

Protect yourself. Learn how to make Value patterns similar what Doug drew above,
learn how to use wMBU to make them work FOR you.

Best always,





It has been two weeks+ since our last post here.


Doug has given his full attention to fathoming whether our next leg down issi happening nowings; if its occurrence just started.

Doug is confident, given his finite human~intellect and genuine macroscopic quantum~uncertainty, that we are entering a second leg of a Kondratief 'W' cycle.
Countless pundits disagree!

If you do not understand what we mean, do yourself a favor. Move your thought~comtext closer to ours: Do a www search on <dow gold ratio chart>.

Several versions are available. One is at There are many others.
Market Oracle's chart is good since it shows three (previous ones we have used had only two) 'W' cycles.

'W' must be taken creatively, imaginatively, since what appears isn't nice and symmetric like a character font.
Indeed, those chart 'Ws' are distorted and may contain smaller actions up and down which have to be imaginatively filtered out.

Some folk complain that these charts do not encompass Dow dividends, but Doug senses we can afford to ignore that ephemeral.

Some people, and Doug agrees with them, think that this chart is our most important indicator of how relative values of Dow and gold wax and wane.

A key issue here is that in all three prior examples first 'v' of 'W' is much shorter than second 'v.' Second 'v' tends to take decades.

Here's a deal: when D-G declines, that is good for gold, since it says that gold is relatively more valuable than Dow.

When D-G rises, that is good for Dow, since it says that Dow is relatively more valuable than gold.

Let's put that in a quantum~complementarospective: quantum~reality issi changing values. To understand quantum~reality we must learn to be 'omnitoring' relatively changing Values.
That applies to individuals, businesses, schools, governments, etc. Ignore it: you lose!

Another here's a deal: Dow is all paper. USA's money now, CeodE 2009, is actually worthless, and situation is growing worse with each passing day.

Why does Doug say our US$ is worthless?

USA is bankrupt! Unfunded liabilities exceed $75T. That is more than five times our current GDP, plus.
$ index is trending downward. It only goes up when treasury and fed do extraordinary procedures to prop it up.
Long term desire for long term US debt is nonexistent.
Fed and Treasury are last resorts for their own borrowing. That's like you writing checks against your own personal bank which is empty.
Inflation (US government has manipulated published rate) is ongoing and growing worse and worse and worse. T-Bill and -Note rates will be exorbitant, yet still worthless.

All of this distills to USA as broke, a banana republic, and headed for bankruptcy and even worse.

That's why Doug claims, in his individual-personal opinion, that D-G ratio shows us what to do.

Pay attention to it, but interpret it to your own satisfaction.

Doug is n¤t a certified broker, n¤t a certified counselor.

Doug offers his personal opinions gratis.

Ponder at your own risk. Opinions are often worthless...that's why we offer them gratis...

(Notice how Fed does similarly with interest rates. Guess that means US$ is worthless...?
Question: why would anyone want to lend or borrow $ that are worthless based on rates of return set at zero?
Is global USA on global welfare? Where is said, "Teat of last resort?")





On 24Apr2009 we showed a kitco one year gold graph with our sweet spot added.
Let's see what has transpired since then and add some novel quantum~flavorings:

As you can see, our sweet spot holds, so far. We added a Sheffer stroke to approximate beginning of 200 day moving average.

We show two LTLs (Lower Trend Lines) and like before our Current ceiling.

Using our two LTLs we have an opportunity to illustrate real quantum~momentum in our gold stochastics.
Our Au behaviorings are quanton(momentum,intensity). Momentum should be rather easy for you to see with our arrow-headed arch.
Intensity may not be so obvious.
Look at that red up trend which started roughly mid-late March.
That jagged (fluxing) incline represents what we intend by intensity with a productive (up) gradient.
Momentum is a slower wave representing holistically our latest up trends' tendencyings to keep moving in omnirections indicated by rapidly changing trade rate~gradient~changings' intensityings.
Both are qualitative! N¤t classically-quantitative.

Note how our sweet spot has evolved into a narrow sliver twixt 5Jun2009 LTL and Ceiling.

We can see some anticipatory (expectational) stochastic Value in our chart.

Less recently we talked somewhat about slapdowns.
We have a couple of charts from kitco, gold and silver aligned vertically showing spot prices of both being slapped down isochronously.
Normal trading behavior seldom shows this kind of intraday slapdown correlation. Use red data as more exemplary typical partial~absence of slapdown correlation.
Clearly it is intentional. And it is illegal.
Some fiat paper hegemons are trying to induce y~our fear in gold and silver as real money competitors for USA's fiat dollar.
See if you agree with us:

Three days of spot trading history are shown by kitco. Jun3 is blue. Jun 4 is red. Jun 5 is green. Both Ag spot and Au spot are shown.

Doug added translucent vertical bars as indicators of obvious slapdown isochrony in both metals on 3-5Jun2009.
Bars are blue (2), red (1), and green (3) corresponding days.
Notice that worst decline in gold relates 3 bands of slapdown effort by criminals at four largest banks in USA (including JP Morgan).
Keep in mind that our taxpayer dollars are being used to illegally control gold and silver markets to advantageously assist nearly useless fiat paper issued by US Treasury!

Doug wouldn't have known about this were it not for Ted Butler's regular essays presented at Investment Rarities. Read Jim Cook's stuff too.

Hope you enjoy seeing evidence like this, offered so directly, so plainly, so simply, ...






Gettlefinger's defense today on behalf of UAW is garbage.

Simply put, unions aren't price competitive! They aren't cost competitive! They build lousy products!

If you have ever worked in a union shop, you know what I am saying is so.

If any single organization is responsible for GM's failure, after GM itself, it is the UAW.

They are communists. They are socialists. They want something for nothing and Gettlefinger's comments simply imply this.

Liberal Democrats, for some reason, can't grasp what I am saying, here.

Capitalism depends upon free enterprise. Unions are about communist-fascist OSFA control. Unions are 'catholic' in their monistic universalism.

Monism is deceit! It doesn't work! Why? Monism prevents evolution: UAW prevents GM, et al., from adapting and changing with evolutionary market power fluctuations.

That kills corporations! UAW is killing GM.

Say goodbye to self UAW.

Doug -


By-d-way, we own GM stock! We want GM to survive, but we believe to do so, GM must remove that UAW yoke-anchor around their necks. Notice how Gettlefinger hates free markets. Unions hate free anything! That's why it's called monism. Catholic monism! Monism, simply, is antithetical freedom.



"Well, how do you like those apples?"

Recall Matt Damon putting down a Harvard Hegemon by showing how Matt got the girl (Minni Driver).

In terms of real Value, "Who gets the apples?"

Those who are fiscally wise. Like Matt is romantically AND intellectually, but not yet emotionally wise.

Wisdom: buy low(er) and sell high(er). That simple phasement is loaded with real puns. Can you find them? One example: ponder puts and calls.

But where is biggest Value today? Anything which protects you from fiat fiascos. "Doug, what are some examples of 'fiat fiascos?'"

o devaluation of dollars which you hold in paper instruments
o printing money to pay bills while your biggest clients are holding vast amounts of your fiat paper debt
o inflation
o loss of industry and jobs
o reduction of national government income due lower taxes; results in increased taxes in addition to inflation and $ devaluation born of 'fiat fiascos'
o premature destruction of the system which perpetrates fiat fiascos...

Get Doug's gist?

Get Doug's gist!

What protects you from fiat fiascos?

o absence of debt
o minimal personal cash flow
o $-free transactions: bartering, work for board and food, etc.
o keep individual resources in secure currencies and real tangibles
o most of you can fathom even more...

If you read articles on Kitco's top page, you will find lots of people talking about this.

What do Matt Damon types do? I.e., what do wise types do?

o invest in tangibles and hold them physically and securely
o own your home outright, free and clear
o own your vehicles outright, free and clear
o own all real property outright, free and clear

"Doug, how do I do that?"

Never deal in paper money if you can avoid it, and never borrow. If you have to deal in paper, change it to tangibles as quickly as possible. Change it to Value which is relatively perpetual.

"Doug, what has relative Value, and is perpetual?"

Best example is gold. But platinum is good too. And if you like exotics, try rhodium. Paladium is good.

Some say silver is best now...but that is yet to make itself obvious to folk on d'street.

Diamonds are OK, but you have to know a huge amount to protect yourself from fraud.

Collectibles are good too, but their prices are trendy and thus their Value isn't as easily extracted which is why we see them bought and sold via auctions.

Ditto real property, especially long term.

Have you noticed some similarities now to about two years ago? Notice dollar in decline? DIX is now just above 80 and headed south. As DIX dux, and you own paper, you are out of lux. (In Mar-Apr 2008 it got down to ~72, and recovered to high eighties.)

Decrease in DIX is a tax increase via redux of your paper Value.

It's similar what you see in so many products whose prices haven't increased but their sizes and counts have dropped, just like DIX.

What else do you notice? A phony 'bull' is under way, e.g., Dow Jones' indices. And you can tell how phony it is because we are already in a primary bear and volatility is a measure of fear. So we have more to go on down side if Doug is right about this. History, not as an inductive predicable, rather as a quantum~fractal autsimlar (auto urgical similarity) anticipates this mini-phony-bull in a primary bear, a Kondratieff bear which usually takes decades to meander through its bearnessings.

A quantum~tsunami is upon us, folks.

US is about to go titsup, and change begs a whole novel approach to almost all that we now take for granted. It is happening nowings. Massive changings almost outside our sensibilities. This is bigger than anything we have ever seen. Some refer it "end times." Religious folk may call it "the second coming." But what does nature teach us and show us? Evolution is change. Change is evolution. Evolution is nature's methodology. Evolution is creation and change. Change and creation are evolution. And a biggy which liberals don't get: capitalism is evolution!!! So when you hurt capitalism, you take evolution on as your enemy...and you lose. Those who despise corporate capitalism are already extinct. Why? They are fighting natural evolution played in one of its optimum arenas: real ebb and flow, wax and wane of human endeavor. Killing a corporation is like killing a family, a village, an ensemble of humans. Flip side is that some corporations themselves have evolved their own extinction. We must learn to allow them a natural death. But what does USA do? Buy 50% of GM stock and give part of it (2.5%) to liberal haters of capitalism (unions). Go figure...

Doug's view is that we are in for a lot more on downside. (Doug believes we will see a Dow of 3000 or below, eventually.)

Doug also believes this downside is what we need to creatio ex nihilo aperio a whole new way of living, being, and thinkqing.

"Doug, how will we know we are near bottom?"

Richard Russell taught us for decades (since late 1950s) that you are near a bottom when no one wants to even hear the word 'stock.' I tend to agree. But Russell also gave us countless yardsticks. Doug's fav is Dow-Gold ratio. Right now it is about 8.9 (8500/950 = 8.95) at 2pm, 26May2009. A bottom in a Kondratieff bear market usually (only two prior examples to use; we are in our third now...) occurs when D-G ratio is twixt 3 and 1 (roughly speaking). If we hold Dow constant at 8500, gold has to go to 2833.33 to achieve a DGR of 3. Gold has to go to 4250.00 to achieve a DGR of 2 , and 8500 to get a DGR of one. Another way to look at this is to hold gold at 950. A DGR of one puts Dow at 950, which is 11% of current Dow 'value.' A DGR of two then puts Dow at 1900, about 23% of its current 'value.' And DGR 3 corresponds 2850 on Dow, about 33.5% of current 'value.' Anyway you look at this gold wins on a Value relative basis. See relevant links on top left side of our top page.

If you want to play 'the market,' fine. But play volatiles which show autsimilar patterns. Remember to play short term only. If you can only make 2% a day, notice how that compounds about 230x over a year. Be happy with gains of 10-20% short term, get out, and look for your next cyclic. A good example which Doug uses as a cyclic to learn how to trade cyclics is HBAN. Etrade (ETFC) is another. GM is acting like that recently too. US puts money into GM, and we take it out. They have unlimited fiat pockets, so we can take their ersatz $ and trade them. Syphon off as much as you can as quickly as you can and move it to tangibles. What is ahead demands this kind of adaptive behavior if you intend for you and your family to survive.

Just be aware: Doug is not licensed to offer advice. Doug is not a trained counselor. Doug is not an expert in securities. Doug is not an expert in commodities. Practice trading with monopoly money until you get a system that works. It's all stochastic, and that means once you learn those stochastics you have an edge which can work for you. Avoid pundits. Be autodidactic. Received knowledge is always faus since whoever emits it has a context entirely omniffering yours. And all of us must have humility to grasp all is always uncertain..., uncertain and stochastic since reality's waves of change are fractal: autsimilar.

Thank you for reading,





USA is on hard times. What an understatement!

How did we get to this stage and state of affairs?

We act (pragma) like reality is certain.

That is a mistake! That is dialectical Error!

Reality is quantum. Quantum reality is uncertain.

Let's depart Error. Let's leave our classical mythos.

We must learn to live and believe and thinkq in a novel quantum~emersos.

"Doug, How do we do that?"

One way is to study Quantonics.

One way is to learn how to do wave management by uncertainty: wMBU™.

Since Pirsig is one of Doug's key mentors, Doug likes to use some of his memes as exemplars of how to be more quantum and less dialectical. Those of you who have read Pirsig's ZMM (1974) and his Lila (1991) have read his stories about people who have encountered personal tragedy. Some languish in their tragedies and nurture negatives. Some (fewer) find ways to use their tragedies to climb into a new personal reality which is actually an improvement elevated and spiritually lifted from where they were previously. Recall Pirsig's description of a man in a hospital looking at his own hands and fingernails in awe of evolutionary~creation's majesty.

Doug's Basherta, Beth, was in an industrial explosion in 1989. Third degree burns over 30% of her body. She could have let it get her down. No! She rose above it and has excelled in every endeavor, including finding her Bashert...Doug. Beth is happier and better adjusted than anyone Doug knows. She is Doug's first miracle! She's always bright and cheery. She is never down in any sense of staying down. Quantonics wouldn't exist were it not for Beth's unending support and encouragement. She's always supporting Doug even when it gets really omnifficult. Beth rejected orthodox religion when she was a teenager. Somehow she lead Doug to gnosis and Doug was able to show how Pirsig's MoQ and Quantonics' quantum memes co~benchmark one another...thence how they co~benchmark quantum~gn¤sis! Beth has followed every increment of progress in that journey, now well over 11 years in making. She is a real student of Quantonics. She uses quantonics in her life.

A key to quantonics is this: "Whatings happenings nextings issi uncertain."

That simple sentence upsets classicism's certainty.

Reality is change and change is quantum~uncertain.

To be happy, to be well, to be capable of relentless adaptation we must understand that.

If you expect what is happening now to continue indefinitely, you will fail. That doesn't make you a failure, unless you do it again. If you have qua, you adapt, you adjust, and most important of all you expect to adapt and adjust!

Let's do Pirsig's metaphor again, but let's use a more generic m¤dal of it.

Let's talk about you. Let's talk about who you are and what you have. Our m¤dal says there is you and all you have is represented by a screw-on lid glass jar full of marbles. Marbles are omniffering colors, variegations, and sizes, some valuable, some cherished, some precious, some you could lose and it would matter little, some you mustn't lose since you have become so attached to them you cannot give them up.

Pirsig's tragedy metaphor...God's Must Be Crazy flavoring...

Somehow your jar falls from a plane and bursts on a pile of rocks in Africa.

You have only a rough idea where.

You land at nearest airport and put together a search party.

You go search for your jar. Weeks pass.

Finally, you find it...that is, what's left.

Your most valued marbles are gone. Some you didn't care about too.

Remaining ones no longer seem isn't that strange?

Your journey has had you camping for months in bad lands of a wild country.

You've had to build fires, cook your own food, fend off wild animals, sleep in tents and open sky in a bed roll, and get along with people with whom you can barely communicate.

You find out that your jar of marbles is like that damned Geertzian typewriter, that damned omni~utile Coke bottle.

You are better off without it!

You have just had unexpected change and uncertainty thrust upon you...and you are better. Yes! You are better.

Beth would say to you that she would rather not be burned, but having to deal with that she found out what is most important in life...and it isn't a jar of marbles. It isn't a typewriter. It isn't a Coke bottle.

Iht is DQ: quantum~change! Gn¤stically, quanton(movement,rest).

What is most important is your journey and it's nowings. Perpetual process. Perpetual quantal change. Perpetual uncertainty. Unending redemption. Perpetual fun...excitement...adventure...novelty...learning...adapting...changing...becoming...

What will make us happier — is to embrace change, embrace uncertainty, and learn how to make quantum~uncertainty work for us. Classical perpetual sociopathetic 'state' will destroy us as individuals, and make each of us, gradually, extinct. That's what dialectical society means by "graduation."

Social stux sux!

Individual flux is crux!





Wolfram's announcement appears huge, doesn't it?

Thanks to Matt Drudge!

Doug has felt for some time that Google is losing its grip. Have you noticed how many ads are dead?
Have you noticed how they apparently have not been capable of inventing a subjective search process?

Regular readers of quantonics understand how Pirsig's works are all about a new way of thinkqing which simply does this: quanton(subject,object).

Google currently does it like this: dichon(subject, object).

Instantly, if we are philosophers, we recall Hume's Law: "There is no bridge over fact and Value." This is one major basis of classical science, classical everything...

Google doesn't know how to do quanton(Value,fact)! Interestingly, though, quanton(Value,fact) quantumly shows us that there is a bridge over fact and Value!

Now, Doug's big question: "Does Wolfram's new search 'engine' bridge fact over Value?" Well, if it does, would it call itself "an engine?"

Doug read that link from Matt Drudge (announcement above) intently.

What can we say about every query made as examples in that The Independent's web page?

Every query is objective!

That's a tell that Wolfram and Eric Weisstein haven't been able, in spite of all their quantum-noodlings, to find ways to bridge fact and Value.

However, if they have — and bless them for that, Google is over! Indeed, all classical objective search 'engines' are over and dead.

Doug is, at AH's snail request, reviewing Kevin Langdon's atintro.html page as an omnistraction from Doug's extremely intense current work on
wMBU™ juxtaposition of CTM AI Assessment and Quantum AI QTM Assessment, latter based in pure Quantonics' proprietary quantum~memeos.

When Doug compares that level of effort with what appears to be happening at Google and Wolfram, Doug gets a sense that these folk are behind any real quantum curve. It's too steep for them!

But proof is in pudding and Wolfram's new application may be just what we need. Though, we have to ask, "If it can self~adapt why would it need 1000 new employees to 'maintain its databases'?"

Something isn't well here...Smells like those 1986-1990s Bill Gates' emBalmering OS pony shows which were rigged to permit M$ to impose FUD on its end-users and middle-vendors.

Google, it's time to wake up folks! Your current approach is old and M$' von Neumannesque architectures are rusting and decaying...

Entrepreneurs! Opportunity is huge here! Pay attention. Days of digital and classical maths are just and simply over...

One more minor issue: classical notions of disambiguation are bogus, massively bogus, from any quantum getgo.
If you do n¤t grasp Doug's tenor here, see that 'simply' link just above. Hank Ockham fuxed up!





Are you in an insurance business?

Do you purchase insurance from providers?

What would you think if you learned that your insurance company had something like this in their 2008 Annual Report?

"The cheetah, hungry for its next meal, is
the icon for Brown & Brown's aggressive
salespeople, who act with speed and agility.
Company leaders eschew the vertical pronoun
'I,' encouraging their teams to opt for the
encompassing 'we.' Nobody at Brown &
Brown will tolerate an 'egg-sucking dog,' an
employee who hinders the Company. Leaders
even had the old Southern expression 'No
egg-sucking dogs' translated into a Latin
phrase that has become a Company mantra:
'Non volumus canes ovos sugere.' "

Doug teaches that gnosis is about that "...vertical pronoun 'I.' "

Clearly B&B is anti-gnosis.

What will you do?

What will we do?

Which of those two did Essene Gnostic Jesus adhere?

Which of those two did Essene Gnostic Jesus eschew?

Is any human worthy of said appellation: 'egg-sucking dog?'

To Doug, that quote expresses anti individual negativism!

To Doug, that quote expresses a lose-lose-lose proposition!

Isn't B&B the problem, since they hired, possibly acquired these individuals they despise so thoroughly?





See Ted Butler's 27Apr2009 Investment Rarities link to Andrew Cuomo's disclosures of Bernanke and Paulson misdeeds.

Said link is to a 23Apr2009 article at Market Watch.

Ted offers crucial reading if you want to know how US government is being lead with pure treachery by invidious people.



This graphic illustrates what Doug has been talking about. Doug added three trend lines to Kitco's 24Apr2009 chart from about 3pm EDT.

Ceiling is a trend of two recent tops.

Upper trend line is bottoms of rising Au price since last October.

Lower trend line is tops of Au price since about 20Feb2009.

They emerq a shaded triangle which Doug labeled "sweet spot."

We want Au price to 'evolve' into that sweet spot. It looks like it may be doing that. Our quantum~uncertain opinion is that it will do that, sooner or later.

Movement in said sweet spot is Good, high Value, Quality!

Movement below upper trend line is bearish.

Staying above lower trend line near term will keep us out of any sense of urgency to leave Au behind.

Now, to be complete, we need to do at least 2, 5, and 10 year charts in a similar way and superpose their results to show us what our longer term actionings might be.

Soon I'll show you a set of charts which do that and explain more detail on how we need to be thinkqing about gold and our investments in it.

One metaphor, a quantum~metaphor which Doug enjoys pondering here is Au price as "quantum~market scintillation." Look at that chart as a bolt of lightning moving west to east!





Several times here in Doug's HodgePodge we have mentioned what Doug calls "slapdowns." Ones we referred usually manifested, at least to us, on Kitco's daily charts.

Recently, Doug noticed how apparent they are on Kitco's one-year chart of gold. Here's a graph showing them, quite obviously.

You can see major slapdowns on 11Aug, ~17Sep (repurchase of slapped-down Au), etc.

Doug follows Ted Butler's narrative at Investment Rarities, assiduously. (use their link on our top page)

Perhaps apparent to you based upon Ted's narrative, J. P. Morgan and at least three other major players were very actively trying to prevent a gold bull runaway.

As Ted suggests, this is all for naught since Au and Ag will have their way.

They're still doing it. When they succeed in dumping all their 'illegal' naked shorts, gold and silver should resume their climb.

And...a climb it will be! Regardless what US FRB does, a huge bout of inflation is inevitable. Why? One may not 'really' monetize fiat with fiat!!! That's what they are trying to do now.

But tangible assets are not fiat. And tangibles tend to monetize fiat quite naturally, as they should.

Doug was able, via trial and error, to do that graphic with Graphic Converter. It's a nice tool, but it needs some more OO qua, in Doug's opinion.
For example, its 'select' tool doesn't appear able to select objects individually.

GC is great for graphic conversion, resizing, transparency, doing trendlines, annotation of graphics with text, et al., etc.

Doug uses MACs' shift-command-4 to grab a screen shot. Then he opens it in GC and draws trend lines and so on. We'll do some here over next few days to show you what Doug means.

It's fun, too!

. . .

Have you noticed that Ford Motor Company has decided to do research on battery and cell technologies? It's a little late, but better late than never.

Doug switched to Mercurys and Lincolns after a terrible bout with GM crapola. Can't bring myself to buy Japanese and I don't like their smaller size and long distance travel discomforts. Beth and I like long road trips to both east and west coasts.

Anyway our Fords have served us well. On a comparative basis owning Ford vav GM is similar choosing to own MAC vav PC. A world of omnifferencings! And their stocks show it, too! Quality over quantity.

Ford should set up a lab to do sonoluminescence and cold fusion (table top) research too! Ten really creative, and quantumesque PhD.s should be able to show extreme progress in both areas. Management has to learn to give them free reign of thought, then get out of their way.

Read Petzinger's New Pioneers, and Tracy Kidder's Soul of a New Machine to see what Doug is talking about. A Whack on the Side of the Head might be a good read here too! (Ways to think creatively.)

Oil is not viable as a transportation fuel for more than another decade or two. Oil is over! It's done! It's dirty. It pollutes profusely. It pays for terrorism. It is our one of our world's greatest agents of greed and corruption.

Ford can use new technologies to kick other auto manufacturers' butts. To do that, though, they have to be excellent and fast. Tough order.

Remember to relentlessly search for your product's unsaids! That is a Quantonics Key Enabler™ offered by Quantonics' own waveMBU™.

Anyway, Bravo! Ford!

Doug - 22Apr2009.



Have all of you been surprised to see recent behavior of markets?

This looks a lot like what happened during 1975-1977 when there was a similar bear trap. You can see this clearly on any Dow/Gold ratio chart of that time.

We held on to some stocks which we knew (had some confidence) would come back eventually. Our holdings have had a nice 30-40% gain in this bear trap.

If we knew for sure that this is a bear trap, we might liquidate most of those holdings, and wait out next major down-turn which we expect to recommence in next year or two.

Doug is surprised how good things feel just now. It's kind of scary to realise this has happened before, and markets then fell even more dramatically as a subsequent.

Doug likes up markets when they are fairly immune from speculators. To rid ourselves of those speculators, tentatively, we have to have huge purges.

Notice how large silver and gold speculators (naked shorts) are being purged now in a similar fashion. They're dumping their shorts gradually. Meanwhile Ag and Au are maintaining strength. Good!

. . .

Our recent, April 1, 2009, breakthrough announcement has had large affectings here.

Beth decided to go ahead with plans for another lab-work area. It is enthymemetic our current work space and some equipment. She's been keeping Doug busy moving furniture, books and cases, equipment, white boards, cameras, etc.

Doug had been acquiring some used dual 1.25 GHz G4 towers. He maxed their RAM and added bigger-faster HDs, plus terabyte LaCie firewire externals. Beth ordered another 30" Apple cinema which we'll mate with a 17" MBPC2Duo. All of that will have its own "physically-'VPN'" for development work.

Doug has spent last week to 10 days rehashing current k~now~ings and generating emerqancies which are quantum~islandic. A whole new class of nomenclatura have emerged and Doug is documenting it carefully so that it ties well with all current work in Quantonics.

We are developing, using wMBU™ t¤¤ls, quantiques, memeos, hermeneutics, etc., m¤dalings of all known major islandings, their similarity taxonomies, and EWings' behavioral essences.

If you want some memes of efforts by others which appear to share some memeology with our approach, read Doug's 10-year-old (CeodE 2009) review of Darwin's Chip.

If you want to imagine scale of effort here, just as one example, Doug has to pitch all classical maths. Doug has to invent quantum~maths for quantonic implementation of all this n¤væl development work.

We have warned you countless times that classical notions are n¤ longer viable. All classical rocks and hard places are about to meet their demise, at least memetically and memeotically.

Big challenge to implement this breakthrough is to emulate quantum~stuff in digital workspace: like painting aesthesia with crushed rock.
How is Quantonics' Key Enabler™. How is our breakthrough. K~now~ing h¤w is economic, almost anyway you look at it.

A comparative is extensible~stindyanic quantum~manifolds in classical maths.
Eidetically a comparative is classical photography QEVing, and QMVing animate~omne[stere]ophotogrammetry.
Voila: Bergson's 'cinematography' on living~steroids.

We will heQLT™ reenfold results of our efforts into our web pages as finished results when we have qua to do that.

One meme which needs clarification is that Doug would n¤t have to be doing all this work if we had real quantum~computers now CeodE 2009.

Interest in this page has exploded since start of 2009. Thank you!




We failed to mention it, but 1Apr2009 was WJS' 111th birthday.

It is actually a very unusual date, and Doug didn't realize how special said date was,
until after he announced another breakthrough in Quantonics mid afternoon 1Apr2009. Early morning 2Apr2009,
Doug received an email from Steve. Doug noticed Date of Steve's email:

1    4    9

Those of you who are mathematicians immediately recognize:

12    22    32

Doug without k~nowing it, announced said breakthrough on a date which encoded Doug's logo:

Now that simply~provided a Jungian-Peatian synchronicity of unexpectedly massive proportions!

In prior segments of HodgePodge Doug has inferred, implied, and partially said that Obama's election,
his memeo of change, and recent global fiscal phenomena were making Quantonics economic.

If you want an example of Doug explicitly describing Quantonics as economic, even hinting at strategic see Doug's update of omnivalence.

This latest breakthrough is a Quantonics Key Enabler™ for Quantonics to become economic, an economic force in our world.

Doug, on 1Apr2009, noodled a way to represent QSO's as tentatively digital m¤dals of QSOs!

This is huge!

We want to share it here, with you regular readers.

"Doug, what does this breakthrough accomplish?" Under our wMBU™ PBings Tool™ it fills that piece missing as described near end of that tool's writeup.

On top of that, it enables all other announced and yet unannounced wMBU™ Tools™.

Literally, psychically, and pneumatically that makes Quantonics globally economic!

Doug - 3Apr2009.


See Silver War Cry.

Thanks to Ted Butler and Investment Rarities.




Regular readers of Quantonics know that over last 11-12 years of our web presence Doug has spoken frequently of unlimited energy possibilities including sonoluminescence, cold fusion, and tapping reserve energy.

Doug has repeatedly stated that any meme of relatively free energy will change Earth forever and irrevocably. A big change is that $ in a sense of fiat paper will become a faux pas classical notion.

Free energy simply means that all of us can have as much of anything we want from nature's absolute plenty~horn: quantum~isoflux.

Quietly, at home, and you can confirm this with Beth...Doug has been saying we need a really big breakthrough to get US out of this huge fiscal logjam Bu()sh() and his Republican't disadministration has gotten us into.

This is it!

Cold Fusion

It's happening folks. Now!

There is light...and it isn't just a glimmer.

Doug saw this first tonight on Drudge. Thanks again, Matt!

I'll be writing a lot now about 'white paper' issues re: free energy. If you want a quickie sample of one of Doug's past efforts look under Doug's interpretation of many Quantum Interpretations.





Beth and Doug have been spending significant time talking with friends re: what is happening in US and global markets.

Yesterday, 23Mar2009, we had this huge spike up on DJI Dow 30 averages. S&P too!
One of our friends wrote to us yesterday morning, worrying whether this could be a new bull, but seriously doubting that it could.
Doug just read Beth's response to our friend, and we sense it may be worth your readings' whileings.

Beth wrote an email responding to a friend on these issues.

Here it is...

Subject: RE: I thought ...
From: "Beth Renselle"
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 07:53:04 -0400
To: "FlameProof"
CC: Dugger


When I hear 'experts' pushing the market at this point I would be wary.

It only makes sense that if your income is derived from being a trader the trader wants to encourage other people to trade so the market might go up a bit and help him/her all around.

Given we have not seen such a decrease in our markets before in our adult lifetime what a great ploy for traders to entice people to get back in now decrease their losses and then jump out themselves.  The traders are trying very hard to make a viable market through their rhetoric.  No doubt there is an agenda, and you have to figure out their agenda.

There are experts betting on the -down and experts betting on the -up .

The 'experts' are the sheep herders ...most of the US populace are sheep — they love to be herded.

The sheep often forget about the fox who lurks in the dark quietly and without warning. (you know the rest of this story).

I agree with your concern about US' enormous debt, almost too huge for us to take on...quite scary.

I agree with Dugger that society runs on automatic. Very few families run on their standards, instead they run on standards set by extended family, friends, business associates, clergy etc.

When will people learn to be independent thinkers?  When will families say, "Hey...we cannot afford that new house with twice the square footage?"  When was the last time you heard someone say, "Hey...we cannot afford that new house we want, and still be sure we can pay for food, heat, water, emergencies, education, health care etc.?"

How many people do you hear say, "...we cannot afford?"  When will we stop keeping up with the Joneses?

Will the greed stop when there is nothing left? And by the way what is left?...debt? savings? employment?

All of us will probably be facing some very difficult decisions...our thought processes on how to live our lives are now forever altered.

I think you are attempting to be an independent thinker. Good for you, good for your family. Being a sheep can only lead to Sunday dinner of roasted lamb~~


Thank you Beth! We really enjoyed it.

We heard comments from spundits that this is a new bull market, that all had changed, that it was time to get back into markets.

Regular readers know that Doug doesn't believe in formal induction as means to reliably predict future. That said, we can use history to survey chaotic similarities among countless trendings.

Recently, early in March, Poor & Stupid published a TrendMacro chart of S&P during US' great depression, and now. It is a telling chaotic simile of what is happening now. Take a look at how similar these graphs are.

(Caveat: Doug in no way shares Poor & Stupid's stupid self-other-defeating right-wing politics, but their analyses are oft compelling and their graphs are excellent. Doug is 'con' servative on fiscal matters, liberal on issues of tolerance and caring. Doug's brand of caring believes caring matters when individuals are responsible for selves first, others next. Individual responsibility enables one to be in a position of caring for others. Too, those who wish to lead, must serve. Poor & Stupid do not grasp this primal and nascent issue of living.)

Doug's version of "What it is to be an independent, individual thinker is gnosis, quantum~gn¤sis. See Doug's recent CeodE 2009 What is Gnosis?

See elsewhere in Quantonics Doug's description of "running on automatic" as "decision avoidance."

Using your fav search engine, do a site search on Quantonics like this: <"running on automatic"> (leave out <> delimiters in your search pattern).

As you will see, Doug spends much time describing vagaries of society and individuals who simply run on automatic. Oh joy, oh joy! Sweet "I no longer need to even thingk, joy."





"If the short-term signs I see, both micro and macro,
are true representations of what is occurring with supply
and demand, then it may be crunch time in silver.
If that's the case, buckle up and get ready for the ride of
your life.
" Ted Butler, 16Mar2009, Investment Rarities report.

18Mar2009 - Doug.

Did You Know?

Thanks to Beth!

Doug - 15Mar2009.



Updated 2-3Mar2009 segment.

12Mar2009 - Doug.


Read Ted Butler's March 10, 2009 report!

Investment Rarities

US Treasury is intentionally committing a criminal act in instructing J P Morgan (if you are buying their stock be aware that
they are criminals committing criminal acts now with your bailout money) bank to manipulate commodity prices, in particular silver and gold.

We are lead by a bunch of criminals folks!

Buy gold! Buy silver. Send these scum bags a message louder than their own criminality.

Please note that our bailout money is being used to commit criminal acts authorized by US Treasury Dept.

What are they gonna do when we stop paying taxes, eh?

Let's see what they do then!

"Put 320 million people in jail!"

Yeah, wrong.

A Whitestown cop told me a year ago there was gonna be a war. Of course that was just racist hate.

But there will be a revolution when enough US taxpayers find out how Treasury is intentionally committing criminal acts (market manipulation and conspiracy) using bailout money.

Spread Ted's message!

Ted Butler ends his 10Mar2009 report with this:

"I ask you, once again, to contact the regulators and your elected officials. You will not regret it. There is no legitimate answer to why are banks allowed to speculate in commodities? With taxpayer money, to boot. Soon, a new chairman, Gary Gensler, will be confirmed by the Senate to lead the CFTC. When that occurs, I will ask you to contact him in this matter. In the interim, because of the Treasury Department's possible criminal involvement, I am including a link to their Inspector General's hotline. I have already contacted them. So should you. The IG for Treasury is Eric Thorson. Please feel free to send a link to this article.

More contacts:"

Ted, we offer our sincere regards for all your effort on behalf of Investment Rarities and
their constituents like those of us who are interested in silver and gold markets.

Doug Renselle





If you read our previous topic, you will be able to understand what Doug means by:

Al Gore is the David X. Li of global warming.

Gore is a strict, classical, dumbass bivalentist.

See Drudge's "Heated Exchange: Gore Confronts His Critics... Its 'kind of silly' to keep debating the science..."

Thanks Matt!

Doug - 6Mar2009.



If you want to know what happened over last ~10 years to affect outcomes we are seeing in our world financial meltdown, you must read all of this article at Wired:

Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street

By Felix Salmon

See also David X. Li at wikopedia.

David Li created and innovated a mathematical formula which, somehow, all bankers started using to repackage some derivatives as AAA regardless whether they were AAA or otherwise.

Essence here is that all maths are about 'state.' I.e., mathematics are axiomatically: formal, concrete, stopped, stoppable, independent, mechanical, dialectical, etc.
Holds-still-ability of that which maths scalarbate (turn into stopped scalar numbers).

Li's equations worked when all held fairly still. But when all started changing, his formulas failed, but bankers and analysts stubbornly kept using them: meltdown!

See Bergson's classical TaFW delusions re mathematics.

Doug wants to make an extremely bold and provocative phasement here, of utmost
importance to political leaders and social economic aficionados world over

We probably would n¤t have had our recent global financial meltdown if bankers and economists
and politicians and wall street studied and understood Henri Louis Bergson's
Time and Free Will.
Doug - 7Mar2009.

In quantum~reality all is change and all changes in macroscopically uncertain ways. We cann¤t depend upon 'state.' Now we see what happens when we depend upon state.

That is why Doug says we are limited to reverting to (until we have real quantum~computers) stochastics.
To make our stochastics quantum, we have to m¤dal multivariates as quantum~holographic!


Most concrete models assume reality is bivalent.
That allows users to make another foolish assumption
: "I can correlate two static scalar parameters in a dyad: dichon(parameter_1, parameter_2) and get valid answers."

Quantonics HotMeme"All decision-making based upon classical bivalence is a fraud!"Quantonics HotMeme

If you are doing that, you do n¤t understand that your own CTMs are leading you mechanically, formally, dialectically astray. Doug.

Trouble is, quantum reality is omnivalent, e.g., quanton(parameters'_h¤l¤graphic_always_changing_quantum_c¤mplæmentings<a-z>,a_changing_parameter_of_interest).

That last line is a description of what we mean by "holographic."

(Now, keep in mind that 'di' gital computers depend upon scalar bivalency in order to work... Hmmm...)

Doug's fav tool for doing stats is a quantum~tool: Poisson~Bracketings.

Quantum computers (real ones) m¤dal dynamic, evolving problem environs.

Classical computers and maths cannot do that multivariately (massive ensembles of naturally,
holographically~networked, parameters) since they assume data are formally objective, independent, and essentially hold still.

Quantum~reality isn't classically objective, independent, and stoppable!!! Doug - 6Mar2009.

That is essence of classical-measurement compared to quantum~omnnitoring.

Beware nerds bringing static maths and scalar results...

Doug found this in MACOSXHints Coatroom forum.

Doug - 6-7Mar2009.


Be sure to read Ted Butler's page today. One dated 3Mar2009.

This silver manipulation by top four traders isn't sustainable unless demand for silver simply evaporates.

Look at Kitco's gold and silver technical charts. Omnistinguish 14, 30, 60 day (green) and 200 day (blue) moving averages vav daily stock data (red) across all 1, 2, 5, and 10 year charts.

10 year charts are bullish both gold and silver.

One year charts are showing bearish tendencies, with some apparent oscillation of red data. This is a quantum~wave. It is positive. It's stochastics are all we have to work with. But trend lines will help us. How? Trendlines show various views of red data's tops (trends of tops) and bottoms (trends of bottoms). Those trendlines offer us additional alternatives to red crossing green, red crossing blue, and green crossing blue. We have red, blue, and green crossing a trendline of tops and alternatively a trend line of bottoms. Now do that for all years' charts. (Realize that you will end up with more than one tops trendline and more than one bottoms trendline. Too, your judgment is necessary to decide "which tops," and "which bottoms?")

All of that data may be used to assemble a table of Poisson~Bracketings.

We now have a Dynamic Macroscopic Poisson~Quantum~Uncertainty~Bracketings Assessor (DyMaPQUBA™) of all metals for which we have accumulated said data.

I see gold's move down as tentative, a correction. Doug's guess is that in 4-5 weeks (early April) Au should be back above $950 spot.

Silver shows a tentative bear now. But it looks oscillatory, near term. Look at 1 yr. Ag technical chart at kitco.
Red has crossed both blue and green on down side. On 30 and 60 day charts red has yet to cross blue. It is either across green or nearly so on all charts.

Use a piece of paper or a ruler (on your screen) to pretend a trend line on 1 yr. declining tops. Ag never managed to confirm it, so we have, along with its red and green down signals, a third missing signal of affirmation which adds to bearishness.

We should look for Ag to go back up through green and blue on all charts and then to affirm our rulered upper 'up' trend line which is trending 'down' on 1yr chart.

On 10 yr. chart recent activity is mostly just noise and Ag is very bullish long term. Just as Butler, Izzy, and Cook surmise. Doug agrees.

Draw your pretend ruler trend line on rising bottoms of 10 yr Ag chart. You can use that as your ultimate 'bear' signal on Ag. If you have to have $ when that happens, that is when to sell what you have.

Doug and Beth retain a much longer view evidenced by our Dow/Gold ratio chart. We will hold, unless there is n¤ other alternative, for at least next 5-10 years.

If last two cycles of Dow/Gold repeat with a similar pattern (even though this one may not last two or more decades), D/G ratio may drop to 1-2. If that happens and Dow is $3000 Au will be $1500-3000. If Dow is $5000 Au will be $2500-5000, etc. At a D/G ratio of one gold price will be same as Dow, regardless what Dow price is.

D/G penultimate period of ratio below 10 lasted about 18 years. Most recent period of ratio below 10 lasted 22 years. Doug expects this one, which we are in now, to be shorter since so many parameters appear to have little alternative to a full collapse with USA going into a global bankruptcy. That will allow a fresh restart, a fiscal reset, and a quicker recovery. That's only Doug's guess, n¤t fiscal gospel. That explains Doug's above "at least next 5-10 years."

A reminder: If you want to compare metals' advantages over current stock market prices, compare Dow's down percentages to Gold's and Silver's. We see real Value advantage now in metals. After D/G ratio bottoms out that advantage will slowly revert to stocks: time to sell metal and buy stocks! That's at least 5-10 years away, though. (Given last two exemplar periods of D/G, which is a limited subset of historical data we have to go on. Other ratios are useful here too.)

Caveats: Doug's guesses and opinions only. Doug isn't certified nor licensed to provide advice. Doug is writing his opinion only. For what it's worth.

Doug - 3Mar2009.



Unsure you saw Rush Dimbaughlb on CPAC.

We emphasize how important it is for you to see Jonathan Krohn's CPAC talk on youtube.

For Doug, and this is really extreme, Rush Dimbaughlb is a Conservative ambergris Republican't.
In Jonathan's terms we intend ambergris as what he calls "The filling." Not the feeling.

"Doug why do you say that? That is a terrible thing to say about any human being."

Well here is a short version which I may have hinted at in last 10 years of TQS News...

I started listening to Rush in 1989 when he was using vacuum cleaners to sweep up the liberal trash
talk coming at him via his telephone banks. I listened to him condomizing his microphones.

I kept listening to Rush through Clinton's Lewinsky disaster and impeachment (late 90s+).

I realised that Rush was making my life miserable. He spews endless negatives. (To me, now, my own Quantonics teaches
that quantum~reality is wholly flux~positive, REALLY!) Rush's negative energy was like a cancer in my soul. I had to dump
him and get well. I did. I admit it was tough. He is like cocaine. (Did you notice his sniffling? A tell.)
But only dialectical minds can really enjoy his plenty-horn of hatred.

Subjective Evidentiary Proof (SEP) is in pudding.

Look at what eight years of a Republican't disadministration has done to Earth!!!

What do we know for sure about Republican'ts' performance over last eight years?

Rush said in a recorded and replayed presentation on a national news show,
Dimbaughlbian Classical Dialectical Disabler "Conservatism is what it is! Conservatism is forever!" Dimbaughlbian Classical Dialectical Disabler

Dimbaughlb implies Conservatism is:













Added red text bullets 12Mar2009 - Doug.

  • concrete
  • immutable
  • entirely absent change
  • nonevolutionary
  • stuck
  • dead
  • provincial
  • parochial
  • canonic
  • orthodox
  • right
  • true
  • certain
  • EOOO
  • EEMD
  • bivalent
  • objective: lisr
  • i.e., material, formal, mechanical, dialectical
  • hylic; see hylic compared to Quantonics via gnosis' topos
  • closed (one may n¤t conserve an open system since openness is unconservative; reality is an open system)
  • determinate, determined, predicable, predictable (one may n¤t 'determine' n¤r 'define' a system which is changing and evolving; reality is a perpetually changing~evolving system)
  • etc. (list is almost endless)

In Essene Gnosis' words Conservatism is the demiurge, the dead-father.

So what is Conservatism? Jonathan tells us what its canons are:

Jonathan Krohn's four principles of Conservatism:"

1. Respect for the constitution,
2. Respect for life,
3. Less government,
4. Personal responsibility.

Allow us to use Jonathan's four canonic principles as exemplars of what Republican'ts' performance should have been...

...Republican'ts broke those four canons over and over and over. (Our list is long, and we shall share it soon.)

Jonathan went on to say that Conservatism is based upon principle.

But what kind of principle? Jonathan, Doug believes, is speaking of "social principle." Social principle is "one size
fits all" concrete state. Republican'ts'all' is semantically one template fits all, "the people." "The commons."

Republican'tism is a tragedy of concrete conservative commons sense. CTMs are dialectical sense. Essene Gn¤sis shows us that "dialectic is Error," said tragedy of commons sense.

What did gnostics have to say about that?

They said that, "Principle rules something not itself."

They said that "No two individuals are same. All individuals are omnique. One 'state' cann¤t fit all individuals. Individuals evolve and cann¤t adhere classical stoppable concrete 'state.'

Simply, imposition of state via 'principle' is hegemony of state as sovereign individuals.

But 'state' is gnostically 'dead.' And individuals are gnostically alive.

Can 'living' be sovereign 'dead?'

Dialectic, Republican't dialectic says, "No."

Quantum~Essene~Gn¤sis says, "Yæs!"

Gnostics would agree with Jonathan's "Personal responsibility," but they would mean personal responsibility individual by
individual, emphasizing individual freedom without social civil authority approving OSFA what all
individuals' freedoms are as a Vulgi Opinio Error (common sense errs) tragedy of commons sense.

Gnostically, individual responsibility is a challenge to "know thine inner self." Gnostics call it "Sophia, Logos, Light, Wisdom,...,Gnosis."

And Gnosis says, "All is evolutionary pr¤cæss. All is individual quantal selective~choice~chance~change.
All is adaptability. Quantum~fluxngs' holographic adaptability. All is n¤t concrete immutable state."

Ophitic Gnostic HotMeme™ "Allings issi allings mixings in allings." Ophitic Gnostic HotMeme™.

Doug believes that what Rush describes as "anti competitiveness" is more of what Doug
would call "pro hate, anti love" classical right-wing hate-filled social sovereign individual fascist dialectic.
However, it is extremely easy to grasp essence of his intent.
Liberals imply fairness is a level playing field.
A kind of liberal concrete, will you n¤t agree?
All playing fields are evolving, changing faster than most of us can keep up. If liberal 'state' wants to stop
evolution, like conservatives appear to want to do, then there isn't a digm's worth of omnifferencings twixt 'em.

Whether conservatives and liberals agree, perhaps omnisagree, quantum~macroscopic~uncertainty reigns.
And that explains very easily why 'state' can nævær reign, n¤ matter how much we want it to.
Evolution's flux is crux! State's stux sux!

Doug believes, comparatively that many-most liberals adhere positive memes of love (at very least a social compassion
for problems and issues of disadvantaged: compared to conservative greed it makes liberals
look good regardless their dialectic thing-king). Conservatives, like Rush, spread dialectical
negation everywhere. They spread conflict, hate, and war as solutions to our world's problems. They are ready to tell us using social OSFA authority what
NOT to do, but their own DOs, which break all four of Jonathan's 'principles,' are total failures which they in turn attempt to portray as successes.
Bush calls 'the Iraq war,' a success.

Rush is a 'c a t h o l i c.' Almost all 'c a t h o l i c s' love football. They achieve vicarious feelings of success watching football. Republican'ts liberally romanticize football (and war).

But football, even though referred sport, is war. Football is Republican Roman Coliseum cultural hegemonic residue.
Football is a metaphor of social value called "war." Roman warriors killed Jesus and called him a "Christ." Romans are
source and agency of applied dialectic almost world-over. Thomas Aquinas brought dialectic as a metastatic
cancerous mind disease to 'c a t h o l i c' (i.e., totalitarian, right wing conservative) church in about early 1200s. It took,
it metastasized! C a t h o l i c Inquisitions used dialectic to kill millions of human beings over a time span of more
than a millennium. In 1307 on black Friday 13th, they killed nearly all Knights Templar. Kill, kill, kill,... Hypatia and
Giordano Bruno too! They are as bad or worse than Muslim terrorists! Rush is a dumbass c a t h o l i c! Essentially he is
an instigator of political terrorism! His dumbassicity has gone hyperbolic and soon will be recognized for its extreme invalidity.
He looks and acts like Mel Gibson in his tyrannies and fits. Ten years is too long, and 20 years of the Dimbaughlb marks
an end of a second Roman era. Watch and see. Negativity on his scale forecloses its own evolutionary survivability.

Doug chooses quantum over dialectic. Doug chooses love over hate. Doug chooses wisdom (gnosis,
quantum~wisdom, love of Sophia, light, logos) over Dimbaughlbian-dumbassicity (dialectic).

FYE, almost four years ago, Doug spent a lot of time comparing Liberals and Republican'ts here.

Jonathan, young man, you will n¤t find a single, individual republican who concretely practices those canons you listed!
A corollary is that you will nævær find a single, individual c a t h o l i c or jew who concretely practices their religious canons.

They understand something much less doctrinaire and much more intuitive, "Concrete rules are tools for state-ic, hylic fools."

All classical state and principle associated with it is only hylic illusion, hylic self-delusion. SOM Boole!

Classical certainty is dead.

Quantum~uncertainty lives, and reigns.

Hubris: Conservatives are certain. Death itself.

Humility: Liberals are always uncertain. Life itself.

Doug - 2-3Mar2009.



An email from David Plouffe:

Subject: Blueprint for our future
From: "David Plouffe,"
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 10:28:52 -0500
To: Doug Renselle
Organizing for America

Doug --

Yesterday, President Obama submitted his first budget to Congress.

As the President said, the budget isn't just numbers on a page. It establishes our plans and priorities as we confront some of the longest-standing challenges this country has ever faced.

Watch a short video of President Obama introducing his budget and share it with your friends:

Watch the video

With this budget, President Obama is asking Washington to do something it rarely does -- look beyond the next election and take the long-term steps to ensure America's future strength and prosperity.

It will involve sacrifices and difficult decisions. But it will also boldly invest in the three areas most critical to our economic future: energy, health care, and education.

Investing in a clean energy future will put America at the forefront of industry in the 21st century and create the jobs that will form a new foundation for the middle class.

Confronting the mounting cost of health care will put America back on a solid foundation so businesses can thrive and families can prosper.

Reforming and strengthening our education system will ensure American innovation and competitiveness well into the next century.

Watch the brief video now:

This budget isn't just a reflection of President Obama's priorities. It's a reflection of yours.

This is the change you worked for and Americans demanded. But to make sure it succeeds, the President will need your help.

In the coming weeks, we'll be asking you to talk directly to people in your community, to build momentum and demonstrate the broad support President Obama has for this new direction.

Thank you for your continued commitment,


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Paid for by Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee -- 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

This email was sent to: $$$NoFlamedpellesner$$$at$$$indy$$$dot$$$rr$$$dot$$$com


Gold and silver are moving sideways, as expected. If gold is $950 and above start of second week in April...we are on track in terms of Doug's expectations.
Slowly and easily...

Doug - 27Feb2009.



An email from Barack Obama:

Subject: My address to Congress
From: President Barack Obama
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 14:28:10 -0500
To: Doug Renselle

Doug --

Last night, I addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time.

To confront the serious economic challenges our nation faces, I called for a new era of responsibility and cooperation. We need to look beyond short term political calculations and make vital investments in health care, energy, and education that will make America stronger and more prosperous well into the future.

Watch a few highlights from my address and share it with your friends now:

Watch the video

A little more than a month into my administration, we've already taken bold steps to address our urgent economic problems.

Through the Recovery Act, the Stability Plan, and the Housing Plan, we're taking the immediate necessary measures to halt our economic downturn and provide much-needed assistance to working people and their families.

But to set our country on a new course of stability and prosperity, we must reject the old ways of doing business in Washington. We can no longer tolerate fiscal deficits and runaway spending while deferring the consequences to future generations.

That's why I pledged last night to cut our deficit in half by the end of my term. Achieving that goal will require making sacrifices and hard decisions, as well as an honest budgeting process that is straight with taxpayers about where their dollars are going.

Watch some key moments from my address now:

Central to this plan will be a renewed commitment to honesty and transparency in government. Restoring our country's economic health will only happen when ordinary citizens are given the opportunity to hold their representatives fully accountable for the decisions they make.

I look forward to continuing to work with you as we bring about the change you made possible.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama

Paid for by Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee -- 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

This email was sent to: $$$NoFlamedpellesner$$$at$$$indy$$$dot$$$rr$$$dot$$$com


Gold is correcting. It got ahead of itself, obviously. Keep in mind...we are still in a full blown gold Bull!

Doug - 26Feb2009.



Big deal folks! Gold's 60 day MA just alerted upside of its 200 day MA.

Officially, now, within last 24-48 hours Au is a BULL!

No bull in any market, any commodity lasts forever.

If you want to track this stuff as Doug does, go to and monitor their technical charts on gold, silver and platinum. Rhodium too, if you are an aficionado.

Plus, Doug 'sort of' watches palladium. Though, and this is an issue, platinum palladium, and rhodium tend to have catalytic uses, and as IC engines are phased out their usages will gradually decline.

Doug wants to start watching coal too. There is enough coal in Montana alone to make US energy independent for at least another 40 years. By then quantum~fusion devices and torque boxes will be ubiquitous. Global warmists are claiming coal is dirty. It isn't -- actually it's clean, cleaner than oil and nuclear. New ways of extracting oil from coal are exquisitely efficient and clean. Global warmists minds are filled with dialectical dirt, so all else is dirty to them. I wonder whether they bathe every day...hmmm...just keep in mind that 'global warming science' is actually pseudo science. Believe it! They still think reality is Newtonian mechanical force interactive cause one effect. They still think that space-time is Cartesian: 3D1T! That is naïve and local realist BS on a political scale of George HyperBoole (George W. HyperBu()sh()) and energy sinking Et Al GaBore.

Solar materials are good to watch also. Some recent breakthroughs in band-gap energies of quantum~dots have made photo~electric gains grow by 7:1. That means solar energy cells will be able to be more than 50% efficient! Goodbye fuel oil. Goodbye heat pumps except as backups. They found that quantum~dots could act as (almost like) photomultipliers and micro channel plates. Meme is quantized cascading of photons and electrons! Amazing stuff. No pun, but 'very powerful.'

As bad as things look in stocks right now, they look that much better in metals. And this trend, if it fractally simulates prior wave emerqancies, will last for several years as Doug has written prior.

You'll know, as Richard Russell used to say, its time to get back in equities when everyone is saying 'equities are dead.' Recall in first quarter of 2008 how CNBC exspurts were saying "gold is dead."

Unless gold goes exponential, it is good for at least a few years of growth. Doug means by 'exponential' what happened with gold in April of 2008 and middle of 1980. Look at long term charts.

Beware negative tripe promulgated by incompetent Republican'ts! Their death rattle is snake like. Their roar is flatulent.

Doug - 20Feb2008.



Speaking in very coarse terms gold is up about 22% in last 60 days and it is about to signal a major bull when 60 day MA moves above 200 day MA. Doug expects latter to occur in next few weeks if not almost immediately.

For us, personally, metals are roughly compensating for 'losses' in our home's value. As of yet our home is not below what we paid for it, so we aren't suffering an absolute loss, but a relative loss.

An interesting observation, to Doug, is how fast silver is growing vav gold. Last 60 days, as we said, gold is up about 22%. In that same interval of time silver is up almost 46%. Does that fascinate you? It fascinates Doug.

Recall how in 1980 gold hit a peak of about $800 and silver peaked at roughly $40-45. That ratio of gold price to silver price then was about 18-19 to one. Now it's slightly less than 69 to one.

Doug is a regular reader of Mr. Cook, Ted Butler and Izzy at Investment Rarities. This is a great company! These people are great people.

So what is going on with now's 69:1 vav 1980's 19:1 ratios?

It isn't trivial to understand, but one word answer is apropos: manipulation.

Who are culpable? US Government via regulatory agencies inaction, and BIG US banks naked short selling of both gold and silver. This combination of illegal behaviors begs another word: conspiracy.

Cook, Butler, and Izzy among others are part of an effort (a global effort) to uncloak this conspiracy and impose actions against said conspirators (also see GATA for similar discussions of same topics and memes).

As it turns out, these short sellers cannot sustain their manipulation. Especially if those of us who invest in metals simply do one thing: keep buying gold and silver.

Izzy, hearsay from Ted, claims (above ground) silver is rarer than gold now. It seems as though Izzy is right!

Now, that, friends is a very BIG deal for us. Silver today is $14+. At gold price parity, as Izzy argues, silver would be about $985 today. That gain is 69:1!

"Doug can that actually happen?"

I really do not know. But I recall how I felt when silver went from a couple of bucks to about $45 in 1980. All is scaled up now. That gain was roughly 20:1. In that light 69:1 in today's world of insane price flux, it seems reasonable.

But even if silver only goes to $100 per troy oz. our gain is about six to one. Not bad!

Maybe you do not know but gold is noble. It is extremely difficult to make gold "go away." Silver, by comparison, is not noble. It oxidizes easily. It may be recovered from its oxides. But even so, silver is a precious metal which is consumable due its lack of metallic nobility. So Izzy is right long term. Based on above ground availability silver will only decrease long term. In that regard silver could rapidly become more precious than gold. If you want detail reasons read Butler's papers and pay special attention to Izzy's remarks and Ted's quotes of Izzy.

If you need analogies to this, go check on Rhodium's prices over last 10 years.

Another thing is what Richard Russell taught Doug 30 years ago: "gold is real money." Russell was right then, and he is still right. If you had your wealth in gold during 2007-2009, you would have lost little of your wealth and you would be regaining most of what you lost based on gold's price increases now.

Another thing. Russell said we should buy regular gold coins. Doug agrees with folk at Blanchard: collectibles have and generate very nice leverage above spot prices. One should buy MS-63 and up certified collectibles. Pre 1933 is better.

Talk about rarity! These collectible gold and silver coins are going to become incredibly rare over time and as base metal prices increase. Great stores of value.

Izzy loves to keep reminding us that silver eagles from US Mint have a nearly 300% premium already.

There are lots of subtle guidelines to metal investing. Take time to learn them. Investment Rarities is a good place to learn. Last I read there, IR recommend you buy silver, for example, in 1000 oz ingots and take delivery.

That's not a simple thing. 1000 troy oz of silver is 70 lbs or slightly less than 32 kilograms.

Do you have secure storage for multiples of that size investment?

Make sure you have identified where to liquidate (multiple options). Countless other issues need consideration...

Keep excellent records.

Chances are in favor of metals now...but governments can do foolish things...and serendipities can hurt us...but risks as described are Doug's amateur opinion.

Doug - 18Feb2009.


Hey! How is Au (gold) doing? Have you been watching Kitco's technical charts?

In Doug's venue, Au is going swimmingly. (Ag (silver) is doing well too!)

14 day and 30 day Au moving averages (MAs) have both alerted 'up.' They have both moved above Au's 200 day MA convincingly.

60 day MA has yet to alert 'up' crossing Au's 200 day MA. When it does we will have a strong signal for a confirmed bull in gold.

Doug doesn't know about Elliot Wave theory, and Doug really likes 'statistical simplicity' of Fibonacci MAs.

Doug learned his Au basics from Richard Russell over 30 years ago, when Doug shared a subscription to Dow Theory Letters with some friends.

Russell has been proven right, over and over and over. His bio is almost astonishing. To Doug, he's a "great man."

Doug made his first real money trading gold in late 1970s. Doug got in at $150 and got out at $450. Started accumulating again in early 1990s.

But Doug also saw opportunities elsewhere in special situations. Magnavox in 1970s just before North American Philips bought them. Was able to double an investment then.

Recall how GPU's reactor failed? Bought it at $7. It went above $40 something subsequently. Did very nicely on that one.

More recently Doug traded world markets down during most of 2008. That has been rewarding, and it proves what Pirsig's MoQ teaches: Value is in flux.

Value is in reality's "edgings of nowings." Value is quantum~waves, just like quantum~reality. Value evolves, just like quantum~reality. Value quantizes itself, just like quantum~reality.

What are all of those sound bites saying to us?

Let's quote Paul Pietsch from his incredible 1980 Shufflebrain, again, "Indeterminacy [flux] is the principal feature of intelligence." Doug's brackets and italics.

Doug is using that Pietschean meme to invent a new quantum omnisicipline (n¤t 'di' scipline) called wMBU™: wave~Management by Uncertainty™.

Doug's wMBU™ assumes reality is quantum~flux and all flux are some kind of waves and waves are stochastic.

If you want to monitor Doug's very gradual progress in developing wMBU™, keep your eyes on some pages which are evolving more rapidly now:

Acronyms: wMBU


Using PBs to Assess and Manage Uncertainty Macroscopically.

In lieu of that you may search on < quantonics wMBU >.

Our latest quantum~t¤¤l for wMBU™ is quantization.

. . .

Last time we talked about implicit incompetence of Republican'ts.

Look at how both Houses of Congress' Republican'ts behaved on their votes against Obama's stimulus package?

Negative energy
Infantile Crib-Hugging
Incorrigibility Fits & Spasms
Worship of Concrete
Hatred of Change


Incompetence (for example, explicit historical case precedents, especially war, Katrina, and 'stem cells').

They are in their last stages, their yet-unaware self-extinction. Their death rattle is palpable.

Last time Doug felt like this was when he predicted something similar for NYT. Recall almost 10 years ago when Matt Drudge started his web site? Recall major news media's response?
It was much like what Republican'ts are doing now? Doug wrote an email to Drudge then. As you read it, substitute Republican for NYT. It fits! Almost perfectly!

Doug said "Let's apply topos to Republican'ts..."

Will you do Doug a favor and look at this table...think about it...and ask self some questions, "Self,

What are SOM, CR, and MoQ?"
What are topos' three levels: hylic, psychic, pneumatic?"
What is essence of SOM?"
How could SOM evolve to CR?"
What is essence of CR?"
How could CR evolve to MoQ?"
What is essence of MoQ?"
How could MoQ evolve to its own quantum~essence?"

It may help you to start your own answers to that list of "self~questionings" if you recapitulate each on topos. Answer as a hylic. Pretend to be psychic and answer that way. Pretend to be pneumatic and answer that way.

Try it.

We'll work on these together, next timings...

Doug - 15Feb2009.


Doug - 5Feb2009.

Death of Republican'ts and Republicantism

Have you noticed all that noise Republican'ts have been making recently.

Some say they have found their voice. Have they?

Doug says, "It doesn't matter!"


They are incompetent.

What evidence do we have of their incompetence? Abundant, bountiful lists...

First notice their energy. It's all negative. It's always negative.

Look at what they do. They destroy all they touch. They love war. They love to kill in God's name. They are pugilists. Some call it "backbone."

Doug calls it "incompetent stupidity."

What evidence do we have besides negativity and 'backbone?'

They call their failures "successes."

War in Iraq is our best exemplar. Cost? Approximately a $Trillion, probably more. And all those injury ruined lives and deaths of our kids. Really stupid, and really incompetent: AKA Neokan't!
Nearly total decay of infrastructure.
Use of science for purposes of making war, while reducing science-support for non war projects.
Financial collapse of USA's financial system is another.
All massive failures of Bu()sh() administration.
Massive deficits.
Massive incapabilities to respond: Katrina, 'homeland security,' fiscal catastrophe, and loss of a major national election, choice of inept candidates, complete lack of large organization management qua, so on...
Bu()sh() and McCain't as USA's worst political presidential candidates in history.

Now Bu()sh() self-refers "one of usa's greatest presidents." Hogwash! You are our worst, dummkopf!

Their conservative, either-or manner of reasoning is dialectical, and thus bogus.

They want One World Order! Sheer idiocy! Monism is deceit. One Size Fits All is deceit!

Their version of business law literally treats employees as slaves.
(Doug asked his attorney this, when he started his first corporation, and she said "Yes, Doug, that is true.")

Their version of capitalism is that $cream rises to Republican't top of pond where all political scum resides. Float up...trickle down.

Republican't government is a Ponzi scheme, just like Madoff. We are seeing that on a grand and global scale now. Think about it!
Madoff had 13,657 'clients.' Republican'ts had a few hundreds of millions of clients most of whom, like clients of Madoff, have lost most of their paper 'fortunes.'
Keep in mind that Wall Street and its mercenaries are complicit in this scheme. Without a $ Ponzi scheme, Wall Street evaporates! So far, its 'bubble' did burst. We'll see what is next...
SOMe call it 'government.'

But their $ are pseudo money. Junk. Garbage. How do we know that? Their 'federal reserve' has driven interest rates to near zero.
Interest rates set 'value' of fiat paper. Money which has value generates a rate of return, so, for example a $million
at five percent should generate $50k per year 'income.' If interest rate is zero, fiat paper is worth zero.
(that is why Doug and countless others, for a lot longer than Doug, are and have been
recommending that individuals move to gold, silver, and other precious metals)

They believe in rule of law. But they do not adhere rule of law. They thumb their strawberry noses at their own rules.
Have you ever read what ancient gnostics said about 'rulers?' Let's share that here:


"The rulers wanted to fool us,
since they saw we were connected with the good.
They took the names of the good
and gave them to the not good
so with names they could trick
and rope us to the not good.
As though doing us a favor,
they took names from the not good
and placed them on the good.
They knew what they were doing.
They wanted to grab those of us who were free
and make us eternal slaves."

See Barnstone and Meyer, Shambhala, 2003.

To Doug, that tells it all. It tells how rulers, like republican'ts, gained control via a few over the many.
They call it "government." However it is, implicitly, faux. Individuals have no sovereign. No group has a sovereign. Sovereignty of a few above many is faux...bogus.
How do we know its faux?
It likes to refer itself "one, universal, catholic, totalitarian, etc." To quote Voltaire, "The first divine was the first rogue who met the first fool." And there you have it...
But monism is deceit. There is no 'the' one. There are many ones all claiming selves 'the one.' But none is one!
Monism is deceit.
More clearly, more accurately, classical monism is deceit.
Monism declares either-or its basis of reason. It is formally, dialectic.
But those of us with a tad more wisdom realize both~and is a better portion of reason. Monists deny inclusion and both~and borne of inclusion.
Republican'ts are monists. Dumber than dirt! Idiots! Incompetents! And they want to regain control of US politics? Never!
They have permanently committed political suicide and all their paranoiac, schizophrenic raving can't get that back.

Democrats aren't much better, but they believe in change, inclusion, both~and and massive heterogeneity borne of implicit pluralism. That puts them halfway to quantum~politics.

Let's help democrats go all possible ways to quantum.

This edition of Doug's Hodgepodge™ is a kick off...

'All and many Dimbaughlbs of our world can't put out this light.'

Unless something really special arises, expect Doug to comment here roughly, weekly.

Let's apply topos to 'can'ts next time...hylics do not float...

A Doug recommendation to Obama: put an immediate $1 per gallon additional tax on all gasoline sold at retail in US.
Increase that tax $1 per year for next three years.
Now there is an effective revenue stream which will prop USA's Dollar up, pay our bills, fix some of
our deficits, mandate a move from oil to green energy supplies, and so on.
You heard it here...There's a tax which will really work for US.

Doug - 5Feb2009.


See Robert Mackinlay's 27Jan2009 Article
re: Ted Butler's requests for investigations and complaints to CFTC of silver
price manipulation by a few banks and USA itself.

You need to read all of that article and read Butler's 26Jan2009 article referring it at Investment Rarities.
(See black left column top link: Ted Butler.
Other links below there are superb, also!)

If you have friends in news organizations, tell them about this.
It is a way you can help stop government and banking corruption,
which we believe and allege is responsible for our recent global financial collapse.

Doug - 26Jan2009.

Doug recommends buying gold and silver now and for at least next five to ten years.


Read Ted Butler's remarks and his archive at Investment Rarities.

Read about Dow~Gold Ratio.

Read Eric Sprott's recent position paper on Gold and Silver (See Butler's recent

January 12, 2009

Gold COT Deterioration")

Gold and silver have a long way to go on upside, but there are as always caveats.

US government and some US banks are criminally manipulating prices of gold and silver via naked shorts.
Doug calls them "real money slap downs." (That phrase gets no hits on Google, 19Jan2009.)

Go to kitco and look (after market close, about 4PM EDT, select live gold and live silver) at their
daily "live charts" on gold and silver (sometimes you can see this in platinum too).

Quite often you will see sizable drops which occur at nearly same times each day.

These drops are not likely! Stochastics (PPLings of quantum~uncertainty) say that drops like those are not a regular phenomenon in markets with large numbers of traders taking a wide variety of positions.
They are a tell of a few very large holders attempting to conspiratorially manipulate said markets. That is a criminal act!

Butler has shown via his analysis that our USA and two to four very large banks are manipulating, at least, gold and silver prices.

Best way to stop this is to make it common knowledge. Butler agrees!

Kitco's charts make it common knowledge. Watch them yourselves for a month. You will see manipulation.

USA is involved in another criminal act of intentionally not prosecuting these market-monopoly despots.
Those involved should receive maximum punishment!
Let's find out who they are and go after them with a vengeance!

Butler has guessed that one bank is a plausible culprit: JP Morgan.
Our guess is that those banks at top of list of who received (were rewarded) most TARP bail out money are complicit.
This will all come out in public news soon... We'll find out who they are and who in 'gov't' helped them.

Pelosi can run them through Congress' House shredder.

Butler does a great job of explaining why anyone would want to do this. But you have about 5-8 years (a ton) of his papers to read.

Find out about COT reports. Learn how to read them.

Meanwhile, best thing we can all do is buy gold (and silver). That makes infinite losers of those naked shorts. That's how we can put them out of business.

If you had put most of your private 'fiat' paper wealth into gold a year ago, instead of losing about half, you will have lost perhaps a tenth.

US paper is fiat. US government is going down folks. They are criminals: market manipulation, confiscation of private wealth,
misspending of taxpayer resources, treason, imperial war against a sovereign nation, and so on...

Those complicit will spend a long time in jail, and worse.

Grass roots arise!

Gold and silver are real money! Paper and credit are fiatful deceit.

Doug - 19Jan2009.

Barack's Grass Roots organization sent this link to Doug in an email.

We cannot do this without you!

Doug has sent emails to them (with $, even), and never got a response, so Doug no longer sends emails as they request.

Politics is such a treachery on individuals who really try to help!

Doug is learning, rapidly, that classical society is simply inept.

It is so sad to watch this happening to our USA.

But when you stop and thinkq about it, you realize they cannot listen to everyone. But, but, but, then why do they claim they can represent everyone?

If Doug had donated $5 million, I suppose I might have gotten a chicken dinner. But as a capitalist, I know my spending $5 million on a new business is vastly better for USA than sending it to a bunch of dumbass politicos!

Trouble with that is then politicos use IRS to confiscate said new business' wealth.

And other government. agencies will shove TQS, OSHA and accounting regulations and specious unions down our throats.

All these idiots grasp is "...socialist government of the government, by the government, for the government..."

Obama, give individuals their god-evolved INDIVIDUAL rights and freedoms and get this wealth-human burning monster USA 'democracy,' agency of regulations off our backs.

If you think 'grass roots' screamed to get you elected, imagine what happens when they all use bullhorns to trumpet, "USA stux sux!"

Patient issi becoming impatient! Medically and politically!

Doug - 17Jan2009.


I do not want to beat an old horse to death here, but...

We are at an historic moment now re Dow to Gold ratio. (If you are interested, www search on Dow to Gold ratio.)

That ratio now is about 10. And 10 is a kind of magic number. When we drop below that it marks a transition into an economic phase (Kondratieff) which has lasted previously from 1930 to 1956 (great depression unwinding and rewinding), and 1973 to 1996 (last major recession unwinding and rewinding). First interval was 26 years long; about half unwinding and rest rewinding. Second interval was 23 years long; about one third unwinding and rest rewinding.

D/G ratio bottoms out in both of those intervals at about 2.5 and 1.5 respectively. Staying near and slightly above those levels is what Doug means by unwinding, and strong moves up out of those levels is what Doug means by rewinding (sort of early stages of recovery, some alerts may be false though). Clearly both take decades, at least. That is what we 'likely' have ahead of us.

What is very interesting about this ratio is how it favors Gold in terms of real Value. Say at a D/G ratio level of 3, parametrically imagine a range of values for Dow vis-à-vis Gold. It could be Dow 3000, Gold 1000. It could be Dow 6000, Gold 2000, It could be Dow 8000, Gold 2667.

What we see is that Gold keeps its value pretty well relative to Dow, especially at D/G ratios below 10. Of course we could use other extremes like 600 and 200, but on a relative basis, prices would have to drop a huge amount for Dow to go that low. E.g., our house would probably be worth $5-10k in that range of Dow pricing. So $200 Gold still looks pretty good, relatively, even then. But we would be killed on loss of value in our homes.

My point is that gold now even at 800 is a bargain if that cycle repeats as it has twice prior. And, if it goes down, its relative value will hold since prices will decline relative to it. (Gasoline is good example here; 800 gold would buy about 250 gallons about a year ago; now it will buy about 600-700 gallons; does that amaze you? Same analogy works for our home but ratio is only about two to one...) Fiat paper cannot do this! (Watch US' Dollar Index...) And that is how people lose large paper fortunes almost overnight.

If history approximately repeats, gold is a good place to be for about next 10 years. If I am right, you'll be able to get back into significantly more paper in 10-15 years if you then feel confident in paper again.

I am not a certified counselor-broker! I am sharing what I think as an amateur with individual confidence to follow-do what has been described above.

Take all of this with a grain of salt. I could be entirely wrong. But you can think for yourselves and make choices. Good choices are always better when they have more information and ideas to consider them. Ockham would recommend minimalism. Doug recommends more wisdom, not less and thinks Ockham got it all wrong.

Like "global warming," all the TARPapering in the world isn't going to significantly mitigate long-term D/G ratio behaviors...

Kondratieff is to Ockham as Quantonics is to Einstein.

Oh joy...




A Real Bush Legacy

See how Quantonics web site looked early in November, 2008 when Obama was elected President of United States of America. Top of that index page has a lot of Doug's legacy political commentary, criticism, and humor.

Have you been paying any attention to those suds-brained pundits at CNBC? Their view of liquidity is simply asinine! What increases liquidity? Savings, increasing savings! What increases savings? Higher interest rates!

These ex spurts want to lower interest rates. What happens when you do that? What are you showing earth's financial world? Lower rates lie! They say we should borrow more. But credit is deceit! That is how we got where we are. Lower rates are deceitful in a multitude of ways: they say "money is fiat," "money has no value," "we do not need money anymore," etc. They lie since they hide (make transparent) real inflation. Real inflation demands increased interest rates which help prevent what just happened (c. 2008) by increasing liquidity via increased savings.

Just imagine $Trillions of USA liquidity now if our inept 'congress' hadn't stolen our Social Insecurity 'trusts!'

Cash flow does n¤t equal liquidity.

Savings equals liquidity!

Doug - 7Oct2008.

(Beth and I do what we preach: home paid for and has been for a decade. Cash equivalents roughly equal our home. And Doug is doing very well trading stocks in this fabulously volatile stock market.)

What is capitalism? Capitalism is a natural, evolutionary pr¤cæss one of whose duties is to eliminate toxic banks which take on too much toxic debt!

Time to quash this communist fiscal bailout BS and get real! Let capitalism do its job!

Markets go UP and DOWN, and that is quantum~uncertain fiscal reality.

Enterprise failure creates pennies per dollar Value for those who will capitalize on that Value and further innovate. It is a natural livings~dyings quantum~pr¤cæss folks! Buy low! Sell high! It works since it is quantum~real!

Doug - 26Sep2008.


To contact Quantonics write to or call:

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